Jesse M Robredo
, Mayor of Naga City, was shortlisted for the 2010 World Mayor Prize

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Comments in support of
Jesse M Robredo
Mayor of Naga City, (Philippines)

The finalists for the 2010 World Mayor Prize were chosen on the number of nominations received and, more importantly, on the persuasiveness and conviction of supporting statements. Below we publish a representative selection of comments received about Jesse M Robredo, Mayor of Naga City, Philippines.

Comment: I believe that Mayor Robredo should be the World Mayor 2010. As a fellow TOYM and TOYP AWARDEE, Mayor Robredo of Naga City proves that a little city in the Philippines can be a world class in terms of local governance and participatory decision making process. I know this personally as I have read a lot about his style of leadership, having read tons of case studies about him during my stint at the Asian Institute of Management (AIM) and as fellow Bicolano residing in Daet, Camarines Norte . President Noynoy Aquino had chosen him to be the secretary of the Interior and Local Government precisely due to his outstanding contribution to the development of Naga City and I hope he succeeded in bringing his expertise nationwide. Its people like him that gives hope in the future of our country. If he will be chosen as the World Mayor 2010, he can then bring his experience in the world stage, especially to the cities belonging in the third world countries. I hope that the Filipinos all over the world support Mayor Jess Robredo∑ and even those citizens from other countries would appreciate his great examples in local governance. (By Rex A B)

Comment: I've had the honor to work with Jesse Robredo when he was a first-time Mayor of Naga City and I was then project manager of a USAID-funded project. Jesse is truly not just a visionary but a hands-on, roll-up-your sleeves committed public servant intent on uplifting the lives of Filipinos. His values for transparency and public accountability are real and not put on to gain brownie points only. (By Wynna M)

Comment: I vote for Mr Jesse Robredo because I myself had seen the improvement done in Naga City, Philippines. I live in Norfolk, Virginia, USA, but I always visit Naga City on my vacation to the Philippines. (By Roberto E)

Comment: I was born in Naga City,Philippines and i was a living witness on how our city transforms under the leadership of Mayor Robredo.I am proud of his work ethics and his passion for serving his people not only us Naguenos but the Filipino people as well. All the best and more power to you, Mayor Jesse! (By Tisha R)

Comment: I was a journalist when Jesse Robredo first won as Mayor of Naga City. I have witnessed him manage his city from then on, with greater transparency none has yet seen (I remember once I dropped by to interview him, and he was holding office at an open reception area at the head of a long conference table, and I had to sit and wait in line for my time to talk to him, in the presence of other visitors), instituting changes with disregard to tradition that characterized political patronage, the norm of those days. Other government officials laughed at his back and many didn't expect he can win a reelection. Yet he did twice, finishing the allowed three terms and changing Naga City for the better and the face of politics in that area. I can say he was one of a kind. He deserves to win, that way, we can tell the world ˆ despite scandals that rocked past Philippine administrations and dragged my country to the spotlight of global ridicule ˆ that not all is bad in Philippine politics after all. That there are still officials in my country who know right from wrong, value government service with pride, and serve their people honestly. And that Filipinos should still be proud of their country. (By E V R)

Comment: Mayor Jesse Robredo is very humble and served truly and sincerely. Among the Philippine Mayors I've met/coordinated with in my profession as a consultant for development projects of IFIs, he is my number 1 Mayor. The status that naga City is enjoying now is attributed to the excellent governance of Mayor Robredo. (By Delfa U)

Comment: I'm voting for Jess Robredo, mayor of Naga City, Philippines.I'm originally from the Philippines and studied university in Naga City. My family knows Jess very well and we all know he is an excellent, honest, honorable person who did a lot to make Naga City one of the best cities in our country. (By Editha D)

Comment: As a Bikolano I really appreciate Mayor Jesse Robdredo (now he is the DILG Secretary) had done for Naga City. He says that I have been an advocate of local autonomy and I deeply believe that our people can be better served if resources and authority are devolved to local government units. Of course, this should be hand in hand with exacting a system transparency and accountability on our local officials. While it may seem that the „islands of good governance‰ are few at the moment, they have demonstrated that the quality of service delivery is far more superior when it is handled by local authorities. I can see his achievements all over Metro Naga. MABUHAY KA!!! Sec. Jesse Robredo (By John Paul)

Comment: Mr Robredo is a man of integrity, honesty, sincerity and has been a good mayor in his province. For us Filipinos it is an honour for Mr Robredo to win as World Mayor 2010. (By CGS Sydney)

Comment: Mayor Robredo is one shining example of what vision, hard work, collaboration with the local community and transparency could achieve. From a sleepy city, Naga progressed into one of the most developed and leading cities in the Philippines.
On a personal level, he has inspired me on many planes. One of his youth programs, "City Youth Officials", has given young minds including myself a chance to better appreciate what governance and leadership are and how they can make a difference in people's lives when properly utlized. With him, I have come to see that change, positive and absolute, is possible. But it can only happen with inspired leadership. And other remarkable thing that I am truly inspired is his prudent fiscal management,e.g, prioritizing social services over physical beautificaton of the city hall. In his administration, a taxpayer is reassured that his taxes are spent wisely.
With his brand of excellent, innovative and unrelenting leadership,the citizenry just could not settle for anything else anymore. (By Antonette O C)

Comment: Action-oriented individual, honest and a visionary. He deserves to be nominated for World Mayor for Asia. (Edward S O)

Comment: Although I am now presently residing outside of Naga City, I have always been a fan of Mayor Robredo as I have seen him in action, doing what he believes is best for the residents of Naga City specially in times of crisis when the people really need care and attention. (By Lita P)

Comment: Former mayor Jesse Robredo has shown exemplary and outstanding performance as mayor of Naga City. He made Naga City a completely developed and progressive city in the Philippines. Mayor Robredo proved that dynamism and commitment to one's sworn office imbued with a sense of honesty and integrity are possible even in the worst of times even in the most difficult conditions present in his native Naga City.He has a track record of outstanding accomplishments from his studies to his jobs where he held key positios and up to the time he was proclaimed the best Mayor Naga City and the Philippines had ever had. I just wish that there would be more mayors like him in our country the Philippines. (By Flordeliza C F)

Comment: He is honest, competent and just. A 2000 Ramon Magsaysay Awardee for Government Service, a 1996 Outstanding Young Persons of the World Awardee, Outstanding Young Men of the Philippines Awardee, 1998 Konrad Adenauer Medal of Excellence as Most Outstanding City Mayor of the Philippines Awardee. He inspire other mayors in the Philippines and in other countries. (By Mauricio B E)

Comment: Mayor Robredo is honest, intelligent and has done a lot of good things to our city those three terms he ran it as mayor. I can still remember when my sister died in 2006 and he was there in the wake to extend his sincere condolences to us although he didn't know us personally and politically. He is very good to everyone that's why peole in our city love him very much. I pray that he will win the title of World Mayor 2010. God bless him. (By Sally A Y)

Comment: I served as Station Manager in one of the radio stations in Bicol Region for 11 years before migrating in the United States in 1986. My wife and I never fail to go to Bicol region whenever we visit the Philippines. We have seen the great progress of Naga during the term of Mayor Jesse Robredo. I highly support his bid for the title of the Mayor of the World 2010. (By Buenaventura D N)

Comment: Mayor Robredo transformed a provincial city to a major city. He also has an untarnished record and he's an advocate of transparency (even posting online the budget and how it's being spent). No wonder he is now our country's Secretary for the Interior and Local Government. (By Johannes)

Comment: Mayor Jesse Robredo has converted Naga City in Sourthern Luzon of the Philippines into one of the most progressive cities in the Philippines including the drastic reduction of response time in times of crisis and disasters - Naga City is one of the most most freguently-typhoon-visited places in the country. He has drastically increased trade and other economic activities and made Naga City one of the cleanest cities in the country. He made Naga City beautiful and he also made City Hall productive with new incentives for those who perform excellent service. (By Heddie M M)

Comment: I vote for Robredo for his achievements as former Mayor of Naga City transforming it from a lethargic Philippine city into one of "Asia's Most Improved," Robredo energized the bureaucracy, dramatically improved stakeholdership and people participation in governance, in the process restoring Naga to its preeminent position as premier city of the Bicol Region. Today, Naga is considered a model local government in the country and a laboratory of local government innovation. (By Ruby C)

Comment: Mr Jesse Robredo hails from the Bicol Region of the Philippines. While he is a Naga City mayor, he makes the rest of the provinces in the region proud, such as my province, Sorsogon. We hope to learn from the good works of Mayor Robredo, we hope that the success in Naga City will be replicated in the region and the rest of the country. (By Karen D)

Comment: I recall, i was waiting in the office of the city mayor hoping to get a permit for booth accomodation so i could sell some goods for the fiesta, and everybody seems unmindful, the mayor himself- Mayor Jesse Robredo- went out of his way and approached me to ask what my concern is. He, then, called his staff and asked for the accomodation plan and asked me which space i prefer from among those still available. I HAVE NEVER FORGOTTEN THAT INCIDENT. THE MAYOR HIMSELF ATTENDING TO MY CONCERN. I also personally can vouch, all stories about him being a people's mayor are true. (By M R A)

Comment: Outstanding work need to be recognized with honours! With the hope that politicians will be inspired too by Mayor Robredo's aspirations to change the image of "dirty politics" in our country. We need more public servants like you. Hooray for a job well done! (By Jinn)

Comment: Mayor Robredo advocates local autonomy and supported his advocacy with transparency and accountability on the local officials. He does not only say it as his advocacy and platform but he had done it actually. So far, it is only Mayor Robredo who publishes all projects and its financial tansactions in its website. If all government heads will have this initiative as a gesture of sincerity of his/her public service, we will lessen and eventualy eradicate corruption without the Freedom of Information Law.
Mayor Robredo's platform also advocates the Multi-level Governance in the developing world by local government academics. He started as an example and led a multi-level governance by the formation of the Metro Naga Council. His next tasked just recently given to him by our new President Noynoy Aquino was heading the Local Government Units sa the Secretary of DILG. As a young leader of the government, we are assured of his innovative creation and programs that will change its traditional directions. His effective leadership and commendable performances as a Mayor should remain a legacy if he is voted as the World Mayor 2010. I hope and I am sure that the missing link in the multi-level governance, which is the creation of a Regional Government, is already on the mind of our best bet for the 2010 World Mayor Jesse Robredo. (By Frank N)

Comment: A very responsive and responsible City Mayor he deserves my vote. (By Christeto E Y R)

Comment: Mayor Jesse Robredo is my choice of the World Mayor because he is really a public servant by heart as he really applies his being a public property by looking at the needs of his constituents. During his term, he actively and visibly involved the participation of Non Government Organizations (NGOs), business organizations and all civic organizations in the affairs of the city government of Naga City. The people from all walks of life participates actively in the affair of the city, all transactions are transparent and there is accountability in every action being implemented, thus the law on Participation, Accountability and Transparency or PAT are well observed and implemented under his administration, that made him loved and respected by his constituents and subject of envy by many government officials for his extra ordinary abilities to run the affairs of the government. Mayor Robredo is the kind of public servant that will make every nation a great one and I congratulate our President, His Excellency Benigno Aquino III for his choice of Mr. Jesse Robredo as Secretary of the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) because he will definitely make a difference in the new task being given to him.
Again, my Congratulations to former City Mayor and now DILG Secretary Jesse Robredo for being one of the candidates as the Best Mayor of the World. (By Nilo S G)

Comment: Mayor Robredo's achievements speak highly of what good he can do. The Philippines has been searching for good leadership and Mayor Robredo is an excellent choice! Indeed, Mayor Robredo makes us proud to be Filipinos (By Cynthis L T)

Comment: As a Filipino, I am proud to vote for Mayor Jesse M. Robredo not just because he is one of my countrymen but because he made so much impact on the people specially the youth. He made us believe once more in good governance and hope for a better Philippines, starting from the city level which would set a good example to other places. As a person, he shows utmost humility by being down to earth. I often see him wearing simple clothes and I think, that's one of the reasons why people admire him more. I don't live in the city of Mayor Jesse but my school is within Naga and he's really well-known in a lot of the municipalities here in our province. (By Camille G P)

Comment: I come from Naga City, Camarines Sur, Philippines which is being represented by Mr. Jesse Robredo. Although currently residing in Vienna, Austria, and working at the International Atomic Energy Agency, I go home to Naga City almost every year and plans to retire there. Inspite of his education in elite universities in Manila, and his potential to succeed in Manila's corporate world, he decided to come back to Naga City to manage and improve the lives of its residents. Even with lack of funds, he became a good example to the residents through his rapport/sympathy to the poor, good relations with the wealthy residents, a hands-on mayor, and turned the City into a bustling financial economy, the financial capital of the Bicol Region. By example, he showed the other politicians that one could run a City in a developing country through humility and being free of corruption. Attracting investors generated jobs in the City improving the livelihood of its residents one-half of whom lives below the poverty line, improved its economy and employment rate, and cleaned the city through establishment of regular collection of garbages which some areas in Manila and its suburbs cannot accomplish to date, and improved some of the City's infrastructures to the extent which can be accommodated by his small budget. With a decrease in graft and corruption, Government services in the City improved. He listens to all residents, from the poor to the wealthy. I am honored to be a resident of Naga City and vote for him as World Mayor 2010. His accomplishments were recognized by the new Philippine President, Mr. N. Aguino, and he was recently appointed to be the Secretary of the Interior and Local Government inspite of the irrational moves of the elected new Vice-President to get the post. It is very important for a developing country to have such a Mayor as an example to other politicians to be honest and true to their mandate, avoid graft and corruption to improve the lives of Filipinos and if he wins this Award, it will send his dedication and message through his example and the world's recognition. It is very hard to be an exemplary Mayor in a City in a developing country unlike other rich cities or nations. (By Socky E)

Comment: The mayor and the government of his city represent admirable transparency, civic development, committment to education, and overall care for the populace for Naga. (By Edward P S)

Comment: My vote goes to no less than, Mayor Jesse Robredo, for his outstanding performance in public service as manifested by his major leadership awards and the notable transformation of Naga City from a "lackluster" city to a truly remarkable one, as it is today. In fact, Naga City in Camarines Sur is listed in the "Most Improved Cities in Asia", as cited by Asiaweek Magazine in 1999. Secretary Robredo makes us all proud to be Filipinos! Congratulations to him for being one of the finalists in this prestigous search. We salute you sir! Mabuhay ang bawat Pilipino!
(By Rochelle)

Comment: Mayor Jess leave Naga City on its very high pedestal. He never committed any mistake during his incumbency as City Mayor of Naga City. Now we can say that we are very proud because we are a Nagueños and for once we have Mayor Jess you make us all proud. His recognition is also our recognition. (By Lil O)

Comment: Mr. Robredo became the youngest Mayor ever to be elected in our town. But even at a young age of 29, he has accomplished a lot. He has turned my small town, Naga City - from a small, unknown suburb into a vibrant, booming, business hub in Philippines. He has surpassed a lot of trials as well - and in each trial he has shown exemplary leadership, sportsmanship and humility. I remember every time there's a big storm in my town and its get flooded you will see Mr. Robredo the first person on that flood helping people, pulling out fallen debris and large tree trunks. He doesn't want to be in a safe place, rather he will be out there helping out everyone. That is how great and amazing he is as a Mayor. (By Karen Q)

Comment: I vote for Jesse Robredo for maintaining integrity in a public office that is very susceptible to corruption, and for his vision of local autonomy and making success as a self-fulfilling prophecy of a small city. (By Marisol G)

Comment: Mayor Robredo of Naga City, Philippines really deserves the World Mayor award because his various accomplishments contributed to the welfare of his constituents.He was reelected 6 times as Mayor of Naga city and only recently he was appointed as Secretary of Local Government by President Aquino. (By Fenando D)

Comment: He is a technocrat of a Mayor - the essence of the new Filipino emerging leader who has seen the effects of lingering corruption in his country and has tried in his own way and in his small jurisdiction to show the right and fruitful way of governance. (By Pedro O C)

Comment: He is a dynamic, progress oriented mayor who knows fully well the intricacies of good governance.We are so very lucky to have him. 10 more mayors of his caliber and watch out, the Philippines will no longer be the sick bay of Asia. (By AJB)

Comment: I don't mind paying extra city tax when I can see the progress of the city. Mayor Jess Robredo you converted the 3rd class unknown Naga City to a Premier first class City of the Philippines in less than a decade. You encouraged youth empowerment by giving them a chance to manage the city for a month as city youth officials. You make us proud of the city where we come from. You deserves every available awards and recognition for outstanding management and service in the local government of the Philippines. Win or lose you are already a winner in out hearts. Congratulations. (By Luvimin R)

Comment: He is the best mayor because he made our city very beautiful and progressive. He also help us to finish our studies in college through scholarship program(scholar guild "skular kan ciudad") (By Vilar, Maria Jejusa)

Comment: A truly deserving Filipino Mayor for an international recognition such as this. Many of us are very proud of him! (By Lita W)

Comment: I used live in Naga City Philippines for 6 years and I've seen his contribution for the development of the city. He has not been involved in any allegation for graft and corruption. I'M PROUD OF HIM and I'M PROUD TO BE PINOY. (By Mayee E)

Comment: At age 28, he was the youngest elected/re-elected city mayor in the Philippines. He has accomplished excellently in academics, having acquired Industrial and Mechanical Engineering degrees in a prestigious university in Philippines. He has again demonstrated his intellectual caliber when he finished second in the Harvard School of Governance for a Master in Public Administration and topped his class when he acquired his Master in Business Administration at the University of the Philippines.
The newly elected Philippine President Noy Acquino recognized his capabilities and integrity by appointing him cabinet Secretary of Interior and Local Goernment. (By Emilio R F)

Comment: Many have spoken of his numerous achievements in the governance of Naga City and the effects that they have on the nation as well. I find great joy in him doing things with the prudence of a businessman and the heart of a statesman, with the eye of an explorer but the mind of a winner. In this country, where corruption was the main dish of several political chefs, I am glad that we had a real political taste of a true statesman in the name of Mayor Jesse Robredo! (By Renato S A)

Comment: I have not met any of the candidates. But based on what I have read about Secretary Robredo (former Mayor), I am voting for him. More than the high level of educational background and experience attained by him,and more than his zeal to be of service, no scandal or corrupt related issues have been associated with him. The world needs citizens of this caliber. (By Chert)

Comment: As a Filipino he is a man for others, means what he says characterize by the intetntions of the majority with speciall attention to the poor, weak and needy. He has a diverse range of social, civic, religious and political activities. He is seem either barefoot or in sandals slippers, shorts and cap in events sensitive to the underprevilidge. His standard for politics is all for one and one for all---upright and honest governance. (By Myrna R A)

Comment: Mr Jesse Robredo has transformed the city of Naga from a very slow, sleepy town into one whose growth has surpassed that of most cities in the Philippines. More importantly, he has done all that in total observance of good governance principles and with the highest degree of professional and moral integrity. (By Elvira C A)

Comment: He is an honest, decent and upright public servant. A rarity in Philippine politics! (By Rofiel)

Comment: Mayor Robredo is the ideal for any city mayor because of his combined qualities, skills, integrity and sincere commitment for improving the lives of his constituents. He is what every mayor ought to be. (By Ariene P D)

Comment: He has minimised corruption in Naga City; has streamlined business dealings so that the business climate in the city became very conducive and transparent! (By Alfredo M M)

Comment: I'm very proud to know that our beloved mayor of naga city chosen as candidate for the world mayor's not new to me due to his unnumbered achievements and contributions for the city of naga no doubt that he is nominated to be one.I am really really proud to be nagueño. Mayor robredo is a down to earth man, dedicated to his service and advocacy.he was the kind of mayor you will see during calamities helping his constituents.when my mother a fish vendor died its a surprised to our family he visited the wake of my mother and shared his condolences.thank you mayor for loving your constituents and the people of the philippines.proud to be nagueño and a filipino. (By Melody Fe N R)

Comment: He is a model of the true leader.....He is not corrupt and he is doing his responsibilities as mayor. He is now a Secretary of the Department of Interior and Local Government because of his excellent works. I am proud of you!!! (By Pablo O C)

Comment: I've been to a lot of cities in the Philippines, mostly job-related, and I have never been impressed by a city until I went to Naga. I have known that it has been dubbed as the most outstanding local government unit (LGU) in the Philippines for a couple of years already. That alone is a manifestation of a very dedicated, sincere and honest mayor. I'm proud to be a Filipino and having a fellow countryman shortlisted for the prestigious World Mayor 2010. More power to you, DILG Sec. Robredo! May your tribe increase and may PNoy and the current cabinet produce a corrupt-free Philippines. Mabuhay ang Pilipinas! Mabuhay ang Pilipino! (By Bon U D)

Comment: As a child, I'd usually hear the name Jesse Robredo being mentioned by my beloved parents who were residing in a nearby town from Naga City. They had positive things to say about the man; that he was sincere, honest, humanistic and broadminded which makes his name untainted, from the very first time he was given a chance to serve his fellow Bikolanos as a mayor. My parents have always looked-up to this guy because of his conviction and enthusiasm to serve his people selflessly and with fairness. Not only does he look after the welfare of the majority but he likewise sees to it that the minority will also be treated fairly. (By Moncho)

Comment: Mayor Robredo -- what he did with Naga was an in depth development that goes beyond visual improvements like lights, parks and market buildings. He made true what people's council are --- he utilized them... he has empowered the people. I have always wished I am from Naga whenever of how Mayor Robredo has transformed the City. Another thing that makes Mayor Robredo very noble is that in this time when public officials would let their wives run for office after their term (just so to be in power), Mayor Robredo did not do so. (By Didette)

Comment: I vote in favor of mayor Jesse Robredo for his dedicated service and leadership in the City of Naga, Philippines. I was born and raised in the Bicol Region and was aware of the poverty that besets the region. Yet, inspite of the limited resources, Naga City emerges to be a progressive city, the programs and policies of the local government thru the leadership of Mayor Jesse Robredo help improve the lives of Nagauenos worth emulating by its nearboring cities/municipalities within the Bicol Region. Mayor Jesse Robredo deserves this recognition for his strong leadership, service-oriented ideals and integrity. (By Andrea)

Comment: Mayor Robredo is a very simple man. He's very smart, strong, courageous, hardworking and easy to get along with. He's a people person and willing to sacrifice his own happiness. Naga city became one of the most improved cities in asia because of his effective leadership. There's no doubt that his administration practices transparency and accountability and acts for the good of all. I believe that without this honesty, character and sound ethics, naga city won't be as successful as it is today. I'am very proud that i once met him in naga city (mid 90's) and was so inspired hearing his many words of wisdom when our team from DENR-Manila conducted an interview with him about Regional Development Planning on waste management and the likes. That was so amazing. He deserve to head up the very important Department there as Secretary of Interior and Local Government. Congrats! Mayor Robredo! (By Yem S)

Comment: Mayor Jesse Robredo belongs to a new breed of civil servants,which holds the key to a better Philippines. His recent appointment as Secretary of Interior and Local Govt under the new Aquino Administration affirms this. (By Felipe S)

Comment: Mayor Robredo's credentials which include among others his academic achievements, his many awards from local and international bodies and his records as corporate and government official are impressive, to say the least. Among the many appointments made by Pres. Aquino to cabinet positions todate, his is adjudged by many as the most popular indicative of the people's trust and confidence in his ability and integrity. (By Edgardo C C)

Comment: Mayor Jesse Robredo is very professional but a low key person, who transformed Naga City into a safe residential and commercial hub in Cam Sur. He is not only an icon of Mayors in that province but also in Metro Manila and the whole Philippine archipelago for his sterling feat as dedicated public servant. (By Teodulo R E)

Comment: Mayor Jesse Robredo is a multi-awarded city mayor. He has inspired and empowered the people of Naga City to become responsible citizens thus the city, from third class, is now first class and the center of commerce in the whole region, rivaling other major cities like Cebu and Manila. (By Michael T)

Comment: Secretary Robredo is known for his good governance practices mamrked by transparency and accountability to various stakeholders. He would win two rounds of 3-terms each! His ability to "bridge" the various divides of his ciriy and deliver, in terms of results-- has been noted. Tooday, he is Cabinet Secretary of the Department of Interior and Local Government, with local governments as his playing field. (By Nieves R C)

Comment: Mayor Robredo transformed Naga City from a once sleepy place with old buildings south of Manila into a booming place for business. He also introduced the concept of people empowerment by making the people of Naga City believe in their power to make things better, with or without the support of the national government and then working based on this newfound confidence. In his stint as Naga City Mayor, he was able to provide housing to the city's urban poor, relocating them to the outskirts of the city, thus making business and development sprout in these areas as well. But what sets him apart from leaders I have known is his attitude of being always on top of the situation. Once, while on my way home at the height of a raging typhoon, I passed by a group of people clearing a road of a fallen gas station roofing. To my surprise, I saw Mayor Jess lifting the debris with the help of some firemen and volunteers. The following morning, he was up again shoveling debris carried by floods off the city streets- all in his shorts and slippers. I feel that he really deserves this award because he epitomizes the concept that to be a good leader, one must set an example.Nowhere is this more demonstrated than by his selfless devotion to public service- to the point of literally allowing his hands to be dirtied, if that could help start to raise the city from a calamity. (By Virgilio S B)

Comment: I am part of an Industry Assosciation in the main city- MANILA. It is called the Animation Council of the Phils. We have been promoting this industry all over our country to be accessed by different provinces. Mayor Jesse Robredo actively helped the advocacy of the industry Assoc. by encouraging promotions in his city -- NAGA. He encouraged the industry to grow there. Ateneo De Naga University is one of the best schools teaching 3D animation in the country in within his city. This is what we call ACTION to really empower the industry and his city to rise and be at par with the flow of the modern ICT age. (By Grace A D)

Comment: Mayor Robredo is the epitome of clean governance. Despite the tarnished reputation that the Philippines has, he is a shining light that tells us there is still hope for a corrupt-free, efficient, and effective Philippine government. (By Joseph I V C)

Comment: I have heard a lot of his achievements. He has been considered as one of the few honest & not corrupt public servant of the country. He has made Naga City to be one of the most progressive city in the Philippines. Now he was appointed as the new DILG SECRETARY. (By mla)

Comment: Mayor Robredo worked under me in the Magnolia Division of San Miguel Corporation.I encouraged him to run for mayor because he was both highly competent and completely honest. (By Mario R N)

Comment: I have been residing in Naga City, Philippines, since I was in grade school till I got my first job. Naga City has evolved from an ordinary city to a first class city. Improvements on our city are very visible; these we may attribute to the efforts of our very own, very good City Mayor, Hon. Jesse M. Robredo. (By Culet M)

Comment: A well deserved chosen World Mayor for 2010 due to his strong determination and passion that being a servant to his community is a start of being a leader to his people. He is known as a "hands on " person. Transparency and good governance locally makes him for what he is now. (By Nenita C A)

Comment: He has shown exemplary performance during his term and effected improvements and transparency in the midst of issues on corruptions in our country. He should inspired other government officials to follow in his steps to eradicate corruptions in government service and achieve economic stability to alleviate poverty in third world countries. (By Sabina L T)

Comment: As one who has followed the significant accomplishments of Mayor Robredo, I consider his contribution to the furtherance of local government autonomy as the greatest and had far reaching impact,especially in the system of distribution of internal revenue allotment for local government units. While local autonomy has still a long way to go in terms of amendments to provisions in the local government code to strengthen local governance, Mayor Robredo has been unwavering in his efforts to push local autonomy to its full fruition. (By Noemi D P)

Comment: I will vote for Jesse Robredo because he's one of the most trusted government officials in our country, Philippines.He is possessing also the word "integrity" that everybody should possess that it especially if you are a public servant or a public officials. (By Lilian L A)

Comment: He has changed our city from one of the poorest cities of the Philippines to one of the progressive cities. Unlike the other politicians, he is there when you need him. He is a hands-on mayor. For example, since our city is a hurricane-prone city, after every hurricane, you will see him cleaning the streets barefooted and always wear a smile when you meet him. He is a no-nonsense mayor, straight, and always in action. We are proud to be Nagauenos because of him. (By Nylton)

Comment: There are very few good men left who would give the best of himself to his constituents in Naga. Out of few resources received he was able to share it to all his constituents. (By Dr Merlyn C P)

Comment: Mayor Jesse has shown exemplary governance and leadership in the City of Naga. I've seen him doing street cleaning by himself right after one devastating typhoon that has swept the streets of the city. Playing street basketball without any bodyguards and favors from his playmates. Naguenos (residents of Naga) has witness the huge development and transformation of this city from sleepy town to 1st class city. He has very down to earth attitude and peoples can easily access to him. Truly deserving to be nominated for this great award. (By Jorge R)

Comment: At a time when the Philippines was experiencing an all time low in politics and an all time high in corruption, this city mayor proved to be a different breed from the rest. His achievements speaking for themselves only show that if only a leader is as dedicated and as selfless, there is future for any town or city and its residents. (By Maeissa C D)

Comment: Jesse Robredo is the mayor of Naga City, Philippines. He is the only mayor of Naga who made this place progressive. He united the people by setting the value of integrity, honesty and service. It is touching to see him helping clear the streets right after a typhoon. My cousin who is working in the city hall said that he is never late for ofice, in fact he is always the first to arrive. I once worked in one of the hospitals in Naga, at times one of his children would be admitted there, he and his wife never demanded for a special treatment, if a deluxe room was not available they would be content to be in an ordinary air con room. We are blessed to have him as our mayor. If there would be more mayors like him in the Philippines, then our nation would be one of the progressive ones in Southeast Asia. (By Francia A G)

Comment: Mayor Robredo possesses great leadership traits. He is effective, efficient and reliable. During calamities, he shows concern for his fellowmen and goes around the area to monitor the situation. (By Mei P)

Comment: Jesse Robredo paved for the greater development in our city, not sacrificing the worth of the people especially the indegient. The Naga City's residence are always for each other, they are one, especially when new developments are to be brought out. The voice of the city people is not just heard but listened at most. For Mr. Robredo really showed his support to the people, for this very reason even how many criticisms or destructions about his character was said. Still it was never able to overthrow him, especially the greater people who had faith in him and so he is. (By DAC)

Comment: Our mayor Hon. Jesse Robredo has done a lot for our city here at Naga. Without him our city would not have reach this kind of progress and improvement. Thanks to his determination and willingness to do everything for the development of Naga City that we the people are enjoying the fruits of his labor as well as his followers here. That's why for me as a fellow Filipino and Nagueño I am very proud to vote for him for World mayor and I hope that he will win because he deserves it. (By Joan O)

Comment: In a country where corruption of government is so exasperatingly common, his clean and outstanding record is truly a ray of hope. His story is an inspiration to us common citizens and we hope that leaders like him will grow in numbers especially now that Noynoy Aquino is president. The world has to know we've got people like him. Getting this title will empower him. (By Anne Marie E)

Comment: Mayor Jesse Robredo was responsible in turning around the status of Naga city from a 3rd class city into a 1st class city in less than 3 years. His brand of leadership that empowers his constituents to look for solutions has galvanized the city into one of the most progressive in the Philippines. His achievements have not gone unnoticed because he and his city have received numerous awards in the field of good governance and responsible public administration. (By Eduardo B C)

Comment: Robredo was elected mayor of Naga City, making him the youngest City Mayor of the Philippines at age 29. Robredo was able to transform the city from being dull and lethargic to being one of the "Most Improved Cities in Asia", as cited by Asiaweek Magazine in 1999.
He received 14 major individual awards which includes, the 2000 Ramon Magsaysay Award for Government Service, 1998 Konrad Adenauer Medal of Excellence as Most Outstanding City Mayor of the Philippines, 1996 Outstanding Young Persons of the World (TOYP) Award, 1990 The Outstanding Young Men of the Philippines (TOYM), and the first ever "Dangal ng Bayan" Award of the Civil Service Commission. In March 2008, Robredo was conferred an honorary Doctor of Humanities degree by the Far Eastern University in Manila. (By Melvin)

Comment: I've been serving him as my Immediate boss in our locality, and he is really the greatest mayor Talented, understanding, very accommodating, helpful,always ready to give a helping hand for those who are in need, etc. etc. He sets as an example to his people doing works personally, etc.etc. ...He is the really the best Mayor in the world. (By Marichu D D)

Comment: I am voting for Mayor Jessie Robredo as he was responsible for turning the City of Naga, Philippines, not only as a growing metropolis in the Bicol Region but in the entire Philippines as well. He is not only known for his integrity but also a hardworking public servant who always aimed to uplift the economic conditions of his fellowmen. In fact, he was chosen as one of the outstanding city mayors of the Philippines. Naga City today is a bustling city with investors pouring in making it the prime city of the Bicol Region. Hope he wins. Go Mayor Robredo! Go! (By Rubi R-S)

Comment: Mayor Robredo deserves all the recognition he is reaping. He has brought Naga City from a sleepy old city to a bustling one where its citizens are truly proud not just of their mayor but of their own contribution to its development. Mayor Robredo has inspired and empowered the citizens of Naga to make things happen in their locality and its neighboring towns. (By Chatt G S)

Comment: It is not easy to do a good job in a poliitcal role in the Philippines because of so many entrenched socio-cultural as well as financial/resources problems, but Mayor Robredo has oevrcome these and demonstrated that a no-nonsense can do attitude and collaboration can gain back people's confidence. I am happy that he has accepted a national role as Local Government Secretary... He brings fresh optimism for the country...(By Elisa V)

Comment: Much has been said on his accomplishment as a politician and I too greatly admire him for all accomplishment. One thing that touched me most about Mayor Robredo is his love for his family. Theres this time during my second year of clinical practice that his wife brought his father to my clinic for a consult. His father in law and his wife are so humble and patiently waits for their turn. After several minutes, the good mayor was there in shorts running to be with his father in law and wife with no bodyguard in tow. I appreciate the way he loves , gives attention and support the family even with his busy schedule. During the consult, we have a brown out and I apologized because the maintainance is not yet around to turn on the generator. He told me that theres no need for me to apologize and he apologized instead because according to him its his responsibility to make sure that the electricity in the city is well. I didnt asked them to pay because they have doctor in the family but he really insisted.I am in awe with his simplicity, his being down to earth, his dedication to his work, and above all how he treats the family especially his father in law. I think not everyone can do it. That incident showed me that this man is somebody to be proud of, not only by his family but the whole nation. He deserves to be the best mayor of the world. (By SAG)

Comment: I have seen my beloved Naga City grow into a progressive city under his leadership. He is one of the reasons why I am proud to be a Nagueno. Unlike most politicians in the country, he is humble and approachable. It was never difficult to reach him, especially during times of calamities. I remember during one storm aftermath where I listened to his voice on the radio as he went around the city. I could not believe that he would be so unselfish to fulfill his duty even if his own house was also flooded. I am proud to have him as mayor of my hometown! (B Arlene)

Comment: I have personally witnessed the growth of my city as a native Nagueno living there until the age of 14. When I moved to San Diego in the US in my mid-teens, I realized how advanced my city was for a developing nation with its complex and improved infrastructure under Mayor Robredo's administration. When I returned to the Philippines at the age of 18, I noticed that during my adventures while island hopping all over the country, Naga was a very developed city compared to the other Philippine cities that were not near the capital of Manila. He has done so much for our city and still managed to contribute efforts to improve our nation with the newly inducted President Aquino. I admire the work he's done and continues to do for the development of our small yet growing metropolis and look forward to returning to Naga once again to witness its growth. (By Denise Marie P)

Comment: I am very pleased with the economic progress of my beloved City. The city has gone through a lot of positive changes. Jesse M. Robredo is the man responsible for all these changes. He has touched thousands of peoples lives. I would like to honor him for the good deeds he has done to the people of the city by getting the well deserved award as the World Mayor for 2010! (By Melinda B O)

Comment: He established the Naga City People's Council, a people empowerment program, in partnership with the local government in good governance and development. (By Jessie O)

Comment: Mayor Jesse Robredo did not possess the popular "forces of power" that most of the Filipino politicians have inorder to be effective leader. but he was able to accomplish a lot compared to other mayors of the country by just being a simple public servant with a vision for his community. he was able to rally his constituents into addressing their adaptive challenges as a city, transforming Naga City from a third class municipality to a first class city. his people simply love him! it is also noticeable how the website of Naga City contains a public financial report of city government's purchases and expenses. Transparency and good governance are just few of his leadership qualities leading him to be recognized by prestigious awarding bodies such as the world bank, united nations, and the ramon magsaysay award. (By Chiri)

Comment: I voted Mayor Jessie M. Robredo as World Mayor 2010. He is competent and hardworker for being a Mayor of Naga City. When I studied at University of Nueva Caceres (one of the School University in Naga) taking my Bachelor's degree between 1989 to 1994, Naga City had grown its economic condition. The results created an enormous economic stability. As I observed, cleanliness in the city e.g. roads, landmarks and infrastructure is among the priority of Mayor Robredo, it manifested that during his term, Naga City had become a first class city in the Philippines. (By Michael A)

Comment: Mayor Jesse M Robredo repeatedly and consistently served his constituents in Naga City, Philippines with dedication and honesty at the highest degree. I am very proud of him and pray that God will grant him greater strength and stamina to be able to serve the Philippine government as the newly proclaimed Cabinet Secretary of the Department of Interior and Local Government.(RGA-1) (By Rick G A)

Comment: "It is sad but true. Democratic government is not necessarily good government. Too often, elections yield power to the few, not the many. Injustices linger beneath the rhetoric of equality. Corruption and incompetence go on and on. Voters, alas, do not always choose wisely. And yet, in Asia and the world at large, much is at risk when democracy founders, because democracy is the hope of so many. Jesse Manalastas Robredo entered Philippine politics at a time when hope was high. As mayor of Naga City from 1988 to 1998 he demonstrated that democratic government can also be good government.
In the wake of his country's People Power Revolution in 1986, Jesse Robredo responded to President Corazon Aquino's call to public service. He abandoned his executive position at San Miguel Corporation to head the Bicol River Basin Development Program in Naga, his hometown. In 1988, he stood for election as mayor and won by a slim margin. He was twenty-nine.
Once the queen city of the Bicol region, Naga in 1989 was a dispirited provincial town of 120,000 souls. Traffic clogged its tawdry business district and vice syndicates operated at will. City services were fitful at best. Meanwhile, thousands of squatters filled Naga's vacant lands, despite the dearth of jobs in the city's stagnant economy. Indeed, Naga's revenues were so low that it had been downgraded officially from a first-class to a third-class city.
Robredo began with a strike against patronage. He introduced a merit-based system of hiring and promotion and reorganized city employees on the basis of aptitude and competence. He then moved against local vice lords, ridding Naga of gambling and smut. Next, he relocated the bus and jeepney terminals outside the city center, ending gridlock and spurring new enterprises at the city's edge. In partnership with business, he revitalized Naga's economy. Public revenues rose and by 1990 Naga was a first-class city again. Robredo's constituents took heart and reelected him.
Spurning bodyguards, Robredo moved freely among the people. By enlisting the support and active assistance of Naga's NGOs and citizens, he improved public services dramatically. He established day-care centers in each of Naga's twenty-seven districts and added five new high schools. He built a public hospital for low-income citizens. He set up a dependable twenty-four-hour emergency service. He constructed a network of farm-to-market roads and provided clean and reliable water systems in Naga's rural communities. He launched programs for youth, farmers, laborers, women, the elderly, and the handicapped -- drawing thousands into civic action in the process. No civic deed was too small, he told the people, including the simple act of reporting a broken street lamp. He sometimes swept the streets himself.
Consistently, Robredo prioritized the needs of the poor. Through his Kaantabay sa Kauswagan (Partners in Development) program, over forty-five hundred once-homeless families moved to home-lots of their own. They became part of Naga's revival. So did a revitalized city government. Applying techniques from business, Robredo raised performance, productivity, and morale among city employees. As a culture of excellence overtook the culture of mediocrity at City Hall, Naga's businesses doubled and local revenues rose by 573 percent.
Reelected without opposition in 1995, Robredo urged the Naga City Council to enact a unique Empowerment Ordinance. This created a People's Council to institutionalize the participation of NGOs and people's organizations in all future municipal deliberations. When obliged by law to step down after his third term, the popular Robredo made no effort to entrench his family. His advice to would-be leaders? "You have to have credibility." (By S M B)

Comment: Mr. Jesse Robredo should be World Mayor 2010 as he is a sincere and performing public servant. He was a recipient of many awards in our country that recognizes his accomplishments in public service. (By Noli)

Comment: Mayor Jesse Robredo has made Naga City one of the most improved cities in the Philippines, even in Asia. He deserves much more than this recognition. (By Rosella M)

Comment: Mayor Robredo demonstrated strong political will in running the local government of Naga City. One example is the successful working experience with the city as a pilot local government unit of the Valuation Component of the Land Administration & Management Project Phase 2 (LAMP 2), with the general objective of alleviating poverty thru improved land tenure and valuation system. Specifically, LAMP 2 Valuation Component aimed to improve local government units' land and real property valuation as basis for real property tax which is a major local own source revenue. Under Mayor Robredo's leadership, real property valuation in Naga City was updated and harmonized with the valuation made by the national government, as basis for taxes on real property and related transactions. This means that correct valuation by the application of a uniform standards in valuation and a single valuation base to improve real property tax could be done if the local chief executive has str
ong political will to undertake needed reforms which Mayor Robredo demonstrated in Naga City. So, this success experience of Naga City is something that other local government units can replicate. With improved real property tax collection, local governments will have a means to fund decentralized functions and enjoy genuine local autonomy which Mayor Robredo is a strong advocate of. Local government units particularly local finance and local revenue generation, being my passion,this is my battelcy: "More Mayor Robredos in the Philippines!!!!!" (By Ching A)

Comment: Here is a Mayor who answers every call and text personally. he has no cordon sanitaire, humbles himself by going around without any bodyguards, and is a simple servant. (By Jack N)

Comment: He is the best choice for The World Mayor 2010 because of his accomplishments as a mayor of Naga and his contribution the betterment of his country, The Philippines. (By Eliseo P F)

Comment: This young and dynamic public servant has turned a virtually unknown city into one of the country's premier tourist destinations. Under his leadership, Naga has properly incorporated progress with environmental awareness. As a testament to his great leadership, the new President of the Republic has just appointed Mayor Robredo as Secretary of the Interior and Local Government. (By Iris D-L)

Comment: I choose mayor jesse robredo as one of the best mayor because he is dedicated in doing his job, serving his constituent...I'm one of his constituent. I was 12y/o when my father and i moved in the place where he is mayor then..actually, he was one of the youngest mayor in the country at that time..i always saw him at the street walking sometimes without bodyguard...he always used to go to a barangay and be a guest speaker and sometimes he is giving awards to the winner in sport activities that he conducted (actually,i received 2 yrs consecutive awards as MVP in a volleyball competition and he is the one personally give it to me during ceremony).i saw him jump into a flooded water and help his contituent and shovel the blocked drainage(our hometown is prone to flood esp in low areas and we are always hit by typhoon and flood)he is always there to help those in need. then, when i already got married i introduced my husband to our mayor in a picture because my husband is from other province far from naga time my husband invited a friend from his province to come to visit us in naga city for christmas holiday. my husband and his friend went outside for christmas shopping then he saw our mayor carrying his daughter in a crowded street bargaining to a vendor selling fruits, firework etc..then my husband friend was amazed because he didnt expect to see local authority in public areas without bodyguard. when nowadays you can't hardly see a mayor wearing sneakers in public places during saturday or sunday. He is very down to earth, approachable, and a very simple person. that his trend. he proved himself to as an effective leader and ecomist. He has lot of projects for the local community and also lots of investors coming in from other country to support the city..i willsupport him even if im outside the country. (By Maria C G)

Comment: Mr. Robredo's programs as Mayor of Naga City,has given his constituents better life and improved their living standards. Naga City has also become one of the premier cities of the Bicol region, even becoming a model city for the whole world. (By Ding S Almonte)

Comment: Hope the postive changes he has done as a Mayor in Naga City can be done at the national level since he is now in charge of the Department of Interior and Local Government. He is our champion in social accountability, transparent and participatory governance. (By Mary Jane R H)

Comment: He made a difference on governance . . . this is very important especially for a corruption-ridden government such as ours. This is all because he gave such hope that an efficient and principled performance is still possible (at least in our case) (By Edgar G V)

Comment: Jesse Robredo is currently our country's DILG secretary as appointed by our new president Noynoy Aquino. I believe in Aquino's platform & I applaude Mayor Jesse's efforts to improve Naga City. (By Jennifer A)

Comment: Jesse Robredo is a good mayor.done great job in his home town .work seriously ,not corrupt can be trusted.(maniwala kayo)believe me.try going to naga city to see it for your self (By Enrique Ramon M C)

Comment: As a Nagueno, I've seen the growth of Naga City under the continuous leadership of our dear mayor. A very God fearing, honest and humble mayor who you'll see manually cleaning up streets, helping in the traffic and riding the rescue truck on his rubber slippers and shorts during typhoons (as we are frequented by typhoons). You'll see him doing his wet market chores for his family while checking his market peoples' conditions and speaking with them. A mayor who is very approachable, not flocked by security escorts so that people can easily mingle with him, and you'll see him walking around the city with a very energetic smile. Come to our city, and you'll know how this mayor is so much loved by his people. (By Spren F R)

Comment: Naga City has been one of the the most successful city in the Philippines today. With the leadership of Mayor Robredo, it has come a long way from a 3rd class to 1st class city. (By Dave B)

Comment: An honest, responsible, dedicated and effective leader who is creative, young and vibrant is what the world needs like Jesse Robredo. (By Leticia M B)

Comment: Being a Filipino, I want him to be the World Mayor Winner because I know that having a Filipino heart is an honor... he's also an honest person. As a mayor, he must be a good citizen. And he is! (By Jay-Ar)

Comment: Sec. Jess Robredo is someone with integrity, who listens with empathy but can give an opinion or take action, fair, and flexible but can stand by his decision when needed. (By Dolly)

Comment: In 2005,The Bicol Association of Metropolitan Washington DC, the Philippine Medical Associations of Chicago and Washington DC conducted a successful medical-surgical mission to Naga City by volunteer Philippine American surgeons with different specilaties, Physicians and Dentists that resulted in treating 6,125 indigent patients in five days. Mayor Robredo welcomed the services of the 113 volunteers; together with the City Government Staff planned and executed the biggest mission effort in the city. The hands on participation and assurance he projected to his constituents resulted in patients waiting their turns with patience, despite the hot weather condtion. He is credited for making the city what it is today, a successful vibrant business city. I met him in Washington DC where I reside many years ago and followed his rise as a loved mayor of Naga City. He is still serving the City that he loves. (By C L R)

Comment: He deserves the award. It's high time to give due recognition for public servant like mayor jesse robredo. (By Malou P)

Comment: Mayor Robredo pioneered the local governance model of a 'People's Council'. It is a multi-sectoral group which is composed of representatives from all sectors of the city: businessmen, public utility drivers, government employees, private and public schools students, etc. The Naga City People's Council is an active body in the city's legislature and empowers the city's constituents. (By Jun T)

Comment: He made great improvements in areas like socio-economic, peace and order in the region, Tourism industry and cultural heritage. And most of all Bicolanos are so proud of him as one of the best mayors of the Philippines. (By Jose L)

Comment: Jesse Robredo is a God fearing, clean and straight mayor. He had a done a lot of good projects in his city. (By Jojie de L S)

Comment: Of course, we want our fellow Filipino to win as world mayor. (By Thele F)

World Mayor

The City Mayors Foundation, the international think tank on urban affairs, organises the World Mayor Project and awards the World Mayor Prize. The Prize, which has been given since 2004, honours mayors with the vision, passion and skills to make their cities incredible places to live in, work in and visit. The World Mayor Project aims to show what outstanding mayors can achieve and raise their profiles nationally and internationally. Mayors wishing to be considered for the Prize are asked to sign up to the City Mayors Code of Ethics.

The organisers of the World Mayor Project are looking for city leaders who excel in qualities like: leadership and vision, management abilities and integrity, social and economic awareness, ability to provide security and to protect the environment as well as the will and ability to foster good relations between communities from different cultural, racial and social backgrounds. Winners receive the World Mayor Prize, while the first and second runners-up receive the World Mayor Commendation.

Winners and runners-up
2004 to 2010:

In 2004: Winner: Edi Rama (Tirana); Runner-up: Andrés Manuel López Obrador (Mexico City}; In third place - Walter Veltroni (Rome)
In 2005: Winner – Dora Bakoyannis (Athens); Runner-up - Hazel McCallion (Mississauga); In third place - Alvaro Arzú (Guatemala City)
In 2006: Winner – John So (Melbourne); Runner up – Job Cohen (Amsterdam); In third place - Stephen Reed (Harrisburg)
In 2008: Winner – Helen Zille (Cape Town); Runner up - Elmar Ledergerber (Zurich); In third place - Leopoldo López (Chacao)
In 2010: Winner - Marcelo Ebrard (Mexico City); First runner-up - Mick Cornett (Oklahoma City); Second runner-up - Domenico Lucano (Riace)