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World Mayor vote 20/21
World Mayor Nominations 2021
Mansur Yavas, Mayor of Ankara, Turkey

The 2021 World Mayor Prize and Commendations will be conferred on mayors who have been showing leadership during the Covid-19 pandemic and who are now aiming to make their cities more resilient economically, structurally, socially and environmentally. In fact: Stronger | Fairer | Greener. The organisers of the World Mayor Project are looking for mayors who have shown exceptional leadership skills but also, and more importantly, acted at all times with compassion towards those most affected by Covid-19. The pandemic has shown how vulnerable even the richest cities are when confronted with a disaster like Covid-19. Forward-looking city leaders will now begin to re-think how their communities can be better protected against future threats, both natural and man-made.

Mansur Yavas, Mayor of Ankara, Turkey, has been shortlisted for the 2021 World Mayor Prize.

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Nominations for
Mansur Yavas
Mayor of Ankara (Turkey)
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Nominated by Esin B., Ankara:
I lived my whole life in Ankara and I'm 24 now. With Mansur Yavas, I learned what a mayor can and must do for the city:

• He fight against the unfair and green killer buildings of rich men and won.
• He gave the unused but arable lands to the local farmers and supported them to cultivate.
• He is publishing all municipal tenders online and everyone can see what is happening behind the closed doors on internet.
• In pandemic, the economy worsened and people were unemployed. He made a call to the whole city: "if you can, pay for someone else's shopping." (In our country we can buy something from the local market and can pay it's price later if we don't have money at that time. Market owner write your name and the price to a notebook. People paid the prices instead of poor people on notebook who couldn't pay.) Later other city's mayors did the same call.
• For a long time restaurants and cafes were closed, but businesses' payments such as taxes and rents continued. A website was designed and people exchanged food from closed restaurants for the future. When the businesses reopened, they went and ate their prepaid meals.

These are the things that i just remember now. This man didn't create a polemic, give privilege and yield to the powerful and rich people. 

He did not yield to the pressures even though he was from a different Party than the ruling Party. We (Ankara) want this man as future president of the Turkey Republic. This man deserves everything. 

Nominated by E Ö, Ankara:
I live in Ankara, Turkey and I vote for Ankara mayor Mansur Yavas for the 2021 World Mayor Prize because he has been an exemplary leader for the city of Ankara during the Covid times. The whole city, all members of the public appreciated (and still appreciate) his genuine efforts to curb the pandemic with effective measures, and supporting people who suffer from the economic fallout from the pandemic. He instituted many campaigns to help people, and treated everyone equally and fair. He has been a bright light to all of us in this tough times. We admire his vision for Ankara, he wants to raise Ankara to a higher level in terms of economical, cultural, educational and environmental status.

Nominated by Serkan C., Ankara:
Mansur Yavas, a lawyer by profession, is our mayor since 2019, has received a lot of fame across Turkey.

During the COVID-19, Yavas organized a charity project which would give bread to poor people. His info-tech team at ankara municipality published an app for mobile devices, so every cityzen who wanted to donate easily with their mobile phones, so we did. 
Another charity project was payment of the depts of the poor to the markets and shops by other volunteered citizens.

Soon after the pandemic began, he provided financial support to the people such as taxi drivers, private city bus owners, hair dressers, barbers. Yavas collected 28 billion Turkish Liras as donations to pay for the water bills of poor. On my opinion he deserves to be praised by handling the pandemic. 

After he was elected, as a mayor he never behaves as a politician but a government official. He has substantially reduced the municipality’s budget deficit by eradicating spends as seen wasteful. He got rid of the luxury vehicles that were purchased before by previous administration.

As a citizen of Ankara, in which lived 42 years, these are my observation and feelings about our sincere mayor. Not only me, every one i know have the similar thoughts. He deserves to be honored with this reward.

Nominated by Yagiz C. E., Ankara:
The financial and moral support it provided to the tradesmen, students and the people of Ankara during the pandemic period and the fact that Ankara regained its free days is enough reason for him to become the mayor of the world. It shows an example of fair and honest municipalism.

Comment by Rocco B., Germany:
I visited Ankara because my wife's family live there.

I'm living in the northern part of Europe in one of the most attractive city in the world, Berlin.

I visited your city and i noticed three huge problems: 

The city in my opinion, is really difficult to visit because those reasons: so much traffic, few pedestrian areas (very disconnected between each other), no bicycle path, a lot of garbage and pollution. This situation, made me so sad and disappointed because potentially Ankara could be really nice and attractive!

With a good, wise and long-term plan, a lot could be done! I think Mansur Yavas could make a good contribution in this direction!! But there's a lot of work to do!! 

Nominated by Mehmet O. C., Ankara:
I am Mehmet Ozan, i have been living in Ankara since 2009.

Since the elections in March 2018, when Mansur Yavas won the municipality, he has been a very successful municipality in Ankara. He exhibits an unprecedented transparency in Turkey's recent history. He broadcasts the auctions live and makes people freely watch them on YouTube. Thus, irregularity was prevented with his action. With that he showed the importance of being honest to society and gave trust to us.

During the pandemic, the government did not provide enough support to the citizens. Economy has worsened month by month. But he did not say its duty of government and started to work how can he do something about that situation.

After some time, he announced "askıda fatura". Askıda fatura is simply a website. It meets the people who could not pay their bills and who wanted to pay their bills. With "askıda fatura" thing thounsands of people's bill was paid by benevolent people. It increased the motivation to help each other in society.

He bought crops from farmers and gave them to the people who could not meet their meets. It makes farmer could gain money and also protect poor people from hunger. He gave card to the people who needs daily help and increase the amount of social help.

In Turkey, government announced that education is applied from home via internet. Unfortunatelly, hundreds of villages did not have internet access in Ankara. He provided internet access with satellite dishes at villages. Students were able to continue their education with his fine thought.

Unfortunatelly payment of small treatment is subject to strict rules by the state. He makes SMA test free to the people who just married in order to detect sma disease before having children.

The above are just what came to my mind in a snap. He has been changing peoples daily rutine in a very good way. He absolutely deserve the "world mayor" prize.

Nominated by Pinar G., Ankara:
Mr. Yavas is not only the best mayor in Turkey but also the best leader. He is honest, smart and visionary person. He improved the quality of the living condition of the people who live in Ankara with its policies on public transportation, environmental issues, agricultural production in the city etc. He provided transparency and participation. 
He created the solidarity between the people who live in Ankara with his decision and politics especially in the beginning of the pandemic. Most importantly, he have done all these things under the pressure of the strong government. They tried everything to stop him but he found the way to serve the people every time. We are very lucky to have him. 
Thank you for your time. 

Nominated by Cüneyt I., Ankara:
Hello Mansur, our president has been carrying out his duty without making any discrimination without discrimination and wasting since he took office. In the pandemic period, he managed to touch everyone and conquer the hearts, so I send you this mail because I want him to win the vote.

Nominated by F. E. B., Turkey:
Yazıma nereden başlasam bilemiyorum. Kendisine, yaptığı çalışmalara çok saygı duyduğum Sayın Mansur Yavas’ın aday gösterilmesine çok mutlu oldum.
Ankara’da ikamet etmiyor olmama rag˘men yakından takip ediyor gurur ve geleceg˘e dair umut duyuyorum.

Belediyecilig˘in nasıl yapıldıg˘ının, nasıl olması gerektig˘inin, görmeye hasret kaldıg˘ımız görüntü ve çalıs¸malara öyle güzel imzalar atılıyor ki. Gururla heyecanla takip ediyorum.

Eşitlik , tarıma yapılan destek, kibar naif dil ve duruş, saygınlığı ve saygıyı yitirmemek, hak korumak, ihtiyaç sahiplerine yapılan destekler, ötekileştirmemek daha yazabileceğim ne çok şey var. Ve yazarken gözlerim doluyor mutluluktan. Umuda dair..

Ve de tüm bunları ve fazlasını yaparken örnek bir duruş sergileyerek... ben değil biz inancını karşı tarafa hissettirerek. Allah çok uzun ömürler versin Sayın Başkanım.
Yarınlara dair umut veriyorsunuz.
Pek çok insanın sizden ve çalışmalarınızdan ilham alması dileğiyle..

Nominated by Kolonya S., Ankara:
Mansur Yavas is Turkey's best mayor. What makes it different from other mayors is its service-oriented management approach. Mansur Yavas produces active, proactive and reactive solutions to problems. Sometimes even people do not understand what the problem is, Mansur Yavas comes up with a solution. A few examples of his applications,

He distributed free seeds and saplings to farmers. He opened his municipal vacant lands to agriculture and distributed the products to low-income families. He provided free devices and internet access to children who do not have equipment for online education. He paid the exam fees of low-income citizens. During the pandemic process, a protective panel was added to all taxis and minibuses free of charge. Cafes, vehicles and minibuses alsa disinfected free of charge...

Mansur Yavas leads mayors of Turkey. Other city's mayors are taking samples from Mansur Yavas's approach and services. He is the best major i have ever seen in my 35 year life.

Nominated by Sule A., Ankara:
My name is Şule Arat and I am a 22 years old student in Hacettepe University. Before the COVID process, Mansur Yavas was a newly appointed mayor. Yet, even in such a short time his works and innovations helped me and many of my friends as students. He made public transportation cheaper and easier for us. He even gave us free buses. Mansur Yavas was more than a mayor for us. He was a friend, a brother that we as youngsters could lean on. Throughout the pandemic, he helped those who are in need, despite the governmental oppression. He always stood up for what is right, which we yearn for here in Turkey. He supported the LGBT+ community, students, workers, women... These may seem little, however, keeping a candle burning is easy but lighting a candle is hard. He lit a candle for us. He showed that among all this undemocracy, inequality and corruption there were still people willing to sacrifice themselves. So I think he deserves this award more than any other mayor in the world. Thank you for your time,

Nominated by Mesut L. Turkey:
Mansur Yavas should take the award. Because he is serving to people of Ankara despite his fight with a lot of problems. First and the biggest of these problems is the opposition in the City Council. The opposition parties AKP and MHP have the majority and they are rejecting every single project of his.

For example the city needs new buses. In the past years by the AKP administration, the number of buses increased to 2037. Due to old buses being taken out of traffic the number decreased to 1500. So Mansur Yavas needed some loan to get new buses (he needed to loan money because Ankara have a heavy burden of dept, which is the 2nd biggest problem caused by AKP in the past years.). But they refused to loan money and stopped him for serving for his city.

Another example is, which is an unacceptable situation, that he wanted to renew old water pipes with asbestos. The pipes which had to be removed 10 years ago, wasn't renewed by AKP administration of the time, are clearly poisoning people of Ankara. Despite the halt issue they just rejected the project for new pipes so Mansur Yavas gains no reputation for that. The list goes on and on.

Nevertheless, he works hard to make Ankara a better place. One of his most important personal qualities is his respect for the environment. He established a company within the municipality which converts old diesel/gas buses into electric buses.

Besides that, he distributed free seeds to Ankara's farmers and supported the economy of Ankara. After harvesting he bought these products for lower costs and distributed to poor people of Ankara as social aid. So both farmers and poor people has benefited from this service but with 3 times less cost than before.

Because of Corona face to face education is not possible in Turkey either. It is continuing online but Internet infrastructure is not available or poor in some small settlements. So the kids in these places don't have the opportunity to attend classes. For these small villages Mansur Yavas's team installed satellite antenna systems, provided Internet and equality of opportunity in education.

During Corona central government did not helped out people much. Mayors of opposition parties like CHP and IYI Parti started aid campaigns to collect money for poor people and people without salary but central government has banned then to do this ( because, I guess this meant vote loss for them). So Mansur Yavas set up an online shopping system. People like me made online shopping for food boxes and Ankara Municipality delivered them to people in need.

He helped musicians with 500TL because restaurants and bars were closed. He outsourced Ankara's transportation businesses to Ankara's transporters. He served hot meals to elderly people who could not take care of themselves by lockdown. This list goes on and on, too.

To sum up; Mansur Yavas is a man loved not only by the voters of his own party but also by the voters of other parties. This is a very important feature considering the deep political polarization in Turkey. And most important of all he is an honourable man, who fights against corruption. I cannot think of anyone who cares more for the environment, education, justice, technology, innovation, equality, animal right and deserves this reward more. Thank you for reading,

Nominated by Furkan S., Ankara:
I want to vote for Mansur Yavas because, he helped turkish people in pandemic and he was honest for whole time. I believe he deserve to win more than everyone. He always showed us where he spent all money. He is doing what the Turkey president did not do.For example, he gave free internet to the villages in that city.

Nominated by Ela C., Turkey:
I believe Mansur Yavas ahould be World Mayor 2021.
When Mayor Yavas first became mayor, Ankara had a lot of debt left over from the previous mayor. Not only did Mayor Yavas manage to eradicate this debt he also started to gain more money for the community (a feat which should not be overlooked in Turkey's current economy).

He has started campaigns giving essential items such as food and drinks to those who need it, has been handing out soup for university students, helping people cover their rent and utility bills. He has also started buying from local farmers and created better infrastructure in order to help them. He listens to the public and always works with them. He has sold the fancy cars and useless pride items the previous mayor had purchased and put his money where his mouth is and took public transport to and from work. He truly is one of us.

His social media presence is also very good and he is always transparent in what he does and why he does it.

When the roads were mended in Ankara, he made sure to put signs up saying how much had been spent on each and every project, how they were funding it and the reason for doing it. This is something that I believe we, as the Turkish public, were not used to however it was really nice to see.

In Turkey's political climate it is very difficult for mayors to help the public and stay away from scrutiny even if the try really hard. Somehow, Mayor Yavas has managed to go against the policies that were harming the public and be loved by many at the same time.
Mansur Yavas is a symbol of hope for the Turkish public and I sincerely hope that he gets the recognition he deserves, even though he is so humble that he will say he didn't do anything to deserve it.

My words here will never be enough to express the gratitude I have for Mansur Yavas.

Nominated by Didem A., Ankara:
Our dear mayor Mansur Yavas, has helped the people in need and, even stray animals during the pandemic. By bringing free internet service to Ankara and its nearby villages, he has instilled hope for the children who couldn’t have access to online education. He has become their ‘GRANDPA MANSUR’. He supported the local agriculture, he supported the farmers by buying their goods. He enabled the unemployed school bus drivers to work for the municipality. By selling most of the official cars of the municipality, he practiced economy. He made cheap bread sales to help the community. And he has done all of this, in spite of the obstructions by the government in power. As a citizen of İzmir, I find him very successful. I love him so much and I, wholeheartedly, believe that he will win this award.

Nominated by Samet A., Ankara:
I’m Samet 23-year-old college student at Hacettepe Univrsity in Ankara. Before the COVID process, Mansur Yavas became a newly appointed mayor. Yet, even in the sort of brief time his works and improvements helped me and a lot of my pals as a student. He made public transportation less expensive and easier. He stepped up the sport and took an extraordinary flip to construct a bicycle manner via three universities, which aren't thus far from every other. This became enormously tough due to the fact Ankara has by no means been constructed to be a sustainable city, so this became the primary time for a lot of us. Before analyzing right here I had a variety of possibilities to examine abroad, each in Europe and Asia. Coming again with many concerns, Yavas became greater than a mayor for us. He became a friend, a brother that we as children may want to lean on. Throughout the pandemic, he helped the ones in need, irrespective of governmental oppression. He constantly stood up for what's right, which we yearn for right here in Turkey. He supported the LGBT+ community, he supported the needy, he supported students, workers, women... These can also additionally appear little, however, preserving a candle burning is straightforward BUT lights a candle is tough. He lit a candle for us. He confirmed that amongst all this undemocracy, inequality and corruption there have been nevertheless human beings inclined to sacrifice themselves. Unfortunately, being an amazing mayor right here can also additionally imply sacrificing yourself. Thanks for your time,

Nominated by Omer S., Ankara:
My mayor candidate is Mr. Mansur Yavas.

Because he, the municipality management is not only aiming to build concrete and roads, but to invest in people, to make people rich and to make people happy.

Mansur Yavas cares about animal rights as much as human rights. He keeps a close eye on animal cases.

Mr. Mansur Yavas does not make important decisions without asking the public. Priority says the people of Ankara. He cares about people's ideas, even children's opinions.

Mr. Mansur Yavas, as one of his most important works, does not waste. He does not live in luxury, he examines the resources of the municipality to the finest details and makes the activities and services available at the most affordable price.

Mr. Mansur wants you to know the importance of water in Turkey, irrigation systems, is aiming to leave a green capital to farming systems and future generations.

Mr. Mansur Yavas cares about poor and elderly citizens. It gives the houses built with the municipal budget to the elderly and newly married people with bad financial situation at almost free prices and makes everyone smile.

The children call him "Mansur Grandfather", while the old people call him "Mansur my son". The most important feature is that he doesn't wear any party badges. He is a completely neutral mayor. He serves everyone equally and loves everyone equally.

He is one of the "Good people" who are endangered in this world. And his election will certainly give hope to us young people for an honest, benevolent, tolerant, clean world to the whole world.

In the hope that Mr. Mansur Yavas will be elected, I express my love, appreciation and wishes for success to all special people in the World Mayor competition. Greetings from Turkey.

Nominated by BSY, Turkey:
When he became the mayor Ankara was in a huge debt and there was a great corruption and nepotism at all establishments of the municipality. He sold all unnecessary belongings of the municipality and saved millions of dollars. Ankara started to earn money, he has invested in agriculture, he has paid great attention to art and cultural events. He built a great communication with the young people of Ankara city. He is a true nature lover and he started campaigns to make Ankara full of trees and flowers. In pandemic process he helped lots of families economically and he tried everything to stop pandemics to spread more.

I am from Izmir city, however I am studying in one of the universities of Ankara. He is the most precious person Ankara has now. I appreciate him. He truly deserves this award.

Nominated by Yasin B., Ankara:
- He has no office car curiosity because he goes to work by minibus.
- He is so humble because he doesn't want a picture of him on city billboards.
- He is very reliable major.
- He doesn't hide anything from people.
- He helped a lot people during the pandemic process.
- Spends the municipality's money on projects required for the city, does not spend unnecessary money.
- All Republic of Turkey appreciates him. Not only Ankara.
- And I think he is the best mayor of 2021 all of the world, so he deserves this award.

Nominated by Begüm K., Turkey:
I live in Burdur, Turkey. My name is Begüm. As a country we had hard times since the beginning of the pandemic. Before he came, ankara were in bad economic and social situation. When he came to management, we can say that Ankara took deep breath. He won everybody's trust. He worked so much for his city and he is still working. He helped us he helped Ankara. As for me The best mayor Ankara had ever seen. I think Everyone loves him in my country because he helped people who need help. He supports students,provides financial support to local producers. We want mayor like Mansur Yavas. He is very good leader. Children take his as an example. We love you Mansur Yavas!

Nominated by Berkay Ö., Ankara:
Hello, I want to start by slowly transferring my love and respect. In this challenging epidemic process, Mansur has achieved a great epidemic success in Ankara, standing behind him and with the help of tradesmen. He helped people in distress not only in Ankara but also in different cities. His accomplishments in Ankara are almost countless, he was the asphalt and concrete president, he was the president of the people, he protected and helped his people in all matters, informed the public with transparency and announced his whereabouts. parcels gone. Dear mansur, gradually Ankara's vision is to develop the people of Ankara, to develop agriculture in Ankara, to bring everyone to the level of prosperity, to bring everyone to the level of prosperity rather than income, making it the biggest and most important vision. We love our grandfather slowly :). Good day to our grandfather Mansur :)

Nominated by F32, Ankara:
Mansur Yavas has done so many things for Ankara but that things affected all the Turkey positively. He satisfied poor people's needs and raised their living standards. So now, lots of people in Ankara are not concerned about basic human rights and needs as they used to be. Maybe it does not seem like a big deal but it is for Turkey. He deserves it. Plus, with winning this award, he may have the authority to do something for entire Turkey. Thank you for reading. 

Nominated by D* B*, Turkey:
Hello, my name is D* B* and İ live in İzmir, Türkiye. I love Mansur Yavas's leading Ankara. There was a time in Ankara, I literally call dark age, it was so horrible and Ankara was a Grey city. After that Mansur Yavas turn Ankara to green city. His campaign called "Yeşilin Başkenti" means capital Of the green. He work so hard to make Ankara beautiful city. Ankara is the legacy of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk and Mansur Yavas protect this legacy.

He support local trades people. He buy local farmers product and gives them poor families. He support students, trying to Ankara gets a better to live for them, in Turkey there is "TYT and AYT" exams to go the collage. Mansur Yavas pays poor students exam money. He support local florist and with their flowers make Ankara beautiful. He embrace all Of the Ankara No matter people believes, religions, politics, gender, age. He explains all of his works. He knows that city spending city’s peoples money and he has to give account to them. Sometimes, other people try to fail him but he really loves his job and continue his works. I dont live Ankara but i know all Of it because he publish everything to be clearness. I jealous Of Ankara's people. They are so lucky to have a mayor like Mansur Yavas. We love him and we thins Ankara will become Best city in Turkey.

Nominated by Zafer S., Ankara:
I’m an Architect. Heard your vote. I am living at the Ankara. Mansur Yavas is a great a president. An emotional and social person. He works hard for this city. Just and benevolent. Creative and Innovative. Works hard for stray animals. Protects Green Fields and Agriculture. I think he is the best president in the world. Stay with love

Nominated by Emre A., Ankara:
I just wanted to express my deep feelings for Mr. Yavas. He truly is the pioneer of a new era of wealth and tranquility. Such a personality and character! He actually made me believe in the goodness of people and renovated my hope for a better future. I think he deserves some appreciation!

Nominated by Nevval S., Ankara:
My name is Nevval Sena and I am a 22 years old college student studying in Ankara. Before the COVID process, Mansur Yavas was a newly appointed mayor. Yet, even in such a short time his works and innovations helped me and many of my friends as a student. He made public transportation cheaper and easier. He stepped up the game and took an unprecedented turn to build a bicycle way through 3 universities, which are not so far from each other. This was exceptionally hard because Ankara has never been built to be a sustainable city, so this was the first time for many of us. Before studying here I had a lot of chances to study abroad, both in Europe and Asia. Coming back with many concerns, Yavas was more than a mayor for us. He was a friend, a brother that we as youngsters could lean on. Throughout the pandemic, he helped those in need, regardless of governmental oppression. He always stood up for what is right, which we yearn for here in Turkey. He supported the LGBT+ community, he supported the needy, he supported students, workers, women... These may seem little, however, keeping a candle burning is easy BUT lighting a candle is hard. He lit a candle for us. He showed that among all this undemocracy, inequality and corruption there were still people willing to sacrifice themselves. Unfortunately, being a good mayor here may mean sacrificing yourself. 

Nominated by T. P., Ankara:
I want to vote for Mansur Yavas because, he helped turkish people in pandemic and he was honest for whole time. I believe he deserve to win more than everyone (Maybe it's because we saw a great man for second time). He always showed us where he spent all money. He is doing what the Turkey president did not do. For example, he gave free internet to the villages in that city, he gave discount to bus card for students, he sell all authority vehicle and he said "we saved around 70 million Turkish liras and I'm getting on the municipality bus." He's humble so i like him. I hope he will president next election

Nominated by Berna, Ankara:
Öncelikle Sayın Mansur Yavas parti, din,dil,ırk gözetmeksizin göreve geldiği ilk günden beri çok büyük takdir ve ilgi topladı. Mütevazi, dürüst,çalışkan, hak yemez, hak gözeten, kalbi ile işini yapan bir kişi olduğunu düşünüyorım.

Pandemide halk yararına bir çok icraat gerçekleştirdi ve gerçekleştirmeye devam ediyor. Lüks harcama ve tüketimleri mümkün olduğunca Ankara’da kontrol altına almayı başardı ve şehrine sahip çıktı.

Gerektiğinde hazır cevap ve alttan almaz tavrı ile gerekeblere dersini vermekte.
Mansur Yavas bence 2021 Dünya Belediye Başkan’ı ödülünü kesinlikle almalı.

Nominated by Kerim Y., Ankara:
Mansur Yavas has shown a fairly fair, good and honest administration since he was elected president. It protects the interests of all Ankara people and makes no distinction between anyone. In particular, it uses public resources completely for its people. He has no means of office. He commutes to work by municipal van. He does not hang his own photo anywhere in the city and completely gives information about his services. Many thanks to Mansur Yavas slow for this exemplary management understanding that we were not used to before.

Nominated by Nazli Y., Ankara:
Hello, City Mayors Foundation Team,
I'd like to keep it brief. The reasons why I think Mansur Yavas is the best Mayor is because,
He made us believe again,
He made us dream again,
He showed us thre is someone who understands us,
He puts his efforts to reach our hearts,
I am not going to mention about improvements of city. He gave us HOPE.

Nominated by Emine Ö. Turkey:
Mansur Yavas has lots of achievements in Ankara.
• Ankara Municipality was in debt ehen he took over the duty. Since then, he has followed a transparent policy, which had started to give its fruits.
• He put Ankara people’s comfort and struggle with poverty in the first place.
• He is a great role model to other municipalities.
• He cut on expenses by taking community transportation means such as bus, minibus etc.
• During these days, while struggling with Cobid epidemic, he had volunteers pay for the bills of people in need.
• He has never showed off like some politicians.
• The most important of all is that he has been liked and appreciated by most people all over the country although he has never been supported by the government, he has managed everything with his own team.
• He has been keeping clean the city, especially this Covid pandemic time.
• He also encouraged the economy of Ankara.
• He is popular with his hard work, honesty and sensibility.
• He encourages everybody to protect animals and environment.
• He supports students in need.
• He deserves to get this award.

Nominated by Öykü K., Ankara:
I’m from Ankara. Needless to say that since Mansur Yavas became the mayor our whole lives changed in the best way possible. He is visionary, he cares, he listens. He aims for a green city. He is humble, he has a great team. He applies law carefully and he is aware that he is in that position to serve. He is the best and if he shouldn’t win then I dont know who should. MANSUR YAVAS 4-EVER

Nominated by Sema A., Turkey:
Hi, I am Sema, writing this mail from Turkey. Mansur Yavas has accomplished unseen works in this country for 18 years, especially in the pandemic. It applied a 50% discount for people's access to water, established a bridge between rich people and poor people, and enabled donors to pay bills such as debt, electricity and water. He made the auctions open to the public on live broadcast and saved millions of dollars. He exposed the previous corruption and brought it to the judiciary. It provided free internet to villages that could not access the internet during the pandemic period. He provided money and food aid to poor families during the pandemic period. And all of these are some of the things he has done, so I definitely support Mansur Yavas in the world mayor vote.

Nominated by Kamil S., Ankara:

Providing service under the Social Services Department of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, "Women's Counseling Center" provides free support to women from the capital, from legal counseling to psychological support, from vocational training to housing needs.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality continues to facilitate the lives of women living in the capital city with 'women friendly' practices.

The Women Counseling Center, which is affiliated with the Social Services Department Woman and Family Branch Directorate serving in the Youth Park, and the Metropolitan Municipality aiming to be with all women; It provides free support to women who are subjected to violence or are at risk of being subjected to violence, from information to legal counseling, from psychological support to vocational training.

The Women Counseling Center, which was established to provide support to women on many issues without making any distinction between domestic and foreign, can be reached via the telephone number "0312 507 37 60" or "0549 248 64 86", which is available 24/7, between 08.00-17.00 on weekdays.

Women who have difficulties in reaching the center where there is also the opportunity to meet face to face in the Youth Park or who live in distant districts are also served through the units established in Keçiören, Kahramankazan, Kızılcahamam, Çubuk, Ayaş and Hasanoğlan.


Nominated by Kübra T., Ankara:
I'm 23 years old, woman and i live in Ankara.
I think, Mansur Yavas is the best Mayor in Ankara history. Because;
- he is honest, reliable, understanding, man of his word, fair, eco friendly...
- he kept his promises
- he take care of Ankara's values
- he provided agricultural support to farmers, internet support to villages, tablet support to students who don't have a tablet, 
- he distributed flowers to healthcare workers
- he offered hot soup to those who went to work in the morning
- he repaired the villages road
- he held activities with young people, he listened and valued to us... (ı'm grateful, young people weren't included in management processes before...) 
- he has a transparent municipal understanding
and more..... he gave us hope.. this is very important!

Nominated by Cemal Ö., Ankara:
Mansur Yavas'ı ülkemizde ve dünyada ceplerini doldurmak için siyaset yapanların aksine; tüm halkı özellikle genç nesilleri, hayvanları ve çevreyi düşünen bir başkan olduğu için destekliyorum. En önemli özelliği dürüstlüğü...

Unlike those who do politics to fill their pockets in our country and the world, I support Mansur Yavas because he is a president who considers young generations, animals and the environment. His most important feature is his honesty ...

Nominared by Furkan Y., Turkey:
Turkey. It is my pleasure to state that Mansur Yavas is one of the best mayors I have ever seen. I am really into politics and always read and write about it. This man changed everything about Ankara, he has really strong talking skills, he is doing his job very well. He helped a lot of poor family during this pandemic and still helping them, he rented more than 500 apartments to the families who has a really low income at a fair price. Because of these reasons, I have mentioned I am voting for Mansur Yavas. My name is Furkan, I am a senior year law student who is now preparing for an LLM degree, with respect from Istanbul, Turkey.

Nominated by Irem N. Ankara:
The best mayor in 81 provinces in Turkey. The most important feature is that he behaves honestly with his people. He is an environmentally friendly person, innovative, sensitive, helpful, etc. He has good points that I cannot count. He provides financial support to people in need in Ankara every month. He does not spend his people's money on empty things. He provided financial support to the restaurant owners, which were closed during the pandemic period. It provided internet connection to students who did not have internet access in their home in Ankara. Provided a support program for musicians who lost their jobs during the pandemic. He paid for the exam that approximately 5 million high school students will take at the end of the year. He was always with the farmer and bought and evaluated the products that they could not sell. He distributed soup to orphans in the morning or people on the street in the morning. As an animal lover, he provides food aid to approximately 1200 deserted feeding points for street animals. It offers a green environment for people by greening every part of Ankara by making a project as the capital of green. With its environmentally friendly project, it will bring approximately 282 buses together with the people of Ankara. 90% of these buses are powered by natural gas. My president is a real president. Always next to fairness and honesty. With him, Ankara got stronger.

Nominated by Mustafa Ö., Turkey:
First of all, thank you for giving me this opportunity. My name is Mustafa. İ'am live İstanbul, But Mansur Yavas one of my hopes in life. Thanks to it, my belief in Democracy has increased. The head of the people, not the businessmen, the loudest shouting, the lobbyist. it makes the tenders transparent and makes great savings compared to the previous period. produces policies to protect animal rights. During the pandemic period, he brought internet to those who do not have internet at home. It does not show the people who receive the aid. Mansur Yavas For me it means equality, justice, democracy, right service. I hope one day all presidents will be like him ...

Nominated by Ismail C., Ankara:
Hello; I think Mr. Yavas deserves to be winner. Let me explain; even when he won the election we started feel better because we were know he in on service of all people. Before him we were managed by the Islamist and populist mayor Mr. Gokcek. Mr Yavas touched the hearts too. Yes he made new roads, parks etc. but also he made help organizations and support for who lost the job because of the pandemic. In Turkey, Central government wasn’t enough for the supporting people against the pandemic.

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