The World Mayor Project was conceived in 2004 to raise the profile of mayors worldwide and honour those who have served their communities well. They have carried out their duties for the benefit of all citizens, irrespective of race, gender, religion, politics or legal status

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World Mayor

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2018 World Mayor Prize and Honours
to promote women in local government

The 2018 World Mayor Project is dedicated to women in local government. It features the achievements of women mayors from across the world and will honour the best of them. The all-women long- and shortlists include mayors from towns and cities of all sizes who serve with integrity, determination and imagination. The 2018 World Mayor Prize and Commendations will be conferred on women mayors who have made outstanding and long-lasting contributions to their communities.

Women have fought prejudice and struggled for equal rights and opportunities for hundreds of years. They did it with courage and resolve. In the 20th and early 21st centuries, women have achieved success in many spheres previously reserved to or monopolised by men, but their contributions are still often undervalued and their potential not recognised enough. Less than 20 per cent of the world’s mayors are women. The winner of the 2018 World Mayor Prize and other results will be announced on 12 February 2019.

The 2018 Shortlist
Some 27 mayors
from 20 countries

The shortlist for the 2018 World Mayor Prize, which was announced on 4 September 2018, includes 27 female mayors from 20 countries who have entered local politics not because they wanted or needed to prove that women can succeed in an environment shaped by men but because they believed they had the right ideas, skills and ambitions to help their communities to flourish. World Mayor 2018 features the achievements and goals of women mayors from across the world and honours the best of them. Vote now by commenting on and supporting those mayors from the shortlist who you believe deserve to be considered for the World Mayor Prize. THE SHORTLIST

Voting for great
women mayors

Voting is now taking place for the winner of the 2018 World Mayor Prize and runner-ups. You are invited to vote for the shortlisted mayor you believe is most worthy of the Prize and comment on her achievements. The City Mayors board of fellows will choose the winner and runner-ups based on the number of email votes received and the strength and passion of supporting testimonials. The organisers believe that the persuasiveness of argument is more important than the number of votes. This ensures that an exceptional mayor from a smaller city can compete on equal terms with a mayor from a large metropolis. While the public nomination phase of World Mayor 2018 has now closed, we still accept comments and observations regarding shortlisted mayors. Individual email addresses

The 2018 Longlist
The longlist for the 2018 World Mayor Prize included 62 women mayors from 36 countries in all world regions: North America (16); South America (3); Europe (28); Asia (9); Australasia (2); Africa (4). Some women mayors govern large metropolises, such as Paris, Madrid or Sydney while others represent smaller towns and cities. The longlist closed on 10 August 2018. THE LONGLIST

Press and Media coverage
Since the launch of World Mayor 2018 in late January, news and media organisations from across the world have been reporting and commenting on this year’s Project. The decision by the City Mayors Foundation, its organisers, to dedicate World Mayor 2018 to women mayors has been widely welcomed. While some faces on the longlist and shortlist are already well-known and respected, the lists also features remarkable women who, because they are mayors of smaller cities, have so far had little international exposure. World Mayor 2018 and the media coverage it generates will introduce outstanding women mayors from across the world to an international audience. PRESS COVERAGE

World Mayor 2018 is looking for
women mayors with qualities such as:

Competence in managing the day-to-day affairs of their cities
Acumen of financial, business and economic affairs
Honesty and integrity in decision-making
Repugnance for using the office of mayor for self-enrichment
Fairness in dealing with the varied needs and concerns of citizens
Ability and ambition to be a mayor for all citizens, irrespective of their cultural, racial or social backgrounds and political beliefs
Passion for fostering tolerance and amity among different communities
• Belief in working together with other cities, nationally and internationally
Vision for a city that provides future generations of citizens with prosperity, safety and happiness
Conviction that protecting and enhancing the environment is not optional but an absolute must
Caring for disadvantaged groups of citizens
Agreement to the City Mayors’ Code of Ethics
Please vote for exceptional women mayors

Code of Ethics
for city leaders

The City Mayors Foundation and the World Mayor Project were established in 2003 to promote, encourage and facilitate good local government. To strengthen local government further, a Code of Ethics for city leaders, who wish to perform their duties beyond all reproach, has been devised. MORE

World Mayor Prize sculpture
shows courage and conviction

City Mayors commissioned French artist Manuel Ferrari to design a sculpture that was as unique as the city of the winning mayor. City Mayors' senior fellow, Tann vom Hove, said: “We asked Manuel Ferrari to produce a design that shows what an inspirational mayor can achieve if he builds on strong foundations.”

“I wanted to create a design that also showed courage and conviction,” Manuel Ferrari explained. “I decided on cubes as building blocks which, at first glance, are stacked precariously on top of each other. Closer inspection, however, reveals firm interlocking and construction around an invisible but strong spine.” He said that his design reflected his own experience of living and working in an urban environment. “Many of the world’s most successful cities are prospering because their different communities, often with their own cultures, are united around civic goals,” Manuel Ferrari concluded. MORE

Bart Somers, Mayor of Mechelen, Belgium
awarded the 2016 World Mayor Prize

World Mayor Commendations for the Mayors of
Lahr (Germany) and Athens (Greece)

Bart Somers, the Mayor of Mechelen, Belgium, has been awarded the 2016 World Mayor Prize. World Mayor Commendations are being conferred to Wolfgang G Müller, Mayor of Lahr, Germany and Georgios Kaminis, Mayor of Athens, Greece.

The 2016 World Mayor Project honours mayors and their communities that have welcomed refugees and offered them safety, shelter and support. Many of the mayors included in the top-ten honours list have developed and invested in longterm strategies as well as day-to-day measures to successfully integrate newcomers from different countries and cultures. They have also addressed local residents’ fears of and reservations about the arrival of people who speak foreign languages, observe their own customs and practise different religions. MORE

The 2016 World Mayor Honours List
Bart Somers Mayor of Mechelen Belgium
Wolfgang G Müller Mayor of Lahr Germany
Georgios Kaminis Mayor of Athens Greece
Giusi Nicolini Mayor of Lampedusa Italy
Richard Arnold Mayor of Schwäbisch Gmünd Germany
Mirjam van 't Veld Mayor of Amstelveen Netherlands
Spiros Galinos Mayor of Lesbos Greece
Pavel Adamowicz Mayor of Gdansk Poland
Damien Carême Mayor of Grande-Synthe France
Henriette Reker Mayor of Cologne Germany

Mayors of Mechelen, Lahr and Athens
presented with World Mayor honours

Following the announcement of the 2016 World Mayor Honours list on 14 February, the Mayors of Mechelen (Bart Somers), Lahr (Wolfgang G Müller) and Athens (Georgios Kaminis) were presented with the World Mayor Prize and Commendations.

Winners of the World Mayor Prize since 2004: Edi Rama, Tirana; Dora Bakoyannis, Athens; John So, Melbourne; Helen Zille, Cape Town; Marcelo Ebrard, Mexico City; Iñaki Azkuna, Bilbao; Naheed Nenshi, Calgary; Bart Somers, Mechelen

In 2016: Bart Somers, Mayor of MECHELEN, Belgium

In 2014: Naheed Nenshi, Mayor of CALGARY, Canada

In 2012: Inaki Azkuna, Mayoir of BILBAO, Spain

In 2010: Marcelo Ebrard, Mayor of MEXICO CITY, Mexico

In 2008: Helen Zille, Mayor of CAPE TOWN, South Africa

In 2006: John So, Mayor of MELBOURNE, Australia

In 2005: Dora Bakoyannis, Mayor of ATHENS, Greece

In 2004: Edi Rama, Mayor of TIRANA, Albania