Dianne Watts, Mayor of Surrey, was awarded 4th place in World Mayor 2010

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Comments in support of
Dianne Watts
Mayor of Surrey, BC (Canada)

The finalists for the 2010 World Mayor Prize were chosen on the number of nominations received and, more importantly, on the persuasiveness and conviction of supporting statements. Below we publish a representative selection of comments received about Dianne Watts Mayor of Surrey, BC, Canada.

Comment: As City Manager for the City of Port Moody and author of Time for Cities, an advocacy book for a better deal for cities in Canada and world-wide, I believe Surrey's Mayor Diane Watts is a calm and resolute leader. She is an effective builder of partnerships. Her collaborative style allows her to extend her reach well beyond her city and produce tangible results for the entire region. (By Gaeton R)

Comment: She has taken a struggling town and transformed it into a beautiful new city. (By Justin F)

Comment: When Dianne Watts came on as Mayor, the City of Surrey had a less than desirable reputation and a global stigma as a run down drug infested city, certainly not a desireable place to live. I saw this first hand as a resident of the city for 2 years.
In her time as Mayor she has instituted several policies which has removed a lot of the drug activity from the city and championed a rebuilding of the city's centre bringing in both new commercial and residential developments. The City is now enjoying unprecedented growth as more people look to Surrey as a nice affordable place to live while businesses look at Surrey as a point of commerce centralized in the Lower Mainland. Also, Mayor Watts has spent much of her time bringing together the different cultures that make up the City of Surrey, specifically the South Asian community which accounts for 27% of the population. The entire city now embraces the annual Viasakhi parade and festival. The city's Cloverdale Rodeo and Country Fair, one of the largest events of its kind in North America became the first to include a South Asian Festival as part of its entertainment welcoming Bhangra performers from around the world. The "Desi Mela" as it was called welcomed thousands of South Asian Residents to the Fair for the first time in it's 121 year history further strengthing the bond of the entire community.
For he strong will, countless achievementsand her sheer ability to accomplish an almost insurmountable list of challenges face the City of Surrey, I believe Dianne Watts is the World's best mayor. (By Darren G)

Comment: Mayor Watts has transformed our city. Her consensus building approach to civic government has allowed Surrey to emerge as a leader in municipal government in British Columbia. (By Liz H)

Comment: I live in the community that Diane Watts has created in the last few years. She has really worked hard to make Surrey BC a place that is enjoyable to all citizens and still has so many FREE events that a community requires. She really deserves that title but we know it comes down to votes. Go Diane. (By Claude H)

Comment: I grew up in Surrey and when a I experienced a dangerous encounter I moved out of Surrey faster then lightening. I did not look back. I have been living in a different municipality for 15+ years now. 5 months ago, I accepted a position working in the City Hall for Mayor Watts and am proud to say so. I also moved back to this city because I feel she has done a wonderful job making Surrey more safe, inviting and it truly will be the where the future lies. Congrats Madame Mayor Watts... Good Luck! (By Michelle)

Comment: Mayor Watts is an excellent representation of what all politicians should be like. Whether it's developing a crime reduction strateg, a Townshift Competition, a homelessness strategy, economic stimulus strategy or taking time out of her hectic schedule on a regular basis to visit elementary schools to read or speak with children. She does it from the heart. (By Judy M)

Comment: Diane Watts is an amazing person. She has single handedly changed the way people do things in Surrey. She has brought the crime rate down and she continously supports all races. (By Rodney N)

Comment: Dianne has had to make some difficult decision, because her city is so diverse. She a great example of a Canadian who sometimes has to take a stand to make multiculturalism work. (By Nita S N)

Comment: I live in the City of Surrey it was where I raised my kids at that time we had nothing for kids and families to do that didn't cost alot that most could not afford. I moved away and came back 3 years ago to a new Surrey with a new Mayor Dianne Watts. It was a totally different place Mayor Watts has made this city a family city with affordable events for struggling families. She celebrates the diversity of it's citizens and promotes harmony in it's diversity. She has made major leaps forward in thwarting the previous drug problem, has made massive improvements in the area of crime and has been instrumental in creating a thriving city attracting business and urban growth every where you look. People are now holding up their headds and are showing pride in their home town. This is truly new!Dianne is building a state of the art library and cultural center in the heart of our city. She has made Surrey first as her priority despite the calling of Provincial and Federal governments trying to whow her away for they recognise her a winner in her! She stands stead fast and continues to make Surrey her priority. She is indeed the world best Mayor by far!!! (By S S)

Comment: Dianne Watts has been active in our community for many years. I have followed our City Council's activities for more than 20 years, and we have had many competent people, but none with the vision & drive to make our City a better place, both to live and do business. Beyond her competence & capability, she is very friendly & personable - very willing to talk to anybody in her constituency, about anything that will improve her City. I have talked to many Staff members, through my association with our Union, and they all agree that she has been a very inspiring leader. (By Jay C)

Comment: Dianne has shown true leadership and has developed a sense of collaboration on council. She is willing to listen to new ideas and explore them rather than simply imposing her own views on decisions. Her efforts and the current city council's on improving the quality of life and working on establishing a "downtown" for Surrey are admirable. (By G S)

Comment: I've never met Mayor Watts and can only use what the stories say and the progressive changes she's made in the city as a barometer. I'm sure she's just a normal person, but sometimes it's hard to believe. I can't recall one person making such a difference in such a short period of time. When she came in to office she wasn't wanted by the powers as she stood in their way to personal profits, she stood for truth, selflessness and positive change, needless to say she did not fit in. She's since vanquished her foes and stands strong in front of a united council. Together they've taken a city known for shoddy development standards, drugs, prostitution and crime and have steered it in a progressive direction. The downtown core is developing in to a bustling metropolis, new parks are being created, programs have been put in place to deal with drugs and homelessness. Although she will be wooed for higher positions, she's stated she will not waiver from her stance until her job is done. She's faced much pressure but unlike her predecessors she's been able to stand up to special interest groups for the sole cause of doing what's right. This is a politician who has a higher moral code of conduct than not only other politicians but most other humans. Surrey residents can sleep in peace, for when they do, they say that soothing sound they hear is our Champion's pen scratching away late at night working toward a better Surrey for all of us. (By Rob)

Comment: I have lived and worked in Surrey my entire life and appreciate the collaborative approach that she has brought to City Hall. She is passionate about business but also has been very supportive of the social issues in our city, especially the issues around mental health and homelessness. (By TD)

Comment: Mayor Watts has shown true leadership not only to her own community of Surrey but to Metro Vancouver - she is able to advance new ideas and develop consensus on difficult issues including planning, crime, economic and social development, which have greatly improved the quality of life for her community and initiate a dramatic improvement in its reputation. (By Mary C)

Comment: Mayor Watts is a Great Mayor. This wonderful Woman knows how to address problems in a civilized manner without favouritism. She has the ability to think outside the box with inuative solutions and is welcoming to all, residents as well as business. Thank you for the opportunity to vote. (By Elsie D)

Comment: Dianne is true visionary. Her thoughts and actions on land use planning and transportation will have a significant impact on the future of our region. I have heard her speak several times and have been repeatedly impressed with her. She is articulate and passionate - and a strong role model for women everywhere. (By JNP)

Comment: As a former resident of Surrey, I recall many years of fractious, polarized, politicized politics at the municipal level. As a continuing director of a large social agency, I was often frustrated by the apparent lack of empathy and even understanding of the social determinants of health. Mayor Watts has been a breath of fresh air in both areas. She knots together the disparate elements in surrey so they now focus on the best interests of the community as a whole rather than their political agendas (at least most of the time...) She is down home and down to earth, with a clear vision that she articulates clearly so people understand and are eager to get on board. And to top it all off, she's personally likeable. She definitely deserves this honour. (By Lindelu)

Comment: I've lived in Surrey for 6 years and have seen the changes for myself. Surrey used to be the butt of many jokes, it is now a City of safety, fun, growth of residential, commercial and educational institutes including SFU (Simon Fraser University) campus. I love living in Surrey and Mayor Watts has all the qualities of a great mayor and surrounds herself with talented, responsible and hardworking people. Surrey is going to be the new home of the RCMP. (By Camkid)

Comment: I have had the pleasure of working with Dianne when she was a councilor and have watched her progression since becoming the Mayor of Surrey. Her first thoughts have always been what is best for the welfare for the citizens of Surrey and how best can the Office of the Mayor best achieve this through infrastructure, jobs and quality of life. What Dianne has achieved in Surrey and how she has turned the image of Surrey around makes her a very worthwhile recipient of being named the World Wide Mayor for 2010. (By Kent J)

Comment: Mayor Watts is an amazing public speaker, has created a vision for the future, for the City of Surrey to live into. She has created Surrey as the place for businesses to invest. She did an awesome job working alongside of the City of Vancouver to bring the Olympics to the City of Surrey. She is dynamic, classy and is a powerful leader. Surrey is fortunate to have her as our mayor!! (By Tina F)

Dianne Watts is a responsive, responsible leader of the City of Surrey, British Columbia. She has encouraged a new area of quality building, taken a firm stand on reducing drug trafficking and crime, is building a new, memorable City Centre including a new library and City Hall beside the new branch of the Simon Fraser University. The buildings are iconic in design and practical planning in location. With a very heavy work schedule in this, one of the fastest growing cities in Canada, she still attends and supports charitable and cultural functions and is not afraid to speak her mind on controversial issues. A fantastic mayor! (By Mary B)

Comment: Mayor Watts is probaby and arguably the best mayor not only in BC but the entire Canada. Unlike other mayors across Canada, she has been able to successfuly manage the fastest growing and most diverse city in British Colombia (and Canada), especially with a hostile and inattentive Provincial government.
She has successfully reduced the crime rate in her tenure; increased active living by fighting for the provision of sports arena and parks; Surrey, BC has attracts a large part of the immigrats that make British Columbia their new home. The success rate for the professionals who move to Surrey to find employment in their fields has also been one of the highest in the Lower Mainland.
Hands down Mayor Watts Rocks! (By Abdifatah)

Comment: Mayor Watts has done so much to improve Surrey - you just have to drive around to see the improvements. She is foreward thinking and gets things done. I am proud to be a resident of Surrey and feel secure with Mayor Watts and her team at the helm. (By Joan)

Comment: Mayor Watts is providing strong leadership and vision for the city of Surrey and for the entire Metro Vancouver region. Since taking office she has implemented many important new policies including the City‚s Crime Reduction Strategy and Sustainability Charter. As well, her economic development policies are bold and innovative and are attracting investment and creating jobs throughout the region.
She has been instrumental in the renewal of Surrey and creating a business-friendly, non-partisan, open and transparent City Hall. But, perhaps what sets her apart from other politicians is her ability to bring together the community and other levels of government in order to get the job done. She listens and she acts. She doesn‚t just think of the needs of today, but is planning for the future.
I think British Columbia, Canada and the world would be better off if more politicians emulated her brand of leadership. (By L F)

Comment: She is a visionery and follows up with implementation. A rare combination these days. (By Dr V S P)

Comment: During Dianne's first term, she had to win over councillors from an opposing party. Initially they treated her very badly - locking her out of her position on the Greater Vancouver Regional District, but eventually she won them over and now the entire council works together and have accomplished some tremendous things. Accomplishments to date include things such as beating back the influx of marijuana grow-ups using an innovative approach to the problem; fighting the regional district for better public transit; and encouraging development in Surrey's seediest district to the extent that our new city hall will be located in this district. She's wonderful and my hope is that she doesn't move on to provincial or federal governments. I'd hate to see her go. She's very special. (By Carol W)

Comment: Dianne has been instrumental in changing the face of animal welfare in Surrey, and by precedent, in Canada. She is responsible for banning all roping events and the steer wrestling event at the Cloverdale Rodeo. This indicates she is progressive and is willing to take some political risk. I am not a resident of Surrey but respect her lots as a resident of Port Moody and businesswoman in Vancouver. (By Rebeka B)

Comment: A real dynamo who took on the herculean challenge of revitalizing the formelry downtrodden core neighbourhood of Whalley into Surrey City Centre. Grand vision meets thoughtful action - she gets the importance of education, employment, housing and transportation in the growth of a "next-gen" city. The Lower Mainland is lucky to have Dianne leading the planning and development of one its most important municipalities. (By David B)

Comment: Mayor Watts has a vision that is very inclusive and forward thinking. Mayor Watts is very passionate in achieving that vision and ensuring the betterment in health, happiness, family, career and involvement of all of the citizens of Surrey. I admire that passion and feel that she has accomplished so much for Surrey and feel confident that our future is very exciting. Thank you for the opportunity to express gratitude to Mayor Watts. (By L A)

Comment: Since Diane has come to power, she has beautified Surrey boulevards and parks with daffodils and tulips in the spring; roses and lavender but to name a few varieties really lifts your spirits. We have an amazing Parks and Recreation Dept. second to none in the province. Surrey was always the butt of rude jokes....now we are extremely proud of our city and point out the improvements since Diane became the mayor. She is very deserving of the top award. Thank you. (By Kathleen U)

Comment: Ms Watts has taken many initiatives supporting the olympics in BC, Canada. Her municipal government has been characterized by judicious spending and she has led her council, formerly fractious, to adopt concensus. She has a focus on sustainability and is an extraordinary woman, a visionary leader. I am not a political person, just a taxpayer and citizen. Mayor Diane Watts deserves to be the recipient of your very prestigious award. (By Ian K L)

Comment: I feel that our city has grown in size, but most of all in substance to a city where pwople love to live and the city where everyone else wants to live too!! We have 1000 people per month moving to our city. Dianne Watts has been the most positive and forward thinking Mayor in our city's recent history. She is a no nonense but fair leader.Dianne is personable and accessible to all. She is GREAT mayor, dare I say, the BEST MAYOR IN THE WORLD! (By Lori B)

Comment: Dianne Watts never forgets that she is serving and representing the citizens of Surrey. She won the support of many when, as a councillor she stood up for the people against a very self serving mayor a few years ago. She cannot be bought by big developers and always considers issues from many angles before making decisions. (By May)

Comment: Dianne Watts is an outstanding, visionary and just exceptional mayor for the City of Surrey. She possess's all the qualities to take her to the top of politics in BC and Canada if she chooses to take this path. Her no-nonsense style is commendable and Surrey has been very lucky to have her at the helm. I admire her greatly and wish her the best in this competition. (By S C)

Comment: Mayor Dianne Watts is an articulate and compassionate civic leader who is tirelessly promoting her city and making wise, non-partisan decisions. She is a great bridge-builder, an effective communicator and a caring person who goes out of her way to make her city and its citizens happier, healthier and safer. A most valuable Mayor for Surrey! (By Norman)

Comment: I am not involved in politics on any level but I have watched Diane Watts as she was first a councillor and now mayor. She is approachable and she listens to the people. She is decisive. She stands up for her city. Under her leadership we have a city council that is working together for the good of the city. I am proud to call Surrey my home. (By Marg G)

Comment: I'm not involved in city politics and I don't always agree with the mayor but Dianne Watts is very well informed and well spoken. She seems to be everywhere involved in everything but shows respect for city staff and leaders within the community. She cares about the development of all aspects of the city e.g. promoting multiculturalism, parks and communication. I have not read about the other mayors nominated. if the mayor of Caracas or Mumbai are doing a great job with their more challenging situations, I would vote for them instead. I'd like to see mayors only considered if they are not involved in any corruption. (By K R)

Comment: Mayor Dianne Watts is truly a visionary and has already implemented significant steps to make Surrey the major city that cannot be ignored. She is a dynamic leader who "gets things done"! (By Jack M)

Comment: I have lived in Surrey for 36 years under a number of different mayors. Diane Watts is by far the best one I have known. Down to earth and a no nonsense type we can put our trust in and very businesslike. Full of energy and approachable by all. One very busy lady. (By Bob T)

Comment: Dianne is simply fantastic. We have the best police, fire, transportation network, social policies, industrial portfolio and are one of the fastest growing Cities in Canada. And lots of money in the bank. (By Kirk F)

Comment: Diane Watts is modern and caring about her community, dealing with matters that are important to the inhabitants of one of the fastest growing cities in Canada. Not only is she down to earth and approachable but keeps her election promises. She does not bow to convention if she feels that something is vital for Surrey. (By Jean B)

Comment: Dianne Watts is turning out to be the best mayor Surrey, B.C. has had. She is futuristic, innovative and follows through with her ideas. She does what she thinks is best for the city. She does not proceed with an idea just because it would score her points, or just because it is the "flavour of the "month. So far she has avoided the typical scandals that seem to follow most polititians, so people believe and trust in her. She has made the citizens of Surrey proud to live here. Before she became our mayor, Surrey did not have the respect of the other areas in the Lower Mainland. (By Dale & Matti T)

Comment: She has such great leadership capabilities, and has such great vison.for the city of Surrey but at the same time is so approachable.She is one in a million and I am so proud to be part of the Surrey community where she presides as Mayor. (By Elizabeth Y)

Comment: Mayor Watts has brought a new face to the City of Surrey, with her inclusion of all residents and open government our city is changing for the better. No longer are we the brunt of jokes but a city to look up to and a place that will continue to attract people and business in the future. (By Peter MacK)

Comment: Dianne Watts is moving the City of Surrey from a suburb of Vancouver into a great, modern, progressive city in its own right. She is doing this by successfully fighting the city's long crime history and by establishing a new City Centre downtown core that includes a major B.C. university, a new city hall, theatre, regional library and other public facilities. She is doing all this without being attached to any traditional political party and runs the city's affairs in a non-partisan manner. Surrey is also one of Canada's fastest-growing cities and Mayor Watts is managing that growth most effectively by meeting the challenge of today's problems while planning for her city's future. (By Brian L)

Comment: I am involved in Local Government in another jurisdiction and have watched Ms Watts' career and am truly impressed. (By Lance H)

Comment: I live in the community next to Surrey, and it has been amazing to see how she has changed Surrey into a city of the future, while still caring for the less fortunate. It is not an easy job as it is a city that is growing quickly with a diverse immigrant population. Without strong leadership, the city could have remained a city without a sense of direction. I am very involved in my community, and have contact with residents of Surrey who often sing her praises. She is well liked and respected. (By A C)

Comment: Surrey is one of the fastest growing city in North America. I guess her actions speaks more than words. People are very happy to have Dianne Watts as Surrey's mayor and the way she works and lead our city. We are in very safe hands. (By Harjinder T)

Comment: Mayor Watts has done an outstanding job of bringing the City of surrey alive and turning it from a municipality that no one wanted to say they lived in to one that everyone is very proud of. I don't live in surrey, but my Son and Daughter In Law and Grandchildren do. They love their City. All of the lower mainland of British Columbia is well aware of the good governance provided by Mayor Watts. She truly deserves this honour. (By Maureen C)

Comment: Dianne Watts has been the finest mayor the City of Surrey has ever had in the 25 years we have lived in the city. She has attracted many companies to relocate to the city and has been untiring in her efforts to develop the city into a modern and liveable place. She has been outstanding and relentless in eliminating crime through intellegent enforcement and crime prevention techniques. Dianne Watts has the qualifications and ability to be the Premier of our Province or even the Prime Minister of Canada one day. (By James G)

Comment: Growing up in Surrey was great. But it became even better once Dianne Watts became the mayor. I do miss it now that I live in Calgary, but I get to enjoy it when I come home to Surrey. (By CD)

Comment: When I lived in Surrey,even before she became mayor,Dianne Watts was always in the news and at the important places as a councilor fighting for our rights.I was soo happy when she was elected(I voted for her) Mayor because I knew she would have an even greater voice for my city.She has NEVER disappointed me.I even wrote a paper on her for a class when I attended university that compared her to SUPERMAN! (By Dale Q)

Comment: I work for the city of Surrey. Mayor Dianne L. Watts is a wonderful hard working Mayor who is dedicated to the best interests of the people, the City of Surrey, its communities, and the overall best for the region and Province. (By Hildegunn D)

Comment: Mayor Watts has turned Surrey, BC Canada into one of the finest communities in North America. She has great vision and has addressed issues such as how to deal with and stop the grow ops of marijuana in Surrey. She is a very progressive mayor and she is constantly attending community functions and is very accessible to the residents of Surrey. She is doing an excellent job of governing our community. (By Lorraine J L)

Comment: Mayor Watts is very approachable and is able to balance the demands and responsibilites of being Mayor in one of only two cities in Canada with a positive population growth. Also, as Surrey BC is one of the most ethnically diverse cities in North America, I believe her success associated with her strong abilitiy to acknowledge ethinc diversity within a unified community. (By Bill W)

Comment: Ms. Watts has taken our city into a new era of diversity and modernizing it along with its growing population and making it a place for companies to build their business economically. Thereby providing a diverse tax base to support its infrastructure. This is a city I feel content will be able to smoothly grow with its expanding role because of Ms. Watts leadership at the helm. (By Shelley M)

Comment: I know Dianne personally - she definitely deserves this recognition. I live in the adjoining City of White Rock, however, I use many of the services of Surrey, and lived their for 12 years prior to moving to my present home. (By Brian E B)

Comment: I have had the privelege of being in meetings with Dianne, and to have seen and heard her many times in public. I have found her to be:
- incredibly insightful and capable
- an excellent concensus builder (the tone of city council over the last few years provides a good example here)
- an excellent statesperson for our city
- passionate about doing her job well
- a good team leader and player.
She has a very difficult job given our city is large from a geographic standpoint, growing so quickly and diverse from a variety of perspectives. She has proven through the years she can get important things accomplished. (By Dan E)

Comment: Mayor Watts has done more to promote and improve Surrey in the short time she's been in office than any other mayor of this or any other city in my recent memory-- she serves with dignity and sensivity for her office and the people of the community , and makes her decisions for the community with wisdom and care. (By Donna)

Comment: Dianne Watts is a proactive, dedicated and hard working mayor that has made many significant improvements, implemented innovative new projects and revitalized the City of Surrey. Her leadership style and evolved stance on important issues around humanity, diversity and equality identify her as an outstanding role model in our community. Dianne shines with a kind of beauty that comes from both inside and out. (By Thomas D)

Comment: Ms Watts has shown a strength which is rare since taking office, aggressively attacking issues and dealing with them in a very progressive way and making Surrey a much better place to live and at the same time dealing effectively with a tremendous rate of growth - WOW what she could do as PM of Canada mind blowing to consider. I live in the next town and many of the facilities I use are in her city. (Maria P)

Comment: I have worked for the City of Surrey through three mayors. I have never seen a mayor garner such respect in the news media, speak so clearly on issues, be so present during conversations, and follow up so consistently with real action. Dianne Watts does not waste time with empty promises. She is a leader who ensures that action follows words. (By Jennifer)

Comment: Ms. Watts takes the time to listen to her people. When I first moved in to my house in Surrey (from another area outside of Surrey), I run into some water-related problems with our builder (developer) and the City of Surrey. My boss suggested that I write to Ms Watts for help. Eventhough I was skeptical (as I thought she would not be bothered with such "small" issue), I wrote to her. To my (pleasant) surprise, she looked into my complaint and even wrote to me to update me on the actions being taken. The matter was resolved swiftly. I was deeply touched and this marks the start of my great admiration from Ms. Watts - a visionary leader, strategic thinker as well as an individual who does not lose sight of the plight of her citizens. From the bottom of my heart - you truly deserve this award, Ms. Watts! (By L W B)

Comment: Since Mayor Dianne Watts took office there has been a rebirth of Surrey. Several capital projects have been completed or are in progress to clean up areas like Whalley that were in decay. Better shops, more jobs, less crime, fewer sleazy joints and even new names on streets are the order of the day. (By Austin)

Comment: She is really outstanding. I don't live in Surrey,but just 45minutes out side of SURREY.I have never heard of a Mayor that has put so much efforts and thought for the betterment of her comunity .She is also very visable.Never rushed always friendly. Every thing that is good that is Diane . (By Sabine M)

Comment: Mayor Watts is truly dedicated to making our city someplace proud to call "home". Our family moved here in 1987 from the Shuswap and we were almost embarrassed to tell people we lived in Surrey because of it's bad reputation. Now look at our city!!! Surrey is on the world map since the Olympics which Mayor Watts did an excellent job of promoting. Good luck to her ! (By Adele F)

Comment: I have lived in North Surrey for 42 years and have noticed the most improvements in Surrey since Mayor Watts has been in power. The improvements are for all standards and walks of life, for us all to enjoy. It gives me pride to say I live in Surrey. Thank you Mayor Watts. (By Bruce K)

Comment: Dianne has and is serving our community well bringing honesty and integrity back into our local government. She is not afraid to think outside the box and consider, try and implement new ideas. (By Ron S)

Comment: I moved to Surrey with my family over 50 years ago. For many years, Surrey was the butt of cruel jokes about our crime rate, countrified living, etc. but Dianne Watts changed all of that with her inovated crime fighting and emphasis on business and control of taxes. now this is a great place to live! (By HDH)

Comment: When elected, Ms. Watts had the entire concil out to destroy her but within days she had them fully cooperating. Her ability to collaberate as well as promoting economic developement without sacrificing homelessness in Surrey is outstanding. She is admired outside her city to such a point that forces are hoping she will move to run for premier of British Columbia. (By J M de W)

Comment: Mayor Watts has proven to be a fair and progressive Mayor. We have a fast growing City that has been a challenge however our Mayor was undaunted and continues to work hard to make the City one of the best communities to live in. (By Jocelyne C)

Comment: You wont find a more dedicated, compassionate, visionary leader than Mayor Dianne Watts. Her achievements deserve world recognition! (By Carolyn G)

Comment: Dianne Watts is the only mayor that I am aware off who is totally dedicated to her city and the people that live their. She is honest, hard working and trustworthy, her word is her bond. (By John W)

Comment: She has bought balance and harmony to Surrey, British Columbia. She has worked tirelessly to raise Surrey to a new and desirable place to live, by balanced planning and a view to the future which was lacking from past Mayors. (By Chris W)

Comment: As a small business owner I do impressed and apreciated her caring on business and economic growth and her vision for our city.
I also enjoying better public safety. (By Fintastic)

Comment: Dianne Watts is a "poster" politician who I admire in that she can communicate without the shouting and rude behaviour many politician's adopt. I can therefore listen to what she is actually saying rather than being distracted by the disrespectful and childish behaviour of the majority of politicians. She gives her all to make Surrey a good place to live. (By CC)

Comment: Dianne Watts, like Mississauga Mayor Hazel McCallion, understands that business growth is necessary tomake a city a desirable community. Social ills do no flourish in vibrant local economy. (By James K T)

Comment: Diane Watts is very very passionate of the citizens of Surrey. She is progressive and open to new ideas from every aspect of the City. She is dedicated to the people of Surrey which reflects on her resume of being the chair for the Public Safety team before she was Mayor. (By John D M)

Comments: The mayor's no-nonsence approach has dramatically reduced crime levels in our neighborhood. (By Gary H)

Comment: She has a heart of gold and convincingly puts the interest of the city of Surrey before her own. Her political aspirations and affiliations do not violate the ethics the citizens are yearning for in politicians of late. (By Spiro P)

Comment: Dian e Watts took over Surrey BC at a time when the place was getting bad crackheads running around crime. She has turned the place around and has made Surrey BC a livable place to live. (By L W)

Comment: Dianne Watts holds true to her beliefs which has benefited Surrey by allowing voters to trust in their city management. She shows empathy to those in need and uses her leadership to make Surrey an awesome place to live. (By Sandra D)

Comment: I live in the City of Surrey and have had the opportunity to benefit from somes of the great changes she has made. She is a hands on mayor who very dedicated to her fellow citizens. (By Margaret D)

World Mayor

The City Mayors Foundation, the international think tank on urban affairs, organises the World Mayor Project and awards the World Mayor Prize. The Prize, which has been given since 2004, honours mayors with the vision, passion and skills to make their cities incredible places to live in, work in and visit. The World Mayor Project aims to show what outstanding mayors can achieve and raise their profiles nationally and internationally. Mayors wishing to be considered for the Prize are asked to sign up to the City Mayors Code of Ethics.

The organisers of the World Mayor Project are looking for city leaders who excel in qualities like: leadership and vision, management abilities and integrity, social and economic awareness, ability to provide security and to protect the environment as well as the will and ability to foster good relations between communities from different cultural, racial and social backgrounds. Winners receive the World Mayor Prize, while the first and second runners-up receive the World Mayor Commendation.

Winners and runners-up
2004 to 2010:

In 2004: Winner: Edi Rama (Tirana); Runner-up: Andrés Manuel López Obrador (Mexico City}; In third place - Walter Veltroni (Rome)
In 2005: Winner – Dora Bakoyannis (Athens); Runner-up - Hazel McCallion (Mississauga); In third place - Alvaro Arzú (Guatemala City)
In 2006: Winner – John So (Melbourne); Runner up – Job Cohen (Amsterdam); In third place - Stephen Reed (Harrisburg)
In 2008: Winner – Helen Zille (Cape Town); Runner up - Elmar Ledergerber (Zurich); In third place - Leopoldo López (Chacao)
In 2010: Winner - Marcelo Ebrard (Mexico City); First runner-up - Mick Cornett (Oklahoma City); Second runner-up - Domenico Lucano (Riace)