Marides Fernando, Mayor of Marikina City

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Comments in support of
Marides Fernando
Mayor of Marikina City (Philippines)

The finalists for the 2008 World Mayor Award were chosen on the number of votes received and, more importantly, on the persuasiveness and conviction of supporting statements. Below we publish a representative selection of comments received about Marides Fernando, Mayor of Marikina City

Comment: Mayor Marides Fernando transformed Marikina City from a sleepy and lackluster town (always in the shadow of it's bigger sister city Quezon City) into one of the most progressive and shining city in the Philippines.  With the Mayor's creative leadership by example, Marikina is the most peaceful, most orderly, cleanest, greenest, corruption free, educated and cultured new city in Asia.

Comment: We believe that Mayor Marides Fernando deserves to be the World Mayor. She has led our city into several achievements.Proof of the city's standing in the league of metropolitan cities in the Philippines are the numerous awards and citations that have been bestowed. Marikina was first awarded as The Cleanest and Greenest City not only in Metro Manila but in the entire Philippines which Marikina was the first local government to set as Hall of Famer in that category awarded by the Philippine government. The most recent and most prestigious award received the city of Marikina was the Most Competitive Metro City in the Philippines from the prestigious Asian Institute of Management (AIM) Policy Research Center, Asia Foundation, International Labour Organization (ILO), German Technical Foundation, and Konrad Adenauer Stiflung, and the Continuing Excellence Award in Local Governance given by the Galing Pook Foundation, DILG, Local Government Authority and the Ford Foundation.

Comment: Mayor Marides Fernando has established and systematically sustained fundamental services to her constituents such as health & hospitalization, education, and cultural development.  It is also in her administration when the economic growth of the city has strengthened.  The land use development plan of the city was updated and real property classification and taxation are strictly enforced.  Due to the effective execution of these taxation measures, our city was able to generate income and sufficient funds to support the fundamental programs that she established for the people of the city.  The city's waste management program is also another exemplary accomplishment of her administration that sets a standard in good urban management.  What she has done for the city proves that it can be done in other cities of developing countries if only the leaders have the political will to enforce discipline and consistently implement programs that are attuned to the city's shared vision of success.

Comment: She is doing a great job that makes the people of Marikina proud to be Filipino.

Comment: Mayor Marides Fernando continued the reforms started by her husband. I saw Marikina from a dirty municipality to be transformed into a bustling city of Eastern Metro Manila and they are very well-known from transforming Marikina River from a dead river into a living river. Back then, Marikina River was a neglected river with shanties along the banks, now, it is a recreation site and a park for everyone. Good work!

Comment: Of all the mayors that we have here in the Philippines, Marides Fernando has proven to be the best among them, having spearheaded the city to rapid improvement! Her development projects for Marikina can speak for itself. I also liked the way she allowed applications to NBI clearances, Mobile Passporting and other government documents easily accessible through the city registrar's office. The mayor also promoted "Convenience Government" in Marikina!

Comment: I now live in Toronto, Ontario and is now a Canadian Citizen, but looking at her accomplishments and dedication as a Mayor of Marikina City, makes me feel proud that I came from Marikina City.

Comment: Mayor Fernando has done a lot of good things in Marikina, and she has instilled on every Marikeño the values of discipline. As a resident, I am very proud of her and I believe that Marikina has become one of the best cities in the Philippines through her outstanding governance and leadership.

Comment: Ms. Marides Fernando has transformed this city from a very dirty municipality with flooding during rainy season to a world-class city. She has also brought culture transformation to its constituents. They are now disciplined to maintain cleanliness inside and outside of their homes including the roadsides. The cleanliness and order in the wet market has been one of the greatest achievements of Ms. Fernando

Comment: The mayor has maintained a high level of professionalism and effectiveness in the discharge of services of the City Hall even to the basic and routine ones such as access to health and maintenance services, as well as proper garbage disposal. I believe she has also succeeded in promoting the City of Marikina into a "little Singapore" in terms of its cleanliness and orderliness of infrastructure such as roads and flood control projects, and of the general discipline of its citizenry, who are well-cultured, intelligent, and have good taste.

Comment: I do believe that the projects that this mayor undertakes for her municipality are great. Equally, its citizens are now equally motivated, with her help, on pursuing this major goal. With her determination and perseverance, she implements all her policy for the betterment and to the liking of her people. I cannot think of any other mayor, who thinks and cares for her people as she does as it shows in her works and action. She caters to the education of the poor, the health of the city, the livelihood of the people. So i can't think of anyone better to recieve such than Mrs. Marides Carlos-Fernando, City Mayor and Mother of Marikina City, Philippines.

Comment: Mayor Fernando is credited with developing Marikina into a best-practices city with a vibrant business life, highly skilled workforce, and a responsive local government that puts a premium on governance, sustainable urban development, and public service. Under her stewardship, Marikina has received numerous recognitions, notably the award as the Most Competitive Metro City in the Philippines from the Asian Institute of Management. Keep it Up Mayor Marides Fernando!!!

Comment: She is an innovative leader for a city, which is continuously evolving to a model city within the Philippines. The city now is being looked -up to in terms of best practices in local government management. This created pride in every Marikina citizen and furthering the cooperation to make the city the best place to live in.

Comment: Mayor Fernando is a visionary who is also an economic provider for her city. She is also a champion of women empowerment.

Comment: Mrs. Marides Fernando deserves the title and honor as "World Mayor" because of her hard work, vision and mission to make the city of Marikina the best place to live in, work in and to visit. Her dedication to this mission earned her countless and deserving honor/recognition not only in the Philippines but internationally. In her years of service as the mayor of Marikina, she transformed this city into what is now known in the Philippines (perhaps internationally as well) as the "cleaness city in the Philippines". Her programs are effective, useful, valuable and practical for the people of Marikina. She advocates utmost respect and care for the environment. Her livelihood programs for the citizens of Marikina speaks well of her endeavor to support, promote and advance the capabilities of the citizens of Marikina. She not only envisions to clean the city physically but to bring out the best in all Marikenos. Marikina is not only the cleaness city in the Philippines but we support our Mayor's vision to make Marikina the place where you will met the most disciplined Filipinos. We thank her for her service and we thank the organizers of this contest for giving us the opportunity to show her how thankful we are that she is the mayor of Marikina. We support her all the way.

Comment: Marikina has improved significantly in terms of infrastructure, environment and business. Mayor Fernando has brought Marikina on the map from a poor sub urban town to a well progressed city. Simply the cleanest and most urbanized city in Metro Manila and across the Philippines.

Comment: She is the Best Mayor of Marikina City ever. She has rehabilitated and make Marikina the best place to live in the country. She imbibed the legacy of discipline, good taste, and excellence.

Comment: Mayor Fernando is a woman of vision with passion for accomplishing things. One of the best products of her administration is the setting up of the city website. Visit it and see how much she has done for the City of Marikina. Among other things, she has established the first University in the city and has linked all her public schools to the internet.

Comment: I think that Marides Fernandois very hard working mayor to be able to really change the city that she is governing. I can observe all the good things she has done for the city..(no more floods and tons of eyesore garbage! I saw a lot of it there in Marikina when I was a child).I came from a different city, but every time i visited Marikina today, i cant help but wish that the same things is being done for the city where  I live...I really admire her guts and determination to make and affect change! I hope she won because I know that she deserves it.

Comment: She's definitely worthy to be voted as best mayor in Asia if not the world. I've been living in Marikina all my life and the transformation it went through was unbelievably fantastic.

Comment: Mayor Marides Fernando is considered as one of the most outstanding mayors in the Philippines. Sha continues what her husband had started in the city of Marikina. She consistently establish programs for the wellness of her constituents such as livelihood, educational, hospitalization and cleanliness program. Marikina is known as the cleanest city not only in Metro manila but also in the Philippines. She has the quality of a good leader and she deserves to be part of the Best Mayor of the World.

Comment: Marides Fernando is one of the outstanding mayor of Marikina. She is one of the most intelligent mayors in the metro manila.she is very helpful to her people and she is very easy to reach.

Comment: A great figure of excellence, Indeed a great person is suitable for a job like this. We are honored to have someone like you to be the honor of one of the great city in the philippines the marikina city.It has been known that this city is beautiful and danger free.

Comment: Ms. Fernando is such a good role model for women all over the world. The proof for this are her various awards both locally and internationally. Along with Bayani Fernado, she has turned Marikina into the Philippines' most competitive metro city.

Comment: Ms. Marides Fernando deserves to be voted for the world's mayor 2008 because of her magnificent projects that were successfully started and continuously on going. I can say that Ms. Fernando have the passion and love in making the city of marikina be an amazing place to live.

Comment: Marikina City is known for its cleanliness and orderliness, and that's because of the hardworkings of Ms. Fernando. She deserves to be a World Mayor for she already proved something not only in the city where she belongs but also in our country.  She has this kind of dedication in everything she does that puts her into this kind of opportunity. As a representative of our country, our full support is with her.

Comment: She's a responsible and a hardworking person that I know, I lived here in Marikina for about 15 years of my life and still she's striving and do all her best just to ensure that she satisfies her countrymen in everything that she do. All in all we congratulate her for being a good role model a MAYOR that should be proud of.

Comment: Marikina has become the most developed, safe, clean, and productive city of the Philippines and I think it's all because of the hard work, leadership, and dedication that Mayor Fernando has given to the city and above all, the trust that the residents has given to her for the past two and current term. I think that winning the World Mayor title is definitely well-deserved.

Comment: Marides fernando is a great example of a political woman who has what it takes to become the next "World Mayor" and I know she can transformed the Philippnes as she has transformed the Marikina City. Vote for her thank you.

Comment: Marikina Marides Fernando is an environmentalist.who can keep the city flood free due to her efficiency of keeping the surrounding clean. A disciplinarian who is followed by the people.

Comment: I like this mayor's in Marikina because of her poise, She is kind and good leader in this city.she also beautiful and pretty to the other cities. She can control the laws she make and rules of her city...

Comment: The mayor has maintained a high level of professionalism and effectiveness in the discharge of services of the City Hall even to the basic and routine ones such as access to health and maintenance services, as well as proper garbage disposal. I believe she has also succeeded in promoting the City of Marikina into a "little Singapore" in terms of its cleanliness and orderliness of infrastructure such as roads and flood control projects, and of the general discipline of its citizenry, who are well-cultured, intelligent, and have good taste. She is doing a great job that makes the people of Marikina proud to be Filipino.

Comment: Marikina was a beautiful city here in Philippines. But since Mayor Marides Fernando became the mayor of this city, Marikina became more organized and became more successful than before. The streets became cleaner and the residents of this city became more disciplined, and it's because of Mayor Marides Fernando's effective leading of the city of Marikina.

Comment: Marides Fernando deserves to be the World Mayor for this year. During her time, Marikina boosts and the economy of the city has strengthened. Marikina was now known to be the cleenest, greenest and organized city around Asia. What Marides done in her city only shows that she can be the World Mayor awardee for this year. She have done enough to accomplish her responsibilities.

Some 205,000 people from across took part in the 2008 World Mayor Project

• Omar El Bahraoui, Rabat, Morocco
• Helen Zille, Cape Town, South Africa
• Amos Masondo, Johannesburg, South Africa

• Stephen Mandel, Edmonton, Canada
• Sam Katz, Winnipeg, Canada
• Martin Chavez, Albuquerque, USA
• Michael B Coleman, Columbus, USA
• Mufi Hannemann, Honolulu, USA
• Antonio Villaraigosa, Los Angeles, USA
• Willie W Herenton, Memphis, USA
• Manny Diaz, Miami, USA
• Raymond Thomas Rybak, Minneapolis, USA
• Phil Gordon, Phoenix, USA

• Julio César Pereyra, Mayor of Florencio Varela, Argentina
• José Fogaça, Porto Alegre, Brazil
• Juan Contino Aslán, Havana, Cuba
• Jaime Nebot, Guayaquil, Ecuador
• Paco Moncayo, Quito, Ecuador
• Salvador Gandara, Villa Nueva, Guatemala
•  Antonio Astiazaran, Guaymas, Mexico
•  Ernesto Gandara, Hermosillo, Mexico
• Ricardo Ehrlich, Montevideo, Uruguay
• Juan Barreto, Caracas, Venezuela
• Leopoldo Eduardo López, Chacao, Venezuela

• Han Zheng, Shanghai, China
• Zhang Guangning, Guangzhou, China
• C M Sheila Dikshit, Delhi, India
• Fauzi Bowo, Jakarta, Indonesia
• Mohammad Baqer Ghalibaf, Tehran, Iran
• Tadatoshi Akiba, Hiroshima, Japan
• Hiroshi Nakada, Yokohama, Japan
• Marides Fernando, Marikina City, Philippines
• Vladimir Gorodets, Novosibirsk, Russia
• Park Wan-soo, Changwon City, South Korea
• Kadir Topbas, Istanbul, Turkey

• Patrick Janssens, Antwerp, Belgium
• Boiko Borisov, Sofia, Bulgaria
• Eleni Mavrou, Nicosia, Cyprus
• Bertrand Delanoë, Paris, France
• Pierre Albertini, Rouen, France
• Jens Böhrnsen, Bremen, Germany
• Ulrich Maly, Nürnberg, Germany
• Wolfgang Schuster, Stuttgart, Germany
• Kyriakos Virvidakis, Chania, Greece
• Sergio Cofferati, Bologna, Italy
• Walter Veltroni, Rome, Italy
• Rafal Dutkiewicz, Wroclaw, Poland
• Rosa Aguilar, Cordoba, Spain
• Göran Johansson, Gothenburg, Sweden
• Elmar Ledergerber, Zurich, Switzerland