In World Mayor 2005, Fernando Damata Pimentel, Mayor of Belo Horizonte (Brazil), finished 8th from a field of 65 finalists

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The 2005 World Mayor finalists

Region Country City Mayor
Africa Ethiopia Addis Ababa Mr Arkebe Qqubay
Africa Madagascar Antananarivo Mr Patrick Ramiaramanana
Africa South Africa Pretoria (Tshwane) Mr Smangaliso Mkhatshwa
Americas Argentina Buenos Aires Mr Anibal Ibarra
Americas Brazil Belo Horizonte Mr Fernando Damata Pimentel
Americas Brazil Rio de Janeiro Mr Cesar Maia
Americas Canada Mississauga Ms Hazel McCallion
Americas Canada Montreal Mr Gérald Tremblay
Americas Canada Toronto Mr David Miller
Americas Canada Vancouver Mr Larry Campbell (6)
Americas Guatemala Guatemala City Mr Alvaro Arzú
Americas Mexico Mexico City Mr Andrés Manuel López Obrador (1)
Americas USA Akron Mr Donald L Plusquellic
Americas USA Atlanta Ms Shirley Franklin
Americas USA Baltimore Mr Martin O’Malley
Americas USA Charleston Mr Joseph P Riley
Americas USA Chicago Mr Richard Daley
Americas USA New York City Mr Michael Bloomberg
Americas USA San Francisco Mr Gavin Newsom
Americas USA Seattle Mr Gregory J Nickels
Americas USA Tinley Park Mr Edward J Zabrocki
Americas USA Washington DC Mr Anthony Williams
Asia China Beijing Mr Wang Qishan
Asia China Shanghai Mr Han Zheng
Asia Iran Tehran Mr Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (3)
Asia Japan Hiroshima Mr Tadatoshi Akiba
Asia Japan Kitakyushu Mr Koichi Sueyoshi
Asia Pakistan Karachi Mr Naimatullah Khan (5)
Asia Philippines San Fernando Mr Oscar Samson Rodriguez
Asia Taiwan Taipei Mr Ying-jeou Ma
Asia Turkey Istanbul Mr Kadir Topbas
Australia Australia Melbourne Mr John So
Australia New Zealand Auckland Mr Dick Hubbard
Europe Austria Innsbruck Ms Hilde Zach
Europe Austria Vienna Mr Michael Häupl
Europe France Grenoble Mr Michel Destot
Europe France Lyon Mr Gérard Collomb
Europe France Paris Mr Bertrand Delanoë
Europe France Strasbourg Ms Fabienne Keller
Europe Germany Berlin Mr Klaus Wowereit
Europe Germany Bonn Ms Bärbel Dieckmann
Europe Germany Düsseldorf Mr Joachim Erwin
Europe Germany Frankfurt Ms Petra Roth
Europe Germany Hannover Mr Herbert Schmalstieg
Europe Germany Leipzig Mr Wolfgang Tiefensee
Europe Germany Munich Mr Christian Ude
Europe Germany Stuttgart Mr Wolfgang Schuster
Europe Greece Athens Ms Dora Bakoyannis
Europe Greece Rhodes Mr Georgios Giannopoulos
Europe Hungary Budapest Mr Mr Gábor Demzsky
Europe Italy Rome Mr Walter Veltroni
Europe Italy Turin Mr Sergio Chiamparino
Europe Italy Venice Mr Paolo Costa (2)
Europe Lithuania Vilnius Mr Arturas Zuokas
Europe Macedonia Skopje Mr Risto Penov (4)
Europe Netherlands Tilburg Mr Ruud Vreeman
Europe Poland Lublin Mr Andrzej Pruszkowski
Europe Russia Ekaterinburg Mr Arkady Mikhailovich Chernetsky
Europe Russia Moscow Mr Yuri Luzhkov
Europe Spain Madrid Mr Alberto Ruiz Gallardon
Europe Spain Saragossa Mr Juan Alberto Belloch
Europe Sweden Stockholm Ms Annika Billström
Europe UK Hartlepool Mr Stuart Drummond
Europe UK London Mr Ken Livingstone
Europe Ukraine Kiev Mr Olexandr Omelchenko

1) On 31 July 2005 Andrés Manuel López Obrador stepped down from of office of Mayor of Mexico City to start his campaign for President of Mexico
2) On 1 May 2005 Professor Massimo Cacciari replaced Paolo Costa as Mayor of Venice
3) On 24 June 2005, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the Mayor of Tehran, was elected President of Iran.
4) Trifun Kostovski has been elected the new Mayor of Skopje
5) In June 2005 Naimatullah Khan stepped down from office of Mayor to run for re-election. In October 2005, he failed to be re-elected.
6) Larry Campbell has been appointed to Canada's Senate

In World Mayor 2005, Shirley Franklin, Mayor of Atlanta (USA), finished 9th from a field of 65 finalists

World Mayor 2005

The aim of the internet-based World Mayor project, which was launched by City Mayors in January 2004, is to raise the profile of mayors worldwide by honouring those who have served their communities well and have made significant contributions to cities nationally and internationally. Each year the most outstanding mayor is presented with the World Mayor Award. In 2004, Edi Rama, Mayor of Tirana, won the Award. The 2005 winner is Dora Bakoyannis, Mayor of Athens.

The World Mayor project has no connection with any city or organisation and is run on strictly non-commercial lines. Sponsorships, advertising, subscriptions, donations or any other kind of revenue source are not sought and will be rejected, if offered.

Between January and May each year, the worldwide public is invited to nominate mayors for the World Mayor Award via the City Mayors and World Mayor websites. While City Mayors accepts nominations of mayors from all types of cities, their supporters are asked to provide reasons for their choice. After the close of the nomination stage, the editors of City Mayors prepare a short list of mayors who go forward to the second round of the World Mayor contest. In 2005, the list of finalists included 65 mayors from The Americas, Europe, Asia, Australia and Africa.

In the second round, which runs from June to the end of October, the worldwide public is asked to choose - from the short list of finalists - mayors who, in their opinion, deserve to win the World Mayor Award. Each member of the public has five votes. However, they can only vote for one mayor from each of five world regions: Europe, The Americas, Asia, Australasia and Africa.

In 2005, some 87,100 people voted in the second round of the contest. With a share of 31 per cent of the total, North America contributed the largest number of votes, followed by Europe with 29 per cent of votes. The share of votes from Asian countries increased from 14 per cent in 2004 to 22 per cent in 2005. The World Mayor contest also became considerably more popular in Central and South America, where the share of votes rose from four per cent to 11 per cent. Voters from Africa contributed four per cent of the total, with the remainder coming from other parts of the world including Australia and New Zealand. More