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World Mayor
Francesco Iarrera, Mayor of
Oliveri, Italy

The 2023 World Mayor Prize and Awards will be conferred on mayors who have demonstrated that by listening to and working closely with the citizens of their own communities as well as by forming partnerships and friendships with towns and cities at home and across borders, cities can succeed where nations struggle. Mayors shortlisted for the World Mayor Prize have been commended for their humanity, local leadership and their ability to bring people together.

Francesco Iarrera, Mayor of Oliveri, Sicily, Italy, was a finalist for the 2023 World Mayor Prize and Awards

Commendations for
Francesco Iarrera
Mayor of Oliveri, Sicily, Italy

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Commended by Alessandro S., Messina, Sicily
I am a journalist and I have been following you for years. Reading the stories of the communities and their mayors is very interesting. Your work is detailed, made up of evidence and counter-evidence, before arriving at a shortlist of first citizens.

I am writing from Sicily and in this edition I am grateful to you for including a part of Sicily and a Sicilian mayor in your list.

Anyone who lives in Sicily has heard more or less about the community of Oliveri and its Mayor Francesco Iarrera. Tireless and generous boy.

I have interviewed him several times, conversing with him is very pleasant.
The town of Oliveri has always been "fertile ground" of friendly collaborations and integration. The history is clear, from folk groups, to Polish groups, to exchanges with young people from Albania, up to the present day, Erasmus, twinning, Ukrainians, asylum seekers and so on.

I will be a utopian mayor. A mayor who is not very administratively prepared but he is an intuitive mayor. His "nose" allowed him small goals and notoriety.

Thanks to the twinning undertaken many years ago, Oliveri was able to participate in the second edition of the Presidents' Award for municipal cooperation between Italy and Germany, established in September 2020, on the occasion of the visit to Milan of the German Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier, and awarded for the first time in 2021, aimed at enhancing and supporting the development of innovative forms of twinning, Oliveri managed to obtain a splendid second place.
This attests that the town has always been attentive to friendships, collaborations and the concept of solidarity.

Mayor Iarrera was a breath of fresh air for the town, he was the "winning horse".
You always win and lose as a team and Mayor Iarrera, even by obtaining results, prizes, visibility, does not have a winning team, as an analyser that I am, this appears to be the only "discordant note" for the Mayor of Oliveri.

My appreciation is for the beautiful Sicilian town of Oliveri and its mayor Francesco Iarrera.

Commended by Lo V., Messina, Sicily
I vote Oliveri and his Mayor Francesco Iarrera.

We cannot like the people who support him politically and administratively and his less than perfect administrative choices, but this award reflects his human characteristics and the human characteristics of all the citizens of Oliveri.

Friendship Award you will award to mayors and cities who have made outstanding contributions to friendship, partnership and cooperation between countries and cities at home and across borders.

Oliveri has always been a welcoming town thanks to all the Mayors who have taken turns leading the town over all these years. Iarrera is the latest good mayor in a long series. Iarrera has taken the path of kindness and friendship, in life he is kind, empathetic, human and friendly.

He continued friendship stories undertaken previously, achieving excellent results.

The mayor of Oliveri Francesco Iarrera was among the winners on 20 September 2023, in Syracuse at the ceremony of the second edition of the "Presidents' Award", an award established in 2020
The award aims to support twinning initiatives between Italian and German municipalities and among these also the municipality of Oliveri which is twinned with the German municipality of Breitnau, placing itself on the highest podium.
The President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella, the President of the Sicilian Region Renato Schifani and the President of the Sicilian Regional Assembly Gaetano Galvagno attended the ceremony.

“Cities that act alone can be beacons of excellence. But when cities work together, learn from each other, share resources, exchange ideas and, above all, encourage citizens to meet and form friendships, they can truly become a force for good ", this reflects the history of Oliveri, his Mayors and today the Mayor Francesco Iarrera.

I support and vote for Oliveri and his Mayor for this award because it seems to be made for the small Sicilian community.

Congratulations to you for this prestigious award.

Commended by Giovanna N., Italy
The Mayor of Oliveri is a young man with a notable stage presence. A passionate young man, he has achieved goals in terms of visibility, decorum, friendship and inclusion, thanks to the passion of the young mayor.

His team of administrators is not at the level of the mayor.

The Mayor enjoys an unparalleled dialectic, has remarkable communication and writing skills. Listening to him, reading him and interviewing him is a great pleasure.

Kindness, cordiality, humanity, empathy, listening, the characteristics of him.

I appreciate the young mayor's human qualities, I hope that his humanity combined with the freedom with which he holds the role of mayor will always remain alive in him. Around, empathetic mayors like Iarrera would be needed, in fact, the highest expression of empathy lies in accepting and not judging, the mayor of Oliveri is the emblem of this.

Commended by C. C., Brolo, Sicily
There are administrators and administrators.
There are mayors and mayors and then there is the Mayor of Oliveri Francesco Iarrera who through his facebook profile tries to make us feel more human and gives us moments of hope like these:

"Nel 2018 il Gruppo Cirano ha deciso di curare uno spazio pubblico.
Era la prima volta. Oggi le aree adottate a Oliveri sono 24. A queste si aggiungono molte persone che ogni giorno decidono di dare il proprio contributo, seguendo questo stile. Anche in altri Comuni sta accadendo una cosa simile. E questo dimostra che le buone pratiche si possono diffondere. Che i passi avanti sono possibili. Che il mondo non è quel posto marcio che viene descritto. C'è anche tanto di buono. Ed è questa parte qua che andrebbe valorizzata. Sui social, duranti gli incontri, nelle aule di consiglio. Fra i tanti modi per essere utili alla nostra comunità, preferisco di gran lunga questo: mette in scena una versione inedita del mondo, e si possono raggiungere vette sconosciute."

Mayors like Iarrera must be supported and appreciated.

Commended by G. G., Oliveri
Vote and support Francesco, mayor of Oliveri. I rate and support a person with great human elevation. He has been Mayor since 2019 and has focused on the visibility of the municipality that he administers. He aimed at Oliveri's decorum.

Oliveri showcase on social media. The Mayor king of social media (as an excellent communicator through social media he has arrived on a large scale, becoming a model to imitate).

He was a charismatic mayor, with his charisma he involved citizens to actively take care of their country. He has intensified what previous administrators had undertaken in terms of friendship and neighborliness.

He is a mayor who has turned urban decorum and art into a real "workhorse".
Francesco mayor tried to make people discover the value of community.
The we prevailed over the ego.

Mayor Iarrera has many characteristics: first of all he is a free young man, he has no constraints and those who administer without constraints do better, he lives only for the country and its citizens. This freedom is synonymous with presence, constant and not with absence, with listening, with sharing.

The Mayor has the aptitude for leadership, which means listening and analytical skills. He is a free spirit and has no problem making unpopular decisions.

His freedom, his having no constraints, allowed him to be among people, solve problems and donate his time to the employees and workers of the municipality.

His freedom has allowed him to achieve goals for Oliveri, to work constantly in small steps to dream of the leaps of big goals.

Today Oliveri is a hamlet of 2000 souls, well-kept, decorated, welcoming, friendly, inclusive, Oliveri is a home for everyone.

Around the world, we need free mayors like Francesco, mayors who commit themselves only to their own municipality and to all individual citizens.

The loving commitment that a mayor makes with the whole community is to give himself lovingly to his own village and to all citizens. Giving your private time to the community and the municipality, that's beautiful.

Vote and Support Mayor Iarrera in your contest.

Commended by C.M., Patti, Sicilia 
I really appreciate the Mayor of Oliveri, he's a good guy and an excellent professional. He's a person with a great level of humanity. In recent years, the mayor of Oliveri has become a "model" to imitate, everyone wants to imitate the mayor Iarrera and the good practices that are done in Oliveri.

Iarrera is a free mayor, a mayor without commitments, which is why he has been a good administrator up to now. His freedom, his light-heartedness have been his added value for being a present Mayor and not an absent Mayor.

Today all residents and non-residents of Oliveri and all citizens of Sicily should support the Mayor of Oliveri in this competition, because he not only represents Oliveri but represents all of Sicily.

I support Mayor Iarrera and thank you organizers for including a Sicilian Mayor and the beauty of our beloved Sicily in the 25 mayors, thank you.

Commended by Stefania M., Sicily
Without economic resources, as is the case for many municipal coffers in the area, the mayor has involved the people of the town, the people who supported him during the elections, but in general anyone who has the fate of the small urban center at heart, first with solidarity building, which made it possible to restore some sections of the promenade, and now with the one called solidarity green, which led to the reclamation of the flower beds of the tourist village.

Over the course of the year it is not difficult to meet him with the brushcutter, intent on cleaning the green areas of the town, but he wanted to do more, obtaining the license, through which he can use mechanical means precisely to intervene personally where necessary . His commitment is certainly appreciated by his fellow villagers, who, starting from the urban decorum, are waiting for other initiatives to relaunch one of the most suggestive tourist villages on the Tyrrhenian coast of Messina.

Iarrera is a mayor, he has made a real pact of love with the small village. He dedicates all of his time to Oliveri. He is a mayor in love with Oliveri. His electoral mandate can be defined as a real love affair with his country. There's nothing more beautiful a mayor can do. Live for his country, live for its citizens. This is beautiful.

It is impossible not to support the Mayor in this global adventure.

He must be supported first of all for his human qualities and then for his administrative ones.

Congratulations to all 25 mayors in the competition and congratulations to you organizers for giving us the opportunity to learn about the stories of mayors who are commendable humanly and administratively.

Commended by David, Lina, Sicily
One cannot fail to appreciate and encourage the Mayor of Oliveri in this competition.
One can only argue for it. Mayor Francesco is an extremely human person. He's a radiant mayor. The human value of him is all in this link that I am attaching to you.

Commended by Giuseppe P., Messina, Italy
I support the small town of Oliveri and I support the small mayor Iarrera. A small municipality in competition with large cities deserves support and encouragement.
Oliveri is a community that does not act alone, it works together with neighbouring districts and with its citizens.

The Mayor calls them "revolutionary citizens". Working together allows us to learn from each other. Oliveri learns from the other municipalities, the other municipalities learn from Oliveri.

Oliveri is a friend of many municipalities. Oliveri welcomes many people: Germans, Argentines, Ukrainians, Nigerians, Romanians, etc, everyone gets on well and everyone loves him.

Commended by Claudia, Sicily
My trust goes to Mayor Iarrera. A mayor 2.0, kind, sporty, smiling, reassuring, positive. He is an ecological mayor. Oliveri is a friendly village twinned with Germany and is a multi-ethnic village. The mayor is attentive to the LGBT community and fights social discrimination. He is attentive to beauty and art. The mayor fights every day against the abandonment of waste in public areas, instead of in the appropriate bins.

Commended by Alice P. Messina, Sicily
I vote and support the Mayor of Oliveri Doctor Francesco Iarrera. Doctor Iarrera is a great professional, whoever crosses his path keeps a pleasant memory.

Awarded in 2021 in Sestre Levante as the most virtuous mayor of Italy, he said the following:
“Non concordo con l’espressione “Sindaco più virtuoso di Italia” – ha dichiarato il primo cittadino oliverese – che da un lato considero una esagerazione e dall’altro un torto. E’ esagerato poiché è ardua l’impresa di identificare chi fra 7904 Sindaci sia stato, davvero, il più valoroso. E’ un torto ai tanti che lavorano intensamente per un obiettivo comune, poiché trasmette il falso mito del Sindaco supereroe, capace da solo di fare da spartiacque, fra una città che affonda e una che naviga a tutta vela. Ad ogni modo, c’è anche Oliveri in questa esclusiva lista nazionale e ne condivido il merito con i collaboratori, i dipendenti, gli amministratori, gli esperti che compongono la squadra di cui faccio parte. Naturalmente il merito più grosso è delle persone, una frangia di cittadini ribelli che ha voltato pagina, sostituendo la protesta alla responsabilità personale, originando una rivoluzione culturale, che osservo con ammirazione e conforto. Grazie di cuore a tutti quelli che hanno sostenuto Oliveri, siete stati davvero tanti. E vi ricordo che un Sindaco, virtuoso o no, dura un pò, Oliveri resterà per sempre quel luogo depositario di una grande bellezza, a cui è impossibile rinunciare”

Sicily and Italy need Mayors like Iarrera.

Commended by A. C., Sicily
Without any hesitation I support Mayor Iarrera.
He has great human qualities and he transmits them in his daily actions.
He brought a breath of fresh air to his country.
He has focused on decorum, intensified friendships with foreign communities. Oliveri is an inclusive country and is attentive to social problems.
In this year, the Mayor has won notable prizes, which testify to his human and personal qualities. The victory of these small prizes has allowed the mayor to make the municipality he administers known around Italy. I support Francesco Iarrera in this competition. No hesitation, my support is for Mayor Iarrera.

Commended by Dona V., Milan
Il sindaco di Oliveri Francesco Iarrera conferma la voglia di rendere più accogliente il borgo che i cittadini gli hanno affidato. Per farlo non si crea alcun problema a supportato gli operai del Comune, che  non arrivano a garantire tutti i servizi di pulizia delle strade del paese.

Capita, quindi, di trovarlo, con visiera e tagliaerba, impegnato nella pulizia di alcune strade del paese per dare una mano agli operai, che nonostante il grande impegno, non riescono ad intervenire in modo capillare su tutto il territorio comunale. 
Il Sindaco si unisce spesso agli operai,  come accaduto in passato in circostanze simili, sempre con la massima discrezione.

Sono una vacanziera della bella cittadina siciliana e devo ammettere che in giro per lo stivale italiano, servirebbero sindaci come Iarrera. Spero di incrociarlo sulla spiaggia del lungomare ,tra noi bagnanti vacanzieri, per scambiarci due chiacchere. 

I cittadini di Oliveri hanno sempre scelto buoni sindaci, questo è un dato di fatto. Mi fa piacere che il Sindaco Iarrera sia nella rosa dei 25 e il mio sostegno è tutto per lui. 

Commended by Giovanni, Milan
Congratulations on your list of Mayors, they all reflect great human and administrative qualities. I support the young mayor of Oliveri. Mayor Iarrera is a good person. He is a dreamer, a visionary and a driver.

Reading an interview of him I was impressed by two statements of him that I will now quote:
"Dreams cost nothing, and the world is a better place than it is sometimes described."

“Involvement comes from feeling part of the same community. And from the knowledge that it's time to solve problems together. It's the only way to do it. The spirit to find extemporaneous solutions and resources to manage a Municipality is fundamental”.

These statements by him demonstrate that he is a farsighted mayor and perhaps, he is in your shortlist with mayors who are making the revolution in their cities, he has started a small revolution in his small community.

Commended by Dante M., Rome, Italy
Two years ago, when Oliveri joined the ‘National network against discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation and gender identity’ (Rete nazionale delle pubbliche amministrazioni anti discriminazioni per orientamento sessuale e identità di genere), Mayor Francesco Iarrera said the following:

“Ancora una volta il nostro comune si pone dalle parte di chi non giudica ma sa accogliere, perché l’amore non dà scelta. È come un vento forte che arriva improvviso e mentre tu hai messo a posto tutte le carte lui le spazza via e devi cambiare gioco. E uomo o donna, non ti resta che l’amore, che è la risposta ad ogni cosa.”

Rough translation:
"Once again our municipality takes the side of those who do not judge but know how to welcome, because love gives no choice. It is like a strong wind that comes suddenly and while you have laid all the cards he sweeps them away and you have to change the game. And man or woman, all you are left with is love, which is the answer to everything."

Italy needs more mayors like Francesco Iarrera.

Commended by D. V., Oliveri
Oliveri è una bella comunità. È sempre frequentata da moltissimi turisti per il suo splendido mare. Anche io visito costantemente Oliveri,  ho comprato casa tanti anni fa.

Chi frequenta Oliveri, conosce il Sindaco Iarrera, prima di essere Sindaco era semplicemente Francesco per tutti. Francesco era un tipo solitario, non è una persona che ti capita di incontrare spesso per le vie del Paese. Lo incontri, solo quando corre.

Anche ricoprendo il ruolo di Sindaco, è rimasto un tipo solitario. Non è un sindaco da piazza. Non è molto cambiato rispetto a prima. Capita di incrociarlo per la centralissima Piazza Roma o sul lungomare solo in occasione di eventi istituzionali.

Oliveri il 25 luglio era circondato dalle fiamme.Un grave incendio ha colpito la Comunità. Uno dei più grandi incendi avvenuti in Sicilia il 25 Luglio 2023  ha colpito il piccolo comune.

I cittadini hanno dimostrato senso civico, umanità, amicizia, empatia, collaborazione, queste sono cose che il Sindaco riflette nei confronti degli altri.

Il Sindaco amministra dal 2019, ha consolidato rapporti di amicizia, ha fatto scelte fantasiose ed entusiaste e da buon comunicatore.. Il mio plauso va al Sindaco di Oliveri.

Commended by M. S., Messina, Sicily
The award nominations come with enthusiasm and the Mayor of Oliveri is a mayor full of enthusiasm.

Great speaker, (even stones would listen!!!) he manages to engage anyone and sweep from one topic to another in the blink of an eye. He even manages to wear himself out talking about him.

In addition to being a mayor, he is first and foremost an esteemed nutritionist, an expert in eating disorders, a sensitive, discreet and humane professional. These professional qualities of him, he also puts into play in the tough role of Mayor. He excels where his political collaborators fail.

It's true, the quality of an administration is made by its mayor, perhaps, it is also for this reason that it is unexpectedly found in your list of mayors, competing with mayors of large cities and with important political experience behind them.

He is a friend, a professional, a sensitive person. The community that he administers is a community that is everyone's friend. It is a community of hospitality. Those who discover Oliveri for the first time always carry it in their hearts.

I support the Mayor of Oliveri.

Commended by Enzo, Sicily
The Mayor of Oliveri is a true communicator. He writes and speaks very well.
He's very enthusiastic. It never happens to see him around Oliveri. His overwhelming enthusiasm has led many fellow citizens on the path of good practice.

They follow Iarrera as an example, let's hope he becomes an example for the younger generations. Humanity, sharing, friendship, generosity are sure points of him.

Today Oliveri is a community open to ethnic groups, to diversity. AND? a community that fights homophobia. It is a friendly community. I support the Mayor of Oliveri for your award.

Commended by Egidio C., Tourist
My commendation goes to the Community of Oliveri and therefore to its mayor Francesco Iarrera.

I am a tourist who stayed a few days in the beautiful Sicilian town and found himself witnessing a disaster. On 25 July the town is invaded by flames. Surrounded by a large-scale fire in a matter of seconds. The country has been evacuated.

I tell you this experience of mine for the entire population did not give up, united and gave help. We tourists have felt like members of a community that is friends with strangers in danger. Everyone was helping. We helped.

Apocalyptic scenes.

The community helped itself and thanks to the nearby municipality Falcone most of them were/were welcomed there.

A sign that the community of Oliveri is a friend of the other communities, like all the neighbouring communities have been ready to help.

A round of applause goes to the mayor, even in times of difficulty he has never denied us smiles and reassurance. We, "outsiders" treated as his fellow citizens. His female collaborators who used tones of nervousness should not be applauded.

This commendation of mine goes to the small town of Oliveri for the active demonstration of collaboration, acceptance, union, sharing and empathy towards all.

Commended by Antonio B., Oliveri
• I am a citizen of Oliveri. Mayor Iarrera is the mayor of my country.
• He is a good person as is his father.
• He's a son of Oliveri. He is kind and trusting towards others.
• He should be more determined and tough. Use the stick more than the carrot.
• He is not a political expert, in fact, he made some mistakes. He surrounded by many inexperienced.
• His idea is a policy of decorum and the fight against sly people who make a mess.
• Oliveri has improved in recent years but we always lack that extra something. We expected great things from him, they have arrived and we hope that in recent times he will surround himself with wise people to be able to finish what he started in 2019.

As a citizen I am happy that our municipality is in this shortlist.

Commended by Luca N., Italy
I support the Municipality of Oliveri and its Mayor, Francesco Iarrera.

I don't live in Oliveri but I often go there for work reasons and beyond.

Visiting Oliveri is very pleasant. Your inhabitants are friends.

Since 2019 Oliveri with Mayor Iarrera has aimed at an aesthetic transformation. Visual impact above all. I don't know if it's a good thing or a bad thing, but it's the "business card" Iarrera has bet on.

He enjoys excellent communication and persuasive skills and uses them to achieve improvements for his country. A persuasive Mayor, solitary and always optimistic.

Oliveri's friends have so much potential. Oliveri has a lot of potential, let's hope that in the years to come the "business card" from aesthetics will also become structural.

I, who have been going to Oliveri for years for pleasure and work, can say that the country has always stood out for its friendship, education, cordiality, solidarity, unity, hospitality, beauty. Iarrera is lucky to administer a country like Oliveri.

Commended by S. G., Italy
I don't live in Oliveri, but I spend the summer holidays there.
I run away to Oliveri whenever I can.
Francesco Iarrera is an enthusiastic mayor.
His enthusiasm is contagious. Perhaps, without that today it would not be in your squad.
A driver who has involved his own community.
His enthusiasm gave rise to an aesthetic change.
Iarrera is also appreciated by social media, his communicative talent shines through them which, through writing, involves and reaches important themes such as hospitality, union, friendship, solidarity, reading him is always a pleasure.

Commended by A. A., Italy (The author wishes to remain fully anonymous)
I'm here to write to you after reading the official list of Mayors shortlisted for the Best Mayor of the World 2023 award.

I am writing to support the Mayor of Oliveri Francesco Iarrera.

All the Mayors selected by you share the belief that their cities must work together to make their voices heard and everyone must learn from each other to support each other, advise each other, discuss to obtain better results, this is the operating way and the basic vision of Mayor Iarrera. His key concepts are: trust and sharing.

Oliveri is a very small Sicilian town, compared to the large cities that compete for your prize, but I can loudly say that it has nothing less than the big cities.

Introduce Mayor Francesco, as a person with a big heart, this is true.

You present him as a person, with great reassuring communication skills, and this is very true, just read the posts on his Facebook profile to understand his communication and human skills.

You present him as a person and not as a politician, it is very true and there is no truer statement: He does not work as a politician but as a person. He has never been involved in politics. In fact, he is just that, before being the mayor, this is a person who gives him an extra "gear", his being the exception.

You couldn't have made a better presentation. Compliments!

He promotes good administrative practices. He promotes and inculcates virtuosity.

Today Oliveri is a multi-ethnic, collaborative, integrated and welcoming country. It is a real friendly country at 360 degrees.

Country twinned for years with the cheerful Breitnau, with which it is actively the protagonist of great friendly impulses.

Francesco Iarrera is a human mayor, one of those super heroes who get to work where there is a need.

• He's the Mayor of the "how can I help?"
• He is the mayor of rolled up sleeves to solve small contingencies.
• He is the Mayor of the "problems? No, solutions".
• Mayor Francesco has a motto: "Alone we go faster, but together we go further". This testifies to the trust he places in others.
• He is the Mayor of normality, that normality that feeds the beating "heart" of a small town of 2000 inhabitants.

Today the mayors are all super heroes, administering these days is very difficult.

He is a small super hero of a small Sicilian community, Oliveri, which perhaps until a few months ago was unknown to most people and today thanks to your contest and the inclusion of Iarrera is known all over the world. This is a goal to be happy about. Mayor Iarrera is a true inspirer, a dreamer, an all-round lover of beauty.

Surely being in the running for a world prize between big mayors and big cities will already be a victory for him. He will feel like a small Mayor in the midst of great Mayors. (Small/large, understood as the size of the city ).

Oliveri deserves trust and deserves to pass the selection.

Mayor Iarrera deserves to pass the selection and to bring up the name of the Municipality he administers, the name of all its inhabitants and the name of Sicily around the world thanks to your contest.

For all these reasons I support and vote for the Mayor of Oliveri, Francesco Iarrera.

Commended by Maria S., Oppido Mamertina
The mayor of Oliveri Doctor Iarrera is everyone's friend. He is attentive to the needs of all human beings. It's inclusive. It is attentive to the protection of the fragile, of children, of the elderly, of animals and of the environment and of refugees. His every action shines with true humble humanity.

Commended by Nina, Provincia di Messina
The mayor of Oliveri, Doctor Iarrera Francesco, ennobles the political art with his honest universal humanity. It is 365 days a year at the service of every living thing. Attentive to everyone's every need. It is an example of mutual respect, tolerance and individual and collective freedom.Amae embraces cultural diversities because they contribute to everyone's growth.

He is everyone's mayor. He is everyone's friend. Integration, kind attention to frail children and the elderly, to immigrants, to the environment, to those who are alone, to needy families. Oliveri has always been a small paradise on earth for the natural beauties of the place but now thanks to its mayor it is a paradise for the universal love that one breathes and for the respect that shines, like the sun that rises every day, for everything and everyone. 

Commended by Agata S., Italy
I vote for the world prize and cast my vote for the small Sicilian town of Oliveri.
I therefore express my vote for Mayor Francesco Iarrera.

It's nice to see a small town unknown to most of the world contesting a prize with big cities.

Congratulations to you who have given the possibility to the Municipality of Oliveri and its mayor to be part of this prestigious award.
Incentivising communities, discovering them, drawing benefits from them, stories is very important. Whether they are very small communities like Oliveri, a village on the slopes of a beautiful promontory that is Tindari or other micro realities, it allows us to look beyond our noses and say: "Even in small communities of almost 2000 people, there are stories of integration, sharing, friendship. And I challenge anyone to create sharing and integration in a small community."

This mayor, this country, truly deserve to win your contest.
It is from small communities and small Mayors who day after day try to struggle with small problems that we have to learn
It is from small communities like Oliveri that with little money from the municipal budget comes the story of a big heart: friendship, integration, union, acceptance, twinning.

Well done the Mayor, a person with great human qualities and as you affirm in the presentation of him, a human person with a big heart. You've really made a fair presentation of him.

Congratulations to you who gave space to Mayor Iarrera and his community of 2000 souls in the final squad. Perfect choice. Perfect for making the world understand that even small urban centers have "small, big Mayors".

Commended by Emanuele de F., Italy
Pur non essendo residente ad Oliveri, ho molte occasioni di frequentare il Comune famoso per le sue spiagge e per il turismo estivo. Francesco Iarrera è un Sindaco giovane, idealista, innovatore, pulito, entusiasta e visionario, ma che al contempo ha saputo coinvolgere la propria comunità imprimendo un cambiamento estetico e funzionale tangibile, apprezzabile ed assai raro. Dai social traspare una grande cultura, una invidiabile capacità comunicativa ed una spiccata sensibilità per i temi della solidarietà, dell’accoglienza e della cura dei beni comuni. Saluti

Commended by S.S., Oliveri
I am writing to support and vote for the candidacy of the small Sicilian town of Oliveri and its mayor Francesco Iarrera.

I support it because it's nice to see a mayor of a small community compete with big cities around the world.

It is nice to see small communities made up of people who know each other and who breathe neighborly and friendly relations competing with large metropolises.

It is nice that a mayor of a small town of about 1,500 inhabitants compares with mayors of 193,000 inhabitants.

Every community has a story.
Every mayor has a story.
Mayor Francesco is a good person and human as well. Oliveri welcomes asylum seekers, Argentines, all integrated into the social fabric of the country.

They have found a home in Oliveri and a friend in the Mayor.
For a small community this is an achievement.
The Mayor has a big heart, just like all the inhabitants of Oliveri have a big heart.
• Oliveri is home for everyone.
• Oliveri is synonymous with friendship for everyone.
• The Mayor reflects the human qualities of every single citizen.
• Oliveri is a friendly village of the Black Forest.
• Oliveri is an autism friendly country.
• Oliveri is a friend of equal opportunity rights.
• Oliveri is a friend of asylum seekers.
• Oliveri is friend and close to Ukrainian friends.
• Oliveri is a friend of Switzerland.
• Oliveri is welcome, inclusion and sharing with countries near and far.
• Oliveri is all of this and his Mayor carries forward the positive and humane actions of his country on a daily basis.

Oliveri and his mayor deserve the top of this contest. Sicily deserves the top of this contest.

Commended by Ana, Sicily
I'm here to express my support and vote for the Mayor of Oliveri Francesco Iarrera. A good person. A true and loyal friend towards its citizens and towards foreign people.

A friendly mayor. A mayor ready to help those in need. An inclusive mayor. A mayor friend of ethnic groups.

Commended by Albert, Sicily
I vote for and support Mayor Francesco Iarrera. I am very happy to find him in the next phase of your contest. He is first of all a person and then a politician. You are right, he has a big heart.

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