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Giorgio Gori, Mayor of Bergamo, Italy

The 2021 World Mayor Prize and Commendations will be conferred on mayors who have been showing leadership during the Covid-19 pandemic and who are now aiming to make their cities more resilient economically, structurally, socially and environmentally. In fact: Stronger | Fairer | Greener. The organisers of the World Mayor Project are looking for mayors who have shown exceptional leadership skills but also, and more importantly, acted at all times with compassion towards those most affected by Covid-19. The pandemic has shown how vulnerable even the richest cities are when confronted with a disaster like Covid-19. Forward-looking city leaders will now begin to re-think how their communities can be better protected against future threats, both natural and man-made.

Giorgio Gori, Mayor of Bergamo, Italy, was longlisted for the 2021 World Mayor Prize.

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Nominations for
Giorgio Gori
Mayor of Bergamo (Italy)

Nominated by Vittorio, Italy:
Giorgio Gori has been able to be a great leader in the time of Coronavirus while governing one of the most affected areas of the whole western society. He has devoted his time, passions and personal time to lead his city and its citizens through hard times.

His political and personal efforts have been impeccable. He was able to reorganize the city so as to allow each one of the citizen to return to a sort of normality: they were able to go back to work in safety and start earning money for the family again.

Challenges: Bergamo has been devastated by Coronavirus. Little markets, investor, little producers of products which made the region of Lombardy unique in the whole world are now under threat. These kind of effects are now threatening the economy of the whole area of Bergamo and its workers which constitute the beating heart of the economic production of our country.

Nominated by Sergio B., Bergamo:
During the most critical period of the epidemic, Giorgio Gori demonstrated excellent organizational skills, urging the region and government to quickly make health and economic decisions in favor of the citizens of Bergamo. He suspended or canceled some local taxes, sent recorded calls, every three or four days, to all citizens to inform them about the health situation and behaviors to avoid the spread of the contagion, contacted companies, traders and artisans to support them in economic demands to the government. The mayor organized the municipal offices to improve the possibilities of smart working and thus allow safe connections with citizens. With the junta, it has provided economic aid for the most needy citizens and has urged local banks and foundations to offer economic aid.

Nominated by Annamaria A., Italy:
ho apprezzato gli appelli al senso civico di GORI, l'assunzione di responsabilità anche di fronte ad errori commessi in buona fede,nella fase uno; ho apprezzato le proposte di cambiamento della città di Bergamo a partire dalla fase due, utilizzando questo momento difficile come motivo per provare a riformare e migliorare la qualità della vita della città. spero che tanti della nostra provincia seguano l'esempio, lasciando da parte le ideologie.

Challenges: molte famiglie, commercio e piccole attività in crisi, l'amministrazione di GORI li aiuta, con sconti, sospensione di tasse; la qualità della vita e lo stile sono molto peggiorati:sono state avviate riforme per abbassare l'inquinamento, stimolare lo spostamento sostenibile come la bicicletta, favorire lo spostamento a piedi; favorire i progetti del terzo settore per aumentare gli aiuti alle famiglie in difficoltà

Nominated by Angelica, Bergamo:
The mayor provided free tests for the whole town, he managed to put in place a recovery found of 30 million euros for small and medium industries of the town together with restaurants to make sure they were not forced to close.
Challenges: We are the covid19 most affected town in the whole world

Nominated by Benedetta G., Bergamo:
Giorgio is truthful with his citizens. He has always been transparent on his decisions. What is more, he really is a brave mayor. He has never been afraid of making important choices for Bergamo‚s good. He has always been confident and determined in taking on important responsibilities, and I believe that, especially with regard to the Covid-19 emergency, this should serve as an example for the Italian ruling class. But what I appreciated the most about his work during this hard times, is that he has never stopped listening to his citizens and keeping them informed on every decision he took and on the reasons behind it. This was fundamental in giving the city a strong sense of cohesion and unity. We made it, together. Transparent, brave, determined. Forza Giorgio!!

Challenges: We have been the most affected city in the world. Highest number of deaths.

Nominated by Marina M., Bergamo:
Gori has a global vision of the city. He takes care of big urban projets bur also of every problem about people in difficulty
Challenges: Many stores are closed. and tourism wich was e big force of the city is complety stopped

Nominated by Maurizio B., Bergamo:
È stato capace di tenere unita la comunità in un momento di grande difficoltà e di continuare ad essere il punto di riferimento per tutti coloro che stavano perdendo la speranza. Con una grande riorganizzazione dei servizi comunali ha permesso di aiutare anche chi non aveva possibilità economiche.

Nominated by Roberto P., Italy:
Honest, prepared, skilled, restless with a great managerial experience. Giorgio Gori worked very hard since months for his beloved city of Bergamo, to face this big crisis. I wish I could live in Bergamo too, for having him as a Major.
Challenges: Bergamo was the most hit city in Italy by coronavirus (and likely also in Europe).
You will never forget the image of the long row of Italian army trucks full of coffins and bodies, slowly moving in the night to bring bodies in other cities because Bergamo's cemetery were full!

Nominated by Angelica C., Bergamo:
Bergamo has been one of the cities that have suffered most in the world during the coronavirus pandemia. Mr Gori has been really human,, talking to people around town, explaining situations and restrictions, taking care of elderly trying to reach them everyday, praying with us.

He recognized his mistakes and he said he was sorry for the incorrect evaluations and suggestions at the beginning of the crises. Only one in Italy that admitted that something did not work as it should in the north of Italy

Challenges: Bergamo had more than 6000 deaths during the month of March/aprile (578% death increase rate compared to last 5 years average). We lost one generation without being able to say good bye to anyone. A tragedy we will never forget.

Nominated by Alessandro G., Bergamo:
The city of Bergamo has been the worst hit city from the corona virus epidemy. Thousands of people have been infected and the overcrowding conditions of the hospital have made it difficult to provide everybody with health care. The major dealt greatly with the tragic condition by reorganizing the areas of the hospital in order to allow the recovery of the biggest number of people and built up from zero a brand new hospital with specialized staff from all over the world to face the emergency.

Nominated by Titina G., Bergamo:
The best mayor ever. He works all day long and sometimes all night long against CoronaVirus emergency. He loves so much his city and his citizens. Bergamo had the worst Coronavirus situation in Italy. Thanks Mayor to help us in the best way.

Nominated by Ada Lucia d. C., Italy:
Ha gestito il volontariato garantendo aiuti e sostegno ai più poveri. Bergamo è stata duramente colpita da Covid, lui è stato accanto ai cittadini , introducendo misure rigorose e apportando aiuti concreti . Ha mobilitato tutte le forze al fine di sostenere la città e i suoi cittadini . Ha organizzato insieme agli alpini un ospedale da campo per la terapia intensiva che ha aiutato a salvare molte vite
Challenges: Bergamo e tra le città italiane più colpite da Covid, ha avuto tantissimi morti. Oggi molte persone sono in difficoltà per mancanza di lavoro, una città che vive anche di turismo che ha dovuto chiudere tutto, creando forti sacche di povertà e malessere

Nominated by Simone G., Italy:
Despite initially there was confusion about the virus, Giorgio apologised for his previous statements. This is something that you never see in politics. He started working hard every day. Everyone was taken into account, particularly the elders as well as women at home with some husbands.

Nominated by Paola, outside Italy:
In one of the cities most affected by the covid19, Mayor Gori knew how to make decisions to stem the virus, which took many of its citizens away, bringing the city back to a fairly normal life. A great man in a moment of great responsibility for everyone.

Challenges: The province of Bergamo has lost 2,949 people, we have all seen the military trucks parading with coffins inside, the intensive therapy to collapse and, despite some errors in the region, he managed the lockdown rigorously but staying close to the fellow citizens. A very good mayor.

Nominated by Davide B., Bergamo:
Since Mayor Gori has been elected the city has changed and now is much more dynamic and young.

Nominated by Roberta F.,Bergamo:
Giorgio Gori worked hard and very well for our city. The mayor countered the city's poverty by also helping shopkeepers and small entrepreneurs

Nominated by Rosaria G., Bergamo:
Giorgio Gori loves his work. Bergamo it is one of the places where the coronavirus pandemic has cast its darkest shadow.

Nominated by Simone P., Bergamo:
For having contributed significantly, thanks to his work, to making the Covid-19 emergency in the city of Bergamo less dramatic through targeted ordinances and widespread control of the territory

Critical comments:
Critical comment by Diego M and others from Bergamo:

We learn from your website that the Mayor of Bergamo, Mr. Giorgio Gori, has been included in the longlist of the best mayors in the world. As citizens of Bergamo, we feel deeply bewildered, embittered and also offended by such choice.

By this email, we do not intend to criminalize the Mayor of Bergamo. Indeed, we recognize his good faith and willingness to do the right thing. However, it is undeniable that his behaviour was absolutely, totally wrong, if not even reckless. We do not believe that the cause of what happened in Bergamo has to be attributed only to the Mayor, but his reckless instructions have surely contributed to the Bergamo disaster.

Do you ask to indicate a Mayor who has shown great leadership? Well, it is not him!

Further, finding him now candidates as the best Mayor in the world for the management of coronavirus, well this not only offends us, but also hurts and humiliates us.