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World Mayor
Manuel de Araújo, Mayor of
Quelimane, Mozambique

The 2023 World Mayor Prize and Awards will be conferred on mayors who have demonstrated that by listening to and working closely with the citizens of their own communities as well as by forming partnerships and friendships with towns and cities at home and across borders, cities can succeed where nations struggle. Mayors shortlisted for the World Mayor Prize have been commended for their humanity, local leadership and their ability to bring people together.

Manuel de Araújo, Mayor of Quelimane, Mozambique, has been given the 2023 World Mayor Jury Award

Commendations for
Manuel de Araújo
Mayor of Quelimane, Mozambique

Commended by Mandresy Rakotoarison, Antananarivo, Madagascar (Director of International Cooperation, Municipality of Antananarivo)
I cast my vote to Prof. Manuel de Araújo, the Mayor of Quelimane City to the 2023 World Mayor Prize and Awards. I vote Prof. Manuel de Araújo because he has managed to transform Quelimane City as the Cycling City of Mozambique. Also, to promote cycling in Quelimane the Mayor has created the Mozambican Association of Cycling and Green Transport (ATAMOZ). The Mayor of Quelimane has won the 2022 Award of World Bicycle Day of the United Nations for his leadership and excellence in promoting cycling for all. 

Additionally, Manuel de Araújo has introduced and established the first cycle line in Mozambique. He is a long-standing leader and defender of cycling in Mozambique.  This initiative has promoted cycling in all dimensions, reduced congestion in Quelimane city, ameliorated and transformed urban mobility in an integrated manner. Currently ecofriendly modes of transport are a culture in Quelimane City.

In order to bring low-carbon and inclusive mobility in Quelimane the Mr. Manuel de Araújo promotes and strongly encourages bicycle tax driving, this initiative has made cycling as part of the economy of Quelimane city, since bicycle tax creates jobs, citizens pay local university fees and feed their families with it. The Mayor of Quelimane   has erected policies whereby the green mobility vehicles drivers do not pay tax. 

In June of 2023, under the leadership and guidance of the honorable Mayor of Quelimane. The city applied for the Bloomberg Initiative for Cycling Infrastructure, 366 cities applied, and ten (10) best cities were selected, Quelimane was selected as one of the winning cities. Therefore, from 2023 to 2025, $400.000 will be injected to Quelimane City to expand its cycling infrastructure, which aims to create cycling infrastructure network to promote cycling on the most vulnerable people (woman, Children and the elderly).

Commended by Manuel F. C., Quelimane
Its With great honor that I Vote for Manuel António Aculete Lopes de Araújo Mayor of Quelimane City, for he has done a lot to our City  in terms of  infrastructure  like the Ciclovia which has created employment for many people.

Due to the Fred Cyclone, he has made a lot of efforts to repair the City which is now back to normal thanks to him and his MUNICIPALITY.

He has also contributed to the environment by creating campaigns like One Citizen, Two Trees, whereby every citizen should plant two trees. 

Commended by Evaristo D., Quelimane
I commed the brilliant job that is undertaken by our Mayor, of Municipio de Quelimane. Keep it up and in support of him to win this competition. Proud of Manuel de Araujo

Commended by Fernando A., Cascais, Portugal
Firstly, I would like to congratulate all the mayors who have been selected because of all the work they have done for their municipality and the people they represent. 

However, I am writing to support and vote in favour of the candidacy of the Mozambican city of Quelimane and its mayor, Manuel de Araújo. 

Manuel de Araújo is proud to say that Quelimane is the cycling capital of Mozambique, and that his dream is to make it the cycling capital of Africa.

However, his work goes far beyond this detail. We must not forget that this region is battered by hurricanes and cyclones which, in addition to material destruction and lack of sanitary conditions, result in the spread of diseases such as acute flaccid paralysis (AFP), malaria, diarrhoea, fever, measles, upper respiratory tract infections (URTIs). The struggle undertaken by Manuel Araújo to help the population solve these problems and others is not known to many in the world. 

The difficulties resulting from being a poor city and belonging to the African continent, most of the time forgotten by all of us who already have much better conditions in our developed countries, do not allow us to look at others who are further away.

Considering all the above and also for his stance on the sustainable development of his municipality, for his environmentalist vision of the world, for the search for solutions that benefit his population, for being a Mozambican who has done a lot for his country and for being an African who dreams of placing this continent in a better world, I vote for Manuel!

Commended by Alihamisse M. M., Mozambique
É com grande honra e satisfação que submeto a minha votação ao cidadão Moçambicano e o presidente do conselho autárquicos do município de Quelimane. É um privilegio grande ver um compatriota e o presidente do conselho autárquico da capital da minha província Zambézia a fazer parte da lista dos candidatos a world Mayor. Bem haja Moçambique, bem haja Zambézia, bem haja o distrito de Quelimane sobretudo o município de Quelimane e aos seus munícipes. Que tenhamos mais a Araújos em Maçambique e na Zambézia em particular.

Commended by Victor N., Zimbabwe
As national chairman off U.A.N.C. Zimbabwe, I support  Mayor Manual  for his courage and determination to helping his city to forge for clean air  biking project . His an example to the rest mayors in Africa. May God continue to bless him and his people. Your colleague Victor

Commended by Francisco B. M., Quelimane
O meu voto vai para Edil Manuel de Araújo porque durante o todos estes anos trouxe para cidade de Quelimane muitas inovações, a bicicleta ontem era meio de transporte de pobres , hoje ele revolucionou a modalidade a bicicleta é o meio mais usado e os resultados são notórios temos a primeira ciclovia de Moçambique e a Bicicleta é usada como táxi e contribui muito na redução de emissão de gases de efeito estufa.

Manuel de Araujo é muito próximo aos Municipes e graças aos seus contactos a nível internacional hoje Quelimane é um dos municípios mais conhecido a nível internacional.

Commended by Fernando da S., London, UK
My name is Fernando, at present living in London. I just want to inform that Dr. Manuel de Araújo have all my support and the Beautiful city of Quelimane to be crowned the best city in Africa. I’m aware of the immense work Dr. Araújo is doing in Quelimane, against all odds. Not to mention the cyclone that battered the city. Dr. Araújo should be proud! 

Commended by Antonio M., Nampula, Mozambique
I support Manuel Araujo as a Winner of the 2023 World Mayor award.

Commended by João V., Lisbon, Portugal
I first met Manuel de Araújo in Sydney in 2006 during an IDU meeting. At the time, I was impressed by his brilliance and his clear-sighted vision for a peaceful and prosperous Mozambique.

Since then, we have met regularly in Portugal at the Estoril Political Forum, the largest international Political Science meeting in my country, organised by the university Institute where I teach, and where Manuel is a regular speaker and an esteemed guest.

Thanks to his interventions and testimonies, I have been able to follow his country's path as well as his own and that of his city. 

Manuel de Araújo's service to his fellow citizens has been reflected in the way he has been repeatedly entrusted with the governance of Quelimane and he has repaid popular trust with serious and prudent management and the promotion of better living standards and healthier live-styles, having shown unusual leadership skills in very difficult times such as when cyclone Freddy devastated his city and led him to dedicate himself 100% to its reconstruction.

Manuel de Araújo's brilliant professional, academic and political career and international network make him a guarantor of democracy and a promoter of development in one of the countries that need them most. 

I am convinced that Mozambique's future will be better if it can continue to count on Manuel de Araújo's service as the inhabitants of Quelimane already do.

I am his friend, but above all an admirer of his capacity to do, to listen and to serve his people and his city.

Manuel de Araújo is an example for Africa and to the world. If the world were a city, I would like to see it run by someone with his skills, his personal qualities and his ability to deliver. 

An academic who is not afraid to get his hands dirty by working alongside his people, Manuel de Araújo puts them, along with his heart and his head, at the service of the common good and of each person under his responsibility.

I would vote for Manuel Araújo if I were a resident of Quelimane, and I thank the organisation for the opportunity to finally being able to vote for him!

Regardless of the result, he and Quelimane are already winners!

NB: The  views expressed above are strictly personal and are not binding on the institutions and firms mentioned.

Commended by Palma T., Quelimane
 i just want to encourage mayor De Araújo to continue doing his good job on Quelimane city. Viva De Araújo, viva Quelimane city 

Commended by Ivan M., Quelimane
Manuel de Araujo, is an outstanding Mayor who fought against the all odds and prevailed:

- Mozambique, is a country where the democracy is still a huge challenge, due the fact that the ruling party does everything to prevent fair elections. Mayor Manuel de Araujo, was able to overcome all the regime imposed obstacles and win the elections in 2011 and since then, he’s still ruling and in this year elections, continuous to be the preferred candidate .

- Manuel de Araujo, is able to go from town to town to talk and support the local government and he’s received everywhere, cheerfully because people loves is thoughts. Despite governing a local city, when he gives his opinion about the national issues on TV, Radio or Newspaper, the country stop to listen and then debate his words.

He’s able to be around the world in order to put his City, Quelimane in the world map and he receive, in return, visits from people such as Ambassadors. And sometimes you can find 6 of them at once in Quelimane. In one of those episodes, the police blocked him to make a bike tour the around the City to show them how beautiful Quelimane is.

Quelimane is the national capital of bikes, and the first city in the country to build cycleways to make it more comfortable and safe to ride a bike in the city. The city is below sea level, which make it harder to manage but you can see some growth, exemplified by the betterment of the environmental sanitation system which culminated in cholera eradication, at least endemically.

The City Hall, is a space for vivid debates about various topics of the city, country and the world. There, you can also witness consolidated but also newcomers presenting their books. It’s important to note that, Quelimane is the first city to build from the ground, a municipal library and now it’s going for a digital one, which will also be the first in the country.

Commended by Alberto V., Quelimane
Saudações.   O meu voto vai pare meu senhor presidente da nossa câmara municipal cidade de Quelimane Manuel Alcolete de Araújo 

Commended by Delmar M.B., Quelimane
Eu apoio e voto em Manuel de Araújo,Presidente do Conselho Autárquico de Quelimane. A razão é simples,depois de 1976 a cidade de Quelimane começou o seu processo de apagamento, degradação,desinvestimento e até destruição gradual que se foi agravando até se realizarem as primeiras eleições autárquicas livres.Com a chegada do Manuel Araújo e a sua eleição,ela iniciou um momento de visibilidade, renascimento, recuperação,investimento,reabilitação, modernização ,desenvolvimento e finalmente de libertação.

Acredito firmemente no seu trabalho e seriedade. Voto na sua eleição,sem dúvida!. Com os melhores cumprimentos.

Commended by Arturo V. M., Braga, Portugal
On behalf of our pioneer global initiative, I can confirm that thanks to the leadership of Mayor Manuel de Araújo, the global cooperation and friendship is happening between the city of Quelimane and other cities. A real fact and example of this, it is StartupCity Quelimane as new economic engine based on the first recycled bikes factory in Africa and in the world. The public-private factory will be an accelerator for making the city of Quelimane the biking city of Africa in the coming years. The official kick-off was few days after cyclone Freddy destroyed the city of Quelimane in March 2023. The factory is a collaboration between local public authorities, local business leaders, and academia. In the next years, the pragmatic business model is based on donations of wasted bikes from cities where the city of Quelimane has relations all over the world. The launch of the factory is scheduled to be at the end of 2023.

Commended by Moisés M., Quelimane
As a happy citizen of Quelimane, I strongly commend and support the election of Mayor Manuel Araújo, as the World Mayor 2023, for his undeniable, practical and visible leadership qualities; for which, the citizens of Quelimane happily vote him mandate after mandate! Long live Quelimane, long live Major Manuel Araújo.

Commended by Odala K., Quelimane
Muita força grande homem e orgulho dos maquelimanes. Tens o meu voto.

Commended by Rajabo A., Brazil
I vote for Doctor Manuel de Araújo for the excellent development work, national and international cooperation that he has done.

Commended by Zito do R. O. Quelimane
Dear World Mayor Prize Committee: It is with great pleasure that I express my vote for candidate Manuel de Araujo in the World Mayor 2023 elections. As a citizen of Quelimane, Mozambique, I personally witness the positive impact Manuel de Araujo has had on our city as mayor.

Under his visionary leadership, Quelimane has experienced remarkable progress in a number of areas, from infrastructure improvements to the promotion of innovative educational programmes. His tireless dedication to building a more inclusive and sustainable city is evident in every project and initiative implemented.

Manuel de Araujo has demonstrated an unrivalled commitment to listening and responding to the needs of the population, valuing the active participation of citizens in municipal decision-making. His inclusive and democratic approach is an inspiring example.

For all these reasons, it is with enthusiasm and conviction that I declare my vote for Manuel de Araujo. His competent leadership and commitment to the well-being of our city make him worthy of the title of World Mayor 2023.

Commended by Josué T., Nampula, Mozambique
This is a vote for Mayor Manuel de Araújo

Commended by Orlando D. S., Quelimane
Excelencia. Meu voto é contigo ... Presidente do Municio da nossa bela cidade de Quelimane Manuel de Araujo.

Commended by Celeste, Maputo, Mozambique
My vote goes to Mayor of Quelimane. Thanks. 

Commended by James N.
With a successful trajectory as the head of the municipality, Manuel de Araújo Mayor of the Municipality of Quelimane has demonstrated an exceptional ability to face complex challenges and find innovative solutions for the needs of our city. Its dedication to strengthening infrastructure, urban mobility, quality education and encouraging local entrepreneurship has been remarkable and transformative, as well as a strategic fight against climate change.

We believe that voting for Manuel de Araújo is voting for a prosperous future for Quelimane. Its inclusive vision, committed to citizen participation, places their interests and aspirations at the center of its actions.

Commended by Adelino, Beira, Mozambique
I am Adelino from Mozambique and my city is Beira. My vote goes to Mayor of quelimane. Thanks

Commended by Iaricio N., Quelimane
Manuel Araújo fica com meu voto. Acredito que ele faz a diferença entre os jovens, pena que jovens como ele são poucos.

Commended by Zulimira A.
He is someone committed  on the improving and providing  municipal service to the community. For me he is the example that can be followed by other municipal leaders  in Mozambique. He is friendly, open for discussion with people directly.  He deserves this award. 

Commended by Baltazar C.
My vote goes to Mr. Manuel de Araújo, Mayor of Quelimane, for his extraordinary work and commitment to the cause and welfare of the citizens, a president with a vision of the future.

Commended by Eguinério J. M., Quelimane
God bless you.

Commended by Kingue J., Beira, Mozambique
Sou da cidade da beira, província de Sofala e declaro meu apoio ao candidato Manuel de Araújo no worldmay2023.

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