Dedicated to women mayors

The 2018 World Mayor Prize and Commendations will be conferred on women mayors who have made outstanding and long-lasting contributions to their communities. The organisers wish to show what outstanding women mayors achieve all over the world. By doing so, they hope to encourage more women to contemplate a career in local government and run for political office. The women, who will be awarded the 2018 World Mayor Prize and other honours, will be role models for young women and, indeed, men everywhere. Anne Hidalgo, Mayor of Paris, France, was awarded the title Mayor of Distinction.

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Nominations for
Anne Hidalgo
Mayor of Paris (France)

Nominated by Alexandra C., Paris
Since her election in 2014, Anne Hidalgo has fought on every front, and has built an impressive track record. Not only has she made Paris a better place to live, but she also chose to place our city at the front line of every challenge that France and Europe face. Thanks to her :
• Paris is greener. Following the Paris climate agreement, she has proposed to every Parisians a vote for an ambitious Climate Program, which will place Paris amongst the greenest cities in the world by 2050. She choose to close the Seine banks to cars, offering this space to pedestrians and cyclists, and opened new green spaces in Paris.
• Paris is fairer. She opened new shelters for refugees and homeless people, and helps every associations to fight for solidarity and care.
• Paris’s governance is more horizontal. Anne Hidalgo created a participatory budget (around 100 000€ every year), which allows Parisians to propose, to create and to vote for projects in their neighbourhood and in the whole city.
• Paris recovers it’s place as a major city in the world. We host many sports competitions (Euro 2016, Gay Games 2018, the 2018 European women’s handball championship, FIFA Women’s World Cup 2019, Rugby World Cup 2023, and the 2024 Olympic Games). Anne Hidalgo is also chairwoman of the C40 cities climate leadership group, and thanks to her, Paris is the third best managed city in the World (JLL Cities Research Center).
• Paris is more inclusive. She relentlessly fights for everyone’s rights, and against all kinds of discriminations (racism, sexism, homophobia…). Her work in favour of handicapped people, and promised to build 100% of new social housing with disabled access, even though the French government recently lowered the legal obligation to 10%.
• Paris is more attractive. She developed many business incubators, such as « Le Cargo », which is one of the largest in Europe, and she’s engaged for the development of the social and solidarity economy.

Anne Hidalgo also works to increase the quality of life of Parisians in many ways, by offering cultural tickets to young people, by extending bicycle paths, by allowing the elderly to take for free public transportations, by embellishing our city (seven major parisians squares, opening an architects contest to transform the use of many public buildings in Paris), etc.

Anne Hidalgo should definitely win the World Mayor Prize !

Nominated by SRK, Oakland, CA, USA:
I admire Mayor Hidalgo's bold, compassionate, and courageous plan to use Paris's City Hall to shelter the homeless this year. 

Nominated by Edouard R., Paris:
Anne Hidalgo, the Mayor of Paris, have dedicated her career to Paris since almost 20 years, by working with former Mayor Bertrand Delanoë, before being elected in 2014. As a Parisian citizen, I give my vote to Anne Hidalgo for many reasons. First of all, She is the first women in charge of a city like Paris, the Capital of France. Anne Hidalgo and her leadership gave Paris the Olympic Games, the Gay games, and an international ray-up. But mostly, I think Anne Hidalgo should win the best Mayor Price for her fight for environnement and pollution, participative-democracy and to improve the lives of many disadvantaged people in the North of Paris, fighting to improve public services and descent care for migrants and homeless. Although some works have to be done on some points like cleanness, She always give answers to major issues for Parisians, and satisfy everyone’s interest.

Nominated by Antoine M., Paris:
I live in Paris and I want to give my support to Anne HIDALGO, Paris Mayor, as World Mayor 2018. Her action is especially tremendous to improve air quality and smooth circulations in Paris. We have more and more bicycle reserved lanes, which has always been a big problem in our city.

Her team is also doing a very good job to create new buildings (public and private) to help non-rich people to stay in Paris. I hope this message will help to her candidature.

Nominated by Jim H., Paris:
Je pense que notre maire Anne Hidalgo mérite d'être la meilleure maire du monde car elle est très impliquée dans tout ce qu'elle fait, qu'elle essaye de changer les choses, de changer Paris tout en le préservant. Ce que j'ai beaucoup aimé aussi c'est l'idée qu'elle a eu de faire des journées sans voiture à Paris pour améliorer le climat. La ville continue à prospérer et son effervescence fait plaisir à voir. J'espère que cela va continuer.
Je vote donc pour Anne Hidalgo comme meilleure maire du monde.

Nominated by Thomas L., Cologne, Germany:
I just love Mrs Hidalgo’s reaction to the violence on the rainbow zebra crossings which were painted for the gay pride. They had to repaint them twice because they were repainted with white paint or with insulting texts. She tweeted that Paris would be a save place and for the values of Liberty, Equality and Fraternity the rainbows should stay there permanently - despite former plans.

Nominated by Malca L., Cologne, Germany:
Hello everybody! I vote for Mme. Hidalgo because I love the idea of banning cars off city to decrease pollution. Mme. Hidalo closed a 2-KM stripe of road along the Seine for cars. I wish, Cologne would follow to this example.

Nominated by Christophe V., Paris:
I vote for Anne Hidalgo because she is doing what she said. Her action on fighting climate change is necessary for our future in Paris.

Nominated by Florence C., Paris:
Anne Hidalgo should win because she is very courageous in her politics to limit car traffic in town center in order to decrease pollution. I live in Paris and I love this town !

Nominated by Alexandra J., Paris:
I think Anne Hidalgo must be worldmayor 2018 decaus she's a very courageous mayor who takes difficult decision to save the planet and the health of Parisian. She didn’t yield yo lobbyists or political pressure. She have a vision for humanity and does not deviate. She keeps the cap for us, for the world !

Nominated by Jemni H., Paris:
Anne Hidalgo transformed Paris. On environmental issues, it has set up facilities to reduce the place of the car (bike path, zone 30). On social issues, it has taken important measures for people with low incomes (eg free travel card for the elderly. She shows courage as no example for refugees. While Europe is in denial, Anne Hidalgo has implemented structures to accommodate them. Few mayors in the world have had this courage and humanity. So yes, for me, Anne Hidalgo is the best Mayor of the World

Nominated by Pierre-Emmanuel C., Paris:
Why I wish Anne Hidalgo to be the 2018 worldmayor laureate.
Anne Hidalgo is a fighting woman who does not hesitate to set up unpopular measures in the interest of all Parisians and Parisians.

To the illustration of the bicycle plan, the drastic reduction of car travel facilities in Paris to reduce the use of the car in the city for the benefit of smooth traffic with the many protected bike lanes, widened sidewalks for pedestrians to cross the city but also to food shops like cafes and restaurants to extend their terraces for the happiness of all Parisians and tourists.

The strength of its policy is also expressed in the multiplication of the number of places in crèches allowing modest families to be able to assure a first socialization of quality to the small Parisians.

The new social housing allocation rules ended the allocation to the client's head. It does not hesitate to preempt vacant buildings to turn them into social housing.

What characterizes Anne Hidalgo most is her political courage, her sense of general interest for the benefit of all Parisians.

It is for all these reasons and many more that I wish that Anne Hidalgo wins the title of Mayor of the year 2018.

Nominated by Théophile M., Paris
I fully support the candidacy of Anne Hidalgo as best woman mayor in the world in 2018. She works for a more inclusive, ecological and dynamic city at the heart of Europe; she has to fight against conservative and sexist prejudices and yet does not forget that she remains the Mayor for every citizen. The result is here: Parisians are always complaining but no one would dare to move outside the city! 

As one of her major achievements, I would mention the way significant parts of the docks of the Seine have been returned to pedestrians. Enjoying a walk at the sunset on these quays, surrounded by families, street workout athletes, old couples and teenagers, is a true and pure happiness moment. I would also mention another cause she defended fiercely: the way migrating people should be treated and hosted when arriving in the French capital city. Thanks to her action, Paris has opened more rooms than legally required to enable more people to have a shelter: this is a courageous and humanist option considering the current political situation in France and Europe. 

I am, myself, living in Paris and I would support Hidalgo for another mandate without a doubt!  Many thanks for taking my vote in consideration, 

Nominated by Maya A. Paris:
Bonjour, je souhaite par ce mail apporter mon soutien total à Mme Anne Hidalgo qui est pour moi la meilleure maire du monde. Elle a su bien gérer la ville, la rendre encore plus attractive aussi bien au niveau économique que culturel et a tenu bon sur ses valeurs de solidarité et d'ouverture au monde.

Anne Hidalgo a eu le courage de vouloir innover et cela suppose une prise de risque (inhérente à la créativité). Paris, sous sa mandature a gagné en modernité (start-up, innovations architecturales, maintien des familles, budgets participatifs, place des jeunes dans la ville, etc.) et la Maire prend ses responsabilités pour l'avenir de la ville, notamment au niveau écologique. Le futur des mégapoles est dans le durable, le "respirable", dans une ville sans voiture, qui favorise les circuits courts, où l'ont crée des liens de proximité. Anne Hidalgo a su anticiper cela. Elle a par ailleurs su gérer des crises majeurs (attentats) sans fléchir au niveau des valeurs.

C'est une femme politique solide sur ses valeurs qui a une vision et du courage.

Nominated by T.B., Paris:
I’m TB from Paris, I think that Anne Hidalgo should be world best mayor because of:
• Her action through the Paris Attacks and how she helped us stay strong together without pointing fingers on anyone or any scapegoats
• Her determination to reduce pollution, cars and to change the shape of her cities (more parks, soft circulation mode, …)
• Her conviction on democracy and the “budget participatif”, a democratic way to allow money directly by the citizens in small neighborhood general assembly

She wasn’t born in France but in Spain, and she is a living testimony of all the promises of democracy and inclusion

I also think that she is under attack as a woman and a progressist here in France, and that choosing her would mean a lot to help her in her action.

Nominated by Julien A., Paris:
I write today to endorse Anne Hidalgo for the World Mayor Award. She is an amazing elected officials, working for the best interest of her community, even if it implies to fight powerful lobby. She is fully committed to implement public policies in favor of the environment and the quality of life. She also dedicated important part of the budget to vulnerable and middle-class people in order to make sure that Paris remains a city with a wide diversity, culturally and socially. Finally, Anne Hidalgo is a world leader regarding open government strategies. The Participatory Budgeting that she has created in Paris is the flagship of a commitment to involve more the citizens in the management of the City and in the decision making process. I wish her the best for the future.

Nominated by C. B., Paris:
According to me Anne Hidalgo is the best Mayor of the World.

We are so lucky, because as Mayor she is respectful of the great history of this beautiful city but at the same time she is determined to prevent us from living in a museum. She makes sure that Paris is, as well, a city of this century that prepares its future for the next generations.

She is as well a courageous politician, who is not afraid to stand up against the lobbies to fight for her convictions and for what she thinks is the best for the population.

She does her best to make sure that everyone who wants to live in Paris will be able to do so, even without huge wages. And it is difficult, but she is a strong minded Mayor who thinks of every citizen.

I like as well in her the fact that she fought hard to win the Olympic Games for us, at least. It was a dream for so many Parisians, and French.

I really hope she will receive the title because she deserves it.

Nominated by Michel G.-P., Paris:
I strongly support Anne Hidalgo for World Mayor 2018.

First of all, I believe she is the most worthy of the Prize because she implemented a very ambitious policy in order to reduce pollution and greenhouse gas emissions in Paris.

Even though the idea of giving the Seine river banks back to pedestrians had been debated for decades, she kept her promise -which is not that common for politicians- and had to fight against a very violent campaign from the supporters of the former polluting and disgracing solution: having a highway by the river in a Unesco protected area and one of the most visited area in the World.

As she has claimed in the press, she also had to resist pressure from automakers in order to pass this regulation.

What I like with Anne Hidalgo is not only the fact that she did what she was elected for but that she put her action into perspective.

Indeed, the reduction of cars in the city of Paris is connected with her visions and proposals regarding "softer transportation" (Paris has been implementing a very daring "bike plan" since she was elected and one can visibly see the difference: more bicycle lanes and, though delayed, the successful city rental system of bikes: Vélib') and public transportation (she is reflecting on free public transportation inspired by capital cities like Tallinn, EE).

Also, as a Parisian, I can see a difference in terms of vegetation. It was difficult to convince Parisians that are very much attached to the aesthetics and practice of "minerality" in the city that having a greener, calmer city was preferable.

"Vegetalization permits" has enabled inhabitants to participate in such an effort and it is lovely to see the streets decorated and maintained by locals.

Finally, I strongly support Anne Hidalgo for World Mayor 2018 for her recognized policies in favour of Parisians, especially in terms of housing because Paris has to be the city for those who are successful but also for all the others. Without a strong commitment for social and affordable housing, the city would be emptied by middle and popular classes. Her attempt to regulate AirBnBs is starting to bear her fruits -I saw most of my friends stopping to rent their apartments and thinking about the consequences of "wild" AirBNBing on the city and their very life- and the city policy towards kindergartens (Paris went from almost no public solutions to the best place in France for public kindergartens) and socially-mixed and excellent schools enable the city to remain attractive and practical for families.

For all the rest, she managed to let Paris perform high in world rankings of living standards, culture and conference organization.

The selection of the city for the Olympics also proved determining to admit the fact that she is a wonderful mayor.

Moreover, Paris is still the most visited city in the World and the city policies let the Parisians live an "authentic" life while so many people come to enjoy the "City of Lights".

Therefore, as the city of Paris remains one of the most competitive, practical and interesting cities to live in, as Anne Hidalgo proved courageous, committed and thinking about long-term solutions for a World capital facing many challenges (including pollution, global warming, density, mass tourism and high housing prices), I support her for World Mayor 2018 as I believe her hard work and the political risks she decided to take have to be recognized.

Nominated by Yacine A. K., Paris
Anne Hidalgo has a strong courageous leadership and regularly confronts lobbies of carbonized industries to prevent Paris from pollution and imagine a better city for the future. She has a vision and by her actions, as mayor and president of C40, leads a wide movement to make cities more important than states in the climate action and major contemporary issues. If she wins this prize, it will show that results and courage are awarded, whatever lobbies say.

Nominated by Mickael M., Paris:
I live in Paris, and vote for Anne Hidalgo.
Anne Hidalgo has conducted several reforms in Paris to promote public transports and cycle paths, in order to reduce pollution in the city.

Seven places in town are also under transformation to give some space back to pedestrians (instead of cars...), and flat rents are also under mayor’s control to prevent excessive prices like in London or any other big city in the world.

You should also thank her for being open-minded and welcoming LGBT population, which is significant in our city :) 

Nominated by Samantha K., Netherlands
Herewith I would like to vote for mayor Anne Hidalgo, mayor of Paris.
Mme Hidalgo is very active in making the city very green and sustainable for its residents! More green areas, less traffic, pedestrian areas, sport facilities for all residents, Paris is becoming a very breathable city of the world!! Mme Hidalgo is also active on social media and explains her decisions well, showing her initiatives to make Paris a better place for everyone!

Nominated by Boris J.-F., Paris
Not only is Mayor Hidalgo a woman who likes to interact with citizens, whether it is to respond to a specific concern or just to engage with her fellow Parisians--she also gets things done. Mayor Hidalgo has earned her reputation making Paris greener, more attractive to business (start-ups in particular) and even more pleasant to live in. By doing so, she is crafting a vision for a bold, benevolent and inclusive city I think all progressive Mayors should get inspiration from.

Nominated by Dominique J., Paris:
Bonjour, J’ai vécu plus de quinze ans à Paris, il y a une quinzaine d’années dans le Xième arrondissement. Je suis resté très attaché à Paris qui m’a permis de réaliser mes projets d’études dans l’ingénierie de l’Organisation des Entreprises. Retiré à la retraite dans la région bordelaise, j’ai gardé, grâce aux réseaux sociaux et mes déplacements, beaucoup de contacts avec Paris. Une partie de ma famille y réside encore.

Je suis parti de la capitale un peu avant l’élection à la tête de la Capitale de madame Anne HIDALGO.

Lors de mes visites régulières à Paris, j’ai noté à chaque fois un embellissement de la Ville, et la pratique d’une Politique où les idées de chacun, quelque soit son bord politique, étaient débattues, jugées, et mises en place.
Paris est aujourd’hui une ville qui respire beaucoup mieux et qui se végétalise à toute vitesse. Peut-être même la ruche de toutes nos abeilles, nous qui dans le bordelais avons tant de peine à les maintenir en vie.

Anne HIDALGO est à l’essence même de ce virage écologique, sans doute ce qui me semble le plus important pour la conservation de l’être humain, et donc pour l’avenir de ma capitale Paris.

Nominated by Dorine B., Paris:
Hello, I vote for Anne Hidalgo who, as the mayor of Paris, is constantly seeking to make this city a better place to live in for all people : Parisians, visitors of all ages and cultural background.

Nominated by Pascal P., Paris:
I think that Madame Anne Hidalgo, Mayor of Paris, could have the price of world mayor because, Madame Anne Hidalgo do manythings for the climate, less circulation in the center of Paris, differents way to walk near river Seine. It is important to have a beautiful town for the tourists and the Parisians!!

Nominated by Adrien S., Stockholm:
I am voting for Anne Hidalgo. I lived in Paris many years and studied there. I am now living in Stockholm, Sweden. I vote for Ann Hidalgo, as she showed a strong political courage to radically change the development of the city of Paris, and launch a ecologically responsible transition. She managed to do this, with the support of the economical spheres, the support of the Parisian, and without arming the local activities. Paris is among the first city in term of quality of life, tourism, entrepreneurship and start-up creation, night life, … the artistic scene has exploded, and Paris is now know as one of the major spot in Europe for musical creation and recreation. She pushed a concrete action to face climate change with the initiative she launched at the head of the City40 that she presided, and local management: promoting bicycle, developing access to public transport, starting a consultation to have free public transport, creating new cycling track, reduce 20% of the car circulation, plant 20,000 trees in Paris, developing bees ruche on the roof to help the biodiversity, creating new Park. 
On a social & democratic point of view, the Parisian were associated with a participative budget to affect a part of the city budget to the financing of their initiatives, they voted on a management project, and could decide which project to prior (ex: rearrangement of the Place de la République, soon Bastille and Nation), she created social housing and engaged against housing fraud, to ensure the social diversity and mix of the capital. 

Nominated by Florence L., Paris:
I do believe that Mayor Anne Hidalgo should win the 2018 World Mayor Prize for so many reasons, here are some examples :
• Her actions in favor of sustainable environment and fighting climate change with development of public transportation and soft mobilities with road dedicated to biking for example, creation of the "oasis schoolyards " with vegetals and less asphalt meant to develop freshness for the kids, increase of public and free fountains to reduce the use of disposable bottles, opening of the "parc rives de seine" (a new space, alongside the Seine river, dedicated to pedestrians and biker instead of cars)
• Her actions in favor of environment and health with engagements regarding the meals served to the childrens in the parisiens schools (healthy meals, one vegetarian meal per week, organic food, fish coming from sustainable fishing ...)
• Her actions in favor of refugees and the most fragile population via the opening of new shelters for example
• Her actions against all kinds of discriminations (sexism, homophobia, transphobia, racism) : with campaigns to sensitize the parisians, exhibitions, and the creation of the "citizen of Paris card" which does not refer to gender and with which any people living in Paris is recognized as Parisian no matter their nationality or legal status
• Her actions into developing diverse and free cultural and sports activities
• Her actions into developing social and solidarity economy (creation of a dedicated place to promote and help social and solidarity economy in Paris, facilitation of interships for students in social and solidarity compagnies etc)

Nominated by O. G., Paris:
Je vote pour la Maire de Paris pour soutenir son engagement en faveur de l'écologie et du mieux vivre en ville (vélo, lutte contre la pollution)

Nominated by Matthieu M., Paris:
Anne is an amazing mayor. She is very human and fight for environnement and love in Paris ! Good luck 

Nominated by Guillaume Q., Paris:
I vote for Anne Hidalgo to thank her for her support to ecology, equality and human rights.
There is still a huge work to do in Paris, but she is doing great. Plus, the more she is under misogynist attacks without any real justification, the more I support her work for the city.
Thank you Anne!

Nominated by Lyes B.-L., Paris:
• She strongly committed to make a shift into a new urban development, where the citizens rather use public transports than cars ; rather walk than drive ; rather practise sport together than stay home. I see the change in Paris streets : more trees, more space for walkers, tourists, more spaces for public services and public furnitures. These are common goods that the mayor decided to develop for the inhabitants.
• She is responsible for the 2024 Paris Olympic Games, that will show how modern, dynamic, disruptive, cultural, young, open minded and positive Paris is. This is a source of pride for Parisian people, and is due for a good part to Anne Hidalgo's local action.
• She is a woman, and is regularly the target of sexist attacks, rumors, and misunderstandings of her policy. She is a model of leadership for everyone, and inspires the new generations to think and commit for a change in people's mind.

Nominated by L. M., Paris:
I support Mayor Hidalgo making of Paris a city where it is good to live. She really has a vision: Closing the "Berges de Seine" to the cars in order to make a big park in the center of paris was a great idea, She has been very couragous to take decision for the climate in the city, and has been attacked a lot for this
I support her also very strongly. Now there are fewer cars in Paris, we can use bicycle with a lot of new streets reserved for us,

People always says climate is an emergency, but do not act. She is acting. I prefer my city now with her, more green space, more garden in the streets.

And also Mayor Hidalgo has reserved a part of the budget of the city to project presented by the population, it is good to be considered and to be able candidature for ours owns projects.

Many reasons to vote for her, but the main is her position for climate change and her actions

Nominated by Arnaud, Paris:
I would like to support Anne Hidalgo application for World Mayor 2018.
Two mains reasons as far as I am concerned:
• Her fight against climate change and pollution, against too many cars in the center of Paris and to give more space and incentives for pedestrians and bicycles
• Her involvement to prevent poor people and low wages salaries from having to leave Paris because housing would become too expensive
Thank you,

Nominated by Guillaume G., Paris:
I'm a Parisian citizen. I was pleased when she was elected mayor of Paris, but still I was expecting a lot from her and wanted to see more.

Since her election, she managed to make Paris a greener city (facing A LOT of resistance) by offering alternative solutions like developing ways dedicated to bikes.

During the migration crisis, she constantly asked for more help by the state, welcoming migrants from across the globe.

She is also doing a lot as for quality of life for Parisian, with a global project for some of the most important places (place de la Bastille, place d'Italie) in order to reduce the space dedicated to cars so new areas can be offered for activities (sports, food trucks, public parks...).

Finally I would just add that she is doing her best to make her voice be heard when she raises issues that matter for Paris, especially when national government isn't acting on those topics (pollution, social housing...).

Nominated by Hugo, Rennes:
I support Anne Hidalgo for « World Mayor » because of her commitment in climate change (C40), the successfull candidacy of Paris 2024 Olympics and because she is not afraid of difficult decisions.

Nominated by Crepin, Paris
Anne Hidalgo was elected in 2014 with an impressive green program for Paris, including construction renewal and new buildings, non-carbon mobility, start-up incubators, public space enlargement, new cultural projects and participatory budgeting, to improve the quality of citizens’ life. Despite multiple sectoral and conservative oppositions, and political tricks and battles, she is implementing her priorities with determination and willingness for the benefit of the most important part of citizens!
Challenges for Paris: Carbonized mobility is a major factor of local pollution and premature death and diseases for citizens. Anne Hidalgo has decided to exclude diesel vehicles before 2024 and petrol motors before 2030. A classification of polluting motor vehicles is now operational to prohibit progressively the most polluting engines.

Nominated by Antonio S., Paris:
Mayor Hidalgo possess many of the qualities required by World Mayor:
• Conviction that protecting and enhancing the environment is not optional but an absolute must
• Honesty and integrity in decision-making
• Vision for a city that provides future generations of citizens with prosperity, safety and happiness
Challenges for Paris:
• Less ‘dirty’ cars in town notably by prohibiting old cars,
• Priority to clean transportations as bikes (a lot of bike lines), new subway lines, electrical cars....
• Involved in economy with creation of business incubators

Nominated by Jean-Claude B., Paris:
Mayor Hidalgo has described herself as custodian of the most beautiful city in the world but also stressed that first and foremost the city is home to millions of people. Whether Parisians live in the smart parts of the city or the 'banlieues'. Paris must offer them opportunities, cater for their needs and provide for their safety. 'Paris pour tous!'

Nominated by Marion S., Paris:
Anne Hidalgo a lancé les projets "Réinventer Paris" et "Réinventer la Seine". Elle s'engage pour le plan climat, air et énergie de Paris.

Nominated by Winfried K W., Paris:
The Mayor of Paris for a better environment for the city.

Nominated by Gilles D., Paris:
Anne Hidalgo à engagé une lutte courageuse contre la pollution liée aux transports et pour faire de Paris une ville appaisée et encore plus agréable à vivre.
Challenges for Paris: Pollution atmosphérique, la maire propose de réduire, voire supprimer la circulation dans les zones centrales de Paris.

Nominated by Secondi, Paris:
Mayor Hidalgo’s qualities:
• Vision for a city that provides future generations of citizens with prosperity, safety and happiness
• Conviction that protecting and enhancing the environment is not optional but an absolute must
• Caring for disadvantaged groups of citizens

Nominated by Humeau, Paris:
Anne Hidalgo has obtained the best results since 20 years for Paris. She restructures the whole of the transport policy and the installations to limit the sources of pollution
Challenges for Paris:
• Olympics Games - Preparation of city
• Pollution levels reach a peak

Nominated by JCB, France:
The Mayor of Paris is very competent in the post and contributed very certainly to the attribution of the Summer Olympics for Paris.
Challenges for Paris: One of these big challenge is to return cleaner Paris with less automobile pollution and the ban on cars on riverside expressways is the illustration.

Nominated by Joel R., France:
Mayor Anne Hidalgo is fantastically acting for sustainable growth and with strong convictions and great consistency.
Challenges for Paris: • Less cars in the city • Paris Quai urbanisation • Alternated circulation.

Nominated by Anais T., Paris:
Anne Hidalgo fights for the future of our children with courage and determination. She's inspiring. Every day.
Challenges for Paris: She fights against pollution by making less cars driving inside Paris and she gave back to the pedestrians the wharfs of the Seine.