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Comments in support of
Alvaro Arzu
Mayor of Guatemala City (Guatemala)

The top 10 mayors in World Mayor 2005 were selected equally on the number of votes received and the quality and conviction of supporting statements. Below we publish an edited selection of comments received in support of Alvaro Arzu, Mayor of Guatemala City.

Comment: I recently visited Guatemala, and unfortunately I was stuck in the city due to the tropical storm. Though it was worth it, since I had the chance to visit the city. I was amazed by the cultural activities in the city and the organization they have. I explored a little and found out that Mayor Arzu has done a tremendous job in the city. I was so amazed that I also contributed helping different sectors in the city collecting aid for the Guatemalans who where affected by the storm. I will visity the city again next year and bring some of my friends from Spain. We are sure that we will spend some days in the city visiting historical sites in the centre of the city and the other social and cultural site. Bravo Mayor Arzu, keep up the good work.

Comment: I am 24 years old. During my life Mr. Alvaro Arzu has been Mayor of Guatemala City twice and President of the Country once.  He is a good man, who fights for his country

The Mayor of Guatemala City faces tremendous challenges to improve the quality of life for his citizens. Life is hard and dangerous, especially after the civil war, and the Mayor has difficult challenges that most other mayors in the Americas don't have to face. He's really making a great positive impact.

The best thing that has happened to Guatemala in a long, long time. Mr. Arzu deserve everyone's vote. The city has been well managed and his work shows, inside and out. Mr. Arzu was an excellent President and the best Major Guatemala City has had TWICE, despite the hard situation of the country. He is professional and stands up for his principles and is not afraid to do what's needed.

Comment: Mr Arzú, actually, is one of the best majors we have had since I remember. The city of Guatemala is changing every minute for good. My vote is for him, because he deserves the award!

Comment: Mr. Arzú improved almost all public services provided to the neighbors, and is committed to continue reinventing public administration to make it efficient and transparent. Congratulations to Mr. Arzú and his team at the Municipalidad de Guatemala.

Comment: I live in Spain, and visited Guatemala recently. I found lots of changes in the city, lots of flowers, gardens and pedestrian ways. I liked the changes done to Zona Viva. I would come back to visit again.

Comment: Mayor Alvaro Arzu, has been elected serveral times, even after being a president of the country, because he is very efficient and popular and he does his job very well. the city is always very clean and I called the city garden as he and his team is always working in gardening and reforesting the city.

Comment: Mr. Arzú is working on a proyect called 'Transmetro', which is a mayor public transport system. It is estimated to be opened early next year. Now that the gas prices have gone up, the 'transmetro' will be convenient and a cheaper way to get around in the city.

Comment: The best way I can describe Mr. Arzú is by telling the following real life story. Sometime, after he was president and before he was mayor again, I was driving with my brother in rush hour in a congested street. As we tried to pull into a busy intersection, only one, out of 7 drivers, granted us the right of way... It was former president Arzu!

But that's him for sure. Absolutely selfless hard working. He pushes forward even when everybody pushes against. And his effort allways shows. He has proven very smart in politics, hardworking and ethics aware in office, and absolutely loving to his city and country. Other mayors may deserve recognition for their work, but few have had to prove themselves in such a difficult enviroment.

Comment: Recently some friends from Chile came to Guatemala city to determine if they would accept a job offer in the city. They where impressed of the changes Mayor Alvaro Arzú has achieved in the past 2 years, especially its cleanliness. I also believe that the Mayor has done a lot of hard work for the city to become more habitable.

Comment: Mr Alvaro Arzú is for me the most extraordinary personality in Guatemala. He is an example of a man who really loves Guatemala and wishes to make it a good place to live. It is a hard task but he still works on his dream to see Guatemala as a beautiful place in the world. Thank you Mr Alvaro Arzú for all you have done, do and will do for our lovely Guatemala.

I'm from Virginia, USA, and my vote is for Mr. Arzu because I have studied Guatemalan History from the political science point of view. And the more I learn about this politician the most I admire him. From his key participation in ending the arm conflict in his country to the telecommunications revolution that he launched in Guatemala. It is amazing that he has remained as the most important political figure in Guatemala after been in public service for twenty years and having been president and mayor again. I just don‚t see any other political figure in Latin America that has remained popular after been in the public eye for that long.

Comment: Currently, I reside in Los Angeles, CA. I lived in Guatemala City for a period of 5 years during my young adult life. I had the pleasure of being part of and actually viewing the works of this great politician, Mr. Alvaro Arzú. He truly set an example of what a Mayor AND President should be. Guatemala has been fortunate in electing him in the past, as a leader that has shown not only respect and justice, but his humanitarian actions that have united many and undoubtedly proven his love for his country and its people.

Comment: Mr. Alvaro Arzú is undoubtedly the person and politician who has succeed not only as a Mayor of his city, but also as leader for a whole country. That is why, he was also elected to be the President of my country in 1996. As a Mayor of Guatemala City, he made a lot of changes in the biggest city in Central America going from helping poor people in all areas to building constructions and highways. Besides, he was the President who got the end of the Civil War in Guatemala after more than 30 years of that sad part of the history of my country.

Comment: Mr. Arzu is a person who always seeks the development of Guatemala City in an unselfish and compassionate way.  His work has been outstanding both as President and Mayor.  Guatemala City is now a safer place to live in. I strongly recommend Mr. Arzu for the World Mayor Award.

Even though Mr. Álvaro Arzú, who was former President of the Republic is not ‘the perfect mayor’, I consider him one of the best mayors Guatemala City has ever had. He has developed several projects, but the most important issue is that he is emphasizing the human side of the City. He is devoting time and resources to help the homeless children and youngsters by means of productive, educational and recreational projects. Recently, in an newspaper interview, he was asked what Guatemala meant for him, and his answer was:  "after God, everything".   That is why I vote for him, besides for being a man of modern ideas.

Mr. Alvaro Arzu has worked in the public realm for a major portion of his life and has served Guatemalans for many years.  He has been very successful in uniting the strengths of the public sector with those of the private sector so as to affect a change in Guatemala City.  Some of the biggest advancements Guatemala City has seen have been under his first term as Mayor, his term as President of the country and now again during his second term as Mayor.  Despite the feeling of helplessness in Guatemala, many individuals recognize and praise Mr. Alvaro Arzu for his efforts and successes.  Individuals give comments such as "Arzu is one of the few guys who really works and gets things done.  Not like the other guys."  In a land (not to mention a continent) where corruption, bureaucracy, violence and indifference tend to be the norm, Arzu stands out as someone who truly uses the resources around him to accomplish the task.

Mayor Alvaro Arzu really deserves this award. He is a great mayor and has done a lot of important things for our city. He really works hard, with great effort. This is the third time that he is been chosen mayor of Guatemala City. He was President of Guatemala and did a great job too. So he really deserves this award because is a great, great mayor.

Alvaro Arzu, a former President of Guatemala and former foreign minister, has been three times elected Mayor of Guatemala City. While President, in December, 1996, his government signed the peace accord with the URNG guerrillas, ending 36 years of armed conflict.

Mr. Arzu was elected Mayor of Guatemala City again in 2004 and during his administration, municipal investment quadrupled, especially in the rural areas of the city. This spending obtained significant gains, such as an increase in portable water coverage of the city by 20 per cent; and education programs for street children, and recovery of parks and green areas.

But the most impressive project is the modernization of the public transportation system. He is constructing a ground level metro, which will cover the main points of the city.

Comment: As a 17-year old living in Guatemala, I can tell you that Mayor Arzu cares about young people and the environment. Our city has become more beautiful since Mr Arzu became Mayor. He is creating a modern and interesting city with a great public transport system. Visit Guatemala!

Comment: Mr. Arzu is a person who always promotes the development of Guatemala City in an unselfish and compassionate way.  His work has been outstanding both as president and mayor.  Guatemala City is now a safer place to live in. I strongly recommend Mr. Arzu for the award.

Comment: My last trip to my home city was a pleasant surprise. After a couple of years not seeing it, I was amazed at Arzu's labor and vision. He sees Guatemala City as a place where history and modernity coexist, and where there is a rescue of our past without alienating our future. Also, with visionary transportation ideas, like Transmetro, he sees the role that public transportation plays in the development of a sustainable and less polluting way to move within the city. Finally, his ability to develop new social and cultural programs such as child care centers in marketplaces, or street performances builds on the richness of our cultural heritage and the enrichment of its residents. He loves the city, and he loves to think that it could raise to be a better one for those who live in it!

Each year the most outstanding mayor is presented with the World Mayor Award. In 2004 the Award was won by Edi Rama, Mayor of Tirana. Dora Bakoyannis, Mayor of Athens, is the winner of the 2005 World Mayor Award. 2005 results

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