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- Mayor of Ankara
- Mayor of Braga
- Mayor of Bratislava
- Mayor of Grigny
- Maire de Grigny
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- Mayor of Rotterdam
- Mayor of Saint-Omer
- Maire de Saint-Omer
- Mayor of San Bellino
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World Mayor 2021 shortlist
32 mayors from 21 countries

The shortlist for the 2021 World Mayor Prize, which was announced on 3 February 2021, includes 32 mayors from 21 countries whose leadership during the Covid pandemic has provided their communities with protection and assurance. To be shortlisted, mayors also had to show an awareness of the long-term implications of the pandemic. Returning to the ‘old normal’ should not be the aim. In order to protect communities from future natural or man-made disasters, cities must become Stronger | Fairer | Greener.

The 2021 World Mayor shortlist includes mayors from some of the world’s largest metropolises but also many from medium-sized and smaller towns and cities. The World Mayor Project features the challenges mayors face in different parts of the world and highlights their achievements. World Mayor 2021 will honour those who have convinced their fellow citizens that they strive for a civic society that is Stronger | Fairer | Greener.

The list of Finalists for the 2021 World Mayor Prize and Awards was published on 1 July 2021. The winner will be announced on 14 September 2021.

The 2021 World Mayor Shortlist
SHORTLISTED MAYORS FROM: North America ||| South America ||| Europe ||| Asia ||| Australia ||| Africa |||

Robert Garcia
Mayor of LONG BEACH (CA) USA, since 2014
Quote: “Mayor Garcia has focused on making Long Beach a leader in education, economic development and climate protection.”
Thomas Barrett
Mayor of MILWAUKEE (WI) USA, since 2004
Quote: “Mayor Barrett distinguished himself for standing up to former President Trump not only for policing and racism, but also for voting integrity and the pandemic response.”
Levar Stoney
Mayor of RICHMOND (VA) USA, since 2017
Quote: “Stoney is perhaps the only American mayor to identify personal income as the most important economic indicator of a city’s health.”
Muriel Bowser
Mayor of WASHINGTON DC, USA, since 2015
Quote: “In 2020, Mayor Bowser became the face of the national racial equity movement.”
Claudia Sheinbaum
Mayor of MEXICO CITY, Mexico, since 2018
Quote: “Claudia Sheinbaum fights for the rights of the poorest people and for the rights of women.”

Horacio Rodríguez Larreta
Mayor of BUENOS AIRES, Argentina, since 2015
Quote: The Mayor has identified increasing social and economic equality as his most important goal for the capital. “We want everyone to be able to live together and enjoy themselves in an environment of mutual respect.”
Claudia López
Mayor of BOGOTA, Colombia, since 2020
Quote: “The Covid pandemic has allowed Bogota to identify and target hidden poverty in a very unequal city. For the first time, the mayor's office is directly funding monthly cash transfers to about 7,000 homes, a measure that will continue for the remaining three years of her term.”
Gustavo Henric Costa
Mayor of GUARULHOS, Brazil, since 2017
Quote: “Guarulhos faced a health crisis long before the Covid pandemic. Early during his first term, Mayor Costa prioritised the operational capacities of municipal hospitals.”

Philippe Rio
Mayor of GRIGNY, France, since 2012
Quote: “Human dignity, respect for others, tolerance, peace and freedom are our values which we must defend but also recapture.”
Éric Piolle
Mayor of GRENOBLE, France, since 2014
Quote: “It is essential that together we build a city for tomorrow, a city that offers resilience, solidarity and liveability. We must do it for all and everyone.”
François Decoster
Mayor of SAINT-OMER, France, since 2014
Quote: “Mayor Decoster is one of the mayors who sees beyond the borders of his city and his country. That’s how he dealt with the migrant crisis and now Covid.”
Peter Kurz
Mayor of MANNHEIM, Germany, since 2007
Quote: "Mayor Peter Kurz fosters and encourages passion and among his administration. People and ideas from outside Mannheim are always sought and welcome.”
Claus Ruhe Madsen
Mayor of ROSTOCK, Germany, since 2019
Quote: “Rostock has consistently had the lowest Covid infection rates of any large German city. The Mayor acted consequently in March 2020 and again at the beginning of the second Corona wave.”
Giuseppe Sala
Mayor of MILAN, Italy, since 2016
Quote: "Beppe Sala is a proactive person, full of ideas. He gives people hope, which is important during the pandemic. He is an honest person and admits it when he is wrong."
Aldo D’Achille
Mayor of SAN BELLINO, Italy, since 2014
Quote: “Aldo serves his community with passion, taking care of everyone. He knows how to carry through projects that seem impossible to others.”
Antonella Argenti,
Mayor of VILLA DEL CONTE, Italy, since 2019
Quote: “Antonella Argenti stands against people's loneliness. Loneliness is a disease that is afflicting more and more people. Argenti is a light in this darkness.”
Ahmed Marcouch
Mayor of ARNHEM, Netherlands, since 2017
Quote: “Ahmed Marcouch has a warm personality, he is approachable and knows how to connect people. He will speak out if necessary, but always with respect.”
Klaas Agricola
Mayor of DANTUMADIEL, Netherlands, since 2017
Quote: “During the CoronaVirus crisis the Mayor has shown great leadership. With fewer resources, Dantumadiel has performed better than many much larger Dutch communities.”
Ahmed Aboutaleb
Mayor of ROTTERDAM, Netherlands, since 2009
Quote: “Mayor Aboutaleb strongly advocates the values enshrined in the Dutch Constitution: freedom of religion, freedom of speech and the principle of non-discrimination.”
Rafal Trzaskowski
Mayor of WARSAW, Poland, since 2018
Quote: “Mayor Rafal Trzaskowski stands for respect for the European values such as non-discrimination and equal opportunities.”
Ricardo Rio
Mayor of BRAGA, Portugal, since 2013
Quote: “Ricardo Rio is one of the most influential mayors in Portugal. During the most difficult crisis in decades, he has shown exemplary leadership and foresight.”
Carlos Carreiras
Mayor of CASCAIS, Portugal, since 2011
Quote: “I am blessed to be living in a city where the person in charge has a great sense of responsibility, resilience and humanity.”
Matús Vallo
Mayor of BRATISLAVA, Slovakia, since 2018
Quote: “Mayor Vallo is a multitalented person who was elected in 2018, but who in only two years has stacked up an impressive list of achievements and improvements for the benefit of his citizens.”
Peter Danielsson
Mayor of HELSINGBORG, Sweden, since 2007
Quote: “The Covid crisis has provided us with opportunities to try new and different solutions and services that we might not would have tried otherwise. There was – and is – no time to over-think and to over-problematise.”
Andy Burnham
Mayor of GREATER MANCHESTER, UK, since 2017
Quote: “We are serious about tackling air pollution across our region and we recognise it is the most pressing environmental public health issue facing the country today.”

Arvind Kejriwal
Chief Minister of DELHI, India, since 2015
Quote: “As a very eventful decade has come to a close, it is Arvind Kejriwal who has emerged as the most significant and breakthrough political story in India.”
Vico Sotto
Mayor of PASIG CITY, Philippines, since 2019
Quote: “We can see that Pasig City is a model for the entire Philippines because of the leadership of Mayor Vico Sotto.”
Leila Mustapha
Mayor of RAQQA, Syria, since 2017
Quote: “Raqqa leadership provided by Leila Mustafa - a hugely impressive woman who has been at the helm of the civil council since it was set up in early 2017. Working with Kurds and Arabs she has always worked bravely for the good of the population.”
Mansur Yavas
Mayor of ANKARA, Turkey, since 2019
Quote: “Within weeks of the Covid pandemic reaching Turkey, the Ankara mayor announced plans to support the cleaners, taxi drivers, hairdressers and others who had suddenly been deprived of an income.”

Sally Capp
Mayor of MELBOURNE, Australia, since 2018
Quote: “In over 177 years, women have led Melbourne for a grand total of four years. It’s hard to believe that Sally Capp is the longest serving female mayor with less than three years in office.”

Pudence Rubingisa
Mayor of KIGALI, Rwanda, since 2019
Quote: “Kigali is committed to becoming an AIDS free city in the near future. The city signed the Paris declaration to end the epidemic, and the City of Kigali has made tremendous progress by exceeding the first and second UNAIDS 90-90-90 targets by 2020.”
Yvonne Aki-Sawyerr
Mayor of FREETOWN, Sierra Leone, since 2018
Quote: “Mayor Yvonne Ali- Sawyerr has overcomes all major obstacles in a chauvinist country, in a culture grounded in a tradition that doesn’t favour women in authority.”