Dedicated to women mayors

The 2018 World Mayor Prize and Commendations will be conferred on women mayors who have made outstanding and long-lasting contributions to their communities. The organisers wish to show what outstanding women mayors achieve all over the world. By doing so, they hope to encourage more women to contemplate a career in local government and run for political office. The women, who will be awarded the 2018 World Mayor Prize and other honours, will be role models for young women and, indeed, men everywhere. Henriette Reker, Mayor of Cologne (Köln), Germany, has been awarded the title Mayor of Distinction.

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Nominations for
Henriette Reker
Mayor of Cologne (Köln) Germany

Nominated by N. J., Cologne:
Henriette Recker sollte nicht nur für ihre Arbeit zur Unterstützung von Flüchtlingen gelobt werden, sondern auch für ihre Bemühungen eine notwendige Verwaltungsreform durchzuführen. Erwartungsgemäß lässt sich dieses nicht schnell durchführen, aber die bisherigen Ansätze sind sehr vielversprechend. Auch schätze ich es sehr, das sie nach dem Angriff auf ihr Leib und Leben sich nicht zurückgezogen hat, sondern ihre Arbeit übernommen hat.

Nominated by Helga S., Cologne:
I come from Cologne Germany and am convinced that Henriette Reker should win the Mayor of the Year prize. To start with she was the first woman to win the seat of Mayor in the history of the city of Cologne. She was also the first ever independent member of the council to be elected to the office of Mayor. Then, she was the victim of an attack on her life, which almost cost her life! A right wing radical idiot stabbed her through the throat with a hunting knife and according to the surgeon, she came within a Millimeter of losing her life! I have the utmost respect for the way she conducts herself in public after such an experience and feel she most certainly deserving of the title of Mayor of the year!

Nominated by Dr M. St., Cologne:
I vote for her, because she is for transparency, shows Engagement for cultural and social themes.

Nominated by Corinna W., Cologne:
I vote for her, because she is the first woman in this position and an shining example for all women in Germany to take over responsibility in high position in politics or economy.

Nominated by Perry S., Cologne:
I think Henriette Reker should win the prize as Mayor of the year because she has had to deal with so many diverse political and social problems in her short time as Mayor. She has had to endure several serious threats to her life and her term of office commenced with an attack from a right wing extremist that almost killed her, the day prior to her election.

She was the first woman to be elected mayor of Cologne, the first independent candidate to be elected Mayor and the first person to win an election in a coma! If that doesn’t qualify her for the Mayor of the year, I don’t know what would.
I live in Cologne, Germany and have followed her career closely.

Nominated by Susanne B., Cologne:
Ich stimme für Frau Henriette Reker, da sie sich in dem althergebrachten  „ Kölner-Politikgeschehen“ sehr tapfer, entschlossen und warmherzig einsetzt.

Nominated by Ingrid and Walter M., Cologne:
Wir stimmen für unsere Oberbürgermeisterin Henriette Reger.

Nominated by Ralf K,, Cologne:
Mayor Henriette Reker has proved: leading a big city successfully into a better future is a quality of representativeness, honesty and honour!

Nominated by Britta K., Cologne:
I give my vote for Ms Reker because she has the right topics on her political agenda. In a city with so many problems in infrastructure, traffic, housing and schools she is the right and courageous person to get things done.

Nominated by Rene J., Saranda, Albania:
My vote is for Henriette Reker, because she is trustworthy, Independent, intelligent and has the power to push things through. I was born in Cologne and I am always following local politics, but I am actually living in Saranda, Albania.

Nominated by Helmut B., Cologne:
Ms Reker stands her grounds on democracy, despite a physical assault by a right-wing activist, resulting in severe wounds.

Nominated by Silke L., Cologne:
Dear World Mayor-Team: For me Henriette Reker ist the world best Mayor, because she had stand for election as Cologne Mayor, although she had just survived an assassination. She is close to the citizen, professional and has as a non-party Lord Mayor announced the fight against the abuse of power.

Nominated by P.S., Frankfurt, Germany:
Mrs. Mayor Reker is courageous and straightforward but also sensitive in the implementation of necessary reforms.

Nominated by K.H. W., Cologne:
Henriette Reker has been tough and clear during this year especially preventing cologne politicians to gain top-jobs through hidden job applications. She is not member of political party and is therefore acting in an independent way.

Nominated by Bettina K. Cologne:
Major Reker should be the winner of the 2018 World Mayor Prize - there is no doubt!
She's got the power to lead Cologne through all kind of troubles - with honesty, fairness, care, knowledge and foresight - she is a real credit to all the women of the world.

Nominated by Bernhard L. Bergisch Gladbach, Germany:
Why Henriette Reker should be World Mayor:
• She did not give up after she has been attacked and violated with a knife in 2015
• She is not member of a political party
• She rules for the best of her city and not for any party
• She reminds political parties to fix the problems of the cities and not to work for the reputation/interest of the party.
• She is open for dialogue with Cologne Muslim's community, but keeps distance to DITIB (Turkish-Islamic Union for Religious Affairs in Germany)

Nominated by Ralf M. L., Cologne:
Henriette Reker does a very good job for the city of Cologne, better than any of her colleagues would be able to do.

Nominated by Brigitte J., Cologne:
Ich stimme für OB Henriette Reker als World Mayor 2018, da sie eine Verwaltungsreform angestoßen hat und auf den Weg bringt, die sehr anspruchsvoll ist und Köln mit ihrer Stadtverwaltung und einem Leitlinienprozess Bürgerbeteiligung fit für die Zukunft machen soll.

Sie hatte den denkbar schwersten Start (eigenes Attentat und anschließend Übergriffe auf Frauen zu Silvester) und sich durchgesetzt, als Frau natürlich immer ganz besonders beäugt und misstrauisch ‘begleitet’ durch die Herren in Stadtverwaltung und Politik!

Ich bin Kölnerin und arbeite sehr gerne mit Oberbürgermeisterin Reker zusammen! Ich hoffe sehr, dass sie bei der Wahl erfolgreich sein wird!

Nominated by Felicitas B., Cologne:
I vote for Mayor Henriette Reker, Cologne (Köln), Germany. I live in the Cologne-Area and I think she is a real Role-Model for Courage, Integrity and humanistic as well as responsible attitude. She survived the assassination attempt and is consistently following her convincement despite all troubles.

Nominated by Gudrun S., Cologne:
I vote for Mayor Henriette Reker, Cologne (Köln), Germany.
She ist a great and courageous Mayor who does not bend and act against all opposition from parties and administration with own conviction. She has a winning way of bringing people together and involving the citizens in important processes. She represents the city in an very good and prospective way.

Nominated by Charlot B., Cologne:
I am Charlot and I am from Cologne, Germany. Ms Reker is a great Mayor, she wants to be near the people who she works for and it is important to her to hear everyone’s voice. She also represents the city of Cologne, which is very important to many people, because we have a strong bond with our city and culture. She is never resting on something she accomplished when it is about the citizens or the city. Those are the significant reasons why I think Ms Reker should be considered for the 2018 World Mayor Prize.

Nominated by Sabine F., Cologne:
Mrs. Reker should be worldmayor because: she is a non Party Mayor and she has taken votes from all Party in the City council. She is fair an try to compensate different opinions in the council. She has her own opinion but she takes advices from others and works with them, Our City is her object and Always in her mind.

Nominated by Helge and Karl L. Cologne:
Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren, wir stimmen für Frau Henriette Reker. Sie setzt sich mit viel Engagement für die Belange aller Kölner Bürger ein. Ihre Entscheidungen zeugen von viel Sachverstand und Durchsetzungsvermögen. Dabei verliert sie nie Ihre Neutralität.

Nominated by Ursula H., Leipzig, Germany:
My vote for the Cologne major: That’s my part for feminism and solidarity with refugees.

Nominiert by KJR, Cologne:
Mrs. H. Reker is an outstanding political personality above Party politics with long experience in public administration.

Nominated by Silke Z., Cologne:
Henriette Reker is an outstanding woman who after being severely attacked and injured during her election campaign. She fights for the rights and the integration of refugees in Cologne. She never doubted that refugees must be helped and that Cologne as a multicultural City welcomes everyone.

Nominated by Johan van B., Cologne:
This woman is so brave to stay in the job after a knife attack in her throat. She was defending refugees against Nazi-minded people. Then she was attacked.

Nominated by Christian J., Cologne:
I will support Henriette Rekers, because she stayed cool – sure after some misunderstandings – in the time after the New Year`s Eve 2015/2016 in Cologne.

And she took and take a stand in the living together with migrants. Furthermore she is interested also in little problems of the city and the people. That is not easy in a town with over 1 million inhabitants. Ultimately she is independent, because she doesn’t belong to any political party.

Nominated by Ina P.-S., Cologne:
Henriette Reker is a mayor, who fullfills her job with heart and brain! She cares of environment and social affairs - both important for living of our children and grandchilds in the future.

Nominated by Melanie M., Cologne:
I would like to vote for Mayor Henriette Reker.
My reasons are:
• Her effort for integration of asyl seeking people
• Her support to open a mosque in Cologne
• Her general effort to bring Turkish and German people closer
• After being almost killed by a knife attack, she came back even stronger

Nominated by Florian B., Cologne:
In my opinion, Henriette Reker should win this election. I have lived now for seven years in Cologne and witnessed a real change in the city government since Mrs. Reker took over. A win could give her even more energy to improve her work.

Nominated by Frank Sch., Bonn, Germany:
Since her election in 2015, Mayor Henriette Reker has become one of the most respected German mayors. Unlike many other politicians she has been steadfast in her support for refugees and never hesitated speaking out against racism. She took office when hundreds of thousands of refugees fled war-torn Syria. At the time she said, the City of Cologne would do its bit, and more, to alleviate the suffering of those bombed out of their homes.

Nominated by Dieter S., Cologne:
Henriette Reker is an engaged mayor who acts above party lines for the people and the city of Cologne.

Nominated by Ute H., Cologne:
Frau Reker ist gegen die Widerstände der Verwaltung immer wieder bereit, in Verhandlung zu gehen. Sie stellt sich schwierigen Situationen persönlich und lässt sich nicht einschüchtern.

Nominated by Alexander B., Cologne:
In a city that is known to be one of the, if not the most difficult city to govern in Germany, Henriette Reker has managed to establish a major shift of attitude in the administration, while keeping her support for foreigners despite being personally attacked and almost fatally wounded by one - her passion to serve the people of this city is remarkable!. Therefore, I would like to give my vote for Henriette Reker

Nominated by Vijdan V., Cologne:
Henriette Reker should win the 2018 World Mayor Prize because in the year of her election she got stabbed on the street from a stranger while she was promoting the general election in Germany. But that was no reason for her to give up. I think that’s a great message, like „don‘t give up - no matter what happens“. Totally admirable.

Nominated by Christoph H., Cologne:
Frau Reker ist stets um Ausgleich der verschiedenen Gesinnungen in Köln bemüht. Dies funktioniert hervorragend. Besonders schwierig gestaltet sich ihre Aufgabe, da es Stadtrat und Verwaltung nicht schaffen wollen, gemeinsam zu arbeiten, sondern gegen das Allgemeinwohl handeln. Diese Problematik greift Frau Reker entschieden an und löst diese Probleme. Für mich ich sie die Bürgermeisterin des Jahres :)

Nominated by Gabriele M., Cologne:
Mrs. Reker stands for inclusion, diversity and welcome refugees in Cologne. She is open-minded and shows that in our city is no place for racism. 

Nominated by Britta N., Cologne:
In my opinion Henriette Reker should win this title because of her brilliance and rhetoric skills: diplomatic and at the same time with clear statements and points of view. Even regarding well-known people, Mr. Erdogan e. g. I like her way of leadership and representation, open-minded especially regarding topics like anti-racism, refugee relief or diversity of people

Nominated by Jan B., Cologne:
Mayor Reker showed in many moments that also refugees are human beings with hopes and wishes. She also shows respect to our local traditions like Carnival. She is good for Cologne and its citizens.

Nominated by Felix M., Cologne:
Henriette Rekers shows us all on a very sympathetic way how open a mayor can be with an enormous talent of building bridges between people of Cologne, here and worldwide! She is an fantastic example for a modern representative of a democracy alive!
Her efforts for a new administrative reform are exemplary.

Nominated by Carmen C. Bern, Switzerland:
She's truly a great major! No differences! A major for everyone in this multi-kulti city! Without fear! 

Nominated by Klaus B., Kiel, Germany:
Mayor Reker should win because of her courageous standing against the attempt of President Erdugan to use the opening ceremony of the Cologne Ditip-Moschee for propaganda against the integration of Turk people into the German society. She rather stayed at home, than to visit the ceremony without a possibility to have a official speak to demonstrate the welcome of Cologne to the Turk citizen in Cologne.

Nominated by P. D., Cologne:
She wears for Karneval a hat my daughter made!

Nominated by Juliane W., Cologne:
I vote for Mrs. Reker. In a city parliament mostly dominated by men she stand her "women" as we say in Germany! Without being a member of a party the struggles for examples for refugees without thinking of her own money and importance.

Nominated by Ulrike J., Cologne:
Weil sie sich mit aller Macht gegen den Kölner "Klüngel" stemmt, was einer Sisyphos Arbeit gleich kommt.

Nominated by Harald E., Cologne:
I vote for Henriette Reker to be World Mayor 2018 because she fights courageously against corruption and old men networks in local politics while she never looses citizens’ needs out of sight. Furthermore she is working tirelessly against a social and racial divide of our city.

Nominated by Paul U. H., Cologne:
Cologne is not a city.
Cologne is a feeling.
Mrs Reker represents the principles of this precious city.

Nominated by Elke B., Cologne:
I support Henriette Reker, because just recently, for example, the Erdogan visit to Cologne, she has always presented a good reputation as a representative of the city.

Nominated by Martina K., Cologne:
She is very sympathetic and intelligent, and one of the person you like.
She does a lot for the people in our city and for the kids.
Cologne is maybe the most multicultural city of Europe. Here live people from the whole world with different religion, origin, social background and view of life. With fantastic support from H. Reker you can also live here gay friendly in harmonised way. I vote for Henriette Reker!

Nominated by Albert L., Cologne:
Miss Reker, I think, is the best Mayor, because she started to bring more correctness in the Cologne government. It will be difficult to work against the cologne "Klüngel", a special kind of regional mismanagement by supporting each other. Not the best one get the job but the best supported. That is the reason why I choose Mrs. Reker to the World famous Mayor.

Nominated by Tina S., Cologne:
Köln kann stolz sein diese Oberbürgermeisterin zu haben - sie ist die BESTE! Sie muss gegen Widerstände von allen Seiten bestehen und geht den Weg den sich die Bürger wünschen.

Nominated by Heinrich B., Kerpen, Germany:
Hi, I think Mrs. Reker deserves this reward, because politically the cologne people are really hard to handle with. She's doing it well, although getting enormous against wind.

Nominated by Günter H., Cologne:
Henriette Reker setzt sich für die Unterstützung der Kultur ein.

Nominated by Klara O., Cologne:
Als unabhaengige Politikerin hat es unsere Oberbürgermeisterin nicht einfach. Im Gegesatz zu Parteipolitikern, kann sich Frau Henriette Reker nicht auf eine Mehrheit im Stadtrat verlassen. Fuer jede wichtige Entscheidung muss sie mit Überzeugung kämpfen.

Frau Reker ist jetzt beinahe drei Jahre im Amt und hat in dieser Zeit das internationale Ansehen von Köln gestärkt. In Flüchtlingsfragen hat sie prakmatisch aber mit Herz gehandelt. Bei allen Diskussionen über Unterbringung, Verpflegung und Integration hat sie immer betont, dass die Stadt sich menschlich und barmherzig zeigen muss. Ich weiss nicht, ob Frau Reker gläubig ist, aber sie hat christlich gehandelt.

Nominated by Mechthild L., Baden-Baden, Germany:
I believe she is the best city mayor for the vote. Her spirit, her opinions about all the problems round Germany. She deserves the World Mayor Prize.

Nominated by Romain D., Cologne:
I vote for Henriette Reker since I liked her position during the wave of sexual assault at the Cologne train station. She is a woman of strength, character and she does not do in the wood tongue as many men and women politicians can do.