Edgardo Pamintuan, Mayor of Angeles City, Philippines

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Testimonials for
Edgardo Pamintuan
Mayor of Angeles City (Philippines)

The winner and runner-ups of World Mayor 2012 will be chosen based on the number of nominations in relation to the size of their cities and, more importantly, on the persuasiveness and conviction of testimonials received during this year's World Mayor Project. Below we publish a selection of comments received to date about WM nominee Edgardo Pamintuan, Mayor of Angeles City, Philippines. Mayor Pamintuan has signed up to the City Mayors Code of Ethics.

Comment: Mayor Ed Pamintuan has all the qualities of a true leader worth emulating.He is very kind and truly cares to his peolpe.He is the only Mayor in the city who made all the improvements for the city for the benefits of his people to have a good life, not for his own interest.Mayor Ed is role model, as one of the leader in the country,he have done so many things and serve the country for many years.He is not only a leader, but a father, husband, brother, and a friend that you can lean on.I vote for him because he deserve to it! (By Rossen G, Philippines)

Comment: He is a good mayor for he made the city of Angeles progressive in terms of income and services. Transparent, service oriented, and dedicated. (By Alma N L, Philippines)

Comment: I vote for Mayor Ed because he was able to establish a city college in which no other mayor did in his first term. with the city college opening this October the people of Angeles City can now afford to send their children in college at a very low cost. (By Kotz, Angeles City)

Comment: During his first term as a mayor Angeles City won the most cleanest City in the Philippines and I could say that he is a good mayor because if you could see Angeles City now there are so many improvements especially in the city hall and in the public market. (By Wilfredo V P, Philippines)

Comment: We used to be in the USAF and lived in Angeles City. We visit the city every 5 yeras bec we have closed friends that live there. angeles City is so clean and progressive. we just visited last week. (By Brenda, Outside Philippines)

Comment: He is only mayor in many decades to bring back cleanliness and order in the old public market. it is where the real taxpayers and their businesses can be seen now. sidewalks restored to their use for people to walk instead of vendors who took over streets for long long time.
He removed garbage on the streets which is very dirty , not healthy for people walking every day. he is the mayor who stood up for the trees when no one mayor of pampanga stood for trees with the save the trees group fighting for more than 50 years old trees along our roads. Not like mayor of san fernando who signed the killing of trees in his city. he is action mayor, He do jobs like shoveling in riverbanks, leading garbage cleaning of creeks. he is good example instead of just talking and telling. he will do it first. (By Beth P, Angeles City)

Comment: I am so impressed by the recent events in our city. Angeles City luckily was not hit ny extreme flooding unlike our nearby towns and municipalities in Pampanga. For the past months, as chronicled in Mayor Ed's activities, he with thousands volunteers, planted 200,000 trees and cleaned Sapang Balen creek, cleaned major drainages, etc..I realized, all of these where in preparation just in case, flooding, storms will come in rainy seasons such as this!!! Yesterday, San Fernando and Masantol mayors called Mayor Ed's help as our beloved city will be hosting shelters for evacuees and victims of flooding in those cities. Yesterday too, as oraginized by Mayor Ed, different organizations in our city and volunteers had a telethon and major schools here in Angeles City went to San Fernando City to donate relief goods...So proud of our mayor job well done and the spirit of goodwill by our people inspired to help other people in need!!! Bravo!! (By Marites T G, Angles City)

Comment: I choose Mayor Edgardo D. Pamintuan for WOLRDMAYOR, we can rely on him whatever disaster that come to our city, he will be there to give hope and strength that we can overcome our hopelessness. He is what we call the working mayor for you can see him everywhere in the city.I salute him for his dedication. (By Remedios T, Angeles City)

Comment: The local govnt released the top 10 Highly Urbanized city and Angeles City ranked number 6, all over the Philippines. Our province, Pampanga where Angeles City is located, this is truly a big accomplishment. It even bested the former capital of the Phil which is Quezon City, rank 7. (By Marites T G, Angeles City)

Comment: Mayor Pamintuan made Angeles City prosperous, clean,and currently he is building City high school! Crime rate is down. He opened a dialysis dept at the city public Hosp. - from donated dialysis units! He restored trust among the Angelenos! HARDWORKING MAYOR!! (By Osca O, Angeles City)

Comment: I vote for Mayor Edgardo D. Pamintuan as WORLD MAYOR. I still remember almost 20 years ago when it was his first term Mayor and I was in high school, he empowered and fully supported our soccer team who represented the City in the regional up to the National Meets. Without the political and financial support probably I did not achieved what I have achieved in the field of sports. Likewise, I am sure that the same sentiment my fellow student athletes then supports him as World Mayor. Now that I am a professional and can independently choose my bet for Mayor, I vote for him for he has again strengthened the economic, political, and peace and order among his constituent. He has again brought back the trust and confidence of the Angelenos to the local leaders. I am hoping that in this short essay I am writing it will earn him World Mayor award for he deserves nothing less for his dedication and love of his City and constituents. (By Jerome D S, Angeles City)

Comment: I am Gerald, a 17-year old college student from Angeles City, Philippines. Mr. Edgardo Pamintuan, our city mayor, deserves the World Mayor Prize. I have witnessed his hard-work and dedication to serve his fellowmen. His passion to public service has contributed to the betterment of our city. He knows the needs of his fellowmen and he never failed to provide all these needs. Livelihood programs for the poor, health care programs, scholarship grants for the youth, provision of much needed educational equipments, renovation/improvement of infrastructures/highways and programs for the environment; these are just some of the noble accomplishments of our mayor. I am hoping that his loyalty and dedication will be rewarded by considering him as the winner of this prestigious contest. (By Gerald O M, Angeles City)

Comment: Mayor Ed, karapat dapat kayung mapiling "World Mayor" uling pauli ning dedikasyun yu keng obra yu....keng pamaglasakit yu kreng Angelenos...maragul ing progresu ning siudad tamu...amu pin...Abe-abe, saup-saup...king pamanyulung ning siudad tamu para ihilera kreng progresibung siyudad buong mundo. Mabuhay ka Mayor Ed Pamintuan! Mabuhay! (Angeles City)

Comment: I voted for a Filipino Mayor because He deserves it. With a country that is full of political and moral issues, Mayor Pamintuan is among the stand out mayors that are highly commendable and great leader. He works with dignity and the people is with him. He is one of this country's pride. (By Rey L, Philippines)

Comment: Congrats puh mayor ed pam!! agyu tamu puh tlagah patse ABE-ABE! SLAMAT rin puh telakad ye ing skul mi now CCA! OR CITY COLLEGE OF ANGELES..Sana puh mayambut kau..!thumbs up! (By Bryan G, Angeles City)

Comment: I am one of his city councilors and can attest to his diligence and dedication. he's very workaholic and really hardworking. pushing everyone working for the local gov't unit to do & exhibit the same. (By Marang M, Angeles City)

Comment: I chose Mayor Pamintuan of Angeles City Philippines because of his dedication as our Mayor and his perseverance to lead the city. He is not corrupt and really tries his best to approach different people around him. He also help us when Mt. Pinatubo exploded last 1992. He really deserve to have the reward. His action and deeds is very world class and hospitable. I am studying in Angeles University Foundation which is in Angeles City. Thank you! God bless Philippines. (By Jonas C, Philippines)

Comment: The city mayor has also encouraged various sectors of the city to take part in the sustenance of the environmental resources of Angeles through initiative programs such as Task Force: One Million Trees and Sagip Sapang Balen.Mayor Edgardo Pamintuan has also inked several pacts with different organizations, like Mother Earth Foundation Inc., with concern to environmental management of solid wastes that encourages the city‚s 33 barangays to build their respective Material Recovery Facility (MRF) to lessen waste and gain income for their villages through re-use of recyclable materials. (By Dominica D L, Angeles City)

Comment: I appreciated every aspect on his political line. I've started to believe that it is possible to build a better world if we want.He is always out there working with the community and initiating many great improvements to our city and local suburbs. He is a living example that another possibility may exist. (By Erlinda B, Angeles City)

Comment: Though I may not be a local of Angeles City, I have heard so many comments from friends on how their Mayor had make a big difference for their place from the very first day he assumed office as Mayor up to the present.. I just hope other Mayors in our country will emulate his big steps in making a difference in thier localities. (By Alma M M, Philippines)

Comment: Mayor Pamintuan makes education one of his biggest projects. The City college is now available for poor but deserving students. (By Brenda, Outside Philippines)

Comment: I appreciated every aspect on his political line. I've started to believe that it is possible to build a better world if we want.He is always out there working with the community and initiating many great improvements to our city and local suburbs. He is a living example that another possibility may exist. (By Crisencia B, Angeles City)

Comment: Mayor Edgardo Pamintuan is a person who understands the commitment required to progress in this ever changing community. He makes hard but fair decision. (By Jay R B, Angeles City)

Comment: Mr. Joko Widodo is a tremendous personal with a simple look. He was not excessive in many ways. He was an exceptional among the people. (By Vincent M, Angeles City)

Comment: From a huge financial debt made by the past administration, with the cut of the Internal Revenue Allotment from the national government, Mayor Ed Pamintuan was able to overcome the financial problems of the city. He was able to properly collect the taxes without increasing the rate. Investors started to believe in his administration and they even join in other programs of the local government. As soon as he seated as the mayor, the trust and confidence of the people of Angeles to Mayor Pamintuan is very evident. When Pamintuan was the mayor in the early 90s when Mt. Pinatubo erupted, he was able to revive the city from its rubles and ashes. Now that he is back, the city is once again back on its feet after being abused by mismanagement, graft and other anomalies made by the previous administration. (By FM, Angeles City)

Comment: Mayor Ed Pamintuan is an honest and very capable mayor. He is a good administrator and serves the people of his community with compassion and adherence to the principles of social justice and good governance. (By Willy M, Outside Philippines)

Comment: Mayor Ed Pam is, indeed, a great leader who has the heart to serve his people. He knows what his people need and prioritize them to make a better Angeles City. One of my biggest dream is to see our local government provide a city college where people, with no means of going to private colleges, can finally fulfill their ambition to be given quality education. It was so painful for me not to finish and get hold of my degree because of financial difficulties, that's why when I learned that, Mayor Ed initiated the city college, I can't help but cry. I'm so happy for our people. The city college now is operational. Dream came true for me, thanks to Mayor Edgardo Pamintuan! (By Aiko E, Angeles City)

Comment: Mayor Ed Pamintuan provides education (built City College of Angeles to render cheap quality ), health (established the first and only City operated Renal Care Unit in the Philippines with its 19 machines and the modernization of the City Hospital), safety (a human rights advocate fighting against human trafficking and for the welfare of children and women), progress (transforming a lahar filled city after the eruption of the Mt. Pinatubo to an highly urbanized city) and human development (spearheading the development of tourism in the city, Mayor Ed Pamintuan now supports the restoration and reviving city's heritage, shaping the people through culture) (By Mark L, Angeles City)

Comment: Mayor Edgardo 'ed' Pamintuan had help the city to regain its natural beauty, he open a lot of opportunity for the locals to have business and working job for other locals as well. when it comes to health, he is the one responsible for a less cost dialysis center for our less fortunate locals now they have their dialysis in a lower cost price . (By Carla, Angeles City)

Comment: Edgardo Pamintuan was the mayor of my choice because finally after graduating to high school 6yrs ago and wanting to go to college to continue my study only this mayor granted my wish and the wish of thousands poor young talented,brave and intelegent angelenos who aimed to finish their studies but unfortunately because of our economic status in life and very very high tuation fee of private universities around our city we cant do anything but to be envy for those children who has the priviledge to be admitted in the different college inst. here in our city and we deserving angelenos whos part of the young generation that might lead our city in progress needs to work at early aged to help our families and due to luck of education some of my highschool batchmate are now seeing working in a bar/prostituation! how sad the fact that if education is just a right of every children to finish their school and continue their dreams i believe we are now a proudly angelenos!!as competitive like any individuals in the world!!and this batch mate of mine might not be in this kind of job. but surely to the efforts and dedication of mayor ed pamintuan to give has a city college surely this will lead to success and build many broken dreams of poor parents to see their children with college diplomas and bring the pride of being a angelenos!!

Thats the reason he is my mayor because he believes that the only way to fight poverty is thru education!! and that is by building
a college city in our town.

In that way he is a mentor for young generation to represent the angels a part of the believer of the quatation from our national heroes Dr. Jose Rizal "ang kabataan ang pag-asa ng bayan" (By Jonel G, Angeles City)

Comment: Mayor Ed Pamintuan, Mayor of Angeles City, gives premium to horizontal governance. All sectors including the LGBT community is encouraged to participate in governance breaking the notion thatgovernance is a monopoly of the governors. This is a testament to his firm will that governance should be a shared responsibility of all. (By Sonia P S, Philippines)

Comment: I chose Mayor Edgardo Pamintuan because he firmly believes that through people empowerment and a very responsive leadership in governance, we can institutionalize meaningful changes in our society. I do witness these changes in our city and the people are eager to participate and involve themselves in good governance. (By William P A, Angeles City)

Comment: Mayor Edgardo Pamintuan believes in the value of hardwork and honest service. He brought Angeles City back to life from the ashes that devastated it during the Mount Pinatubo eruption. He's able to accomplish a lot of things, not only for Angeles City, but also for the entire Philippines when he headed an infrastructure monitoring and recommending body. (By AKSM, Angeles City)

Comment: I may not live within the city where Mayor Ed Pam governs but I've seen how he's transformed the Angeles into a once more lively, industrious and highly-competative city. He's brought back order in the area with his leadership and he's earned the trust of the people with the policies he approves and implements. Although many politicians can not be trusted, so far, Mayor Ed Pam has been true to his promises. Since his comeback as mayor in 2010, all the policies and plans he's had for the city have put Angeles back in the international map, with reference to development, implementation and governance. He deserves to win and be recognized for all his efforts and achievements. (By Clair, Philippines)

Comment: The eruption of Mt. Pinatubo in 1991 radically changed the city‚s landscape from a bustling urban center to virtually a ghost town. Atty. Pamintuan was a towering figure among Angeleños during and especially after the catastrophe. His presence in guiding evacuees, distributing relief goods, and coordinating with various disaster management agencies brought forth slivers of hope among distraught families and beleaguered communities. (By Beverly P, Angeles City)

Comment: Mayor Ed Pamintuan always strives to achieve the penultimate goal of having a progressive and competitive city in our country. Bringing the city of Angeles into the global stage as it progresses, yet taking into consideration the need to have a sustainable development for its constituents. (By Abe G, Philippines)

Comment: I vote for Mayor Ed Pamintuan because progress is really evident since he was elected as Mayor. Angeles City has gone through series of Mayors which focused on the beautification of the City but Mayor Ed brought security, investors and a better Angeles City. He knows what the Angelenos faced before and he knows what the Angelenos cry for: A Better Angeles City. Agyu Tamu! (By Vernon D, Angeles City)

Comment: Mayor Edgardo Pamintuan deserves to be the World Mayor for he gives concern to youth who have talents like me by providing us scholarship. He always praises us for our good work whenever we perform on special occasions and never fails to appreciate our music. Me as a talent scholar of Angeles City Rondalla is extending my big thanks to our Mayor Edgardo Pamintuan for giving us the opportunity to share our talents to the Kapampangans and for encouraging us to always do our best all the time. So, that's what makes me proud of being an Angeleño! A mayor who possesses humility, compassion and good leadership to his fellow men.(By Ayn S L, Angeles City)

Comment: He is a hard working mayor from pinatubo eruption he help his constituents in angeles city and rising up again a true leader with a big heart to his constituents building public school college and hospital for the people he find ways to serve his people thats why the people of angeles city philippines love him so much..i was born and grew up in angeles city and have finished my university there thats why i know him as agood publicc servant.... god bless. (By Marvin D, Outside Philippines)

Comment: Mayor Ed Pamintuan of Angeles City, Pampanga is not only a good man, but he seems to automatically think of the common good when presented with a situation or an issue. He also has the capability, emotionally and intellectually, and the zest to pursue the common good, I have observed. (By Amelia C. B, Philippines)

Comment: You can immediately see the progress that was brought about by Mayor Ed in his city. Hopefully, the other mayors in the Philippines will emulate his work. Congratulations Mayor Ed. (By John Ray C C, Philippines)

Comment: Mayor Ed Pamintuan serves as a mayor of Angeles City following an administration full of corruption, graft and grandstanding. Upon taking his place as mayor, Mayor Ed Pamintuan took the city and put it on the right path. Gone were the days of graft and corruption, the city is once again headed for prosperity. (By Pancho T, Angeles City)

Comment: I vote for Mayor Edgardo Pamintuan for uplifting the state of Angeles City through various cultural and tourism projects, thus revitalizing the spirit of Angeleños and making them knowledgeable of its potential for arts and culture. (By Victor Q, Angeles City)

Comment: Mayor Ed is a leader and friend of all Angelenos. I remember him how he kept the Angelenos to their feet during the Mt. Pinatubo eruption. He was then our Vice Mayor yet, but through his swift action and decisiveness, he made us all confident that everything will alright! Through his motto, "AGYU TAMU", (Yes! we can!) we are all back on track, in the soonest possible time! (By Mel B, Angeles City)

Comment: I have watched him in during his first term years ago and his current term. Top notch, honest, & hard working. Does a lot that benifits the common people. (By JCC, Angeles City)

Comment: I choose Mayor Ed Pamintuan because I believe he is a mayor the world can look up to as a model of leadership by example, faithfulness to his tasks,passion and compassion in things he does for his people, his will to influence resiliency among the people he serves, commitment and trust in the capabilities of his people. From the Mt. Pinatubo experience that almost saw our city blown out from the map due to the volcanic eruptions and lahar flows, he stood up as an inspiration with his AGYU TAMU( YES, WE CAN) battlecry and his ever-constant presence to make our school people feel that we CAN survive and we all DID. When he resumed the position in 2010,and I was the Schools Division Superintendent, I witnessed how he influenced performance and productivity in education with his passion in continuing all efforts for good governance, environmental awareness and care, good education, health care, improving people's quality of life through responsible leadership, teamwork, and spiritual upliftment and networking with government and non government agencies in enhancing delivery of services, not only in our schools but also where they are most needed.The achievement level of our school learners greatly improved because of the great support his leadership provided to our schools. One was awarded Outstanding Teacher by Metrobank Foundation, two teachers were granted scholarship grants in the US and two elementary schools and one high school were awarded on the national level for outstanding performance by the Dept. of Education . It is my joy, pride and honor to vote for my MAYOR ED PAMINTUAN. (By Dr Victoria A A, Angeles City)

Comment: One of the most accomplished mayor in the Philippines. He truly deserves the award. (By Richard, Philipppines)

Comment: This mayor really showed his dedication to his fellowmen. His determination to help the people in our city can be seen through his projects (past and present) and through the happy citizens as well. I can say that I am proud that he is our mayor for he has uplifted our standard of living and his love for us is undying. (By Sheena, Angeles City)

Comment: I am proud of our mayor because of his unwavering passion for service of the city of Angeles and its residents or citizens. (By Pauline Angeles City)

Comment: He should be considered because the projects and programs that he does are beneficial for the many. All the programs and activities that he promised are made come true. (By Marlon P, Angeles City)

Comment: I am proud to present to you our mayor in Angeles City Philippines has strived, has weathered the challenges and has evolved into a very progressive yet ideal place to live in. With double effort to ensure that the inhabitants of this city will feel utmost comfort and security plus the growing number of investors that continue to provide the city and the district and economic boost to be globally competitive. (By Ang, Angeles City)

Comment: Mayor Pamintuan pushes his environmental concerns by inviting every citizen to give their share by planting trees. (By Joh A A, Philippines)

Comment: I vote for Mayor Pamintuan because he is a person who accepts criticisms to become a better individual and a mayor as well. And whenever compliments are received, he humbly thanks and dedicates it to his people. He serves as a good role model to everyone, because of all of his achievements, he teaches every individual and not to settle from mediocrity. (By Manilyn S, Angeles City)

Comment: He's the best mayor here in Angeles City! I've witnessed how he serves Angelenos and how kind-hearted and intelligent he is in person. He's a good husband, father and grandfather too. Ultimately, He's a role model to us the youth of Angeles City! (By Lara Isabelle C D, Angeles City)

Comment: He was the only mayor who thinks of his community and focuses on developing the city... He is the one who gave importance to the youth of this city. He is the only mayor we had that never thinks of fame but rather thinks of the well being of the people of the city. A quiet worker but a great achiever. (By Ann, Angeles City)

Comment: I am proud to see the progress that has been made during his reign. From the cleanliness to well organized traffics and for creating jobs for the unemployed people in our city. (By Jovelyn M M, Angeles City)

Comment: He has led the people of Angeles City in rising from all of its trying times time and again. I am proud to be an Angeleno becasue of leaders like him who has strived to better the condition of our city. (By Bobbie T-F, Philippines)

Comment: He has drastically improved the Health and Education sector of the city. He looks into new alternatives into solving age-old problems. He is passionate at reviving the lost culture of the city. (By Nico V, Angeles City)

World Mayor

The City Mayors Foundation, the international think tank for local government, organises the World Mayor Project and awards the World Mayor Prize. The Prize, which has been given since 2004, honours mayors with the vision, passion and skills to make their cities incredible places to live in, work in and visit. The World Mayor Project aims to show what outstanding mayors can achieve and raise their profiles nationally and internationally.

The organisers of the World Mayor Project are looking for city leaders who excel in qualities like: honesty, leadership and vision, management abilities and integrity, social and economic awareness, ability to provide security and to protect the environment as well as the will and ability to foster good relations between communities from different cultural, racial and social backgrounds. The winner receives the artistically acclaimed World Mayor trophy, while the two runner-ups are given the World Mayor Commendation.

Mayors wishing to be considered for the World Mayor Prize will be asked to sign up to the City Mayors' Code of Ethics

Nominations were accepted until the 17 May 2012. A shortlist of 25 nominees was published on 18 June. Voting took place until 20 October . The winner of the 2012 World Mayor Prize and other results of the World Mayor Project were announced on 8 January 2013.

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In 2004: Winner: Edi Rama (Tirana, Albania); Runner-up: Andrés Manuel López Obrador (Mexico City, Mexico); In third place: Walter Veltroni (Rome, Italy)
In 2005: Winner: Dora Bakoyannis (Athens, Greece); Runner-up: Hazel McCallion (Mississauga, Canada); In third place: Alvaro Arzú (Guatemala City, Guatemala)
In 2006: Winner: John So (Melbourne, Australia); Runner up: Job Cohen (Amsterdam, Netherland); In third place: Stephen Reed (Harrisburg, USA)
In 2008: Winner: Helen Zille (Cape Town, South Africa); Runner up: Elmar Ledergerber (Zurich, Switzerland); In third place: Leopoldo López (Chacao, Venezuela)
In 2010: Winner: Marcelo Ebrard (Mexico City, Mexico); Runner-up: Mick Cornett (Oklahoma City, USA); In third place: Domenico Lucano (Riace, Italy)
In 2012: Winner:
Iñaki Azkuna (Bilbao, Spain); Runner-up: Lisa Scaffidi (Perth, Australia); In third place: Joko Widodo (Surakarta, Indonesia)