Dedicated to women mayors

The 2018 World Mayor Prize and Commendations will be conferred on women mayors who have made outstanding and long-lasting contributions to their communities. The organisers wish to show what outstanding women mayors achieve all over the world. By doing so, they hope to encourage more women to contemplate a career in local government and run for political office. The women, who will be awarded the 2018 World Mayor Prize and other honours, will be role models for young women and, indeed, men everywhere. Ros Jones, Mayor of Doncaster, UK, has been awarded the 2018 World Mayor Commendation.

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Nominations for
Ros Jones
Mayor of Doncaster (UK)

Nominated by Nigel C., Doncaster:
I am a Doncaster Councillor and have no hesitation in recommending Ros Jones for World Mayor 2018. Because of her very person approach to leading our metropolitan local authority. Doncaster faces many challenges to ensure jobs, prosperity, peaceful and confident neighborhoods, whilst faced with the significant burden of government cuts in funding and increasing demand for services. Mayor Ros Jones has successfully addressed all these issues and ensured that quality not quantity is the way forward for Doncaster Council and that an attitude of getting on with the job for Doncaster residents is the main focus.

Nominated by K. L., Doncaster:
Ros Jones has worked tirelessly to serve Doncaster and its people. She has served in very difficult economic times and had to make difficult decisions, which she has with integrity and honesty.

She has been a very positive role model for women and there has been an increase in women managers during her time in post.

During her service she lost her husband and has still managed to perform her role and serve her town. She is a popular Mayor and has really helped place Doncaster on the map and promoted Investment in the area.

Ros definitely deserves the honour of becoming the “World's Greatest Woman Mayor.

Nominated by Jane N., Doncaster:
Being a resident in Doncaster, United Kingdom. I wish to Vote for Mayor Ros Jones. Mayor Jones works tirelessly for the Borough of Doncaster, bringing innovation, growth and industry to the area. Gives the area incentive to challenge and proceed forward. Aspiration to achieve in the wider area of Yorkshire. Major networks promised in the past have now been pt into fruition and materialised under her leadership. She is Doncaster at heart, supportive of the people to give them opportunity the achieve. In times of great Austerity to the Council having to slice £millions from the budgets whilst preserving budgets in difficult times to ensure that residents of the borough still receive vale for money services even when under pressure.

Mayor Jones deserves acknowledgement and accreditation for her work and this award being given to her would be commendable.

Nominated by Chris M., Doncaster:
I am writing in support of the nomination of Ros Jones for World Mayor. In Doncaster she has led a driven, determined and compassionate recovery of the local economy, of local public services and of the confidence of the place and its people. She is particularly dedicated to the role of Women in Doncaster’s community, and in professions where women have faced barriers to access and representation. She has been a beacon of enthusiasm and an inspiration for many, and I would like to commend her nomination to you. 

Nominated by Audrey T., Doncaster:
Ross is a fantastic Mayor, come from the grass roots, really cares about individuals and making a fairer better Doncaster. Very approachable and honest.

Nominated by Lynn R., Doncaster:
Ros Jones has been the best Mayor Doncaster could wish for her commitment to her town and its communities is unwavering she is dedicated to making the town a better place for everyone she has brought jobs and business to the area. Ros is a kind caring and compassionate person who has worked extremely hard for her town I for one am proud to call her our Mayor.

Nominated by David N., Doncaster:
I have no hesitation in recommending Ros Jones for World Mayor 2018.

I am a Doncaster Councillor who has worked with Ros for some time now as colleagues in Doncaster Council, but I am not on her executive team (Cabinet ).

Whilst I have been a Councillor she has moved Doncaster forward in an amazingly positive way and direction. Cuts to our income budget have been drastic and we have undertaken some hard decisions which have impacted our community.

Ros has always been there to discuss and explain our decisions in a transparent manner which it is hoped will impact our most vulnerable residents in the least possible way.

Some tough decisions have been made and continue to be made to drive Doncaster forward, increase trade and industry, make the town a destination for visitors and improve the borough wherever and whenever possible. She followed a blinkered previous Mayor who didn’t interact positively for and with the borough, and has studiously and meticulously put plans into progress which are far reaching and beneficial to improve Doncaster.

Her determination is a credit to her and this continued even when she had a personal loss. Such professional drive is a wonderful attribute for her and all the different communities in the metropolitan area of Doncaster in South Yorkshire.

Our local industry was devastated with the closing of the pits around the Doncaster towns and villages which badly impacted across the communities and different industries which had taken generations to gain and now they have been lost. Ros has been sympathetic to the losses but also determined to diversify and build on the strengths and diminish the weaknesses to encourage new employers and employment.

This has taken skill and commitment with a huge contribution of time, effort and a passionate guiding hand.

I think Ros Jones has shown that Doncaster has a future and that while we have been under performing we are improving significantly and whilst there is more to be done, she has managed to punch above her weight, with, and for, Doncaster. I propose Ros Jones as World Mayor.

Nominated by Pat H., Doncaster:
Mayor Ros Jones from Doncaster is receives my vote for World Mayor because of her very person centred approach to leading a large metropolitan local authority. Doncaster faces many challenges to ensure jobs, prosperity and peaceful and confident neighbourhoods, whilst faced with the significant burden of government cuts in funding and increasing demand for services. Mayor Ros Jones has successfully addressed all these issues and ensured that quality not quantity is a by-word for Doncaster Council services and that an attitude of getting on with the job for Doncaster residents is the main focus.

Nominated by Mike G., Doncaster:
Mayor Jones has been a breath of fresh air for Yorkshire. Her vision of a better Yorkshire for the benefit of all is coming to fruition. I fully endorse Ros Jones in the Worlds best mayor challenge.

Nominated by Christine, Doncaster:
Ros is an ordinary woman doing an extraordinary job of mayor. She has great strength of character and is a role model for women in leadership. Ros proves that age is no barrier and her hands-on approach is welcomed. I often see Ros out jogging in our village - she is one of the people and does not see herself as different or any more important - a refreshing and humble attitude.

Nominated by Dean W., Doncaster:
I would like to vote for Mayor Ros as she is such an inspirational leader for our town of Doncaster.

Nominated by Dawn H., Doncaster:
I wish to vote for Mayor Ros. Ros is in an inspirational woman who strives every day to make Doncaster a better place to live, learn and work. Ros is a strong leader and powerful leader whose voice influences those around her. Ros was born and brought up in Doncaster and still lives there to this day. I think this shows Ros’ passion and commitment for her home town.

Nominated by Bill P., Doncaster:
I wish to tender a vote for Mayor Ros Jones. Ros has worked tirelessly for the improvement of the Doncaster borough and for Doncaster citizens over the years, and continues to do so. I am proud to vote for Ros Jones.

Nominated by Paul R., Doncaster:
Mayor Ros Jones is an exceptional person who has succeeded in transforming Doncaster for the benefit of its residents and its businesses and as such I fully believe she is worthy of the World Mayor Prize of 2018.

Due to the decline of the mining and engineering industries in the town there was high unemployment and a general lack of investment. This in turn had lead to a lack of ambition amongst the population, especially the younger generation, with the town being seen as run down northern town and unattractive to investors and people seeking employment and to move to the town.

Mayor Ros Jones set about raising the profile of the town and attracting new businesses to the town. This in turn provided inward investment, increasing the prosperity of the local economy and in providing employment opportunities for both the unemployed and school leavers.

Mayor Ros Jones has encouraged a number of significant major projects in the town. These have included:
* The growth of Doncaster Sheffield Airport in providing worldwide transport links and the infrastructure for high technology business opportunities on the airport site.
* The building of a new airport link road, the Great Yorkshire Way, from the M18 motorway direct into the airport.
* The creation of the iPort business park adjacent to the Great Yorkshire Way. This is a £400 million investment creating one of the UK’s largest logistics developments.
* Supporting the growth of The Yorkshire Wildlife Park in providing a safe home for animals previously kept in unsuitable facilities and giving the public the opportunity to see the animals from a walk through experience.
* Building new affordable houses for its residents.
* Working with the town’s employers to create a new University Technical College for 14 to 19 year old children.

As Group Sales Director for Wabtec Rail at Doncaster, one of the town’s leading employers, I have had first hand experience of Mayor Ros Jones' support for traditional industries such as railway engineering in Doncaster.  Historically Doncaster has been a world renown centre of railway engineering, with the Doncaster Works having built famous locomotives such as The Flying Scotsman.  Mayor Ros Jones has actively supported investment by Wabtec Rail at Doncaster for the building of a major new workshop, so securing a multi-million pound contract and leading to Wabtec Rail now employing around 1,400 people in Doncaster.

Furthermore, along with myself and other major rail employers in the town, Mayor Ros Jones was part of the team that secured the building of the High Speed Rail College at Doncaster. This totally new facility will provide training for the future railway engineers that the United Kingdom so desperately needs if it is to successfully build the new high speed rail lines the the country needs.

All of this has been achieved at a time of personal tragedy for Mayor Ros Jones through the death of her husband Alan in 2016.

Through my role at Wabtec Rail and as a resident of Doncaster I have a great appreciation of all that Mayor Ros Jones has done in raising the profile of the town, securing inward investment, creating employment opportunities, improving education and generally improving the prosperity of the town and its residents at a time of UK Government financial restraint.

At a time when most people are thinking about retirement I never cease to be amazed at the energy that Mayor Ros Jones has in all that she does for Doncaster and at the same time remaining quiet spoken and totally approachable by all residents and business leaders.

Nominated by Sue A., Harrow, England:
I have met Ros Jones at a number of local government events and have been impressed by her clear determination to do her very best for the people of Doncaster and her understanding of the challenges the town faces.

Nominated by Alan F., Doncaster:
Mayor Ros Jones has been responsible directly and personally for transforming the lives of my family.

Two years ago, my son Harry left school without sitting a single exam. The education system had let down one of the most incredible brains I have ever encountered.

Harry was diagnosed autistic, I contacted special schools for autism, but realised he would not be challenged academically there, on leaving school, he had nowhere to go, the council option appeared to be a specialist unit, at the far side of town, where again he would not be academically challenged, we believed the right option, but considerably more expensive, was the Communication Specialist College, however we had been denied funding and had to go to appeal, despite time for the start of term being tight.

My situation was brought to the attention of Mayor Jones via our Member of Parliament, and was quickly resolved. As a result in 2 years, Harry has gone from a recluse in his bedroom, to gaining top grades in an IT course which now gives him university points, travels all over the country by train, and become very active in the Labour Party, where he is now the youth delegate to the constituency, and is regularly encouraged by Mayor Jones personally.

I am a truck driver, and see clearly the advances that have happened under Mayor Jones in the business economy, despite difficult times, Doncaster has been pulled out of its darkest days and standing proud of its achievements, Mayor Jones is exceptional in her ability, yet warm, caring and very humble placing praise on to the team around her, I believe she really is, beyond any doubt, the world's best mayor.

Nominated by Dawn S., Doncaster:
I would vote for Ros Jones as World mayor for a number of reasons.

Firstly she has integrity. She does what she says and says what she does. She’s not scared to state the problems the borough of Doncaster is having but is ready to face the challenge. She continues to do this through tough criticism and after the loss of her loving husband within the last year! Enough to make anyone give up, however Ros believes in the borough of Doncaster and the people of Doncaster so fights their corner when it comes to providing all the borough needs with the resources it has.

Secondly she genuinely cares for those that serve the borough. She takes time out of her busy schedule to visit those who serve in various roles, and she often does this without anyone knowing about it, so it can’t be seen as a political gain!

Thirdly Ros champions unity across the different sectors. She advocates for the business, commercial, corporate, faith and voluntary sector to work together for the good of the area.

Nominated by PJL, Doncaster:
My vote goes to Ros Jones she cares so much for the people,
she try's to be as accessible as possible to local residents, and does so much within the community, and also works well with the council to try and make sure the surrounding areas are well looked after.

Nominated by Mark H., Doncaster:
Ros is a champion of all. Her commitment to community, equality and social justice is exemplary. She fully deserves recognition for the good work that she does. She has good principles and values and fully deserves being shortlisted for this award

Nominated by Will F., Chesterfield:
Ros Jones is the mayor of my home town, Doncaster. She has done a phenomenal job in rejuvenating the town and really preparing Doncaster for a bright future.

Nominated by Phil P:
Not only a great ambassador for her mayoral domain, Ros Jones demonstrates great balance and understanding in her strategic leadership. She listens intently, (no glazed over effects), and probes extensively in discussion. She is not afraid to take or make unpopular decisions, knowing that her focus is on what is best in both the long and short term interests of Doncaster and its broad population. She provides solid support for local initiatives and backs it up with presence and dignity. A acute business nous belies a warm and compassionate personality who is a real people's champion. I have met her through my charitable works and am grateful for the support received.

Nominated by Carl H., Doncaster:
Ros Jones is a real peoples Mayor I am so proud she has been recognised for such a prestigious award in World Mayor, Ros has so much time for everyone in Doncaster from all walks of life she is a real caring lady who takes great pride in Doncaster and its people, since she was appointed Mayor of Doncaster the place has changed so much, she has also brought a culture to the borough that we are TEAM DONCASTER and we all work in collaboration something all the major players in the town have brought into. Doncaster is a very vibrant place to be which I can only see getting better and better with Ros and the TEAM leading the way, I personally can’t thank Ros along with her CEO Jo Miller for all their support in my World at Club Doncaster and once again I am so proud that Ros and Doncaster have been nominated for this award.

Nominated by Luke M., Keighley, West Yorkshire:
Mayor Ros Jones is an absolute credit to not just Doncaster but the whole of Yorkshire. I have proudly campaigned for her and worked alongside her in the campaign for Yorkshire Devolution. She is a force to be reckoned with and well deserving of the highest praise and accolade.

Nominated by Robert G., Doncaster:
Ros lives & breaths Doncaster, she’s passionate about the borough and its people, she really wants to make a difference, and her visionary leadership has brought Doncaster forward leaps & bounds.

Nominated by Lanimae B., Doncaster:
I would like to vote for Mayor Ros Jones to be recognised for her hard work as mayor of Doncaster. She has worked tirelessly to help the people of Doncaster in the face of national government cuts and has protect many vulnerable people. She has served hugely successful two terms and has made a huge difference to the failing council that she inherited.

I am proud to have Ros as our Mayor and the people of Doncaster are very lucky to have such an intelligent, thoughtful and strong woman as their Mayor.

Nominated by A. P., Ancona:
Very good mayor, surely better than Ancona's one (my city)

Nominated by Brian H., Doncaster:

Doncaster Mayor Ros Jones recovered the town from a difficult period of its history and brought stability, whilst also being very forwarding thinking and bringing a much more optimistic & prosperous future the town.   

Nominated by Moira B., Doncaster:
Ms Jones is a tireless  campaigner & supporter of the town she quite clearly loves. She travels extensively promoting the location & increasingly favourable facilities that the town offers. Her enthusiasm for everything ‘Doncaster’ shines out in her excitement. Everyone agrees that she is a real asset for Doncaster borough.

Nominated by Cath F., Doncaster:
I would like to vote for Mayor Jones, she works tirelessly for the residents of Doncaster, she will attend events which highlight minority groups and is highly knowledgeable in all aspects of Doncaster community projects.

Nominated by Martin K. S., Doncaster:
Mayor Ros Jones has probably the most difficult job of any elected mayor in this country. Doncaster, unlike more fashionable northern cities, lacks influence in Whitehall. UK policy makers, with an eye on publicity, seem to prefer projects and investments that benefit cities like Liverpool, Manchester of Sheffield. Nevertheless, Mayor Jones has established herself as a powerful voice, representing the interests, not only of the City of Doncaster, but the whole of Yorkshire and beyond.
Challenges for Doncaster: It is difficult for a second-tier town to establish a national, never mind an international, identity. Doncaster needs to find its mojo.

Nominated by Teresa McD., Doncaster:
Mayor Jones manages a tight budget with imagination and compassion. Despite government cuts, Doncaster maintains public services and invests in the future.

Nominated by Kevin B., UK:
I recently finished my studies at Doncaster College. Great town, very friendly people. Even my London friends were surprised how much the town itself and the region had to offer.
She is also at the spearhead of improving Doncaster’s standing in The local communityChallenges for Doncaster: Few people in London or the South know anything about Doncaster.

Nominated by Jo B., UK:
Ros Jones has made a huge and lasting impact on the people of Doncaster. Whilst I do not live in Doncaster, I work in the town. At the heart of everything that Ros does, the decision she makes, is always what is best for the people of Doncaster. She makes time for everybody and anybody and this is why I think she would be a worthy recipient of this award.
Challenges for Doncaster: There is a high number of unemployment and low income families in the Borough of Doncaster but Ros makes it her mission to include all members of Doncaster to have the same voice, she works tirelessly to raise the profile of Doncaster and has an open door policy to everyone, staff colleagues and the general public, Ros Jones has experienced her own family losses during her time as Mayor but instead of slowing down this has made Ros stronger as Mayor.

Nominated by D. R., Doncaster:
Ros, is a hardworking, knowledgeable, compassionate, competent, genuine, kind, realistic, pragmatic mayor. She is the best mayor Doncaster has had.

Nominated by Leeza C., Doncaster:
Mayor Ros Jones is very competent and understands the people of Doncaster and the challenges they face. She is a very caring person.

Critical comments:
Critical comment by Guy A., Doncaster:
I was horrified that Ros Jones is in the selection list for the World Mayor award. Doncaster is a town that is dying on its feet. Closed shops blight our town’s street and even in the Frenchgate Centre, the shopping heart of Doncaster, units are closing.

There are parts of the town that many consider to be ‘no go’ areas and older people do their shopping early morning and return home because they feel so uncomfortable being on the streets in the town centre, which is often full of Spice druggies.

Whilst most big towns in South Yorkshire (with the exception of Rotherham) are blossoming, Doncaster stagnates.

If Ros Jones was to win this award, I am sure that once the media follows up, you will be seriously embarrassed at your choice.