World Mayor 20/21

Dantumadiel Mayor Klaas Agricola
Klaas Agricola, Mayor of Dantumadiel, Netherlands, since 2017
World Mayor Nominations 2021
Klaas Agricola, Mayor of Dantumadiel, Netherlands

The 20/21 World Mayor Prize and Commendations will be conferred on mayors who have been showing leadership during the Covid-19 pandemic and who are now aiming to make their cities more resilient economically, structurally, socially and environmentally. In fact: Stronger | Fairer | Greener. The organisers of the World Mayor Project are looking for mayors who have shown exceptional leadership skills but also, and more importantly, acted at all times with compassion towards those most affected by Covid-19. The pandemic has shown how vulnerable even the richest cities are when confronted with a disaster like Covid-19. Forward-looking city leaders will now begin to re-think how their communities can be better protected against future threats, both natural and man-made.

Klaas Agricola, Mayor of Dantumadiel, Netherlands, has been shortlisted for the 2021 World Mayor Prize.

You may wish to support him further and comment on his achievements and plans for his city.

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Nominations for
Klaas Agricola
Mayor of Dantumadiel (Netherlands)

Nominated by Anton S., Netherlands:
Klaas Agricola is er voor iedereen en daarom heeft hij geen banden met een politieke partij. Zijn taak is het dienen van de hele gemeenschap. Dag en nacht kun je een beroep op hem doen.

De gemeente Dantumadiel met meerdere dorpen wordt door Klaas geleid, samen met zijn twee ambtenaren. De Covid-19 Pandemie heeft hij uitstekend in de hanmd.
Hij is niet alleen vermaard in de provincie Friesland. Zelfs in de provincie Overijssel lopen ze met hem weg. Ook hier heeft hij zijn sporen verdiend met onder andere de zorg voor het geestelijke welzijn vanuit diverse funkties. Klaas Agricola verdient een internationale erkenning voor zijn beleid. De gemeente waar hij burgemeester is, is een zeer groene gemeente in de Friese Wouden vlakbij de overbekende Friese meren .

Nominated by John R., Netherlands:
Mayor Agricola is the best mayor in the Netherlands. The citizens of the Netherlands do not have the democratic right to vote for a mayor as in almost every normal functioning democracy.
There is almost none Corona infection in Dantumadiel. The economical situation of the town is very stable and the inhabitants have one of the highest rates of happiness. Mayor Agricola is the best because he is very involved in leading Dantumadiel through the Covid pandemic. He is a strong leader and beloved by practically anyone.

Nominated by Arie de R., Netherlands:
In the Netherlands Klaas has been a perfect example how to be a mayor. Because he creates trust between the inhabitants of his town. Because of this trust the people did what was asked from them in covid times. Up till now no covid in the village.Klaas can be reached at home er everywhere he is at that moment, he listens and binds and solves. What else can I say, I wish all mayors behave like that.

Nominated by Titia van der H., Netherlands:
Klaas Agricola needs to be worldmayor, because he really cares about his people.

Dantumadiel is a small county in the north of Friesland and is being ignored by the government in The Hague, because they don’t even know we exist. Our taxes are mostly going to The Hague, but we hardly see a return in our villages.

Klaas Agricola made it happen in Dantumadiel to keep the coronavirus down. The people are listening to him, because he is very serious in his work. He is always available for the people, you can call him, visit him, or he will visit you.
He is friendly, calm and generous. A real mayor-father. He fathers over us, speaks Frisian, which is the minority language in Friesland.

I live in one of the small villages in Dantumadiel, called De Westereen. It is situated in the nature we in Frisian call “de Wâlden”. We live a quiet life and we want to overcome the pandemic with all our might and the help and directions of our mayor.

Nominated by Caroline v. d. R., Dantumadiel:
Klaas is the best mayor of te world. In ouer surrounding we all listen to him. He is a great leader. And here is almost is no Corona . Because we listen to him. Greatings

Nominated by Dick S., Netherlands:
I give my vote to Mayor Klaas Agricola from Dantumadiel. He is a sportive and green man. He is a farmers boy and a sympathetic person but also straight to the point. Like a father for his citizens. He is available at all hours, evening and weekends for his citizens. There is no Corona in Dantumadiel because the citizens listen to Klaas and live strictly by the Corona rules of the Netherlands. I think that he is the one and only World Mayor. Also he does not belong to any political party in the Netherlands and that make sense!

Nominated by Theo H., Netherlands:
I vote for mayor Klaas Agricola to win the 2021 World Mayor Prize because he showed leadership in difficult times (Covid-19). He thinks out of the box for solutions and put his neck on the line for contracting extra medical help and protective and medical supplies that kept Covid-19 away for a long time and even now a year later showing low numbers of infections and no Covid-19 fatalities.
He became a nationwide example of a political independent mayor who is a mayor among and besides the people and for all his citizens. He can combine compassion, real interest in people of all different backgrounds and warm personality with outstanding no nonsense management skills, objectivity, integrity and above all honesty. He is a hard worker for the city but always he makes time for human interest aspects and visit residents who are lonesome or have social problems.

Stronger: although Dantumadiel is a relative small city the mayor has a vision to make the city economic stronger by stimulating local businesses, creating a good atmosphere in his city stimulating for people to move from big cities to smaller towns as Dantumadiel. And stimulates and activates residents to help each other and provides a very good local breeding ground for volunteers in all kind of sectors.

Greener: he has a good vision of making the environment cleaner and still be able to earn money and stimulate economic progress. By stimulating “green” businesses and start-ups to settle in his city.

Fairer: he made contact with local governments in other cities in Europe and made it possible that residents of his city and the other cities could meet each other and learn from their culture to understand other cultures better.

Nominated by Marcel V., Dantumadiel:
Due to Klaas’ focus on the development of Dantumadiel and its habitants in such a genuine, easy to approach, down to earth and pro-active way, it is a revelation to see a mayor act like Klaas. The effectiveness of his managing all issues, taking all stake-holders into account, from left to right, from young to old, from conservative to progressive is simply an example for all mayors. Personal preferences or advantages never are taken into consideration.

To keep Dantumadiel a safe place to live, his approach to defend the corona virus and getting support for it, is unique. The same applies to his implementation of many sustainability projects, not just keeping Dantumadiel green, but preparing it for a much greener future.

His goal to work within budgets is not just lip service. His relationship with all kind of sponsors to make things happen is simply brilliant.

His balanced personality, the management skills used for reaching clever goals within set boundaries, his efforts and achievements to have satisfied habitants make Klaas Agricola my Number One Mayor!

Trust you take my support into consideration, I remain,

Nominated by Jeannette G. S., Netherlands:
In a cold and individualistic society I believe that someone who’s so involved and concerned with his citizens that they’re allowed to ring his doorbell even at night deserves special attention. In addition to that he (unlike other mayors in our country) does not promote a political agenda and as far as I know his Covid19 policy is very succesful. A down to earth and hard working farmer’s son who understands the art of leadership by serving.

Nominated by Norbert de J., Netherlands:
We love his leadership during COVID 19 and as Mayer of Dantumadiel. Only 39 infections, 0 people in the Hospital and 0 people dead during this pandamic!. He has proved himself to be a strong leader in his town Dantumadiel and his good work with people from his own party aswell as with people from other party’s. We hope he will become our Mayor in the future!

Nominated by Bill M., Netherlands:
In my view is Mayor Klaas Agricola of Dantumadiel the best Mayor in the world.
There plenty of reasons why I believe this.

1. There is hardly no crime in Dantumadiel
2. The city is clean and tidy.
3. Mr. Klaas Agricola shows great leadership in these difficult times.
4. Mr Klaas Agricola is a very nice and understanding person and open to anyone.
5. There is hardly no COVID in Dantumadiel.

Being a world traveler myself I have seen many places in the world. Again I strongly recommend Mr Klaas Agricola to be elected as the number 1 Mayor of the world.

Nominated by Willem G., Netherlands:
Klaas (his given name) is well known and loved by his citizens. He has become the mayor on his own merits i.e. without the help of any political party (as is the case in other Dutch cities). This tells you something about his acceptance by his people. His accomplishments are many, he is well known for promoting and stimulating the local culture, accessability etc. His vision is nothing less than the wellbeing of nature and his people (and the world).
In fighting the corona pandemic figures speak for itself. No deaths, as we speak zero hospitalizations and probably (you never know) no infections. He did this through clear communications and helpful motivation.

Nominated by Louis P., Netherlands:
For me Klaas is the far most best mayor of the world as he:
• Is 24/7 available for all the people living in his town
• Is no racist
• Has respect for and is empathic to all people living in his town
• Is a real promotor of his town Dantumadiel
• Has no corona problems in this town
• There is no criminality in his town
• Makes Dantumadiel a town where we all would like to live.

Nominated by Bert O. E., Netherlands:
Why mayor Klaas Agricola is the best mayor on earth. Mayor Agricola is the best mayor The Netherlands has. He is a fatherly leader in his town. He is one of the few politically unaffiliated mayors in the country notwithstanding the system that a nominee for the position of mayor has to have the support of a larger part of his citycouncil AND from the Interior Minister who appoints the mayor. The citizens of the Netherlands do not have the democratic right to vote for a mayor as in almost every normal functioning democracy.  
There is about no Corona infection in Dantumadiel. The economical situation of the town is very stable and the inhabitants have one of the highest rates of happiness. There exists close to no crime in the town as opposed to about the whole rest of the nation. One can meet the mayor riding his bike daily on his way to his office in the townhall and then he greets his citizens in return. He knows many of them by name. Give him the honour he deserves.  

Nominated by Rob van D., Netherlands:
I’m from Thorn in the Netherlands. Mayor Klaas Agricola, Dantumadiel, Netherlands should receive the title this year. In Dantumadiel where at the date of his nomination null cases of corona. 
Now that is super, which other mayor can claim this fact. Also he does not belong to any political party in the Netherlands which makes it even harder to become mayor.
Have a nice day. Met vriendelijke groet,

Nominated by Willem M. Netherlands:
Mayor Agricola is the best because he is very involved in leading Dantumadiel through the Covid pandemic, just by reasonable explanation of the governmental measures. No need for him to enforce (temporary Covid-) laws with brute force. Major Agricola has a listening ear and knows what is going on in his town. He stands within the community and is prepared to help anyone in need. He is a strong leader and beloved by practically anyone. He manages his town with a very small staff of people, Mayor Agricola is not afraid of doing a lot of work by himself. And that is why Mayor Agricola from Dantumadiel deserves to be chosen as world mayor.

Nominated by Pieter M., Netherlands:
Klaas Agricola, not being a descendant of a martyr in the third century nore of a nobleman in Bologna, is a child of Friesland, the most prominent state in the Kingdom of The Netherlands. Yet, in a certain way it’s appropriate that his more or less Italian family name suggests a foreign connection. For, as many Dutch men and women know, Friesland often behaves like an independent state, quite rightly so. And not only in (winter) times when thousands of so called ice skaters threaten to invade this northern province in order toe make trips on the surfaces of the frozen lakes. Mayor Klaas is a well known example of sensible leadership when independent judgment are required. Not only in desperate times such as nowadays with COVID-19 but all year around. We sure wish him all the best and are convinced that Klaas stays the optimistic and inspirational leader of Dantumadiel if some else might be elected as World Mayor. ‘Klaas – like Bob Ross - stays our boss’.

Nominated by Harry H., Dantumadiel:
Our beloved “Klaas” is the one and only mayor in the Netherlands without Any covid infections. At the border of the city hè place a kind of city police. Not Any person could enter the city. Always a physical examination. He is our best mayor ever .

Nominated by Gerry H., Netherlands:
Klaas Agricola is the absolute number 1 mayor in the list.
He has, from the start, displayed the best and most effective Covid-19 leadership. He’s very open, 100% honest and knows what’s going on in his city and knows what’s important for his citizens. He deals with issues in the most professional manner. And, above all, everyone is welcome to share his or her opinion and is actually heard. Citizens can even go by his house if the have an urgent issue. So Klaas is, without a doubt, the best mayor on the list.

Nominated by Agnes L., Netherlands:
I want to give my vote to Mayor Klaas Agricola from Dantumadiel. He is a sportive and green man. He is a farmers boy. He is a sympathetic person but also straight to the point. Like a father for his citizens. He is available at all hours, evening and weekends for his citizens. There is no Corona in Dantumadiel because the citizens listen to Klaas and live strictly by the Corona rules of the Netherlands. I think that he is the one and only World Mayor.

Nominated by Lucille H. T. V., Netherlands:
Klaas Agricola, Mayor of Dantumadiel in the Netherlands, gets my vote for 2021 World Mayor.

The reason is that he does not belong to any political party, therefore being a mayor for the entire village no matter what their background may be. He is an open, transparent and easily approachable mayor for all the inhabitants of the village, who does not lock himself away from the people. He is always open for contact with his citizens, be it night or day. Everyone can just ring his doorbell when he is at home and he will do what he can to be of assistance.

He has been the most successful mayor during the Covid pandemic, proof thereof is that there is hardly any infection in the village. Only 10 people so far have been tested positive during the entire pandemic!

He does not have any paid sideline activities. His only paid function is being the mayor of Dantumadiel, which makes that he has an unquestionable integrity and loyalty to his village. His village is independent, yet does take advantage of sharing with larger bodies where this is beneficial to the citizens.
He does not ask ‘how can I benefit from being a mayor’; his attitude is ‘how can the village and its inhabitants benefit from me being their mayor’.
I do not live in the village, but I do live in the Netherlands, in a town called Rijswijk and I think all our mayors should be more like Klaas Agricola.
Thank you for registering my vote for this prime example of mayorship,

Nominated by Hans de G., Netherlands
Beste jury,
Klaas Agricole is een self made man, een burgemeester die voor alle bewoners van zijn gemeente dag en nacht klaar staat. Zeer betrokken bij het wel en wee van zijn inwoners. Kortom een burgemeester zoals die hoort te zijn, geen lid van een politieke partij dus volstrekt onafhankelijk, bij Klaas Agricola staan de inwoners centraal.

Nominated by Julia F., Netherlands:
This mayor has taken the right decisions against COVID-19 and succeed in making his town Corona free. He is always open about his vision: the town is for everybody and must because good place to live. If anybody has a problem, you can contact him easily by phone or at his house. He is a very friendly man, and shall do everything to help you.

Nominated by Erik S., Netherlands:
He is the best mayor a community can wish for themselves
A people-manager, who's door literally is opened for any of his citizens.
Even during corona, he stands next to his People. Whenever he is needed, he is there for us. My vote is for a great man in a small town, but the whole country knows him! Thank you for seriously look at his work, really the father of his citizens.

Nominated by Eric H., Netherlands:
The mayor's policy has lead to the lowest number of Covid-19 victims in the Netherlands. The people adhere positively to the strick (lockdown) rules in order to contain the virus. The economic situation in Dantumadiel is strong and growing. With a small team he achieves amazing results, and therefore he is the topt candidate who deserves the title Best Mayor of the World most. All achieved without an expensive PR team! The city of Dantumadeel is located in a rural area and very beautiful and green.

Nominated by AJK. Dantumadiel:
I will vote for Klaas Agricola as world mayor because he's the best mayor in the world. He directed the Covid pandemic. Klaas Agricola is a man who stands among the people and is loved by the citizens. He wants to make our small Dantumadiel congregation a pleasant and liveable congregatie.

Nominated by Alie K. V., Dantumadiel:
Dag commissie verkiezing burgemeester,
Graag doe ik mee omdat burgemeester Agricola een goede burgemeester is!
Hij zet zich voor 120 0/0 in voor zijn werk.
Hij is heel betrokken en voor de bewoners een echte burgervader!
We zijn een kleine gemeente en denkt mee hoe we dat kunnen behouden.
Voor de bedrijven heeft hij alle aandacht en gaat veel op werkbezoek.
In de vakanties doet hij bij verschillende bedrijven vakantiewerk.
In de krant lezen we dat hij denkt aan de drugsverslaafden en hij wil dat ze begeleiding
krijgen om af te kikken en een ander artikel (als waarschuwing) dat mensen worden bedrogen via internet (geld afpersen)daar informeert ons de burgemeester over .
In de bestrijding van Covid 16 heel alert en ook stukken in de krant schrijven
( in de huis aan huis) dat iedereen kan lezen.
Ik hoop dat onze burgemeester wordt gekozen.

Nominated by D. C., Netherlands:
Mayor Agricola is a straightforward gentleman with both feet firmly in the ground of his community. During the COVID-19 pandemic his actions and advice kept his small village safe from the virus and st the same time managed to keep its authentic rural character

Nominated by Jari W., Dantumadiel:
I would like to hereby vote for Klaas Agricola, Mayor of Dantumadiel, as the leading Mayor during the Covid pandemic.

Mayor Agricola has made sure that the Covid regulations have been carried out fair and sensibly, whilst also trying to put as little possible strain on the local businesses.

Before the pandemic, he has made sure that the public space and educational facilities were renewed to be back up to snuff.

I live in Driezum, which is one of the towns that is part of the municipality of Dantumadiel, and I am very proud of my mayor.

Nominated by Naomi van E., Netherlands:
With a team of just two clerks, mr Agricola succeeded to have zero COVID contaminations since the first outbreak. His strong but sympathetic leadership style and good and direct communication with his citizens plays a key role in his success.

Nominated by Franz H., Netherlands:
Bewondering waardig hoe Klaas zich persoonlijk heeft ingezet om zijn inwoners te motiveren om Corona het hoofd te bieden. En door zijn persoonlijke benadering van de burgers en door zelf meer dan het goede voorbeeld te geven. De titel Burgervader komt hem meer dan terecht toe.

Nominated by Monique S., Netherlands:
Klaas Agricola is a great mayor, he is a man that really listens to the people.
He does not see himself better than others but as actual. Het is a great leader who in times of covid kept his head cool. He is there when people need him and that is what a great mayor does.

Nominated by Jelle M., Dantamadiel:
Klaas is the best Mayor of the World. He is very approachable for all citizens. 24/7.  He has a pragmatic and effective COVID approach. Although he is not responsible for a large city (no of citizens) he is very much in control of the immens surface of the community. In a very pleasant way. We Frisian people love Klaas

Nominated by Nico B., Dantamadiel:
Dear committee: Klaas is an outstanding mayor! He is approachable, he is a great communicator and is in person on the spot in the community. Dantumadiel cannot wih itself a better mayor. Cities, big cities, countries alike would be better of with people like Klaas in charge.

Nominated by Ton van S., Netherlands:
I choose mayor Klaas Agricola. He is a mayor with no political party membership and therefore he is independent above all parties. His small town Dantumadiel has worked out the corona approach well because there were zero infections there. He is a Frisian farmer's son with a healthy view of the board. As far as I'm concerned he can become "World Mayor".

Nominated by William B., Netherlands:
My reason to vote is that this person has no political color. And that is something in Holland. Where mayors are positioned by the political establishment and are not elected by the citizens. So they serve their bosses who putted them on the seat. And with Klaas you can top that with the easy approachability for his citizens. Day and night. Exactly there where he is for.

Nominated by Eric B., Netherlands:
Geachte: Klaas is een mensen mens. Zoals een burgervader behoort te zijn. Staat klaar voor zijn burgers en doet zijn werk luisterend naar wat er in de gemeente leeft. Geen geheimen, geen eigen politiek gedreven doordrammer. Het gaat hem om de bewoners. Dit uit zich in het dagelijks bestuur tot en met het Covid handelen!

Nominated by Didier M., Dantumadiel:
I Would like to vote for Klaas Agricola as best mayor. Dantumadiel May be small but the way our mayor Agricola has covered the difficulties due to Covid has been extraordinary. He always finds the time for you when you have a question and even answers the doorbell if you come to his house. A mayor that stands for his people!

Nominated by Jos van de K., Netherlands:
Ik stem op de burgemeester van dantumadiel omdat er ook weleens een “normale” burgemeester zoals die zou moeten functioneren is genomineerd. Zijn aanpak tijdens COVID 19 zorgde voor 0 besmettingen tijdens zijn nominatie. Ook het feit dat je hem ,s avonds gewoon thuis kunt aanbellen spreekt tot mijn verbeelding.

Nominated by Trudy P., Netherlands:
Klaas Agricola is as a mayor a very refreshing personality in our political driven administrative landscape. A key issue in his work is to be open minded and accessible for all the people of his municipality; 24/7 on duty. In particular during the CoronaVirus crisis he is showing big and convincing leadership in combatting the pandemic.The facts and figures show one of the the best results in our country. He is not tied up to sometimes confusing national political discussions on the approach to be taken.

As a political independent mayor (which is already very special) and a fair person his hands on policy is very effective and welcomed. Besides he is running in good cooperation with all stakeholders one of the most greenest municipalities of The Netherlands. And finally he has proven to be a very social person and is adored in the community of Dantumadiel (Fryske language for Dantumadeel). The election of Klaas Agricola to World Mayor 20/21 would be the ultimate recognition of his capabilities ad commitment. We all should go for him!

Challenges: Stronger cities could be reached by bringing the politicians on a natural way much more closer to the residents. Good and open participation of the people involved are key conditions to be successful on the longer term. It contributes to trust and confidence. Local politicians should much more invest in it.

Greener cities will not only be reached by setting (strong) political goals but should be supported by involving the residents as much as possible. In particular, political administrators should not only count on 'green' benefits but they should also take in full consideration the financial implications for their citizens. To achieve real support must be strived for in many cases.

Finally, yes local politicians and managers should be fair in their behavior. But in a political environment of 'wheeling and dealing' it's not always easy. When you can't keep promises to your voters, please have the guts to explain to them. Obtaining support is ultimately important.

Nominated by J v d W., Netherlands:
Politiek onafhankelijk, no nonsense instelling, nuchter, praktisch en hardwerkend, toont grote betrokkenheid met de gewone burger, creëert groot draagvalk bij bevolking, een voorbeeld voor zijn burgers.

Challenges: Eén instantie verantwoordelijk en toegankelijk maken voor kansrijke burgerinitiatieven. Burgers niet ontmoedigen door onnodige regelgeving, maar burgers stimuleren om met eigen initiatieven te komen. Dit geldt ook voor bedrijven.
Kansen die nu nog onbenut blijven, liggen soms voor het oprapen wanneer bedrijven en burgers uitgedaagd worden.
Wanneer men het positief resultaat ziet van een eigen inbreng dan geeft dat een enorme drive en positieve uitstraling naar de omgeving.
Uitsluitend zinvolle regelgeving toepassen vanuit het zelfdenkend vermogen van de mensheid.

Nominated by Albert G., Netherlands:
Klaas Agricola runt zijn gemeente uitstekend, vooral tijdens de covid-19. Zijn gemeente een van de schoonste en groenste van Nederland. Hij is burgemeester geworden zonder door een partij op het paard te zijn getild!

Challenges: Als meer nadruk wordt gelegd op goede isolatie en functioneel isoleren, kan er heel veel energie bespaard worden. En geef techneuten de mogelijkheden om de verschillende vormen van kernenergie verder te onderzoeken en te ontwikkelen.

Nominated by J de V., Netherlands:
The fact that a mayor of a small place far away from the big city of Amsterdam is nominated for this prize is a huge reason. Reading about all his work and plans gives me the feeling he has a great personality.

Challenges: Good communication with the people living in the city you are mayor for. Not only the people who are already mentioned in newspapers or tv, but also the workers nobody talks about! They might have the best ideas or are already the most "green"persons of your city/village.

Nominated by Miny S N., Netherlands:
Klaas Agricola heeft ruimschoots zijn sporen verdiend in dalfsen als wethouder en hij was daarnaast overal bij betrokken. Een zeer aimabel iemand die van allerlei besturen de voorzitter was en klaar stond en staat voor de mens in nood.Boerenzoon, goede no nonsens kop en vastberaden blik, partijloos en ook nog eens oog voor vergroening en duurzaamheid en niet door het kartel gekatapulteerd. Hij is selfmade en runt in Dantumadiel de boel met MAAR TWEE AMBTENAREN. Ook de corona heeft hij onder controle.

Nominated by Mfm de C., Netherlands:
Klaas Agricola, as a non partizan mayor, is aiming to serve his city and all the people living there without needing to adhere to a political party or that political parties program. Klaas Agricola has an eye for all needs, has good ideas and ecological initiatives and manages to keep the corona pandemic under control in his city.

Challenges: Stronger by good, balanced, planning respecting all needs, not one dogma like only industrial growth or as opposite only green energy. Avoid that clusters of wealthy, poor, middle class, imigrants or other devisions occur. When people live in mixed neighbourhoods there is more mutual understanding then when people of the same income, education, race or religion cluster together. Plan and build good and green and energy efficient houses but make sure to compromise on cost, if necesary, to have enough houses and good infrastructure for all. It is no good to build the ideal house and the middle class or poor can not afford it.

Nominated by Yolande v d W., Netherlands:
Klaas is simply the best. He stands strong in this awful period in a fantastic way. He is there for his people and status van alle the time. There should be more like him on this earth. Good for the environment too.

Nominated by G H., Netherlands:
His leadership is based on integrity and care for his citizens. Not biased by egoism or polarising attitude he manages to get his citizens in the good direction and guide them through the Covid Pandemia and to a healthy life. Strong and honest, sober and without hidden agenda's.

Challenges: Stop with the subsidising of "paper" ideas for greener future but put the money in scientific studies in newe technology. No waste of woods, no waste of precious agricultural land, no waste of horizons for the benefit of a few golddigers with a result that the environmental balance gets more negative. Give nuclear power the chance and put effort in enhancing technology for hydrogen, surch for more efficiency and balance.

Nominated by Wilma van G., Netherlands:
Klaas dient de coronacrisis in Dantumadiel slechts met twee ambtenaren te bestrijden. Een enorme opgave en dat doet hij heel goed met slechts enkele Coronagevallen!

Challenges: Bouw meer kerncentrales. De landschapsvervuiling door de komst van vele windmolenparken in zee en in de natuur, alsmede de komst van biocentrales om de CO2 uitstoot naar beneden te brengen, zijn sprookjes. Deze geven immers niet het gewenste resultaat en zorgen alleen maar voor meer CO2 vervuiling, het onnodig doden van dieren en insecten en ontbossing. Er moeten wereldwijd juist veel meer bossen terugkomen om de natuur te herstellen en al het leven en de kwaliteit van leven op aarde te behouden.

Nominated by Edgar de L., Netherlands:
In combating the CORONA/COVID-19 pandemic Mr. Agricola proved to be the best and most effective mayor of the Netherlands. As a political independent mayor (which is already very special in itself) he operates without the braking load of national political deliberations. Which is very refreshing!

Challenges: Besides Mr. Agricola is showing big leadership in one the greenest municipalities of The Netherlands by saving green values in excellent participation with the people involved. Hands on cooperation and participation are key element to reach his local goals.

Nominated by Menno de H., Netherlands:
Meest groene gemeente van Nederland. Ik ben hier geboren in 1945 en nog steeds is deze gemeente in de loop van de tijd een groene gemeente geweest. Onder het leiderschap van deze burgemeester is een de gemeente nog groener geworden. Er zijn op zijn instigatie maar liefst een miljoen bomen geplant. Ook zet hij zich in voor kernenergie de meest groene energie die maar denkbaar is. Ook is hij een fel tegenstander van massale verbranding van bomen (biomass)

Challenges: Onmiddellijke sluiting van alle biomassa-centrales. Deze veroorzaken een grotere uitstoot van CO2 dan kolencentrales en indirect worden door bomenkap enorm veel planten en dieren gedood. Op naar kleinere kerncentrales en vergaande isolatie van huizen en andere gebouwen

Nominated by R. B., Netherlands:
Dantumadiel has zero infections, zero hospital admissions and zero deaths from Corona virus!

Klaas Agricola is an independent mayor with no ties to any political party. He is an example to his citizens and has excellent control over the Covid-19 pandemic in his community. His team is small, but operates perfectly. Klaas deserves international recognition for his policy. Dantumadiel is a very green municipality in the Frisian Woods, near the famous Frisian lakes.

Challenges: Stimulate, build, suport, subsidize, all contructions for zelf-transport without the use of fossil fuel. Cycle paths and covered or sheltered cycle paths and secure cycle sheds anywere.

Nominated by M. B., Netherlands:
Strict measurements taken and he is able to have all the people behind this measurements, also he is working on a complete green energy environment in his community, he convinced the whole community to do so. Furthermore he is a amiable and accessible man, easy to speak to

Nominated by Johanna, Dantumadiel:
Klaas Agricola is a mayor for all the people of Dantumadeel, including kids! Our daughter won a drawingcompetition during the first lockdown and the mayor himself came by to bring her a gift!

Nominated by Falco B., Dantumadiel:
He's realy a good mayor. When my dad was sick he visited my dad. His fight against the corona virus is stunning. He only got 2 people that support him. For years an old farm was abandoned. He managed to rebuild it.

Nominated by M. H., Dantumadiel:
Leiderschap capaciteiten, weet o.a. met zijn wethouders een ommekeer te realiseren op het gebied van financiën. Is een burgemeester met een emotionele intelligentie een zgn. mensenmens. Weet tenslotte goed om te gaan met alle corona perikelen, de gemeente Dantumadiel heeft een zeer lage score.

Nominated by F H B, Dantumadiel:
The mayor of Dantumadiel did everything he could to keep the covid 19 virus away. He deserves this so much more than e.g Femke Halsema.

Nominated by A. K., Netherlands:
Klaas Agricola heeft met 2 Abmtenaren de Corona crisis moeten bestrijden.
Hij is onpartijdig. Geen lid van een partij.
Hij is zeer sociaal en gaat bv op huisbezoek bij een lastige bewoner om de problemen te bespreken.
Loopt stage bij plaatselijke bedrijven en organisaties om zo inzicht te krijgen in de werkwijze en evt problemen waar men tegenaan loopt.

Nominated by Klas K., Netherlands:
Klaas en zijn twee ambtenaren wisten het covid 19 virus
Challenges: Succesvol te beteugelen en dat in een gemeente met 10 mooie groene dorpen .

Nominated by Ijsbrand M., Netherlands:
He is a serious, empathic, kind man who always will be acting on the background and come on front when its nessesary.

Nominated by Akkie D., Dantumadiel:
Klaas Agricola is the best in keeping the enviroment healthy with a very good Covid-19 polocy. And he is a wunderfull family man. Our enviroment is beautifull green with al lot of water. Agricola supports the tourism without losing eye for our beautiful nature.

Nominated by F. B., Netherlands:
Burgemeester Agricola heeft het in zijn Gemeente Danutumadeel goed voor elkaar. Hij is niet verbonden aan een politieke partij en heeft bijna geen corona gevallen in zijn Gemeente. Hij heeft oog voor zijn burgers en houdt zijn stad/dorp groen!

Challenges: Er zou in het gehele land meer politie moeten komen om te handhaven. Ook moet er meer ruimte zijn voor groei en verantwoorde bouw van woningen

Nominated by van d. H., Dantumadiel;
Klaas Agricola is an independant mayor without ties to a political party. He is an example for his citizens and keeps his comunity perfectly under control. His team is small but operates perfectly. Klaas deserves international recognition for his performance as major. Dantumadiel is a green county in the Friese Wâlden near the Frisian Lakes. Untill today there are 39 people infected with Covid-virus, 0 people submitted in hospital and 0 deaths.

Nominated by Bert B., outside The Netherlands:
The best leader in the battle with corona. No hospital persons, no death people etc. Outstanding leadership.

Nominated by Ine van d. B., Netherlands:
Klaas Agricola is an independent mayor with no ties to any political party. He is an example to his citizens and has excellent control over the Covid-19 pandemic in his community. His team is small but operates perfectly. Klaas deserves international recognition for his policy.

Nominated by Hans J. M. J., Netherlands:
39 besmettingen. afgelopen 2 weken: geen ziekenhuis opnamen. geen doden.

Challenges: Meer sedum op de daken maakt steden groener van boven gezien. Betere geboortebeperking en imigratieprogrammas om inwonertal van Nederland te beperken. Dit om meer open groene ruimte te kunnen creeren buiten de steden.

Nominated by Cees R., Netherlands:
Klaas Agricola runs his city outstanding, especially during this covid-19 times. Last two weeks zero deads and only 39 patients His city is one of the most cleanest and green city's of the Netherlands He is an independent mayor.

Challenges: Let them run by people as Klaas Agricola and we will have a much cleaner and greener world

Nominated by Antonius B., Netherlands:
In de gemeente - 18.923 inw, slecht 5,3 coronameldingen per 100.000 inw. 0 ziekenhuisopnames en geen inw coronagerelateerd overleden. Kortom zeer goede aanpak van de coronapandemie.

Nominated by Lau A., Netherlands:
Klaas is een onafhankelijke burgemeester, zonder banden met een politieke partij. Hij is een groot voorbeeld voor zijn burgers en houdt de Covid-19 pandemie in zijn gemeenschap uitstekend onder controle. Zijn team is klein, maar opereert uitermate gedisciplineerd. Hij verdient internationale erkenning voor zijn beleid. Dantumeradeel is een zeer groene gemeente in de Friese Wouden, vlakbij de bekende Friese meeren.

Nominated by R. M., Netherlands:
Onafhankelijk, geen politieke banden, groene gemeente, efficiënt werkend persoon, zeer geliefd.

Challenges: Stop met de inmiddels bijna onbeheersbare instroom van migranten. Door een land vol te bouwen dien je niet het milieu en klimaat.

Nominated by Erik H., Netherlands:
The mayor's policy has lead to the lowest number of Covid-19 victims in the Netherlands, unlike the disaster of coved in Amsterdam.
The city of Dantumadeel is very beautiful and green. The place may be one of the most preserved within the Netherlands. With thanks to the great mayor!

Nominated by Johan M., Netherlands:
Klaas Agricola and his team have done everything to suppress the Corona pandemic by doing all they can to educate people about the virus. He visits people who are in isolation to motivate them and tell them he supports them. He hired extra health workers and personally imported protective goods from China, so that there wouldn't be a shortage. Also, his community will be 100% CO2 neutral within just 1 or 2 years, because of the efforts of Klaas Agricola.

Nominated by Janneke A., Netherlands:
Een mensen-mens. Wil dicht bij de mensen staan in zijn gemeente. Toegankelijk. Open. Sociaal.
Heeft maatschappelijke stages gelopen bij bedrijven in zijn eigen gemeente om ervaring op te doen. Anders dan alleen op politiek gebied
Warme persoonlijkheid

Nominated by Edwin v. N., Netherlands:
Klaas is eerlijk. Nobel, gul maar vooral verstandig in het aansturen van zijn gemeente. Hij heeft nul corona patienten. hij heeft altijd voor gelopen in zijn handelingen op het kabinet. Klaas is een voorbeeld van verstandig bestuur. Een duidelijk beleid dat de bevolking aan spreekt.

Challenges: Minder Groen Links. Minder Biomassa centrales. Meer kernenergie.

Nominated by Ingrid, Netherlands:
Small team though operates perfect.
Its a small green community nearby the Friese Lakes wellknown for the skateride the Elfstedentocht. Zero citizens in hospital, zero died of covid-19

Nominated by Rupert van S., Netherlands:
Klaas Agricola is an independent mayor with no ties to any political party. This mayor is a true example to all his citizens and keeps the Covid-19 pandemic under excellent control in his community. His team is small, but operates perfectly. Klaas deserves international recognition for his policy.

Challenges: Stop political games and the further globalisation of the city. Discourage building offices and large retail chains around the edges of the city with associated large parking spaces. Make public transport accessible and cheaper. Start by building a small neighbourhood community with a water supply park and make sure that the small real middle class gets a chance. Take care of a balanced population structure based on income supply and ethnicity.

Nominated by José K., Netherlands:
This very kind mayorhas a very little corona virus people in his city. He talks often with the city people how to behave correctly in this crisis. The schools have their own garden for the children. The town is surrounding with Woods and lakes. He wants the people to have their own garden.

Challenges: Plant vegetables nearby cities and villages. Promote the bicycle.

Nominated by V., Netherlands:
Mr. Klaas Agricola is mayor of one of the greenest parts of our country. He has no political ties with any party in our country and his administration is one of the smallest. Nevertheless he and his small team operate perfectly well together. They manage to keep the Covid-9 spread to an absolute minimum for which he should be rewarded considering the lack of party funding and the absence of a hospital in his community. He gets things done because of his personality and care for his community.

Nominated by Bas de G., Netherlands:
Zero COVID-19 problems and a very efficient administration puts this independent mayor on a special podium. Dantumeradeel is a very green and clean environment to live in or visit. Much better than Amsterdam City and mayor.

Challenges: Youth 14-25y brings ideas, which are approved by 60-80y elderly, execution design by working class 25/60y old citizens, advertised by nonworking/disabled/wellfare 30-55y part of society - has everybody chip in.

Nominated by Marcel Z., Netherlands:
Een burgemeester zonder politieke partij. Heeft de covid-19 volledig onder controle en verdient de nominatie! Het is de groenste gemeente van Nederland bij de Friese Wouden en de meren.

Challenges: De schoonste en veiligste manier van energie is kernenergie. Stop de leugens van windmolens en zonnepanelen.

Nominated by Frans V., Netherlands:
He is an elected mayor, with no political background. Everyone respects his decision and is widely supported. and his community is certainly green.

Challenges: what the current politician is doing now is not looking far enough ahead, people will always find a solution, so I also think for nuclear waste. A lot of money has been lost in no permanent projects. solar energy must also continue to be developed

Nominated by Fier F., Netherlands:
The mayor works for the little people, nature, farmers, health, clean air, soil and a green future for the Frysian people, animals and water. Take it alone, without a political party against gas and oil company, to save his region for the future.

Challenges: Less cars, of the gas, more trees, isolatie your house, use recyclen product, less Meat. Be good for your envoirment, she's been good to you.

Nominated by D. A. de G., Netherlands:
Klaas Agricola is een onafhankelijk burgermeester zonder banden met een politieke partij. Hij is een voorbeeld voor voor zijn burgers en houdt de corona besmettingen binnen zijn gemeente heel goed onder controle.Zijn team is niet groot maar werkt heel goed. Klaas verdient erkenning voor zijn beleid en werk wijze.

Challenges: Als ik burgermeester zou zijn ga ik ervoor om niet meteen op plekken waar huizen of gebouwen gesloopt worden wegens ouderdom weer nieuw beton neer te zetten maar VEEL meer groen tussen de bebouwing aan te brengen
notification: yes

Nominated by J. H. B., Netherlands:
Klaas in an independent Mayor so he can act freely. There is less risk of interference of a party. This gives less risk on lies (Fairness). In the community there are 39 Covid infections, 0 hospital admissions and 0 deaths! The surrounding area is already a green hotspot. If it can stay like this, it is already a big win.

Challenges: When Mayors stop lying and listen to their people it will help getting people to follow them. The lying part counts for all politicians by the way...Stop building windmills but built nuclear power plants in green areas or plant a forest around them. Why do we all have to live in cities? Spread the populations, this is much healthier than living on top of each other.