The Shortlist

The shortlist for the 2018 World Mayor Prize, which was announced on 4 September 2018, includes 27 female mayors from 20 countries who have entered local politics not because they wanted or needed to prove that women can succeed in an environment shaped by men but because they believed they had the right ideas, skills and ambitions to help their communities to flourish.

World Mayor 2018 is dedicated to women in local government. It features the achievements and goals of women mayors from across the world and honours the best of them. The winner of the 2018 World Mayor Prize and other results were announced on 12 February 2019.

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• Mayor of Ancona
• Mayor of Doncaster
• Mayor of Rennes
• Mayor of Zamboanga

• Mayor of Ancona
• Mayor of Cologne
• Mayor of Doncaster
• Mayor of Fort Worth
• Mayor of Lille
• Mayor of Paris
• Mayor of Rennes
• Mayor of Saarbrücken
• Mayor of Trbovlje
• Mayor of Tunis
• Mayor of Zamboanga

• Mayor of Alphen / Rijn
• Mayor of Ancona
• Mayor of Baden-Baden
• Mayor of Calais
• Mayor of Chemnitz
• Mayor of Cologne
• Mayor of Cozumel
• Mayor of Doncaster
• Mayor of Fort Worth
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• Mayor of Lille
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• Mayor of Molenbeek
• Mayor of Narayanganj
• Mayor of Oakland
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• Mayor of Paris
• Mayor of Rennes
• Mayor of Reutlingen
• Mayor of Saarbrücken
• Mayor of San Juan
• Mayor of Trbovlje
• Mayor of Tunis
• Mayor of Zamboanga
• Mayor of Zurich

• Mayor of Ancona
• Mayor of Cologne
• Mayor of Doncaster
• Mayor of Fort Worth
• Mayor of Lille
• Mayor of Paris
• Mayor of Rennes
• Mayor of Saarbrücken
• Mayor of Trbovlje
• Mayor of Tunis
• Mayor of Zamboanga









Betsy Price
Mayor of FORT WORTH (TX), USA since 2011
Quote: “Betsy Price is a competent, passionate and caring leader who demonstrates unyielding support for the future of our city.”
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Libby Schaaf
Mayor of OAKLAND (CA), USA since 2015
Quote: “Unapologetically and thoroughly committed to truth, justice, and equality.”
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Carmen Yulin Cruz
Mayor of SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico, USA since 2013
Quote: “After Hurricane Maria in September 2017, the San Juan Mayor became the voice of Puerto Rico”

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Muriel Bowser
Mayor of WASHINGTON DC, USA, since 2014
Quote: “In an economically booming city, Mayor Bowser focuses on those who struggle to keep up like the working poor and homeless.”
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Monica Fein
Mayor of ROSARIO, Argentina since 2011
Quote: “Strong focus on education and women’s health.”
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Soledad Chapetón
Mayor of EL ALTO, Bolivia since 2015
Quote: “An outspoken defender of Bolivia’s constitution even if it means opposing the national government.”
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Martine Aubry
Mayor of LILLE, France since 2001
Quote: “Aubry has transformed a struggling industrial city into a booming centre of culture and technology.”
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Anne Hidalgo
Mayor of PARIS, France since 2014
Quote: “The Mayor has implemented an impressive green programme for Paris.”
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Nathalie Appéré
Mayor of RENNES, France since 2014
Quote: “Mayor Appéré has focused on reduction of carbon emissions, child care, welcoming refugees and local democracy.”
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Margret Mergen
Mayor of BADEN-BADEN, Germany since 2014
Quote: “While representing the city on the world stage, she never forgets the needs of ordinary citizens.”
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Henriette Reker
Mayor of COLOGNE, Germany since 2015
Quote: “Despite conservative and right-wing attacks, Mayor Reker has remained steadfast in her support for refugees.”
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Charlotte Britz
Mayor of SAARBRUECKEN, Germany since 2004
Quote: “Charlotte Britz is one of Germany’s most prominent supporters of equal rights for all members of society. She is also a true internationalist.”
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Françoise Schepmans
Mayor of MOLENBEEK Saint-Jean, Belgium since 2012
Quote: “The mayor has been closely working with Muslim families to prevent the radicalisation of young men.”
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Valeria Mancinelli
Mayor of ANCONA, Italy since 2013
Quote: “During Mancinelli's first term as mayor, Ancona has experienced strong economic growth"
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Liesbeth Spies
Mayor of ALPHEN aan den RIJN, Netherlands since 2014
Quote: “Mayor Spies is a women of great inspiration, leadership and, above all, integrity.”
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Marianne Borgen
Mayor of OSLO, Norway since 2015
Quote: “The mayor has made the prevention of violence and assault against children one of her top priorities.”
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Hanna Zdanowska
Mayor of LODZ, Poland since 2010
Quote: “Under the mayor's leadership Lodz will remain a tolerant and welcoming member of Europe’s family of cities.”
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Jasna Gabric
Mayor of TRBOVLJE, Slovenia since 2014
Quote: “The mayor is a strong believer in equal opportunities, non-discrimination, equality between men and women as well as freedom of speech.”
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Ada Colau Ballano
Mayor of BARCELONA, Spain since 2015
Quote: ”Since being elected mayor, Ada Colau has not been afraid to confront central government and big corporations in the interest of her people.”
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Corine Mauch
Mayor of ZURICH, Switzerland since 2009
Quote: “The mayor believes that particularly a successful city like Zurich must practise solidarity within and without.”
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Ros Jones
Mayor of DONCASTER, United Kingdom since 2013
Quote: “The Mayor has established herself as a powerful voice, representing the interests, not only of Doncaster, but the whole of Yorkshire and beyond.
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Selina Hayat Ivy
Mayor of NARAYANGONJ, Bangladesh since 2011
Quote: “Women empowerment is one of the greatest challenges for the mayor.”
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Mikiko Shiroma
Mayor of NAHA, Japan since 2014
Quote: “By recognising same-sex partnerships, Naha is accepting gay people as full members of civic society.”
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Beng Climaco
Mayor of ZAMBOANGA CITY, Philippines since 2013
Quote: “Under the Mayor’s stewardship, Zamboanga was awarded the ‘Most-improved-city” prize.”
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Fatma Sahin
Mayor of GAZIANTEP, Turkey since 2014
Quote: “No other city in the world has welcomed more Syrian refugees than Gaziantep...and no city has coped better. Thank you Madame Mayor"
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Clover Moore
Mayor of SYDNEY, Australia since 2004
Quote: “Strong-minded, independent and progressive, Clover Moore is the world’s best known female mayor.”
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Souad Abderrahim
Mayor of TUNIS, Tunisia since 2018
Quote: “Her election as Mayor of Tunis will encourage young women across North Africa to challenge male domains.”
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