The 2016 World Mayor Prize will be awarded to a mayor who has provided immigrants with the facilities to contribute to the city’s society, economy and culture. The City Mayors Foundation is looking for mayors who have recognised that people, whatever their origin, status or background, are the greatest capital the world has to offer. This year’s World Mayor Project will identify mayors whose cities have done the most to welcome immigrants and have used their skills to enrich and diversify society culturally, economically and socially. Georgios Kaminis, Mayor of Athens, Greece, has been shortlisted for the Prize. |||

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• Mayor of Gdansk
• Mayor of Lahr
• Mayor of Mechelen
• Mayor of Schwäbisch Gmünd

• Mayor of Amstelveen
• Mayor of Athens
• Mayor of Cologne
• Mayor of Gdansk
• Mayor of Grande-Synthe
• Mayor of Lahr
• Mayor of Lampedusa
• Mayor of Lesbos
• Mayor of Mechelen
• Mayor of Schwäbisch Gmünd








Nominations for
Georgios Kaminis
Mayor of Athens (Greece)
Nominated by Linda G., New York:
As a principal in the international non-profit consulting firm, Bloomberg Associates, I have had the privilege of working with Mayor George Kaminis over the past two years, supporting the Mayor’s work on shaping a strategic vision for the city and creating effective management and accountability for delivering on that vision.
In that context, the Mayor has inspired me with his commitment to care for the neediest in a compassionate, effective and efficient manner. It is within this broader context that he has embraced the overwhelming demand placed on the city with the influx of refugees over these past years. He has set a clear and uncompromising direction to this entire administration – we shall welcome them, care for them, and support them. His unwavering voice set the tone for the entire city and presented a civic welcome to the refugees unlike any other they received across the continent. For this leadership, he deserves recognition as Mayor of the year. Mayors are the front line of services to citizens across the globe. Voicing values of inclusion, tolerance and care as the highest level order cities must stand for and Mayors must represent.
An example is Mayor Kaminis’ commitment and actions taken to provide a place of worship for Muslims in the city, despite protests and squatting on land designated for the construction of the first "official" mosque in Athens. He has publicly supported construction of the mosque as a beacon of tolerance as well as insisting this is an obligation for Greece as a European Union member state.
And the Mayor has done this in the face of unimaginable fiscal constraints that have tested the fabric of the city. Saddled with the loss of hundreds of city staff, the Mayor has still managed to strengthen care to the city’s neediest residents, including refugees and migrants, who are unemployed, inadequately housed or homeless, and require critical health care and social services. This has taken place amidst the backdrop of tenuous financial support to the city from the national government and destabilizing events such as large scale protests, strikes, and banks runs.
For example, circumventing bureaucracies delays in federal and international support, he offered city land and with private partners developed a safe, clean and well organized migrant camp in the city with the goal to help people move onto their final destination, apply for asylum status, or return home, or settle right in Athens.
The Mayor has also shown leadership across Europe and the US to promote supportive collaborative actions. He helped to create a network of European cities to develop plans to deal with the challenges of the refugee crisis while preserving their rights and dignity. Additionally, he has engaged Greek communities and philanthropies in the United States to support and fund solutions to promote integration and bolstering services to the most vulnerable populations. It is my distinct pleasure to make this unconditional endorsement.

Nominated by Achilles T., London:
I wholeheartedly nominate Mayor Kaminis for the World Mayor award because his vision and work is truly of global stature and global support. Not only has he lent his auspices to the annual Democracy Forum organised by The New York Times and the United Nations (to commemorate the International Day of Democracy - September 15) but he has understood how useful and need this forum is in the times out world lives in and he has become an ambassador of this cause spreading its benefits to all the mayors he meets around the world.

He is now working towards expanding his Blue Athens initiative (the lighting of iconic buildings in blue as support to Democracy on September 15) to a Blue Cities initiative inviting mayors around the world to partake in this.

He established the City of Athens Democracy Award and the inaugural recipient this year was Kenneth Roth of human Right Watch.

He is now working toward complementing the Athens Democracy Forum with a Global Mayors Forum.

This is all made even more impressive as his daily actions on migration, civic society, sustainability are an inspiration to the Forum, its programme development and contribution to society. He is truly THE World Mayor!

Nominated by Kallia O., Athens
The Mayor of Athens, Giorgos Kaminis, is a hard worker. His works get ahead his words, as he insists on keeping a low political profile. Regarding the refugee crisis, since the summer of 2015, he has proceeded to immediate actions in order to deal with the biggest refugee flow since WW2, within the deep Greek socioeconomic crisis. He copes with a double fight every single day, trying to improve quality of life for the Athenians as well as to preserve basic human rights for thousands of refugees currently in Athens, having no support by the central government. Today, almost have of refugees in Athens (10.000 in total..) are being sheltered in accommodation space, thanks to Kaminis' tireless efforts. Medical care, social support and social inclusion attempts for refugees are only a tiny piece of his systematic work. Giorgos Kaminis, as well as the Athenians, found themselves in the forefront of a European unprecedented crisis. And they deliver. That’s why I vote for Athens, that’s why I vote for Giorgos Kaminis.

Nominated by Maria B., Athens:
G. Kaminis has achived the most difficult thing: he overcame a lot of difficulties, such as economical crisis, serious political problems and immigration/refugge crisis, in order to keep Athens a very friedly city, where a lot of initiatives of solidarity and civilization are flourising. This task had to be given to a very responsible man and he has proved that he is not only very responsible but also efficient as a mayor.

Nominated by Sébastian M., France:
I want to support Mayor Kaminis not only because he is an excellent French speaker (he studied and was graduated at La Sorbonne University), but also because he perfectly represents and symbolize the reality of a Mayor position in a big European city currently. He has to deal daily with huge challenges that are not under the city’s purview (economic crisis, migrations, etc.), and as a Mayor he’s really in contact with the population and the reality. He has to assume both the current city management and functioning with a growing lack of ressources, and in the same time to deal with thousands of migrants passing by Athens during their long journey. The actions developed by the municipality are relevant and courageous, because they combine pragmatism and humanism. He’s a model for the world !

Nominated by Giolita B., Norway:
Google translation from Greek: Mr. Kaminis is the only one who supports and works for Athens and lives in Athens, practical and not with ornaments and words. He is the "persistent Mayor" in the famous film ...

Nominated by Katherine O. New York:
Please allow this letter to serve as my support for Mayor Georgios Kaminis’ nomination for the World Mayor Prize. Over the last two years I’ve had the great pleasure of working with Mayor Kaminis in my capacity as a Principal at Bloomberg Associates, an international consulting service founded as a philanthropic venture to help city governments improve the lives of their citizens.
We believe change happens at the local level in cities, and that leaders such as Mayor Kaminis can have a profound impact on people’s lives. That has certainly been the case in Athens, Greece where Mayor Kaminis’ leadership is defined by his unwavering commitment to solidarity.
Mayor Kaminis has worked tirelessly to create an environment of openness, safety, and refuge for the thousands of people who have poured into Athens throughout the recent crisis. Proposing the “Solidarity Cities” program is one example of how he is working to create a global framework to address this pressing challenge. His passion, commitment and generosity of spirit are unparalleled and I hope he will be recognized for his work.

Nominated by L.K., Greece:
Google translation from Greek: I support the candidacy of George Kaminis, because I believe that beyond the good intentions, faced with realism and sensitivity problems of residents of Athens, while exhausting assist the municipal capabilities in addressing the refugee.

Nominated by Josh K., Athens:
Reasons mayor Kaminis should receive this honor: Forward thinking mayor, approaches problems practically not only politically.

For example hundreds of thousands of refugees and migrants have arrived through and in Greece in 2015-2016. Kaminis, understanding this is an issue that would not go away stated publicly and very early on Athens partnerships with international NGOs and Greek civil society. This to find practical, acceptable, dignified and sensitive solutions to the thousands of soon to be settled refugees and migrants. This was done in the face of and often in collaboration with right wing and extreme right elements of the government and the city council, which is how gifted a politician he is.

Providing land for sites, buildings, ceating work for local Greeks - all this in the name of decency towards refugees and migrants but also with a practical outlook on how Greece and Greeks and on particular Athens would benefit from this.

Mayor Kaminis departed from the traitional Greek political ways of keeping the "old guard" and hired a new, dynamic, young and intelligent team to support him and advise. This way the municipality is in touch with the young voices and needs and is not stuck in the "old ways".

Nominated by Sani P., Athens:
Mayor Kaminis has recognised the challenges and opportunities that immigrants flux brings in the city. He accordingly put in place a well-structured plan to address reception and integration with respect to human dignity and citizen’s quality of life.

Nominated by Dimitris V., Athens:
Mayor Giorgos Kaminis is the mayor of the Capital of a country which is the most struck by the socio-economic recession and leaves a big humanitarian crisis the last 8 years. At the same time Athens received a great Number of Refugees.

Kaminis was the first to offer a municipal land to become a well organised camp for Refugees and give the example to other Mayors and the governement.
Schools in Athens have opened for Refugees - Children and parents- even during the summer for support and integration. He organised a network of apartments around the city for Refugees waiting for asylum or relocation.

In difficult times and without neglecting the huge problems the city was facing he found the way to support Refugees and fight for their Rights. That’s why I vote for Mayor Kaminis

Nominated by A. P., Athens:
Mayor Giorgos Kaminis has done great job into transforming Athens from a poor city to a European city! He has also done excellent job regarding the Refugee crisis.

Nominated by Aliki K., Athens:
I vote for Mr Kaminis because he is facing the refugees issue with solidarity, respect, humanism and dignity to our uprooted fellowmen.

Nominated by Sofia K., Athens:
I would like to support the candidacy of mayor George Kaminis as he acted promptly to provide first reception services as well as to safely shelter the refugees and their families.

Nominated by Despoina A., Athens:
I recommend Mayor Giorgos Kaminis, Athens, Greece to win the 2016 World Mayor Prize
Mayor of Athens George Kaminis did his best to shelter the refugees and their families that arrived in Athens by dedicating a municipal space for the creation of the Elaionas camp. Established in August 2015, Elaionas is the first temporary accommodation center in the country, which currently provides shelter to nearly 2.400 refugees.
Also, in order to address the needs for migrants, the Mayor appointed a Deputy Mayor for Migrants and Refugees. He also sought strategic partnerships with international organizations such as the UNHCR. With the support of the partners, The Municipality was able to provide first reception services and  identified vacant apartments that could house refugees.
For more than a year now, our country has become a final destination for many people. Nearly 10,000 refugees are currently in Athens, awaiting asylum status or relocation to another European country. To this day, nearly 4,000 people are being sheltered in accommodation space provided by the Municipality and its strategic partners. These incoming individuals, many risking their lives to escape war and persecution, have access to medical services and children can attend school.

Last April, in the framework of the European Capital Mayors’ meeting in Brussels, Mayor Kaminis proposed the creation of a “Solidarity Cities” network, which was unanimously adopted by all the Mayors. This initiative builds on the experience gained through the Municipality’s efforts to manage the refugee crisis. “Solidarity Cities” should seize this opportunity to expand their knowledge, exchange good practices and know-how, and make their voices stronger regarding migration issues. That is why I believe Mayor Kaminis is an excellent choice for World Mayor 2016.

Nominated by Alexandra K., Athens:
I support Mayor Giorgos Kaminis for "World Mayor" Award because he proved with his leadership and determination that the city of Athens, with the cooperation of UNHCR, is able to successfully implement one of the most demanding and prominent program for the housing, social rehabilitation of the refugees and all the necessary social in-cohesion tasks.

Nominated by Christina B., Athens:
I strongly recommend G. Kaminis to be awarded with the "World Mayor 2016" prize for his great effort to help and protect the refugees and their rights, during the severe economic crisis and under difficult political circumstances. All the Athenian citizens are very proud of him.

Nominated by George F., New York:
Please accept my sincere and strong support for Mayor Kaminis’ nomination for the World Mayor Prize. I have known Mayor Kaminis for the past two years through the in-depth consulting work Bloomberg Associates has done with the City of Athens.
The Mayor has opened the City’s arms to the thousands of refugees that have escaped their war torn counties and has done all that is possible to improve their quality of life even with the extraordinary difficult financial circumstances throughout Greece.
Mayor Kaminis is a champion for human rights, an eloquent spokesperson on behalf of the thousands of refugees living in Athens and he has committed valuable resources to their support and wellbeing.
The Mayor’s sense of humanity and his generous spirit and courage are inspirational.

Nominated by Maria K., Greece:
I support Mayor Kaminis for his integrity and transparency; then for exercising tolerance at very hard times, and respect for the city and its growing diversity. He does not show off, he is a secure officer, a mannered personality with a disciplined vision. He makes use of his human resources, and understands what is needed to build up resilience in a city of many disruptive, consecutive transformations. He has shown commitment to his principles, and consistently manages to deliver decent work with minimal resources, and certainly no political support. Without him, at times of such extended and many deep crises, Athens could be facing irreversible dysfunctions in many ways...

Nominated by Stavroula S., Athens:
Reason for supporting Mr. Kaminis: I have personally gotten to know the work of EATA, the Municipality's work with refugees which is running exceptionally well by a very dedicated team. In addition, Mr. Kaminis has been supporting all the small initiatives by simple citizens or groups of volunteers that are spreading around the city. He is generally spreading a very positive attitude towards the refugee population, he is choosing very capable staff to manage all these projects and is overall a forward thinker and a doer.

Nominated by Elena P., Athens:
I don’t know if there is another city where paths of so many refugees cross and where they have the chance to feel human again. Athens – and Greece – is in great trouble but philanthropy and human values flourish.

Nominated by Stelios D., Athens:
The Mayor of Athens, Giorgos Kaminis, definitely deserves to win this award for his overall reaction to the massive refugee crisis affected Athens over the past year. First of all, he was the only one not to turn his back to the problem especially when streets and parks of the city were occupied by desperate people with families and children living in tents.

Everyone – and especially the government – was hiding from the problem and Kaminis was the one who stepped forward, stressed the need for a humanitarian response and offered a municipal area where the first organized camp for the refugees was created and up until now operates under excellent circumstances. This proved to be a major relief to the city back then and certainly layed the ground for similar actions in the following months.

Moreover, he managed to attract funding from private donors and international organizations so that the City can offer immediate relief to these people, such as food, housing, medical aid etc. From the beginning of this crisis he insisted that this is a problem that requires collective efforts and synergies between all layers of governance in Greece in close cooperation with NGOs and other stakeholders. Finally, he has been very active at the international level forging partnerships with other major European cities highlighting the crucial role cities can play in addressing the multiple implications of the refugee challenge and the need to get more support and more funding from the EU and the central governments. He initiated the “Solidarity Cities” initiative, which is all about the close cooperation of European cities on this issue and their coordination in advocating for the recognition of their crucial role.

Kaminis managed both to effectively deal with this issue in Athens alleviating pressure from the refugee flows while also proving his leadership in the international sphere.

Nominated by Miguel A., UK:
I support and vote for Mayor Giorgos Kaminis, Athens, Greece. He should win the 2016 World Mayor Prize for his outstanding leadership, his ability to give hope to all EU citizens, and especially for his focus on sustainability.

Nominated by Maria L., Athens:
I support mayor Kaminis' candidacy because he has already proven that he is an efficient, trustful politician, that takes the necessary measures with no delay, but at the same time has the vision to plan the next day.

He has created within 15 days a decent camp for the refugees, he has been among the first interlocutors of UNHCR for hosting refugee families in apartments, he has created a new post of vice mayor especially for the migrants and refugees. At the same time, Athens municipality has taken the initiative to assist and coordinate all NGOs that are active in the same field in view of proactively stop the creation of a ghetto within the city. He has received private donations in order to act quickly by overcoming the Greek bureaucracy in the development of a concrete action plan for dealing with the current refugees problems, but also with their integration, if they choose to stay. He has become the most trustful interlocutor to international NGO's such as the Mercy Corp and the IRC, in view of receiving know how and concrete expertise. He has never stopped taking the necessary steps at European and international level in view of creating a movement in favor of the relocation. He has initiated the Solidarity Cities initiative at European level, and at global level is working closely with 100RC. And last but not least he has always applied an inclusive non discriminatory social policy . He deserves to be the world mayor for all the above reasons

Nominated by Elena P. Athens:
Mayor Kaminis diserves the 2016 World Mayor Prize. He has shown immigrants & refugees an incredible solidarity, in a very difficult period of the Greek history. Although he has been dealing with serious issues related to the economic crisis, although Athens has been a constant battelfield of demonstrations & protests, the city of Athens led by the Mayor, daily welcomes hundreds of refugees.

Nominated by Amalia Z., Athens:
my reasons are that I can see the levels of genuine upgrading and reform that Mayor Kaminis is currently achieving in order to be resultful. It is not only his achievements concerning the refugees, but all the rest of the structural difficulties he is overcoming and fixing once and for all, in order to leave behind him a legacy and a solution with sustainability.

Nominated by Vasiliki C., Athens
Georgios Kaminis offered a municipal area to desperate people during refugee crisis, begun the Solidarity Cities project (aimed at getting European cities to work together on this crisis), attracted funding to support the City of Athens and provide what was needed when nobody else did.

Nominated by Gyorgy G., Athens:
I recommend Mayor Giorgos Kaminis, Athens, Greece to win the 2016 World Mayor Prize as per below explanation:

I was born and used to live in Hungary where I have seen the refugee crisis and the anti-human acts of the Hungarian government. Due to the raising anti-immigrant politics decided to move to Athens, Greece. In Athens, I see no signs of the immigrant problem. I have seen how it looked like about a year ago in Athens. There is no sign of it now. However Greece received most of the refugees.

I moved to Athens with my wife. Comparing with the capitol of Hungary, Budapest, I feel way more secure here. I don't have to be worried of my wife when coming home from work late and we can have a late night walk about anywhere in Athens, unharmed.

Nominated by Eleftheria K., Athens:
I wholeheartedly recommend Mr. Kaminis for this award for his efforts to assist the incoming refugees.

Together with his staff the Mayor of Athens has managed to tackle a problem of multiple dimensions (financial, social, cultural), having limited means and funding amid  a society already under too much financial and social pressure, already of a flammable, hostile, racist and intolerant disposition.

His efforts so far to provide food and accommodation to incoming refugees have been successful and have met little reaction, while at the same time he has not ignored his everyday duties as a mayor.

Nominated by Constantin S., Athens:
Mr Kaminis is the best mayor of Athens city ever. In very difficult circumstances for Greece and Athens work quiet for Athens citizens as well as for emigrants giving them affection and care they need. Is a very gentle personality with no political influences. Hope will be elected as the best mayor of the world.

Nominated by Magda H., Athens:
Mayor of Athens Giorgos Kaminis has been an exceptional first citizen who has worked seriously to improve daily life in the city of Athens, including conditions for refugees. He has consistently defended human rights and migrants' rights, has taken a strong stance against xenophobic and racist extreme right Golden Dawn and has not given up the fight even  when all odds were against. He has also done remarkable work as regards the city's social welfare programmes in the years of the economic crisis, including the distribution of thousands of meals daily to the homeless and poor.

Nominated by Tamsyn M., Greece:
The City of Athens has faced enormous problems throughout the tenure of Giorgos Kaminis. The harsh effects of the economic crisis are to be seen everywhere. Many citizens of Athens struggle and their lives either hang by a thread, or are badly blighted by the changes in circumstances that have been wrought by the crisis. Some have responded by turning to the nationalist far right (Golden Dawn), others to the far left (Anarchist groups); both these groups rage against the authorities, destroy public property and do nothing but threaten cohesion. Amidst this despair, strife and anger, Giorgos Kaminis has been a remarkable voice of calm. Without resources he has sought to build bridges in his community and speak for tolerance and social responsibility. He has risen above party politics and has shared platforms with members of other parties. He always speaks with compassion. He supports simple, but effective community projects.

As Athens battled with a spiralling economic crisis, the refugee crisis came and Athens has been flooded with destitute and/or ill-organised groups of human souls fleeing a whole number of things from the atrocities of a very ugly war to the poverty and instability in their home nations. As quickly as other countries closed borders and refused to help those in need, Giorgos Kaminis, again without adequate resources, has fought for them and spoken about their plight with compassion, urging all of us to share in the care of these people. Again, he has worked tirelessly to encourage voluntary initiatives and to squeeze funding out of reluctant donors so that the refugees are not abandoned.

He should be awarded Mayor of the Year because he is a politician who rises above party politics and puts his beliefs and principles far above his own political promotion. He rouses people to support people in need and works tirelessly to strengthen the community he serves by concentrating on those most in need. He relentlessly encourages compassion and tolerance in a world that is very short on both these qualities.

Nominated by A.Z., Athens:
I think that he should win the 2016 World Mayor Prize because:
• He created Solidarity Cities who will consolidate ongoing efforts at local level to receive and integrate refugees and will reinforce these by providing a platform for cities to exchange Knowledge and expertise on this highly topical issue.
• With his initiative The Municipality of Athens, collaborating with the United Nations and non profit organizations opened the first "hospitality center" in Eleonas to accommodate 2500 refugees in the capital of Greece.
• He signed the cooperation agreement with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) for the temporary  accommodation of 3.000 refugees to the cities apartments.
• The City of Athens has taken the initiative, adopting policies and implementing programmes which reinforce social cohesion, support harmonious co-existence and promote the integration of migrants and refugees.

Nominated by Ioanna A., Athens:
We are very proud of Mayor Kaminis:
The municipality of Athens hosts and feeds more than 5000 homeless citizens, manages a refugee camp of more than 1000 people, manages supplies for many other camps.
The mayor and his team teaches us by example to respect law and democracy without fear. He has forbidden offers and mess of hate (addressed to Greeks only) organized by the fascist party of Golden Dawn. He has been the first to fight them through law and order. He managed the municipality economics rationally, he managed waste better, he took measures against illegal parking, he made our every day life better.

Finally last year he led the Movement "We stay in Europe" during the ridiculous referendum of Tsipras and his governement. Good luck Mayor Kaminis. You deserve it.

Nominated by I.P., Athens:
As an Athens citizen I full support George Kaminis to get the title of the World Mayor.
He works hard for us as much as they allow him, together with all problems have been issued with the refugees. Unfortunately we (citizens) don’t help him, don’t work together and we expect everything from him. Good luck

Nominated by Stavroula K. F., Athens
I support G. Kaminis for "World Mayor" Award because he proved that a big city, even under extreme economic stress, can treat refugees with respect and on the same time provide a feeling of security and orderliness to the permanent city duellers.
Stavroula K. Fotopoulou

Nominated by Rose M. C., Athens
Translated from Greek by Google Translate: I vote George Kaminis because in the most difficult period for Athens managed to pay off the municipality to offer remarkable charity work, fulfilled its promise for Villa Amalia, is impressive the speed apothystatai cleanliness after the vandalism of demonstrations, communicating with them citizens through the primary station, finds solutions (as in Atik cinemas and Apollo) and is a modest and effective personality.

Nominated by Eva K., Athens:
I live, walk and work in the center of Athens since many years. I vote for Yorgos Kaminis because I believe in his integrity and because I follow his efforts to balance the great financial difficulties, to sustain refugees and people with no shelter and, also, because he is a man of culture. Therefore all his efforts are grounded on a firm conviction of his: Culture is what unites us all, let’s propagate it despite the hard conditions of our everyday lives. We are cyclists never stopping, never giving up.

Nominated by Andreas G., Athens:
I believe Mayor Kaminis is an excellent choice for World Mayor 2016 due to the challenges he faced during the refugee crisis,he showed leadership and determination concerning this enormous challenge.With the cooperation with UNHCR he is running one of the most demanding and prominent program for the housing , social rehabilitation and social in-cohesion tasks. We are proud to have a mayor in Athens that understands the problem.

Nominated by M.E., Athens:
Mayor Giorgos Kaminis is the mayor of the Capital of a country which is the most struck by the socio-economic recession and leaves a big humanitarian crisis the last 8 years. At the same time Athens  received a great Number of Refugees.

Kaminis was the first  to offer a municipal land to become a well organised camp for Refugees and give the example to other Mayors and the governement.
Schools in Athens have opened for Refugees - Children and parents- even during the summer for support and integration. He organised  a network of apartments around the city for Refugees waiting for asylum or relocation.

In difficult times and without neglecting the huge problems the city was facing he found the way to support Refugees and fight for their Rights. That’s why I vote for Mayor Kaminis

Nominated by Giorgos K., Greece:
I vote for Mayor Kaminis because of his tireless, but discreet, efforts to help those in need: either Greek citizens hit by the economic crisis of the last 6 years, or refugees & immigrants from other countries. He is a decent, low-profile person of few words and much action, unlike most politicians.

Nominated by Katerina A., Athens:
I would like to vote for Kaminis as the world mayor, due to his ability to manage in a successive and constructive manner the big issues faced by the city of Athens during his period.  Athens is witnessing the results  a seven years financial crisis, with an increasing number of homeless citizens and people no longer able to feed their families, thousands  of refugees from Syria. In this environment  Kaminis has managed to offer both help and safe shelters to these  groups of people in his usual polite, discrete and effective manner. Yes, I would definitely support the candidacy of Kaminis as the world mayor

Nominated by Anon, Athens:
I support Mayor Kaminis because he is the only Mayor of a European city who has appointed a Vice Mayor dedicated to the refugees issue. A fact that proves beyond all his imminent action to solve the problem. However above all, i support him because he provided the best mechanism and infrastructure WITHOUT any help from the official government.

Nominated by Alexandra M., Athens:
Mayor Kaminis was faced with the problem of a massive immigrant and refugee influx from the islands after they had crossed from Turkey. He initially ensured that they were in safe camps, fed and medically covered, then proceeded in renting apartments and empty hotels for a more permanent lodging solution. He initiated the open-school programme for their children.In doing all of the above, he tried not to burden certain areas of the city at the expense of others. Though their situation still leaves a lot to be desired, mayor Kaminis is still very active in improving their lives and those of the Athenian citizens.

Nominated by Alexandra K., Athens:
I support George Kimonos for the title of World Mayor. The mayor of Athens works constantly and systematically for the support of immigrants, refugees and people leaving on the boarder of poverty. I have participated as a volunteer in certain actions distributing food and financial support to deprived people.

Nominated by Giorgos F., Athens
Our Mayor, Giorgos Kaminis, should win the World Mayor Prize because after many years of isolation he encourages trips to other cities where vice-mayors and counsellors have the chance to learn good practices and implement in Athens. Athens is member in worldwide forums and working groups and during the severe economic crisis he managed to cut debts and make even more actions in the city.

Moreover concerning the refugee crisis municipality of Athens has done what the central government should have done. Instead of having people sleeping in parks and squares prepared a refugee camp in Elaionas where hundreds of refugees sleep and eat. But not only that, volunteers make programs for children, Mr Kaminis encouraged refugee children to attend programs in schools and it is the first municipality in Greece to have vice mayor of Migrant and Refugee Affairs

There is also a programme coordinated by a municipal company where families of immigrants rent apartments in different neighbourhoods of Athens. Fully equipped apartments, fully paid by a programme run from the Municipality, that help them have a good stand of living and help financially owners who had their apartments without tenants.

Moreover the Cultural Organization of Athens makes sightseeing tours with guided tours to refugees as well, in order to learn greek antiquities and young people can go for free to municipal gyms. For all these reasons Mr Kaminis should be announced world mayor.

Nominated by Theopisti S., Athens:
I vote for Giorgos. Kaminis not just because I'm a citizen of Athens but mainly because we, citizens of Athens know at first hand that :

• He is dealing with imposed reductions to city revenues of about 60%, for the last seven years.
• He managed to control the deficit of the city, to repay the majority of debts and currently servicing all of the remaining debt, during the harsher crisis this country ever known, while needs for citizens and refugees were increased dramatically.
• He is succesful in easing refugees pain by providing shelters, food, education and every possible care a human being needs while as a former Ombudsman of Greece, he defends human rights with the most effective way.
• He managed to maintain balance between peoples' needs and city's infrastructure needs.
• He claims no credit for what's been done saying that these achievements reflect peoples' team spirit and community's good will.
So I'm sending this email not only because I'd like to see this kind of quality to be rewarded, but mainly because through this candidacy the following important message can be heard by the whole world :

" Even in the most difficult times we can preserve our humanity.

There is no insurmountable obstacle if we stand shoulder to shoulder and help each other with kindness.

If we, people, can achieve so many things with so little resources during the most difficult times, then miracles are ahead "

For all these reasons I support Mr Kaminis candidacy and kindly ask you to make this message of unity to be heard everywhere by awarding him with World Mayor 2016 Prize.

Nominated by Konstantinos P., Athens:
Mr Kaminis should be Mayor of the world. He is the person who managed to find solutions in Athens. Athens had a lot of economical and bureaucratic problems. Mr Kaminis managed to solve a lot of problems such as the human crisis in Athens and also to advance our city. Mr Kaminis is an excellent mayor, university teacher and lawyer. We are proud for him.

Nominated by Mary L., Greece:
Google translation from Greek: When, some extremist voices brought destruction, panic and supposedly conscious exislamopoiisi our homeland .... His calm and philosophical force, created decent camps Elaionas and has treated them with love and without fanfare in troubled Athens. Continues modestly creative and his work in the difficult economic and political circumstances. It deserves the support of us all!

Nominated by Ntina K., Greece:
Are you looking for a hands-on finesse and supreme qualities of the true Leader., for an original personality who makes even sceptical middle aged citizens from other cities notice him, support him, and join him to his well meaning philanthropic plans? then seek no more, because Kaminis is the Mayor. There many stars in the sky but not many as bright. I am proud he is Greek and an Athenian.

Nominated buy Sakellaris S., Athens:
"Athens welcomes the children of the war, in the way that its History requires", these words introduced the institution of refugee-children-schools. The messes for all these people who needed food and a warm hearth, were the step before. We are proud of our Mayor.

Nominated by Demetri K., Canada:
Hello, I used to live in Athens now I live in Canada, I love this mayor he listens to the people, he respects our opinion, he's smart and even in a crisis managed to keep Athens beautiful and safe

Nominated by A., Athens:
The Mayor. Mr G. Kaminis has brought changes to the Clean City-Athens, a cleaner city although the people who actually remover in this town have been increased (tourism and people who work in Athens and they come from the suburbs) He had activate in points who had problems (as Villa Amalia and Market of Kipscelly etc.) and has converted buildings such as the Villa Amalia and Market of Kypseli at places in education of residents and service for people (ADS in the 6th House). I can not say too much about his work, he has made a lot of things (such as undergrounding of press-container for garbage at certain points with many coffee centers, etc.).

The municipality finances are in better shape than ever. He not borrowed for the obligations of the municipality, he paid obligations of the previous mayor to contractors and suppliers). He has done things for the municipality as interventions in schools buildings, swimming pools, etc. without opening and noise for hiw name..He made the structure for refugees without any turmoil in the structure of local citizens tissue. The Mayor cleaned the Centre addicts’ .With the problems having the Centre (Demonstrations, anarchists, etc.) He transformed a city with so many problems (from inside and from outside), in a human sustainable city. Mayor for everyone. For the local people, for refugees, for the tourist, the resident of the next city.I am a citizen of Athens and I say from my heart : THANK YOU MAYOR KAMINIS.

Nominated by O. R., London:
I fully support the Mayor of Athens, Mr. Giorgos Kaminis for his incredible efforts, plans, and successfully-met solutions in regards to the refugee crisis.
As a pioneering public servant, he has made major improvements in the day-to-day running of the city. Athens' impressive comeback into the international tourism and travel market, renewed urban development, security, and sustainable mobility are just a few of the things our city achieved during his Mayorship.
As an ardent defender of human rights, he is always close to the locals, the migrants, the LGBT community, as well as the unemployed and poor. A man of action, with a long-term vision and concrete strategic goals: growth, healthy prosperity and social cohesion!

One of his latter-day initiatives - "Solidarity Cities" shows once again why he should be the winner!

Nominated by Jenny V., Greece:
Athens, being the capital of Greece, received huge flows of refugees from the islands and mainland, seeking their way through to Europe.

Mayor Giorgos Kaminis led by example, being the first to offer a municipal land to become a well organised camp for refugees to live in a dignified way, supporting them and showing to other Mayors that the "not in my backyard" approach will only create more issues.
• He raised funds from organisations like UNHCR and private funds to create a network of apartments around the city to serve as temporary settlements for asylum seekers, till their relocation.
• He provided medical care and social support to the people and he is now working towards social inclusion programs.
• He stood for their rights and dignity.
• He led the way of forming European cities' networks for the cities to offer viable plans and solutions to their governments with regards to the refugee crisis.
And all this, in the capital of the country most struck by the socio-economic recession and humanitarian crisis in Europe. That’s why I vote for Mayor Kaminis

Nominated by Faidra B., Athens:
I vote for kaminis because amidst the great Greek financial and refugee crisis Kaminis is fighting to keep Athens alive and European, with absolutely no backup from central government.

Nominated by Eleni S., Greece:
For his constant effort and day to day struggle to facilitate the integration of refugees in a city suffering from economic and social crisis

Nominated by Nicolas L., Athens:
Probably the best Mayor Athens ever had! Efficient, approachable and loves the city.

Nominated by Vasilis M., Athens:
Mayor Giorgos Kaminis has been at the forefront of all major events in Greece – e.g. economic crisis, immigration as the city of Athens includes more than 3 million people and is a crossing point for immigrants. He has come up with many initiatives of solidarity and support for immigrants. I truly support his candidacy.

Nominated by Panos K., Athens:
I vote for Mr Kaminis because he has shown persistence and stamina in his efforts to keep Athens a viable city in the midst of the economic crisis and the immigration problem. During his mayorship he has also helped the poor and managed to keep in control the chaotic finances of the city. From what I gather, his motivation derives solely from his exceptional educational background which is rare in the public sector of Greece.

Nominated by Anastasia S., Athens:
The Mayor of Athens is the guy that manages the thousands of immigrants coming in from Turkey. He is the mayor of a town that hardly has financial support from governmental funds for the regular expenses and even with these conditions he organised the local actions for the immigration problem.
Thumbs up!

Nominated by Prof Orestis K, Greece:
Kaminis kept social cohesion of Athens solid during the financial crisis and was the only public servant fighting successfully but in a legal way against the racist activities of the Nazi-oriented party Golden Dawn.

Nominated by Lena D., Athens:
I vote for him because he is trying so very hard to keep the city alive in her worst moment. No words. just work.

Nominated by Nicos B., Athens:
Kaminis makes very good financial management and helps poor and refugees with municipal programs

Nominated by Gtatis, Athens:
Google translation from Greek: Athens Kaminis: serious, effective, with a deep understanding of the refugee problem, far from meaningless crowns.

Nominated by Galerot, Athens:
Google translation from Greek: Honest, cosmopolitan, democrat, serious, ethical and efficient !!!

Nominated by Nikos K., Athens:
It's because Mayor Kaminis is the mayor who transforms Athens from a city in
the third world to a city of Europe...