Liesbeth Spies, Mayor of Alphen / Rijn, Netherlands, since 2014
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The 2018 World Mayor Prize and Commendations will be conferred on women mayors who have made outstanding and long-lasting contributions to their communities. The organisers wish to show what outstanding women mayors achieve all over the world. By doing so, they hope to encourage more women to contemplate a career in local government and run for political office. The women, who will be awarded the 2018 World Mayor Prize and other honours, will be role models for young women and, indeed, men everywhere. Qualities sought ||| Liesbeth Spies, Mayor of Alphen aan den Rijn, Netherlands, has been longlisted for the 2018 World Mayor Prize. ||| Vote for Mayor Spies |||

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Nominations for
Liesbeth Spies
Mayor of Alphen aan den Rijn (Netherlands)

Nominated by Francien A., Netherlands:
Liesbeth Spies is a mayor, standing above parties. She was born in the city of Alphen aan den Rijn. She went to school and she grew up in the same city. So she knows every street and even every stone. As a former Minister of Interior she has a good network in The Hague. She has a lot of energy, she is bright and she can combine her strategic skills with empathy towards the inhabitants of the city of Alphen aan den Rijn.
Challenges: She is the chairman of the National Organisation for Mayors. There were two big incidents in the city in the past and she had to deal with the investigation, the victims etc. She is responsible for the general services for the inhabitants of Alphen aan den Rijn. Services are at a high level and appreciated bij the inhabitants. She is the chairman for the local triangle for safety

Nominated by H. D., Netherlands:
Liesbeth Spies is the mayor of a very innovative city. She does great jobs and it makes me proud to see a woman accomplish what she has.

Nominated by Frank B., outside The Netherlands:
I consider Mrs. Spies as a woman of great inspiration, leadership and integrity. Not only does Mrs. Spies function impeccably as mayor, she has also succeeded in healing the community of Alphen aan den Rijn after the horrible shootings of 2011 (before her first term as mayor, but while she was a resident of Alphen aan den Rijn).

Further, Mrs. Spies had to deal with the ramifications of a major construction incident in the downtown city area involving a bridge and several construction machines, in which a number of houses were crushed, fortunately without loss of human lives.

Last, Mrs. Spies, as the chairperson of the Netherlands' Safe Traffic Association (VVN), plays a vital role in the Netherlands' ambitious plans to significantly lower the number of traffic-related fatalities and injuries

Nominated by J. B., Netherlands
Mayor Spies is active. As former secretary of internal affairs, she is able to combine the red lines of council politics with the practice of all day. She is close to the people and active in other organizations like the association of mayors to give the national politicians a good view of what mayors do and what they need.

Nominated by T. de G., Netherlands:
ls burgemeester heeft ze rust en stabiliteit gebracht in de lokale politiek. Daarnaast is ze makkelijk bereikbaar en een sterk boegbeeld voor de organisatie. Ook tijdens crises situaties is ze een uitstekend voorbeeld en de burgermoeder waar veel inwoners behoefte aan hebben.
Challenges for Alphen: Tijdens het vallen van de koningin juliananbrug was ze snel terug van haar vakantie en heeft steun geboden aan diegene die daar behoefte aan hadden. Ook heeft ze addequaat de ambetlijke organisatie de ruimte gegeven om de organisatie van de nasleep van het ongeluk goed op te kunnen pakken.

Nominated by A. H. V., Alphen:
Een goede burgemeester, omdat ze drie gebiedsdelen en hun bestuursbelangen met coordineren en 1 bestuurseenheid van moet maken.
Challenges for Alphen: Kan een goede bemiddelende rol spelen in bestuursprocressen en heeft bestuurs ervaring op regeringsniveau.

Nominated by Jan de F., Alphen
• She is the only women in the city board.
• The inhabitants love her.
• Alphen aan den Rijn is the 2nd most popular city in Holland.
• She is very honest and respectful
• Motivates everybody who is working for the government
Challenges for Alphen: We had several crises. Big accidents of murders, etc. She managed that everybody keeps calm and is working on solutions.

Nominated by Max M., Netherlands:
Liesbeth Spies is a good mayor for her city. Former Minister of the Netherlands

Nominated by Michel R., Netherlands:
Great Mayor who did incredible good things for the city during peaceful events but also in mayor crisis situations in her city.

Nominated by J. M., Netherlands:
Mayor Spies is well informed, has an eye for detail and the social context, is analytic and to the point. She is a professional and a warm person. A gifted speaker and chair(wo)man. Heart for public service, common and civilian interest. It's a joy to work with and for the mayor as a public servant.
Challenges for Alphen: We had an incident with a bridge collapsing during renovations. She consoled civilians, made decisions for public safety. When the public safety board's rapport was published she explained and took responsibility.

Nominated by Germa K., Alphen:
Mrs Spies has all qualities required for the World Mayor Prize. Above that, she is also empathic and down to earth.

Nominated by Kirsten v S., Alphen aan den Rijn:
I nominate Mayor Spies because she is so kind and she is everywhere. She is a figurehead for our city. She is strong and at the same time modest.

Nominated by W. R., Netherlands:
Mayor Spies keeps all the people in the right direction. She is gentle, straightforward and smart. Also she has an open attitude to people. A real mayor, mother of the people.

Nominated by Casper M., Netherlands:
I've met Mayor Spies recently. She is nice, strong and a good leader.

Nominated by Saskia van de K., Alphen:
Liesbeth Spies is a very easy goining but straight forward mayor.
Challenges for Alphen:  There are difficult cases with psychiatric patients that she handless well.

Nominated by Helen L., Alphen:
She is a great Mayor!

Nominated by Jeroen J., Netherlands:
A very stable, emphatic and intelligent mayor.