The 2016 World Mayor Prize will be awarded to a mayor who has provided immigrants with the facilities to contribute to the city’s society, economy and culture. The City Mayors Foundation is looking for mayors who have recognised that people, whatever their origin, status or background, are the greatest capital the world has to offer. This year’s World Mayor Project will identify mayors whose cities have done the most to welcome immigrants and have used their skills to enrich and diversify society culturally, economically and socially. Spiros Galinos, Mayor of Lesbos, Greece, has been shortlisted for the Prize. |||

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Nominations for
Spiros Galinos
Mayor of Lesbos (Greece)

Nominated by Florian W., Switzerland:
At a time when many countries in Europe built walls and fences to keep refugees out, Mayor Spiros Galinos and the people of Lesbos have shown that there is another side to humanity. This small but beautiful island in the Mediterranean, which economically relies on tourism, has made great sacrifices to offer safety to tens of thousands of refugees from Syria and cater for their immediate needs. The World Mayor Prize should be awarded to the Island of Lesbos.

Nominated by John P., Australia:
As a retired legislator from Australia I visited Lesvos in July with legislators from the USA, Sweden and Switzerland in order to recognize the work of the Lesvos community showing their compassion and support to the many thousands of refugees that consistently arrived on the island over a number of months.

We quickly learnt of the crucial leadership role led by Mayor Galinos who tackled the challenges directly, ensuring that refugees received the best aid and support that they could under very difficult circumstances, working with the local community to keep them on side by reassuring them of their safety and that resources would be made available to manage the situation and also to tackle extremist groups and political opportunists. We are aware that many months later he continues to play such a crucial role.

This all occurred under a financial crisis in Greece. Despite this with support of the Mayor the island remembered its own refugee heritage as much of its population are the children or grandchildren of refugees themselves, and highlighted the famous hospitality and welcomeness that is part of Greek culture.

The awarding of such a recognition will remind all that leadership is about being on the correct side of history. When faced with a severe challenge the Mayor and his team stood their mark and I believe the test of time.

Nominated by Andel P. Berlin:
Spyros Galinos, although he didn't have any responsibility with the immigration issue because he is a mayor and not a Minister of immigration policy, he bear the whole weight on his back, he helped the refugees as much as he could, he created a very good camp, the best in Greece probably. He did the best for his island, and for the residents even many of them don't understand it. If the mayor Galinos was not there at this time, the chaos would have arisen. He should definitely win!!

Nominated by Kalliopi A., Lesbos:
I vote Mr Galinos to be a world mayor, because he helps every day refugees to survive. He makes the hope real, he reconnects humanity with discipline and integrity. It is my strong belief that his sense of duty overpasses the human strength of individuality.

Nominated by Charalampos T., London:
I support mayor Spiros Galinos because despite the lack of support from the government and the financial issues of the country he acts humanely on the refugees crisis that the island of Lesbos faces the past 15 months. In addition, he and his council constantly work under difficult circumstances to improve the quality of life for the visitors and residents of the island.

Nominated by Theodoros A., Lesbos:
I believe Mayor Spyros Galinos has managed the refugee crisis on Lesbos admirably, at great political and personal cost. His greatest achievement has been to avoid violence and to maintain peace in a particularly volatile environment. Therefore, in my view he is the most suitable candidate for the 2016 World Mayor Prize.

Nominated by Efi K., Lesbos:
Google translation from Greek: Our Mayor. Galen, in a very difficult time for the island of Lesbos, I think he handled the issue of the Refugee-Migration in the best possible way. He revealed to the whole world the compassion and solidarity of the residents of our island. At a time when thousands of refugees trapped in Lesvos (summer 2015) managed that no one else could. Spend and leave peacefully without riots and trouble unlike other islands facing the same problem. Respect-Dignity-Humanity-Solidarity, that raises our world. And thanks to him.

Nominated by Eg., Greece:
I think that Mr Galinos is the best candidate because he embraced the refuges and tried to solve the problem with very little help

Nominated by Efs. Tz., Lesbos:
I vote as World Mayor Spyros Galen, why has Lesbos island of peace and solidarity caring life of persecuted refugees and migrants and ensuring the consistency and safety of the local community. At the same time, he did not stop curates the creative work of the municipality.

Nominated by Ioanna T., Lesbos:
I nominate Mr.Galinos for the prize of the world Mayor because I believe he did the best he could to help the island, its citizens and the refugees.

Nominated by Kostas T., Lesbos:
I believe that mr.Galinos should win the World Mayor 2016 because he treated immigrants with humanity without many money and he was able to find balance between local people and globally needs. Furthermore, he fought against the problem without any economical support from the government or EU funding.

Nominated by D. M., Lesbos:
I vote in Lesvos Mayor, as Mayor of the World, as the Lesvos Mayor should become the world's Mayor and rewarded for his superhuman efforts to address the major problem of the migration and humanitarian attitude that towards the unhappy refugees who arrived in thousand island.

Nominated by Ekaterini F., Lesbos:
I am voting for Mayor Spiros Galinos as the best world mayor because he was near refugees from the first time the Syrian people come here to the City of Mytilene on Lesbos and not only for these people he went the same with a boat to save them ...he found financial resources for them to feed them to find a place for them to sleep and to forget all the bad days after war like to be secure here to find a warm place for them after the bad memories for them when they killed their relatives or cut their legs or heads or drowned at sea and he fights for them for a better life and future for them as to build better facilities for better living conditions, education and hospitality motivate all the organizations doctors without borders and made healthier conditions at hot spots for them . Lesbos is an island which has a tradition with the refugees as our relatives came here from beach Asia Minor with their child in their arms without home without anything but only hope for a better life wake up our memories again and again ...mayor Galinos put child at school to have education here also. Least but not last he fights all day and for other things here at island like to have a new swimming pool to turn young people to athletic life also he will make a bicycle race for those who love the bike races he also wants to grow tourism to have jobs for living with crisis and keeping city clear and security as he can . For these reasons I vote Mr Galinos as the best world mayor!

Nominated by Ioannis T., Lesbos:
I'm strongly convinced that the mayor of Lesbos Mr. Spiros Galinos deserves the honor of World Mayor 2016, since his unbroken efforts and also his humanitarian perception of the recent and continuing refugee crisis, here in Lesbos. He contributed to a successful - where possible - confrontation of the above crisis consequences, and highlighted the uncompromised humanitarian character of our island.

Nominated by Ioanna D., Lesbos:
I support the candidate of Mr Galinos as the most suitable for the prize of world mayor. The reason is that I recognize his hard work according not only to the immigrants but also to his local society too. He has made all his efforts to provide them with the necessary facilities, relief their pain and offer them a hope for a new life. He does his best for all people, whatever their origin or status.

Nominated by M. G., Czech Republic:
This crisis that happened in Lesbos the last 2 years, hasn't happened to any other place of the earth. The mayor was the leader of the campaign to help the refugees to fulfill their dreams as much as he could. The mayor and all the residents are respectful for what they did, for being real humans, help each other, and be solidarity.

Nominated by Oleg K., Russia:
I vote for Spiros Galinos because he is doing great humanitarian efforts during the immigration crisis .

Nominated by Ef., Lesbos:
Google translation from Greek: Deserves this year's "World Mayor 2016" the Mayor Spyros Lesvos Galen because:

He faced and continues to face successfully, calm, collective and effectiveness the large refugee crisis in the island of Lesvos, which is passing in Europe thousands of people uprooted Aptian their homelands because of harsh wars in their areas.
Led by the Mayor, the residents of Lesbos, we gave our best, dosame than what we had and from what we had and we stood beside thyself their weary refugees crossing a thousand dangers Aegean came to our door looking safety and a better future.

Nominated by Koniarellis D., Lesbos:
I vote Spyros Galinos for world mayor 2016 for his humanitarian and solidarity efforts during the recent immigration crisis. He was present and successful whereas Europe institutions were absent.

Nominated by Najeeb., Greece:
I would like to vote for Mr.Galinos who has been extremely efficient and helpful in responding to refugee crisis in Lesvos in 2015. I have worked closely with him as a humanitarian worker and appreciated his work.

Nominated by Michael B., Lesbos:
Great Mayor dealing with the refugee crisis. I don't believe any Mayor has been forced to deal with such a difficult problem during our times.

Nominated by Maarit S., Teachers4Refugees:
This is my testimonial about why I think he should be the Mayor of the year.
Lesbos has been under great pressure during the past two years both for the refugee situation and cause of the poor economics of Greece as a nation. Tourists vanished when the amounts of refugees exceeded 500 000 last year.
It is a lot of extra to take care of for the small island with only 87 000 inhabitants. I was there myself last year this time and again this winter. Totally I have been there for the refugee needs totally 6 months.
In my opinion Mr Galinos is doing a great job under the extremely difficult circumstances the whole Lesvos is in. I think EU and the world has pretty much let Galinos as a leader alone. There are lots of talking but little action. Mr Galinos has expressed the humane character the islanders have. They understand that next time it can be me, you or them.
For great tolerance and humane manner I warmly recommend Mr Galinos the Mayor of the year

Nominated by Ciaran D., USA:
I am supporting Spiros Galinos for the World Mayor prize because of his courageous and compassionate actions to respond to the refugee crisis in Lesvos. I was privileged to meet Mayor Galinos, and inspired by his commitment to helping others.

Nominated by Dimitris P., Lesbos:
I nominate Mr. Galinos for his efforts on the refugee crisis. He is an exceptional man with impeccable character.

Nominated by Taxiarxoula P., Lesbos:
I support Lesbos Mayor Spiros Galinos because he has made extraordinary contributions in support of refugees and has championed the cause of liberty,solidarity and dignity while tackling the Greek economic crisis and the serious local problems of Lesbos.

Nominated by George K., Lesbos:
For making Lesbos the island of solidarity and peace I am proud to be a citizen of Lesvos. He is among a few politicians that do not care for popularity or votes and only care about their duty to protect the local community and serve global values. 

Nominated by Glafkos C., Nicosia, Cyprus:
Mr. Spyros Galinos, At the worst possible moment when in his country everything was collapsing. At a time that Greece was in the verge of bankruptcy and the people of his city, the people on his island were passing through a perilous situation, he was confronted with an avalanche of thousands of refugees. Irrespective of abysmal conditions, he persevered and has accepted the challenges posed by this migration calamity. He organized the citizens of his city being on the E.U border island of Lesbos and he courageously lead them in performing a unique humane caring miracle and as a result practically saved and made the lives of thousands of escaping human beings possible and bearable with practically negligible financial assistance. His City community has indeed shown exceptional resilience during the recent arrivals from disaster-torn regions of the world rescuing thousands of refugees from drowning, into the rough sea of the Aegean as well as rescuing them from disease and starvation. He indeed deserves the title of a World Mayor.

Nominated by Kristyna Z., Czech Republic:
On behalf of Mrs Kristyna Zelienkova, the deputy of the Parliament of the Czech Republic, I would like to express Mrs Zelienkova´s support for Mr Lesbos Galinos.

Nominated by Elpidoforos R., Lesbos:
I vote for mr. Galinos because he is doing great work for Lesbos.

Nominated by Littridis A., Lesbos:
I support the candidacy of Mayor Galinos, because he fells deep sorrow for the drama of the immigrants and he does his best in order to offer them a shelter. But his work is not only related to the immigrants, everyday he works really hard for the daily life of the citizens of the island Lesvos.

His sincere and honest character shows to everyone the true face of solidarity and humanity. In spite of the huge financial crisis, he fights everyday for the lives of human beings with generosity and selflessness. He can be easily described as a defender of human rights. 

Nominated by Victoria P., Lesbos:
Being proud to be a citizen of Lesvos since Sep 2014, I feel I have to support the man responsible. For his dedicated leadership and painstaking work I vote Spyros Galinos for the worldmayor prize 2016.

Nominated by Vasili G., Lesbos:
Mr. Galinos inspired all of us with his leadership. He managed to administer by himself a large humanitarian crisis without the support of the European Union nor the Greek government. He should be nominated world Mayor because he did all that without considering his popularity or any personal interest.

Nominated by Vaggelis P., Lesbos:
I support the candidacy of Spyros Galinos for great efforts to burning issues of refugee

Nominated by Anneta N., Greece:
I support Mayor of Lesvos Spiro Galino because he is facing the problems confronting refugees and handled refugee issues as human first and then as a Mayor.He deserves this Award because he worked hard to face the refugee crisis and on the other hand he try to manage the problems of Lesvos during the economic crisis the country passes.

Nominated by Giannis K., Lesbos:
I voted Spyros Galinos for world mayor 2016 because with his efforts Lesvos island was a candidate for the Nobel peace prize.

Nominated by Anthoula K., Lesbos:
I vote Spyros Galinos for world mayor 2016 for his humanitarian efforts during the immigration crisis.

Nominated by Stephanos A., Lesbos:
I nominate Mr. Spyros Galinos for the best Mayor of the world for the following reasons:
• He has offered every possible effort  for the dealing of the refugee crisis which broke out in 2015 and has struck all the Mediterranean and especially the island of Lesvos. The handling of the refugees met with global admiration.
• At the same time, he has dealt, as best as he could, with the problems that this crisis has created, towards the local population and generally to the island by organising charities which offer free schooling, food, clothing and accommodation.

Nominated by Athina I., Lesbos:
I nominate Mr. Galinos for his exceptional efforts and inspired leadership during the refugee crisis. He managed to support the local community as well as the refugee community in Lesvos.

Nominated by Yiannis M., Greece:
During the refugee crisis that our country, Greece, has been enduring during the several last months, Spiros Galinos, Mayor of Lesbos, has demonstrated unexpectedly good reflexes high reliability, handling an issue which is far more exigent and overwhelming than a little island like Lesbos can endure. Given the limited resources of the island and the lack of suitable infrastructure, Mayor Galinos, along with the citizens of Lesbos, has provided shelter and hospitality to tens of thousands of refugees, while receiving only minimal support from the state or the international community.

Nominated by Anastasia A. Lesbos:
I support Spiros Galinos because he was there to care for thousands of refugees when they really need it despite the fact that his country and the E.U were totally absent.

Nominated by A. P., Belgium:
Mayor Galinos coped very well with an unprecedented crisis and he managed to keep a balanced position, defending both the interests of the citizens and the interests of the migrants.

Nominated by Athina M., Greece:
Mr Galinos have showed grate support in improving the islands tourism profile, even though he had minimum resources and huge refuge crises.
 He is an inspired personality and a grate leader, having done so much in such a small district.

Nominated by Hercules M., Greece:
The Mayor of Lesbos was very efficient during the refugee crisis.

Nominated by Makis K., Greece:
Great major in such a difficult situation with the refugee crises.

Panagiotis G., Germany:
I support Lesbos Mayor Spiros Galinos because he has shown in difficult times for Europe a human face towards people (esp. to refugees) and has shown an example of solidarity without looking on religion or ethnic background.

Nominated by Kalliopi M., Greece:
I would like to see Mr Galinos as the winner of the price for the Mayor of the World 2016 because i believe that he managed the crisis with the refugees to the island in the proper manner and because i think of him as a person with a high sense of solidarity.

Nominated by Mike R., Greece:
I vote for Spiros Galinow as World Mayor because with his guidance passed from Lesbos island more than 900,000 refuges without big and serious problems with local people.

Nominated by the Municipal Director of Agiasos:
Google translation from Greek: We believe that the Mayor Lesvos is most suitable for the receipt of this award because of his attitude to the issue of management of the refugee issue.

Nominated by Kaori G., Japan:
I support for Mr.Galinos from Lesbos. He is a son of M.Galinos who was in the Resistance during the Invasion by the Nazis, and descendant of refugees from Pergamon in 1922 and ancient famous doctor Galen's family.

Nominated by Sofia S., Greece:
He deserves this award because he worked hard to face the refugee crisis in a very effective way without neglecting the every day life of the citizens.

Nominated by Fani G., Greece:
A mayor and the people of Lesbos island deal  with over one million refugees in the last 2 years (800.000 refugees in 2015). 

Nominated by G. I., Lesbos:
Support Spiros Galinos for the way he handled refugee issues and his acts of solidarity.

Nominated by Vasilis M., Europe:
I support Mayor Spiros Galinos for all his humanitarian efforts and his acts of solidarity. Thank you

Nominated by Anastasia S., Greece:
Spiros Galinos and the residents of Lesbos taught us what is solidarity and humanity!

Nominated by M., Greece:
Mr. Galinos is a hero. He was alone on an island , which has helped more than 800.000 refugees with love, compassion and humanity. A mayor alone, at such an important worldwide problem.

Nominated by Evangelos E.G., Athens:
Galinos world mayor, for the way he handled refugee issues

Nominated by George M., Greece:
Google translation from Greek: For superhuman efforts in solving problems of refugees on the island.