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World Mayor vote 20/21
World Mayor Nominations 2021
Carlos Carreiras, Mayor of Cascais, Portugal

The 20/21 World Mayor Prize and Commendations will be conferred on mayors who have been showing leadership during the Covid-19 pandemic and who are now aiming to make their cities more resilient economically, structurally, socially and environmentally. In fact: Stronger | Fairer | Greener. The organisers of the World Mayor Project are looking for mayors who have shown exceptional leadership skills but also, and more importantly, acted at all times with compassion towards those most affected by Covid-19. The pandemic has shown how vulnerable even the richest cities are when confronted with a disaster like Covid-19. Forward-looking city leaders will now begin to re-think how their communities can be better protected against future threats, both natural and man-made.

Carlos Carreiras, Mayor of Cascais, Portugal, has been shortlisted for the 2021 World Mayor Prize.

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Nominations for
Carlos Carreiras
Mayor of Cascais (Portugal)

Nominated by Miguel M., Cascais:

The crisis we and the world continue to confront seriously affects public health and our social and economic well-being. There will be no quick return to normal, nor should there be. While it remains to be seen how well the future, the crisis has starkly spotlighted longstanding cracks in our social and economic foundations.

The democracy next purpose must focus on immediate needs – public health and income security – but it must also set a course for fundamental change based on a vision of a fair, green, and just recovery for all. Democracy must be incompatible with inequality.

The key to meeting the intersecting challenges of systemic racism, inequality, climate change and democratic decline is to turn sharply toward economic growth that supports an equitable, inclusive, healthy, and resilient society.

Our solutions lie in a mixed public/private/not-for-profit social economy with high levels of public provision to meet key needs, protection against poverty and insecurity, and effective public interest-driven regulation. We need to renew the capacity of governments to shape the economy in the national and public interest, to lead innovation toward a shared vision of the equitable future, to distribute resources to achieve more just outcomes. The market and the private sector are important tools, but governments must shape the economy to secure fair and inclusive society.

Here in Cascais we have everything to (continue) be happy

Nominated by Pedro C., Cascais:
Mayor Carreiras is a man ahead of his time.

Always moving forward. Always looking for the future in order to lead the present. Besides all he has done to fight the pandemic, and perfectly reflected in previous comments, he is now negotiating the acquisition of huge batches of vaccines to protect the population.

He has also acquired 20 thousand oxymeters, which are being delivered to those infected, in order to relief hospitals from intense pressure. Moreover, he bought 1,700 computers for those students who had no means to follow online classes.

Mayor Carreiras is a passionate public servant. He has an extraordinary sense of mission. He is a transformative politician, making a lasting positive impact in people’s lives. With him on the front seat, Cascais has been consolidating its place in the world as a tolerant, prosperous and sustainable city.

Nominated by Fernando P., Cascais:
I live in Cascais and I feel that Carlos Carreiras did a great job from day 1 with initiatives to support the people of the council and the country. The municipality fleet the first plane to Portugal with PPE materials, like masks and alcohol gel, and distributed the materials received with other councils of the Lisbon Metropolitan Area. A mask factory was built to assure the cheap production and disseminations of materials to all population and the dissemination around all the council of mask dispensers, to reach everybody easily. Also masks were distributed for free to older people and people with low resources, to assure everybody could have PPE against Covid.

Also, since the first week, he's been talking with the population every Friday, telling what's happening and replying to questions. These are some of the reasons why I feel Mr. Carlos Carreiras did a great job and should be recognized for that.

Nominated by Bakheet A. K., outside Portugal:
I am delighted to express the friendship and the brotherhood that i have with President Carlos Carreiras first of all. 

First because he always cares about the people, real people, genuine, without any discrimination of colour, race, status or religion. Whenever I visit such an high level city like Cascais, which is a pearl very well preserved by his work, I feel honoured to breathe a good environment that was build by this noble man throughout the years.
I do not want to be very long in my words, but i invite you to visit Cascais and understand why I vote for this man, mayor and friend. 

It may be a sin, to speak about Cascais because I love the city and the place because Carlos Carreiras is a wonderful host, with his presence or without.

Regarding the pandemic situation in the world, I guarantee that he is doing the best to help the old, the non-protected, the poor, the ill, and the whole Cascais, giving and not thinking about getting elected, which makes him a flag not to the Portuguese nation but for the whole world.

So, I will finish my testimonial, saying, Cascais is Carlos Carreiras, and Carlos Carreiras is Cascais. May God bless him and his work.

Nominated by André R. da C., Cascais:
I vote for Cascais Mayor, Carlos Carreiras, for the 2021 World Mayor Prize.
During this Covid Pandemic time, he has been an example of leadership. He truly worries with citizens safety and didn't save money with politics due to Cascais. He implemented several measures in terms of politics like mass production masks to offer the citizens, free parking, programs to help the elderly, and so on.

Nominated by Mónica D., Cascais:
For me, a leader is someone who you will never forget because someday told you or showed you something simple and unique that changed your life forever. Dr. Carlos Carreiras is a leader. He is an example person. He has a presence and a sense of community that is difficult to put into words. He changes lives! Even for those who never met him.

What characterizes him is to be always looking for the best for Cascalenses and visitors. Always looking for new answers, new ways to solve problems, new solutions that are fair, consistent and that satisfy the main purpose. And never, but never give up.

During the Covid-19 pandemic I cannot find an adjective that can describe his attitude. By one side, always talking to people, being there, being present, trying to transmit serenity and hope.

On the other hand, being absolutely focused on proper preventive measures and solutions. Acquisition of masks, free distribution by the population, disinfection of spaces and public roads, maximum measures to protect the population using tele-working, social support for homeless people, accommodation for insured health professionals, suspension of parking meters, reception of children for parents with essential service works, guaranteed school meals, creation of testing centers, creation of vaccination centers… endless measures.

Dr. Carlos Carreiras is a man of thinking the future and at the same time a man of solving the present. And no one is left behind…

Nominated by Nuno Miguel C. N., Cascais:
Eu Nuno Miguel Cardoso Nascimento, residente em Cascais, venho por este meio votar para prefeito mundial de 2021, o meu voto vai para o Sr. Presidente Carlos Carreiras da Camara Municipal de Cascais.
Acho que o Sr. Presidente Carlos Carreiras, tem desenvolvido um grande trabalho em todas as áreas, nomeadamente nas áreas da Saúde ultimamente ao combate ao Virus do Covid, tem sindo um exemplo nas boas medidas que tem vindo aplicar, na área da mobilidade urbana, transportes públicos gratuitos para todos os residentes, estudantes e trabalhadores do Concelho de Cascais.

Tem feito lares para pessoas com deficiência, adaptações na via pública para quem anda em cadeira de rodas e muitas outras situações ligadas ao desenvolvimento da Vila de Cascais e da população.

Nominated by Ana Margarida F. de S., Cascais:
Carlos Carreiras has always been very active and has worked since he is mayor for developing Cascais always thinking about all people but also in sustainability and progress.

His work and leadership during these difficult times of the pandemic is really fantastic. He was always a step ahead of the problems fighting for the best for us in Cascais and many times replacing central government obligations.. He was always present. He answered our questions every day , patiently, through media channels. I really felt safe in Cascais and proud to live here.

Nominated by Susana O., Cascais:
The Mayor of Cascais, Carlos Carreiras, proved to be the most competent and most respectable public leader in the country.
From the first hour of this pandemic, he brought everyone together in a common effort to fight this 'war' against the coronavirus on all fronts (COVID-19).
His response is always ready in terms of initiatives and activities, in the various sectors, to maintain the population's spirits up. The pandemic demands, and the mayor resolves.
His organizational, management, distribution, dedication, commitment and respect for all of us, is never forgotten. 
I admire his ability to anticipate the problems caused by the pandemic, with a set of measures, often replacing the Central Government.
I work in the Cascais Town Hall, I can say that I have a Mayor, always concerned about everyone, and that is his daily work motto.

Nominated by Maria J. R., Portugal:
Carlos Carreiras, is doing 24/7 everything he can, sometimes beyond his strengths, to assure that anyone who lives, studies or works in Cascais fells safe and taken cared of. The slogan chosen by the council to give us faith on this pandemic times sustains the reason he must be awarded with this prize: “#TodosPorTodos”; that means All of us for all of us! He’s the best mayor in Portugal! Thank you for your hard work and to make every Cascalense feel safe.

Nominated by Cristina T., Cascais:
Mayor Carlos Carreiras has been an inspiration in leadership. I myself work at the municipality and have been a witness to all the good he has done for Cascais and its people. Both rich and poor.

I could share with you many examples. But luckily for me, on the day I decided I would cast my vote mayor Carlos Carreiras again provided just such the kind of examples I am writing about and that makes him such a wonderful leader. (I could also testify to his humanity).

Of the thousands of children going to school in our municipality, a few thousand are poor. With the pandemic and the confinement, many were not prepared to be home-schooled or attend online classes. The Portuguese government could not guarantee enough computers or meet the requirements needed.

So mayor Carlos Carreiras today announced and was about to deliver 1000 PC’s to the less rich of the municipality. When the Portuguese government is able to deliver to those children the requirements needed for them to attend online school, then these same PC’s will go on to the eldest, in an attempt to raise digital literacy for those who need.

It’s an incredible sustainable solution, both simple and creative. This is the kind of answer Mayor Carreiras has accustomed us to.

Nominated by Teresa P., Cascais:
Mayor Carlos Carreiras has been an exemplary leader. He has always been on the front line, never gave up the fight, and always made the right decisions even before the government guidelines came out, always stating that he would never put anyone at risk and this is what he did.

At the very beginning of the COVID-19 Pandemic, Carlos Carreiras put the municipality’s employees into remote work in order to protect them and their families.

He made the right decisions, asking the entire Cascais population to stay at home, and they respected his recommendations.

He made several live broadcasts on social networks explaining what was going on in the county and appealing to the common sense of each of us. He risked everything, advanced without fear and invested everything he could to protect all his citizens, created a home for the homeless from scratch, performed several COVID-19 tests on the population, invested in buying machines to make surgical masks to give Cascais’ social institutions and citizens, provided the poorest people with food parcels so that no one would go through any difficulty. And finally, he arranged computers for the most disadvantaged children giving them the opportunity to take online classes in order to continue the school year.

There is much more to say about the Mayor of the Câmara de Cascais Carlos Carreiras, and what I have written here is very little and the population is very proud of its Mayor.

Nominated by B G R, Cascais:
Our mayor is an example of strenght, responsability and democracy! He wories about the poors and tries to create platforms to help them, and to make the citizens of his city to participate also, with boxes to leave food and other things so people who need it can passe and take it.

Part of the budget of our citie is voted by the people who live there. People that live or work in Cascais dont pay bus. With the same card we ride the free bus we have the opportunity to be tested if we already had covid and if we were immune free. We can still do it. We just have to make an appointment.

He also created in city property a huge place so we can be tested. And now he created a huge space to start vaccination with all the security. The only problem is that the vaccine hasn’t arrived like it was promised. The masks are free and you can find it everywhere.

In summer teenagers can participate in a programme where they can make the city prepare for tourists and for kids and adults. They can work on gardens, beaches etc. and receive some money.

Also we can put our kids in incredible summer, Easter, Christmas camps where they play games learn, do exercise and visit different places of our city. The city hall is always available do help entrepreneurs and institutions. We really see how our mayor is helping us! He really deserves to win!

Nominated by Carmen P., Portugal:
O presidente da Câmara Municipal de Cascais, Carlos Carreiras, revelou-se o dirigente público e líder mais competente e de respeito neste país. Através da sua capacidade de gerir todos os recursos e meios que possui, mantendo a sua pro atividade, permite que Cascais se torne no local mais desejado para se viver com segurança e tranquilidade a desfrutar das belezas da natureza. Mesmo em tempos de pandemia. Os residentes aumentaram por sentirem essa segurança e capacidade de gestão.

A sua resposta sempre pronta a nível da saúde, a nível social, a nível da educação, e até mantendo a criatividade para atividades digitais culturais, para manter o ânimo da população, são os fatores principais das suas atividades diárias. A pandemia exige e o presidente resolve. A sua capacidade de organização, gestão, distribuição e um grande respeito por todos, faz com que trabalhe de forma humanitária para toda a população. Esse é o seu lema de trabalho diário. Basta consultar os meios de comunicação social, redes sociais para ter a noção da sua grandiosidade e perceber o ser humano maravilhoso que é.

Em Cascais existe uma preocupação diária para e com todos, através do seu trabalho, dedicação e empenho. Um presidente altruísta e sempre preocupado com todos.

Nominated by Rita P., Portugal:
Apesar de ser residente num concelho vizinho de Cascais, Sintra, trabalho no concelho de Cascais. 

Sou auxiliar de saúde numa instituição de apoio à idosos. 
Desde a primeira hora do início da pandemia que o Presidente Carlos Carreira tudo fez para proteger essas instituições, seus residentes e profissionais. 

A instituição é desifectada pela câmara municipal de Cascais todas as semanas. 

As máscaras quando passaram a ser obrigatórias nos transportes públicos foram oferecidas. 

Foram criados diversos pontos de venda e depois, pontos de entregas gratuitos de máscaras a residentes, trabalhadores e estudantes em Cascais. 

As máscaras são fabricadas em Cascais, criando assim vários postos de trabalho. 

Foram criados caixas solidárias para entrega e recolha de bens. 

Nas eleições presidenciais, organizou de forma exemplar o acesso às mesas de voto. 

Tem sido um presidente sempre na linha da frente na proteção, na informação a todos os munícipes. Está sempre disponível para esclarecer e sempre aberto a sugestões
Um exemplo para todos. Se morasse em Cascais, era para ele o meu voto. 

Espero que ganhe! 

Nominated by Tiago T., Cascais:
A friend of mine invited me to write one or two words about mayor Carreiras from the Municipality of Cascais.

I have been thinking of what to say that could somehow offer a positive review of his work, as well as how to say it in only a few lines.
And what I’ve come to is this:

On the political spectrum, I myself have always voted on the left side of it.
But in Cascais I have always voted differently. Precisely for mayor Carreiras.
Mayor Carreiras has always made me think about how to properly vote. In a good way.

Why is it that I, a leftist, have always voted for him?

Having lived all my life in Cascais, I have witnessed first-hand the astounding differences between the development and progress of the municipality, in comparison with the rest of the country of Portugal.
For the better. Thanks to mayor Carreiras, Cascais has something for everyone.

Our streets, beaches and oceans are clean. Our town is a cultural hotspot, with a museum quarter and artistic residences. It offers entertainment, from simple strolls in the park to popular traditions and festivities, as well as summer concerts and New Year’s Eve celebrations. Cascais hosts both one of the biggest and most successful commercial shopping centres, as well as local street shops.

Recently, the strategy of development changed to what is known as knowledge tourism. We hold conferences on many subjects and over the last few years, we have welcomed a few universities as well as professional artistic education centres.

Public transport is free for residents. That’s not usual. And efforts are being made to turn Cascais into a Smart City. In fact, we have won awards on the matter.

However, as with everything, nothing is perfect. In fact, if I had to point out one negative aspect, it would have to do with one particular parish of the municipality: São Domingos de Rana, which has been progressing more slowly than the rest.

But then again, this part of Cascais is managed by the opposition party, which is said to constantly raise barriers to the ideas of mayor Carreiras. It again helps me confront two different political views, with mayor Carreiras having the upper hand.

I know I should also say something about the current pandemic. I do understand it’s important, but have confidence others will share the same feelings I do, in a more specific manner.
However, I feel confident enough to say that mayor Carreiras has been managing the pandemic better than most – prime-minister included.

And these are the lines I have chosen to justify what I really wanted to say about the mayor of Cascais:

Believing in his strategies and ideas, he has been putting our village on the map. Mayor Carreiras truly embodies the concept of public service. And he is one of those few politicians who works for his community and its citizens.

Nominated by Maria da S. L., Cascais:
Exmos Senhores,

Votar no Dr Carlos Carreiras para Melhor Presidente de Câmara 2021 é da máxima justiça e o mínimo que qualquer morador de Cascais deve fazer em reconhecimento por tudo o que ele tem feito pelo desenvolvimento de Cascais e de a dar a conhecer em todo o mundo a nível de turismo mas, especialmente durante esta época terrível da pandemia de Covid 19.

O Dr Carlos Carreiras não esperou por directrizes governamentais e antecipou tudo o que iria ser necessário para enfrentar esta pandemia mesmo aquilo que poderia ser considerado exagerado como um camião frigorífico para guardar os cadáveres caso as mortes por Covid fossem em tão grande número que as câmaras frigoríficas dos hospitais fossem insuficientes e infelizmente provou ter razão dada a 3ª Vaga ter sido uma catástrofe em termos de internamentos e de óbitos.

No principio da pandemia em Março de 2020 e assim que a OMS informou que o uso de máscaras era vital para evitar o contágio, o Dr Carreiras contactou com senhoras que estavam desempregadas e colocou-as a fabricar máscaras em série que forneceu semanalmente e GRATUITAMENTE primeiro aos maiores de 65 anos e depois a toda a população que habitava ou trabalhava em Cascais independentemente da idade para evitar a propagação do vírus. Actualmente fornece 20 máscaras cirúrgicas semanais gratuitas e a possibilidade de compra de 5 máscaras FFP2 por &euro3 .

Também os médicos, enfermeiros e outros profissionais de saúde não foram esquecidos e a CMC alugou uma unidade hoteleira para que estes profissionais pudessem descansar convenientemente pois, muitos deles ,não iam a casa para não contagiar os seus familiares. Também alugou uma residencial para que os doentes com Covid em recuperação e que viviam sozinhos pudessem ter os cuidados necessários à sua recuperação que de outra maneira ocupariam uma cama no hospital e que era necessária para os novos doentes.

Neste momento já tem um pavilhão completamente equipado e pronto para proceder à vacinação de toda a população do concelho de Cascais assim cheguem as vacinas.

Creio que haverá mais motivos para o Dr Carlos Carreiras ser nomeado Autarca do Ano mas esses não serão conhecidos do grande público .

Nominated by Zilda Z. da S., Portugal:
Because he is a great leader, with a sense of responsibility, commitment to the municipalities. He is a real strategist, he knows which way his council should go.. Great advocate of environmental causes
He plans, monitors planning and is accountable to his citizens for the decisions made. The citizen has confidence in his Mayor. for a year they have had weekly lives with the Municipalities, explaining all the decisions they have made and will be taking. In this pandemic nothing happened to its municipalities (masks, accommodation, disinfection of streets, homes, meals, tests, etc.). In short, he was always there. He was always the first to motivate the teams to give hope to the municipalities, to endow them with the means to fight this terrible pandemic. total dedication to the public cause and total dedication to his municipality.
His motto is: Nobody is left behind! We are all Cascais

Nominated by Francisco L., Portugal:
The leadership of Carlos Carreiras under the Covid-19 pandemic was the best that the city could have asked for. He conducted a tremendous number of initiatives, in all the areas that were important during this time. He invested in machines to produce face masks locally, cheaper and faster. He offered some of those masks to social organizations of the city, that were able to sell them for a symbolic price, in order to gain some funds, lost due to the pandemic.

He also had initiatives to support the local commerce as, for example, suspension of parking payments near shops, in order for people to be able to do their shopping locally and safer. As for a greener city, he implemented also the BusCas program, for example, which is a service of bus rides provided by the municipality, and inserted in the social pass program. It helped to reduce the car traffic in the city and also to make connections that the larger bus companies were not doing before, improving the city's mobility.

Cascais was also the first municipality of the country to have an electric and non-piloted vehicle serving as public transport. As for stronger, we has being able to attract investment to the city, improving the quality of life. A good example is the new campus of Nova SBE, recently done.

Besides, he conducts a lot of initiatives for the citizens to have access to culture or sports. Finally, Carlos Carreiras is a strong supporter of the social activities and social organizations from all different areas and support them a lot. In my opinion, there is no better way to make a city socially fairer than to support the local organizations that deal with the people's everyday problems. It has been amazing seeing Cascais improving so much over the years. Congratulations, Mr. Carlos Carreiras!

Nominated by Daniel D. J., Portugal:
I am from a city near from Cascais (Loures City) and I see the differences. Cascais, guided by Carlos Carreiras, it's like a city from a different country. It is, no doubt, a super city, where the youth can get out and be free, and the old live well as much. Carreiras was the best Mayor in Portugal fighting COVID-19 and his success was followed from many other Mayors in the country.

Nominated by Alexandre B., Portugal:
I live in Lisbon, but Mayor Carlos Carreiras is from Cascais. From the first second of this Pandemic, unlike the Mayor Fernando Medina who did nothing but to worsen the situation, Carlos Carreiras took every measure he could to help people. From free masks for everyone, free transportation, lowering taxes, and suspending park meters, so that people could use their car, and be more safe amidst the pandemic. Carlos Carreiras did a fantastic job, and helped to keep the population safe, both in terms of health as in terms of economy.

Challenges for Stronger | Fairer | Greener cities:
If the idea is to make the cities stronger/fairer/greener, we need to give voice to the populations who live in the city. In Lisbon we being imposed by a tyrannical ruler a concept of a city who does not work for the population, and it is worsening the conditions to live in the city.

The first thing you want to do is to implement a great network of eletric/green public transportation, with huge parking lots near the car-public transportation strategic commute locations. The mobility of a city is one of the most important things, and it is also a way to analyse how democratic that city is. If people are restrained to move, and circulate in their own terms, if they are not free to choose, then they don't live in a democracy. The thing is, people have the right to choose what is best for themselves, so let's make public transportation, by being better than everything else the most prefered choice, and not because people are being robbed from the right to use their cars.

Let's not forget that we are in the break of a great technological revolution, with electric cars, and ECO-fuels. Also, cities need to be understood with a cultural, local identity perspective. What makes a city cool, and valuable, is it's unique identify, so that needs to be respected, preserved and amplified.

Nominated by Alfonso S., Cascais:
Cuidado pelos que mais sofrem no meio desta pandemia, de ajudar as famílias mais carenciadas. De gerar ajuda também para as empresas e pequenos empresários. Fez muito por este concelho. Cuidado com os jovens, envolver todos no combate a esta pandemia. Toma as medidas mais necessárias mesmo antes de ser obrigado pelo governo.

Nominated by Maria J. S., Cascais:
Carlos Carreiras Mayor of Cascais, even being a politician he has an academic training and previous background with a successful career, which made the difference of not being just another meaningless politician. He has been an excellent President throughout his career as Mayor.

Particularly since the corona virus crisis started, he immediately stepped up with operational measures. Under his leadership Cascais managed to acquire medical equipment to help the health services and the population. He purchased equipment for the local production of protective masks, started producing them in a couple of weeks and made them available initially at symbolic prices and then free of charge for the entire population, among other relevant measures.

The environment sustainability has been also a well know policy in Mayor´s strategy, promoting in several ways a greener awareness of the environmental and local resources throughout Cascais community.

I strongly believe that our Mayor Carlos Carreiras has been centering his work and goals towards the wellbeing and needs of Cascais community and not for his own benefit.

He truly deserves this award!

Nominated by Ana Q., Portugal:
Mayor Carlos Carreiras has been leading the municipality in an extraordinary way during the CoronaVirus crisis. Strategically he has done a remarkable job, protecting all sectors of society and investing resources to reduce inequalities.

At the beginning of the crisis, he was very agile taking intelligent decisions in order to obtain means of protection and make them to everyone in the territory (a distribution vending system was created and spread geographically).

The Congress Center was rapidly transformed into a test center and tests were freely distributed to enterprises to test and control their collaborators. Measures were taken to protect the economic sector, such as exemption from paying taxes. To reduce waist and address food insecurity, the Mayor decided to purchase agricultural products from producers and distribute them to the most vulnerable population. Shelter places have been created for homeless people, including spaces to accommodate their animals.

During the summer, the parks were transformed into "beaches" with umbrellas and water zones to reduce the concentration of people on the coastal strip. His performance has been outstanding and he did an incredible work leading a tireless and very competent team. Congratulations and thank you!

Nominated by Beatriz V., Cascais:
Carlos Carreiras has been a very a present mayor in helping everyone during the CoronaVirus crisis. He gives free masks for everyone. He created a center for the homeless. To the families in need he gives cards with money to spend on food. He encourages everyone to do voluntary work. He helps young adults by giving them job opportunities, and more. Young adults also have the opportunity to have free formations and courses to be inserted in the job world more easily. He is a great mayor.

Nominated by Ana M. A., Cascais:
His work since we have corona virus crises. We have free mask. We have free tests. We have all the support we need. He rented an hotel so we could stay with our elders in Xmas for free and safe. He is the best supporting the people.

Nominated by Maria M. G., Cascais:
"Carlos Carreiras é um presidente que desde o primeiro segundo tem lutado incessantemente contra o Covid19.

Desde logo se preocupou com a saúde e bem estar de todos os colaboradores do município, promovendo o tele-trabalho, antes de qualquer outra entidade o fazer.

Tem estado sempre na linha da frente, sem baixar os braços e muniu o município de infraestruturas necessárias à luta contra a pandemia. Apoia os profissionais de saúde, promovendo-lhes descanso em hotéis, para que não tenham que ir para casa, pondo em perigo a saúde e bem estar da família.
Desde o primeiro momento abriu um centro de despistagem do Covid e tem estado sempre ao lado dos mais necessitados

Semanalmente faz conferências on-line com os munícipes, onde os informa das ações feitas pelo município e responde às perguntas por eles postas"

Nominated by Filipe G., R.:
The Mayor of Cascais, Carlos Carreiras, has been an excellent President throughout the current pandemic crisis of Covid-19. His excellent work for the entire community in this County has improved the quality of life in the county at all levels.
Challenges for Cascais:
Finally buy the "Autódromo" and get the F1 back to Estoril.

Nominated by Dan, Cascais:
I think this mayor has been doing an excellent job for the population. His social cause is bigger than any other I have seen. I lived in other cities along the years and I never seen anyone so worried about his population and honestly that impressed me. He is been unflagging managing all this problems and challenges brought by this epidemic. Our county was one of the most well prepared in terms of equipment, information, social support, information lines, information support to the elder ones.

At Christmas it was arranged that families could be with the older ones by doing quarantine after in a hotel, all supported by the city Hall. And, honestly, that gesture touched me because I know that nowhere in this country no other mayor was concerned with that nor he is entitled to do that but it reveals the character behind.

Not always is about political questions, money, budgets or seeking votes, most of the times is about people and I see that is getting rare so I have to highlight the few ones that still are and Carlos Carreiras is that name that we should highlight.

Cascais is one of the richest county's in our country (if not the richest one) and the real prove that the management without the nowadays capitalism that rules worldwide can be achieved and balanced without strangle everyone's around. Everyone has a voice here and everyone matters. The world should put eyes in this name so I give all my support to this mayor.

Nominated by Maria A. M., Cascais:
The Mayor of Cascais, Carlos Carreiras has been an excellent President throughout his career! In the current pandemic crisis in Covid 19, he was noted for his excellent work for the entire community in this County and also in the country. It has improved the quality of life in the county at all levels.
Challenges for Cascais:
To improve the quality of life there must be public parks, gardens, walking paths. In this coastal area, the beaches should have water quality and clean sand and walking paths.

Nominated by Vanessa R., Cascais:
I lived in Cascais for 18 years then went to live in South Africa for 5 years. I have been back in Cascais since July 2020 and have been positively surprised by the way that this mayor has bettered the city and placed smart and humane systems in place. The support system for the elderly is amazing, the new trash recycling systems will surely make more people recycle, the free parking was a very good idea to help with the cuts received everywhere else, and the city has never been cleaner. Brilliant.

Nominated by Sara B., Cascais:
Tenho imenso orgulho no Carlos Carreiras e na sua equipa . É uma cidade muito dinâmica , onde há cultura desporto sem parar ! Mas mais importante é que os cidadãos sentem-te acompanhados . Existe uma preocupação social em permanência . Instituições que ajudam , doente, idosos , criança e deficientes, contam todas com o apoio da câmara municipal . Moradores beneficiam de transporte gratuito e famílias de apoio social .

As nossas ruas estão impecavelmente limpas e cheias de flores . O ambiente é levado muito a sério ,, na manutenção de parques e reservas . Na reciclagem de resíduos e no tratamento e qualidade da nossa águas !

As praias que são o nosso cartão postal estão sempre limpas tem todos os equipamentos para que os nossos turistas elejam Cascais como um dos melhores destinos do mundo

Nominated by Mafalda P. Cascais:
I am 52 years old, I have lived in Cascais for 48 years and I was the only President who faced a tragedy, in this case the Covid pandemic, which from the beginning did everything so that the population of Cascais did not miss anything, from food to health, to trade, and to homeless. He is a man with a kind heart but a strong character and attitude. A leader like I never thought of meeting one. He also helped other municipalities and is always checking on the spot if everything goes as he planned.

Nominated by Paula A., Portugal:
I know the city of Cascais where I go every day on a job (tour guide) and I have seen the good work on the ground that has been done by Carlos Carreiras.

My admiration for him increased with the start of the pandemic. He was the only mayor of Portugal who effectively purchased machines for the production of protective masks, at a time when they were few and very expensive. Carlos Carreiras managed to find a way to make them available free of charge and at symbolic prices to the entire population, through distribution machines. It was a unique idea in Portugal.

The city acquired other medical equipment to serve the population, exempted the payment of parking for long months, placed buses running free of charge, purchased vegetables from market vendors who could not work and which are still distributed to the needy today.

Anyway, I have a huge admiration for this man. It was impossible to have done better at such a critical time in our lives. For Cascais, which I love, thank you very much Mr. Carlos Carreiras.

Nominated by Andrea F., Cascais:
The Mayor been my boss since 2014 and he is one of the best leaders I've ever had the privilege of working with. It is not easy to be him, in his place, but somehow he has managed to face the challenges of his mandate with great compassion, leadership and accuracy. This recognition will be more than deserved, as he worked hard for the population congratulations Carlos Carreiras

Nominated by Tomás T., Cascais:
It's in the hard moments that the leaders damage or reinforce their leadership capacity. Carlos Carreiras is a clear example of strong leadership, a person that leads by example, inspired by the willingness to serve his community the best way possible, always empowering his citizens.

Carlos Carreiras is also a leader who knows that the boat does not go further with only one man, so he really trusts and empowers the people who work with him. A true leader that shows respect, integrity, honesty and capacity to act and take conscious and deliberated decisions as quick as possible, which is what these times demand.

Nominated by Filipe V., Cascais:
Carlos Carreiras has improved the quality of life in the Cascais district, had a strong leadership and provided lots of different types of support to the people of the district, including providing masks and gel vending machines. He his building walking and cycling paths all over the district. He has continually rejected high profile job offers to continue his work for the people of Cascais.

Nominated by J. F., Portugal:
The Man of the Year. A humanist, he has contributed a lot to mitigate the effects of the pandemic on the population. I would like others who make important decisions to follow his example.
Recommodations for Stronger | Fairer | Greener cities:
Rehabilitate the cart and horses, they do not emit polluting gases.

Nominated by Sónia A., Cascais:
This distinction is truly deserved. Even though I am not the City President's political color, I am proud to be able to call him President. Since the beginning of the pandemic, citizens have felt that the president is and will be there to support them. President Carreiras did a dedicated and honorable job, to take care of all the citizens. Thank you.

Nominated by Paulo, Cascais:
Casais Mayor Carlos Carreiras has always been with the resident population in Cascais in the fight against the covid-19. He requested airplanes with individual protection materials, having subsequently assigned part to neighboring municipalities. President Carlos Carreiras showed the country that it was possible to create policies and measures that helped the economy, namely the creation of terraces that helped restaurants to minimize losses.

The increase in social support for those who are in a situation of great socio-economic fragility has always been a constant. Carlos Carreiras, with his measures to combat the pandemic, makes us feel safe in Cascais.

Despite all this, the Mayor maintained his support for the reduction of carbon emissions through supporting soft mobility (bikes).

Challenges for Cascais:
It is important to support Mayor's policy regarding the environment: Soft mobility, autonomous bus, decarbonization.
It is also essential to take care of older people, of those who are in need.

Nominated by Jenny, Cascais:
I am blessed to be living in a city where the person in charge has a great sense of responsibility, resilience and humanity. Even before the Covid-19 pandemic, Cascais was already a city where people in need or themes as climate change were on the top priority of Mayor Carlos Carreiras. His motto is: "It all starts with people" and he lives up to this.

As a citizen, I was impressed with his ability to putting Cascais on the frontline to fight this pandemic. He immediately created a diary keeping everyone informed in a time where people could not get out of their homes and were scared. He mobilized the youngsters to help the elderly people that could not leave their homes to buy food. Cascais was the first Municipality who bought machines to manufacture face mask, right at the beginning of the pandemic, in a time where we couldn’t find any surgical mask; most importantly, he created a program to help families that lost their jobs due to this pandemic and up to this day keeps helping them. A variety of similar projects have been created, since March 2020, to fight this pandemic, being the main concern the well-being of all.

From a citizen perspective, living in Cascais, the feeling is that Mayor Carlos Carreiras administration is one step ahead and has been restless in fighting this crisis. If I would describe Mayor Carlos Carreiras in a word, it would be fairness and when people in charge have this quality hope rises and people find the strength to keep fighting.

Nominated by Mercedes B., Cascais:
Mayor Carreiras provided masks for the population from the beginning of the pandemic. People can be easily tested. He cared and took measures regarding poor people, old people and social institutions as Firemen. He kept markets open with very strict sanitary rules

Regarding the environment issue, he managed to clean rivers and woods and created several biological vegetable gardens for the community.

Nominated by Angelo S., Cascais:
Mayor Carlos Carreiras, Mayor of Cascais, is truly an example of what a Mayor can and should be. I've lived in Cascais since 1993. Seen them come and go, as Mayors, of what was the cosiest little villa in Portugal. Mostly before, Mayors only interested in political and personal gain. Cascais changed too much because of that! Mr Carreiras has proven different. He has revived and brought back some of Cascais' History.

I haven't always agreed with some of the decisions taken by Mr Carreiras and his team. I've also realized that individual decisions are not always the best for the collective (Cascais). His work (Cascais Municipality Team Work) during the Covid19 Pandemic is a sure example of how a Public Servant should "Serve the People".
A true example of Public Service.

There was certainly " a Cascais, before Mr. Carreiras " and There Is Certainly " a different and better Cascais after Mr Carreiras". Congratulations to him. A sure winner.

Challenges for Cascais:
- Increase free Transport.
- Increase free Services to the elder and needy.

Nominated by Paulo R S.: Portugal:
Mayor Carlos Carreiras’ role was, from the first moment, a leading role in combating the harms of the pandemic in all perspectives and all aspects of social life, aiming at the security and health and economic well-being of all citizens and residents. As well as everyone who contributes to their work in the municipality, whether with those who visit us.

The actions carried out, at all levels, are recognized both internally in the Municipality but also at regional and even national level, with the Municipality of Cascais being a reference.

It is common sense to realize that Cascais has made an enormous effort to maintain itself as a cohesive community in which it cares for its most disadvantaged both through support generated for homeless citizens and through social and economic support measures for the most vulnerable families.

The investment made in terms of school and vocational education, as well as all measures in favor of combating unemployment and economic development in the municipality.

In environmental resilience with measures in certain pioneering cases to combat pollution in all its aspects, reduction of our carbon footprint, transversal energy efficiency actions, combating waste and promoting circular economy as well.

In the pioneering way in which it has prepared its teams to deal with the new challenges of society, both in terms of work and even in terms of social dynamics in favor of what it needs and uses public services.

Nominated by S. N., Portugal:
O Sr. Presidente da Câmara Municipal de Cascais desde a primeira hora desta pandemia, juntou a todos num esforço comum para combater em todas as frentes esta 'guerra' contra o coronavírus (COVID-19). E para que ninguém fosse deixado para trás, multiplicaram-se as iniciativas e actividades, nos vários sectores, realizadas para proteger a todos nesta crise, sem olhar ao âmbito das suas competências próprias ou a limites territoriais.

Nominated by Teresa, Portugal:
Capacidade de antecipação dos problemas causados pela pandemia, com um conjunto de medidas, muitas vezes substituindo-se ao Governo Central.

Nominated by Dace V., Cascais:
Since the very beginning of the Coronavirus spread, the Mayor Carlos Carreiras has taken in his hands the management of the most affected areas of the Municipality of Cascais. Various programs and social assistance actions were created to help to the most vulnerable groups of residents.

Under the leadership of Carlos Carreiras, the Municipality managed to provide its population with face masks, which were distributed free of charge in public places and transports. The Municipality has also bought the equipment for a local production of face masks. As result, Cascais Municipality has been able to sell its produced surgical face masks for a very affordable price and distribute them to low income families.

In order to take care of homeless, unemployed and economically vulnerable groups of residents, the Mayor organized the opening of social centers and food banks in various spots of the Municipality. Carlos Carreiras also accompanied the creation of special social services, which are organizing the delivery of food and other necessities. Senior and self-isolating citizens were able to ask for food and medicaments delivery, without going out and risking their lives.

Carlos Carreiras has always emphasized the importance of facing the problems and challenges and joining efforts for finding good solutions in the time of crisis. Therefore, the Municipality in partnership with private companies has also managed to launch solidarity cards, which could be used for purchases at supermarkets for those residents who do not have sufficient financial resources.

The defense and sustainability of the environment have been one of the main concerns of the Mayor´s strategy for achieving a greener community, which keeps the balance between the needs of citizens and limits of natural resources.

The protection and increase of the natural resources of Cascais has been the focus of the Municipality´s work. Under the leadership of Carlos Carreiras has been elaborated the Cascais Action Plan 2030, which identifies 13 measures and comprises a total of 80 actions, which have to be implemented in Cascais to protect the environment and natural resources and create positive impact on the economy and security of the community.
The Mayor Carlos Carreiras has always had a very dynamic management style. During the Coronavisrus crises he showed it explicitly, tirelessly and selflessly working for his community, and especially those most in need.

Nominated by Manuela F., Cascais:
He has been tireless in the measures to safeguard the health of all Cascais municipalities.

Challenges for Cascais:
Cascais has been a pioneer in attitudes in which good practices are a concern both at the environmental, social and employability levels.

Nominated by M B., Portugal:
I moved to Cascais when I was 10, I no longer live there, sadly, but I do have the privilege of working in Cascais.

Mayor Carreiras has been a true warrior since the beginning of this pandemic, as he has been throughout his terms. He is always down in the trenches taking a first hand account of what his municipality needs and were he must intervene for all its population, be they residents, workers or visitors, to feel comfortable, safe and happy. He has especially focused on the less privileged who's number has sadly seemed to increase due to the blow on the economy from the Covid-19 pandemic. Students and seniors have free public transport which has decreased the number of cars circulating. We have solidarity pantries in public places.

This works as donations of food by anyone in cupboards spread throughout so others may use it. It has been very popular. We have low cost masks in dispensers also in public places where for just 1 euro you can get 5 dispensable surgical masks. Free Covid-19 testing for the population. A flu vaccine program for seniors, also for free. He has built installations for the homeless so they have a safe haven and are less exposed to the virus. Mayor Carreiras works closely with all the solidarity institutions. All this along with the great beaches, parks, gardens and loads of activities for everyone that we had before this new reality.

Mayor Carreiras is a Mayor that centers his attention on his community's needs, not his own. During this pandemic he has especially focused on protecting and helping his population however he can. I strongly recommend he be considered for the 20/21 World Mayor Prize. Not that he does what he does for recognition, he doesn´t! But because he does what he does out of true concern for us. So he truly deserves it!

Nominated by Mónica S T B., Cascais:
The Mayor has given evidence of a person capable of safeguarding the community. The Mayor has positioned himself on the front line in relation to personal protective equipment for the entire population of Cascais.

Challenges for Cascais:
The smaller car circulation reduces CO2 emissions on a large scale, in my opinion the Mayor of Cascais, by providing free transport to the population, is largely contributing to the reduction of these emissions

Nominated by Luis, Cascais:
He belong to a risk group, and he had supported all the community during the pandemic, always giving the example that we cannot stop, but at the same time, encouraging people to respect the disease and protecting them and each others.

Challenges for Cascais:
We will become stronger if we keep this amazing effort.

Nominated by Conçalo V., Cascais:
Mayor Carreiras leads by example.
He has been side by side with their constituents during all pandemic.
Supporting the poorer with food and employment programs.
Comforting the community with daily addresses and live Q&R sessions on Facebook.
Launching innovative universal serological testing for all citizens.
Making masks free for everyone.
Having a Covid-bus testing people in shelter and care homes.
Mayor Carreiras is one of the most trusted voices leading to the coronavirus crisis in Portugal.

Nominated by Inès S., Cascais:
Besides all the care he has for the village (altought Cascais has 215000 people, it‚s still a cozy village), all through the years, by taking care of all the green parks, keeping the streets cleaned and the beaches safe, he has the best plans to combat the fight against COVID.
We surely have a few positive cases but he‚s making sure no one is left behind

Nominated by VV, Cascais:
Carlos Carreiras garantiu a segurança de todos os moradores, trabalhadores e estudantes de Cascais. Com ele sentimo-nos seguros.

Nominated by Nuno and Ricardo J. Cascais:
Mayor Carlos Carreiras was one of the first in Portugal to adopt covid-19 prevention measures. Some of the measures were:
- Offer of masks;
- Closure of sales of alcoholic beverages in the service areas at night to avoid social gatherings;
- Investment of personal protective equipment for health professionals and volunteers;
- Exemption from fees for merchants and fairgoers;
- Offer to the municipalities of serological tests;
- Acquisition of an ecological bus to conduct tests in social neighborhoods and schools.
- Supply of food to families in need;
- Support for the elderly in purchases;
- Acquisition of two machines for the manufacture of social masks;
- Financial support, as well as protection and hygiene material for associations, collectivities and clubs.

Nominated by Maria E de J D S.: Cascais:
Mayor Carreiras has proved to be a very concerned President with his fellow citizens and the workers of the entity he leads. During the first phase of the pandemic, when little or nothing was known about the virus, he was almost daily on the ground following what was being done, giving instructions to buy equipment to protect everyone. Inclusively the Municipality of Cascais, was one of the ones that gave to other Municipalities, some of these equipments. Nowadays it continues to think that people are the most precious good and that all of us must help.

Nominated by Critina T., Cascais:
Carlos Carreiras is the Mayor of Cascais, as well as President of the General Council of the National Association of Portuguese Municipalities and the Portuguese Network of Participative Municipalities. He was also the Vice-president of the Executive Commission of the Union of Portuguese Language Capital Cities (UCCLA) for the biennium 2017/2019.

Having completed his studies at Instituto de Contabilidade e Administração de Lisboa in 1987, he worked with large companies in Europe, South America and Africa, especially within the hospitality industry, until 2005. It was around that time that he would become interested in local politics.

A founder of the Social Democratic Youth (JSD) and member of the Social Democratic Party (PSD), Carreiras advocates for public policies dedicated to the promotion of talent and entrepreneurship. He was awarded several distinctions, such as the First Class National Defence Medal by the Minister of National Defence, the First Order of the Republic by the Moldavian government, and the National Medal for Merit by the government of Romania.

The Mayor of Cascais, Carlos Carreiras, is the leader who always puts the needs of his co-citizens first. For this reason, the Municipality of Cascais follows the motto – ‘All for All’ (Todos por Todos). The Mayor Carlos Carreiras has stressed that people are always the responsibility of the closest level of power, therefore, it is critical to empower the municipality and its community, providing it with new opportunities and aspirations, as well as more skills and better public services.

The Mayor's leadership during the CoronaVirus crisis
During the CoronaVirus crisis, the Mayor of Cascais has been the first among all leaders at the national and international level to address and manage the urgent needs of society like a lack of protective masks, testing possibilities for coronavirus, lockdown and unemployment caused shortage of resources for families and the vulnerable situation of homeless people and other risk groups. The Mayor´s approach in addressing these problems has been aimed at serving the whole community: not leaving anyone behind.

When the Portuguese Government came out with new mandatory preventive measures for citizens in the fight with the spread of CoronaVirus, the Municipality of Cascais was the first local government, which, under the leadership of Carlos Carreiras, managed to immediately react and help the people in need to stay healthy and safe.

The Municipality of Cascais acquired industrial equipment to manufacture protective masks in Cascais for all residents and entities in the Municipality, thus guaranteeing autonomy, cost reduction and less environmental impact in the fight against Covid-19. This Program reinforced the production of protective equipment, and promoted the employability, as it required a partnership with the Employment Center of Cascais, who looked for citizens who could collaborate in this project with the role of packaging.

The production of surgical masks, transformed Cascais into a self-sufficient Municipality with individual protection equipment, a city project that ended supplying other municipalities as well. Today Cascais has a production capacity of more than five millions masks per month, with a production cost per unit that is half of its market price.

In these difficult times, the Mayor was also managing to address various other needs of socially and economically vulnerable groups. At the very beginning of the pandemic crisis, two social care centers were opened for homeless people in the Municipality. Under the Mayor's leadership, food banks have been launched, as well as special solidarity cards for purchases at supermarkets and many other supportive measures. The Mayor accompanied the creation of special social services, which carried out the delivery of food and necessities for community members in need. Senior and self-isolating citizens could call a special telephone line to ask for food and medication delivery.

Another innovative measure to face the pandemic was the Laboratory Bus or the COVID-BUS as it is known. This laboratory bus circulates in the Municipality to collect local analyzes aimed at carrying out tests on residents with reduced mobility and less ability to access digital media.
 "This is a way for the autarchy to be closer to people, especially those who are unable to be close to us due to several factors", stressed Mayor Carlos Carreiras.

Complementing the massive testing action already underway, to ascertain who has already been exposed to the coronavirus, the laboratory bus is now going to meet residents of more than 40 neighbourhoods to carry out serological tests near their homes.

In the implementation process of the Municipality´s action plan to fight the Covid-19 crisis, the Mayor has also emphasized the strategic importance of the young generation. For this reason, Carlos Carreiras has involved young people of Cascais as voluntary workers in several social projects. He demonstrated courage and profound commitment to address urgent problems and take care of all citizens during this unexpected crisis. Furthermore, Carlos Carreiras has also been the leader who manages to consolidate the Community of Cascais, affirming that openness and solidarity are in Cascais DNA and is its greatest strength.

The Mayor´s vision for a Stronger | Fairer | Greener community
Carlos Carreiras is the leader whose strategic vision for a stronger, fairer and greener community involves various dimensions: public, economic, and environmental health. His leadership style is focused on pursuing the set goals and managing the materialization of the Municipality´s strategic vision and plans in real-life projects that would benefit the whole community of Cascais.

For building a stronger and fairer community, the Mayor emphasis the importance of the future role of the public service that deserves the attention at the national and international context. He has signaled that this pandemic can be the catalyst for a new era between local and central state administration and that the challenges of this new time imply the need for change and more effective administration of public services at a local level.

To enable the Municipality to become more resilient - economically, socially and environmentally, Carlos Carreiras not only recognizes but also demonstrates the importance of facing the existing challenges and finding ways to overcome them. For achieving this, Carlos Carreiras has pointed out that public services have to compete with private ones, changing mentalities and attitudes. In his opinion, such modernization of public services will provide the communities with resilience in the face of crisis and will allow them to reach more sustainable growth in peaceful times.

Stronger | Fairer | Community
One of the projects, which has been aimed at building and fostering a stronger and fairer community, is the Cascais Solidarity Program measures (Cascais Mais Solidário).

With this program, Carlos Carreiras leads the community to openly face the growing problem of poverty and find solutions. This is an emergency food response platform that brings together the City Council and private companies as Lidl and Sonae groups. Its objective is to relieve the harshness of life for 1000 families. The program, which has an initial allocation of 300. 000 euros, allows support for low-income families with 75 or 100 euros per month delivered in the form of a card. This card, named „Cascais Solidarity‰ (Cascais Solidário), allows any citizen from this group anonymously to exchange it for groceries and essential goods in supermarkets. As a result of the social responsibility of individuals and companies, the Municipality now provide 220 tons of food per month that are redirected to 5500 families (a universe of 22 000 residents).

Greener community
The defense and sustainability of the environment have been one of the main concerns of the Mayor´s strategy for achieving a greener community, which is capable of maintaining the balance between the economic and social needs of citizens and ecological limits.
As Carlos Carreiras has stressed, "climate change is a problem today and every day". Its effects are already felt in several ways, with impacts on the economy and security of the communities. Therefore, the protection and increase of the natural resources of Cascais have been the focus of the Municipality´s work in various areas. It is also a way of guaranteeing future generations more advantageous social and economic development conditions.
Carlos Carreiras strategic vision for a greener community is embodied in the Action Plan for Adaptation to Climate Change - Cascais 2030 (2017), which has in its genesis an innovating engagement of the community: a long consultative process with citizens and experts from different institutions to signal priorities in the projects and actions to be implemented. For the implementation of the identified actions, the Municipality has allocated 11.5 million euros.

As such the Cascais Action Plan 2030 identifies 13 measures that comprise a total of 80 actions to be implemented in Cascais, with an immediate impact on the safety of its citizens and goods. The Cascais Action Plan 2030 also follows the methodological principles of the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, and its objective is to be the first Municipality in international level to comply with the Guidelines of the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (Objective 13: Climate Action).

Meanwhile, the Mayor has also been committed to adopting policies that lead to a 10% reduction of (fossil) energy consumption, while investing in renewable energies. In this sense, the action of the Municipality has been carried out at two levels: on the one hand, developing projects, which lead Cascais as a public entity to reduce its energy consumption (in municipal buildings and equipment, car fleet, lighting and public purchases) and on the other hand, promoting environmentally and energetically sustainable attitudes among citizens of all ages. Several educational programs were created to raise awareness of the importance of adopting daily behaviors that contribute to the reduction of energy consumption.

These programs and solidarity actions carried out by the Mayor Carlos Carreiras during the CoronaVirus crisis, has played a crucial role in tackling of the pandemic, saving and preventing the people of Cascais from serious health, economic and social problems. It also gave hope and motivated the community to engage in the Municipality's initiatives and programs.

Carlos Carreiras has been demonstrating extraordinary leadership whose primary focus is on building a stronger and fairer community. Particularly, the Mayor has affirmed that challenges, provoked by Covid-19 crisis, could and shall be addressed by consolidating the whole community, finding solutions and supporting each other ˆ being „All for All‰ (Todos por todos).

Moreover, the Mayor´s strategic vision and his commitment in managing the Cascais Community has been unique, as it compromises a revolutionary approach to municipal management, as well as it leverages a powerful alliance of innovation and technology approaches in harmony with the preservation of Cascais natural resources and economic and social development.

Carlos Carreiras has been the Leader who unites Cascais, inspires and gives a direction to his co-citizens, showing that the strength of the Cascais community lies in its openness, solidarity and peoples determination to continue to work for a better present and future.

Nominated by Beatriz S., Cascais:
Desde o inicio tomou medidas para a proteção dos municipes e ajudou os municipios visinhos, sofreu uma intervençao ao coração e até do hospital acompanhou todas as tomadas de decisão a bem dos municipes ou do proprio municipio. Nunca abandonou o "barco" e o seu lema é todos por todos.

Cascais é amiga do ambiente com ciclovias e espaços verdes, uma linha maritima invejavel e reciclagem do lixo com separação diferenciada. Nada mais a acrescentar.

Nominated by Maria A., Portugal:
Dedicated to municipalities and concerned with supporting everyone. Provided practical help solutions for those most in need. Covid testing centers, easy to access. Has put municipal services to work remotely, effectively.

Nominated by Joana C., Cascais:
He was always ahead the covid19 problems. He supported the people, and provided for them! He‚s strong and fully committed to his job! The people of Cascais couldn’t be more proud and thankful.

Nominated by Cecilia C., Cascais:
He is always with the population. He workshop hard during the pandemic situation and help all To have a better WAY of life.

Critical comments:
Critical comment by Joao S. C., Cascais:
The reasons given for the indication of the Mayor of Cascais are mostly fallacies.
The masks: The municipality has spent 500,000 euros to buy a mask-making machine that never worked, and no public explanation was given for the fact. On the meantime, a variety of materials and masks where bought, but instead of distributing them to the people as other municipalities did, he looked for a sales system through associations that did not work. Finally, some distribution machines were installed but almost all vandalized after a few days. Presenting the issue of masks as a success is intriguing, to say the least.

Parking has already been repaid, although the pandemic is far from over. If it had been a success, the free parking would have been maintained.

Green policy: Never before have so many trees been cut down in the municipality of Cascais. The systematic concreting of the entire coast continues at a good pace under the orders of this mayor. The construction authorized at Quinta dos Ingleses, in Carcavelos, is an example of the destruction of a vast green area along the coast for real estate speculation.

Finally, the lack of investment in the water drainage system has led to the occurrence of pollution phenomena on the county's beaches five times this year. Cascais, since the current mayor took office, has lost all the blue flags attributed to quality beaches.