Dedicated to women mayors

The 2018 World Mayor Prize and Commendations will be conferred on women mayors who have made outstanding and long-lasting contributions to their communities. The organisers wish to show what outstanding women mayors achieve all over the world. By doing so, they hope to encourage more women to contemplate a career in local government and run for political office. The women, who will be awarded the 2018 World Mayor Prize and other honours, will be role models for young women and, indeed, men everywhere. Betsy Price, Mayor of Fort Worth (TX), USA, has been awarded the title Mayor of Distinction.

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Nominations for
Betsy Price
Mayor of Fort Worth (USA)

Nominated by Cindy L. H., Fort Worth:
I’ve been a 6-year resident of Fort Worth since moving from California. I’ve seen the contrast and feel more than comfortable in recommending Mayor Betsy Price for the 2018 World Mayor Prize. Any Mayor can excel as a result of crisis, Mayor Price excels because she is passionate about Fort Worth, it’s people, and the community we share. I can’t begin to list all Mayor Price’s accomplishments but I can certainly speak to her commitment to the people and her influence to create a community that includes plenty of jobs while incorporating healthy lifestyle opportunities.
As the 15th largest city in the US, and still growing, Mayor Price has not let that deter her from her commitment to make Fort Worth the best place to live (in my opinion). Fort Worth offers something for everyone and that’s not by accident, Mayor Price makes herself accessible via her Rolling Town Halls where she hosts walking and cycling activities allowing residents to talk about their wishes and concerns, all while being active. This is textbook management by walking around and Mayor Price does it well, and it works.
With all that growth our infrastructure has been challenged and Mayor Price is meeting those challenges head on. Mayor Price takes a proactive approach and has met with the President of the United States to talk about the infrastructure needs of our fast growing community. Mayor Price knows how to forge a working relationship with anyone, at all levels of government and private industry, she works with them, not against them. Mayor Price understands how to achieve a win-win outcome.
Mayor Price has been instrumental in embracing a healthy lifestyle and her commitment has lead Fort Worth to be a recognized Blue Zone Community – a community-wide, well-being improvement initiative offering healthy choices. Ninety organizations, restaurants and many large employers, now offer Blue Zone opportunities through The Power of 9 (move naturally, purpose, plant slant, 80% rule, wine @ five, down shift, family first, right tribe, belong). In 2014 we ranked 185th on the Blue Zone scale, today we’re 58th , and in Texas where bar-b-q is king, well, that speaks volumes.
Mayor Price has no hidden agenda, she is all about Fort Worth and the residents of Fort Worth. Mayor Price is an engaged servant to her community and I believe the more you demand of her, the more she will deliver with excellence. We are blessed to have Betsy as our Mayor.

Nominated by Brandon T., Keller, TX, USA:
Members of my family have been long-time residents of Fort Worth's Eastside. In the 80+ years of them building homes and families here, I have never heard them speak more highly of an individual than they have of The Honorable Betsy Price.

She has overseen some of the most rapid and prosperous growth our historic city has ever experienced. While maintaining ties with our deep roots as a agriculture and livestock commerce center, she has formed mutually beneficial relationships with neighboring city leaders to ensure Fort Worth and Tarrant County are always at the forefront of the national discussion of business growth and opportunity.

Her unwavering support for police, fire, and military is strikingly evident. She exudes praise for all first-responders, as well as the police and fire chiefs of the city. Recently, she spent most of a weekday at a local hospital with two police officers' families: one had been shot in the line of duty and eventually passed from his injuries, and the other was in a traffic accident later that same morning. She maintains strong working ties with local defense contractors supporting our nation's military, and welcomed State Defense forces home when we returned from Hurricane Harvey operations.

She is an avid cyclist and has taken enormous strides in bettering the commuter bicycle experience within the city, and Trinity River park system in her tenure as mayor. I can't recall a mayor of any city I have lived in taking a more avid interest in the betterment of its citizens, communities, and employees than Mayor Price.
The Panther City is lucky and proud to have Mrs. Price leading us, and she seems like the clear choice for World Mayor 2018.

Nominated by Grant H. J., Fort Worth:
Betsy Price has served as our Mayor since June of 2011. She earned that responsibility after building and managing her own Title Company business for 17 years and then being elected to the position of Tarrant County Tax Assessor where she served for 11 years. Fort Worth has many dynamic and even challenging characteristics, which Betsy has dealt with masterfully. Those include our proximity to Dallas and the inherent competition that creates, dealing with the challenges that come with being one of the fastest growing cities in America, balancing the demands and needs of a diverse city. She has done an amazing job.

Nominated by Pat D.H., Fort Worth:
Mayor Betsy Price is doing an outstanding job of Fort Worth Mayor. Besides being at  most events, she has initiated a nine point program that is impacting our city -fitness, well-being, joining, volunteering, & helping others.

She still makes time for her husband, children, grandchildren while maintaining a very busy civic schedule!! She is much admired in Fort Worth, & surrounding areas. 

She would be an asset to this honor as World Mayor!

Nominated by Cheryl B., Fort Worth:
Betsy Price has done a phenomenal job for the Fort Worth area! I have lived in Fort Worth area since 1967 and have seen incredible changes and great involvement but this fabulous mayor. She personally talks to many of the citizens, bike rides and lives translate by example of how many should live their lives. She deserves to be world mayor.

Nominated by Alison B., Fort Worth:
I vote for Betsy Price for World Mayor because she enjoys participating in our community. She is very friendly and does a great job leading our city!

Nominated by Anne L., Fort Worth:
Dear World Mayor Committee: It is my pleasure to vote for our wonderful Mayor Betsy Price. She has limitless energy, attends so many diverse events, makes everyone feel a special part of the community, watches out for our health with the Blue Zones Project, is accessible through multiple forums such as Walking and Biking Town Hall meetings, handles tough issues such as not enough money for police pension plans with perseverance and intelligence and runs a great City Council meeting. These are just a few of the areas, which I know about & I am certain there are many other things she does as well.
We couldn’t be more blessed to have her as our Mayor.

Nominated by Sandra B., Keller, TX, USA:
I vote for Fort Worth, Texas Mayor Betsy Price for World Mayor. Fort Worth has always been an energetic, well-connected city, but she has found innovative ways to build on that terrific base to benefit every citizen in every part of the city, as well as the wider metroplex. She is doing an outstanding job.

Nominated by Chuck A., Fort Worth:
She has partnered with the Dallas mayor to bring attention to Fort Worth across the globe. At home, she continues to raise the profile of Fort Worth in numerous sectors including aerospace, defense, healthcare and education. Her dedication to raising the reading levels of children at the third grade level is paying dividends that will benefit the youngest generation and their children for many generations. Under her leadership, Fort Worth has grown to the 16 largest city in the US. I vote for Mayor Price.

Nominated by Scott S., Fort Worth:
Mayor Price has made significant positive change in our city by improving our health through the Blue Zones Project, improving the education of our children through the 100 by 25 initiative and by simply getting the word out to the world that Fort Worth is a destination for corporations and travelers alike. I would have a difficult time believing anyone else on the list would have made a bigger impact on their community.

Nominated by Amanda L. O., Fort Worth:
Unequivocally, I vote for Mayor Betsy Price. She has changed the face of government in the city of Fort Worth, making processes more transparent. As you know, she has instituted walking/running/biking town halls, where members of the public can join her for exercise and conversation. She has truly been an inspiration to me and many women in the City of Fort Worth.

Nominated by Karen K. W., Fort Worth:
My husband and I chose to retire in Texas and picked Fort Worth as our retirement community in 2017. One of the primary reasons for choosing FW was the way the city is run. We appreciate the way the city is maintained, the safety provided by our police and fire departments, the seemingly transparent utilization of our homeowners’ taxes and the recent growth of and potential for growth of the city. The city could not operate at this high level without the strong leadership of the mayor.

Nominated by Dan D., Fort Worth:
I am casting my vote for Betsy Price for World Mayor. She is a great leader and is taking Ft. Worth on a path to growth and sustainability. She is committed to the city, generous with her time, and an all around nice lady.

Nominated by Erica G., Fort Worth:
Mayor Betsy Price has been an avid champion of Blue Zones Project, a well-being initiative in Fort Worth. Because of her leadership, the city has taken great strides in policies to improve the built environment, food environment, and smoke-free environment – adopting more policies and plans to advance these areas in 5 years than most cities do in 20 years. She also sets an example by riding her bike often, earning her the nickname of the Biking Mayor. Thank you for considering her!

Nominated by Michelle V., Texas:
I vote for Mayor Price because I’ve seen her active involvement with the city. She promotes sustainability & quality of life. She is very approachable for the citizens of Fort Worth. She holds walking & biking town hall meetings in a different city council district each time. She is always friendly & she even remembers people’s names! She also signed the Mayor’s Monarch Pledge which goes a long way towards sustainability.
During her tenure, we’ve seen inward-focused development & redevelopment of the city center. We’ve seen increased bike lanes, bike sharing & urban villages. The city, like most other cities, has had budgetary struggles. Mayor Price & her staff are working hard to budget to provide improved services to citizens of a growing city, while keeping promises to not raise taxes. I believe that they also look out for city employees. It has been difficult to provide retirement & healthcare to city employees; while also balancing the budget & providing services.
I can’t vote for Mayor Price in an actual mayoral election, but I can vote for her in this World Mayor election. And so, I cast my vote for Mayor Betsy Price!

Nominated by Sharolyn R., Fort Worth:
Betsy is the real deal, she never meets a stranger and is smart, kind, and loves Fort Worth. Betsy is a great conservative and leader. She is a wonderful mother and wife and fights for our city to have healthy family units. Our city has improved under her Terms in office. She embodies Cowtown and is a Texan through and through.

Nominated by Lee R., Fort Worth:
“Mayor Betsy”, as she prefers to be called, gathers together all sides of a quandary, listens well, then makes judgment as to a fair solution. She must have a twin because she manages to be in two places at once, feeling the pulse of the city, and being accessible. Fort Worth has had many good mayors. We now have a great one.

Nominated by Kelli P., Fort Worth:
I am proud to support our Mayor, Betsy Price, for the World Mayor Prize. It would be hard to beat the passion she has for this city, its residents and its history. She is a Mayor that appears to be cloned because she seems to be EVERYWHERE all of the time. Whether biking our trail system, walking neighborhoods, or attending special events at community centers, she walks the talk. I appreciate your consideration of her for the World Mayor Prize.

Nominated by J.S., Fort Worth:
I would like to cast my vote for Mayor Betsy Price for World Mayor 2018.
Growing up in Texas and working in a male dominate field Mayor Betsy has truly shaped my perspective of what I am capable of accomplishing as a young lady. Many ladies my age are at the point in their lives where they are at the crossroads of choosing a career or starting a family. Mayor Betsy is proof you can have both if you work your butt off!

Mayor Besty is also one of my favorite public speakers. She can command a room with one "howdy yall!" She exudes Texas charm without ever crossing the line into hokey.

Her involvement with Fort Worth ISD and her focus on children is important to me because they are the future of our city. She understands that Fort Worth needs to look forward and modernize but still maintain or traditional Cowtown culture. Mayor Betsy is personable, approachable and she treats everyone the same no matter white collar or blue. I trust she has Fort Worth's interests in mind and during a time of such distrust and disgust in politicians I am proud to have a Mayor that genuinely cares about her city and residents.

Nominated by Faythe T. T., Fort Worth:
I’ve known Mayor Betsy Price since our high school years and we’re about to celebrate our 50th reunion next month! Betsy is rock solid and committed to the people of Fort Worth where she grew up. I feel she’s been a terrific Mayor for 17 years and she’s still going strong. She is a fine example of a friend, daughter, wife, mother, grandmother and big city mayor! She deserves to win the high nor of best female mayor for 2018. Thank you.

Nominated by Debbie F., Fort Worth:
I have watched Ms. Price’s performance for a long time even before Mayor, and her role with the city has been instrumental in the progress and accomplishment that comes from Fort Worth being one of the best places to work and live. Her support for businesses and citizens alike, has fueled our economy to make it a thriving close-knit community. She encourages our commitment to others and support knowing that it is all of our citizens’ successes that make us a whole. She personally represents the city with dignity and perseverance and also as a female so proud to have her as my leader and role model.

Nominated by S.B., Fort Worth:
Mayor Betsy Price is a team player, which is important in this dangerous political climate. Unlike many of the other finalists in the World Mayor project, she is not an adversary of the US president. In fact, he considers her an ally. I seriously doubt she considers herself one, however. But she chooses to “keep her enemies closer” which is definitely the best way to handle the man who currently resides in the White House.

I reside in Fort Worth and although this city is supposedly the reddest (Republican) city in Texas, in most respects, it does not seem that way. I find the city very progressive and forward thinking. This, in part, is due to the hands-on leadership of Mayor Price. The woman is tireless and taking a look at her daily schedule, you would think there are several of her. She works tirelessly for the city and promotes it internationally.

It’s encouraging to know that conservatism doesn’t have to be a dirty word, even in Texas, and that a city can thrive even with the label of “reddest”. As a Democrat, I feel completely comfortable living here, in fact, I can’t imagine living anywhere else in the state.

Nominated by Angelina Y., China:
I live in China, but I’ve been visiting Fort Worth every summer since 2011, and I get to meet with Mayor Betsy pretty much every year. She is always so sweet to me and the students I bring with me every year, and makes everyone she encounters feel valued and respected. She is the role model I look up to as many other young women, and I believe she is definitely worthy of the award.

Nominated by Stefanie S., Fort Worth:
Mayor Betsy Price has successfully been and continues to be a mayor for the people. Her sincerity and passion for the city of Fort Worth makes Fort Worthians proud to call this city home. Mayor Price focuses on education improvement, increasing jobs, and growing Fort Worth for the benefit of the locals and for those traveling and visiting.

Her passion for health and living a healthy lifestyle has been fascinating to follow- from making Fort Worth a Blue Zone Project, installing bike lanes, bike share program, and much more. She truly cares for the well-being of her people.

Nominated by Steve H., Fort Worth:
Mayor Price should win the 2018 World Mayor Prize because she has worked energetically and positively for the good of Fort Worth, its economy, government, race relations, and health. She’s an excellent ambassador for the city of Fort Worth and really does seek what is best for the city. She works well with all segments of Fort Worth’s population and promotes a “can do” attitude in what we do as a city.

Nominated by Randle H., Fort Worth:
I work for the City of Fort Worth and we are very fortunate to have the best Mayor in the world. She is tireless in her efforts to seek engagement from the community from having weekly meetings in neighborhoods. She combines this with a healthy activity like a bike ride or a walk in a neighborhood park. She works with every sector of the City and is constantly reaching over great political divides to solve local problems. She frequently works to depoliticize local issues. She has sought to make us better, a better educated community through a partnership with the school districts to dramatically improve the level of third grade reading. She travels around the world working to promote trade and economic development in the region.
We have done more surveys and more community information meetings since Mayor Betsy took the helm. In her short tenure she has helped transform our organization into a much more transparent one than we had been previously. She works effectively with County, State and Federal officials to insure that the region is getting the resources it needs to succeed in a global economy.
She is compassionate, a fiscal conservative, a good listener and always seeks to find the best path of action for the community. She definitely seeks action to emerging issues. She is seeking community-based solutions to community issues.

During her tenure we have and will become the largest City with a Blue Zones certification – rapidly becoming one of the healthiest cities in the state. We are designated as an Age Friendly City. We have adopted a complete street policy to insure the equitable use of community resources in our street construction. She has been an vocal advocate for alternative means of transportation.
When the Mayor’s tenure is done (hopefully no time soon) we will have a better educated work force, a better transportation system, better city infrastructure that is more equitably distributed and a much better park system. Fort Worth will be better known around the world and will be in a position to grow more effectively in the future.

Nominated by Philip A., Fort Worth:
I would like to cast my support for Mayor Price. I have known Mrs. Price since I was 10 years old. She was a constant presence at our schools and actively involved in the PTA, fundraisers, and field trips, all while holding down a full time job. The first time I voted, in 2000, was for Mrs. Price as Tax Assessor Collector. She managed to clean up an inefficient office, and ran a tight ship in the tax office for two terms. When she decided to run for Mayor I had no doubt she would do a great job.

I hear the stories of her work promoting the City of Fort Worth--waking up early and leaving the house before 7 AM and not returning until 7 or 8 PM. While the Mayor of Fort Worth is not an powerful position (it's only one vote on the City Council), Mayor Price uses her platform to engage with people and businesses to promote the city.

I think the growth of Fort Worth bears that out. When I was growing up in the 1990s, there was not a lot of new development in the city. Now, 7th Street rivals Austin and Dallas for restaurants and nightlife. We have one of the best museum districts in the south. And downtown has flourished since the tornado destroyed most of the skyscrapers in early 2000. 
You cannot argue with the growth that has taken place under her watch. 

For these reasons, I think Mayor Price should be declared the 2018 World Mayor winner.

Nominated by Clifton M. R., Fort Worth:
Betsy Price represents all that is good about America. Small town girl makes good! Mayor Price exudes family, as in we(Ft Worth) are one big family, bike rides, sporting events(Colonial, TCU) and Panther Island 4th of July. It is refreshing change to see an elected official so deeply rooted in the social fabric of the city and it’s surrounding communities. Thank you Mayor, for making us proud to be Texans!

Nominated by Holly E., Benbrook, Texas:
I am supporting Fort Worth Mayor Betsy Price for World Mayor. Mayor Price has done so much to improve the lives of the citizens of Fort Worth as well as the people who work there. Her focus on physical fitness no matter your age is inspiring, and she doesn’t just talk about it – she leads by example. Her rolling town halls accomplish a dual purpose – an opportunity to provide your opinion to or ask questions of the mayor about issues that are important in the life of the city. In a time when elected officials avoid meeting with their citizens, Mayor Price makes herself available to all who have a question or need. If bicycling is not the transportation mode for other citizens, there are many opportunities for regular town halls across the city. Mayor Price was also instrumental in bringing the Blue Zones Project to the city of Fort Worth, and has worked tirelessly to get the citizens and employers behind it.

Nominated by P. Thomas D., Fort Worth:
Betsy Price is the most excited and energetic supporter of her City I have ever seen. It is obvious to anyone who meets her that she would not live anywhere else except for her City, because she TRULY thinks it’s the best place in the world!

She has made countless efforts to market the City to others around the world to visit, and to encourage everyone who lives there or visits there to be as excited about it as she is.

She has taken its communities and offered them brand new senses of pride not only through outdoor beautification of the invaluable Trinity River, but also through being more physically active outdoors.

She will have the city turned into a true BLUE ZONE in months. What an amazing person for an amazing city

Nominated by Andrew T., Fort Worth:
I am proud to support Mayor Price for World Mayor 2018. 
Mayors are sometimes more comfortable being figureheads, relying on staff to deal with the public and address the hard issues while deflecting to others when issues heat up. 
Not Mayor Price. She’s deep in the mix. She is everywhere. Ask anyone in Fort Worth.
Her boundless energy keeps her in touch with people in every corner of Fort Worth AND her intelligence and backbone place her at the center of issues.  Her walking and riding Town Hall meetings are held in every Fort Worth neighborhood…on the street, where neighborhood issues can be seen and discussed in real time, not Power Point. Neighbors can talk to her directly, on their turf, creating a sense of comfort and connection that cannot be duplicated in a conference room.
Mayor Price doesn’t shy away from challenges. From employee pension challenges (big changes made) and race relations (a citywide Task Force and discussion underway) to citywide health (Blue Zones and bike lanes) and grade level reading (100 by 25 initiative), Mayor Price has set an ambitious vision for Fort Worth and launched initiatives that have galvanized people from every neighborhood to work together toward these and many other shared goals.
Mayor Price has an eye on the future – supporting initiatives that will take Fort Worth to the next level – while also keeping a firm hand on the wheel today. Her fiscal savvy, political insight, visionary leadership, personal charisma and sincere interest in people make her worthy to be World Mayor 2018. 

Nominated by Mickie C., Fort Worth:
Mayor Betsy Price of Fort Worth Texas definitely has my vote for World Mayor! She has made a world of difference in our community with her hands on, open door approach to governing our city. She has made herself very accessible to the citizens of Fort Worth and sincerely listens to the wants, needs and opinions of the people. She promotes physical fitness with her unique rolling town hall meetings and has pressed hard to bring about positive change throughout the city. Thank you for considering our outstanding Mayor for this award.

Nominated by Jineen B., Fort Worth:
Fort Worth Mayor Betsy Price gets my vote!
As a lifelong resident and supporter of our great city and as an advocate for all Fort Worth citizens, Mayor Price works tirelessly and fearlessly. Because of Mayor Betsy Price, Fort Worth is now a Blue Zone city- one of the few cities in the world to reach this designation. Her passion for people, for nature, fitness, health, and community propelled her to educate Fort Worth on Blue Zones, and to embrace the concept.

We now have hiking and biking trails, beautiful pedestrian bridges connecting our residents, and a whole new focus on healthy eating in restaurants. Grocery stores promote blue zone eating, and an active lifestyle. Mayor Betsy has weekly bike rides that any or every resident can be part of. She chooses different areas of the city to highlight and explore, raising awareness and raising the sense of community in our city. Her Town Hall meetings are well-attended, as are her Tour de Fort Worth bike rides and chats. I speak for thousands of residents when I say that Mayor Price deserves this award for our city!

Nominated by Vicki K., Fort Worth:
Not only is Betsy Price busy doing the normal tasks associated with being a mayor, she has tackled making Fort Worth a healthier city by creating bike-friendly lanes & joining the Blue Zones Cities, making Fort Worth one of the largest cities in the US attempting this honor of making our city be healthier.
Challenges for Fort Worth: Fort Worth is one of the fastest growing cities in the US - so she has even huge challenges associated with making the Fort Worth infrastructure amenable to the huge influx of new citizens. She was part of ensuring some of the largest bonds were passed to accommodate building new roads, repairing & maintaining existing ones, building new schools, etc.

Nominated by the Mayor of Nîmes, France:
As mayor of the City of Nîmes, I met Mayor Price last january in Forth Worth after different mail exchanges. I was impressed by the city of Fort Worth, all the work done considering the challenges of a very fast growth.
I do appreciate her concerns about building international relationships, encourage scholar and ecomonic partnerships. Fort Worth has already many twin cities in different part of the world. And I am proud to be able to sign an official relation soon with Mayor Betsy Price.

Nominated by Kazuhiko H., outside the USA:
Mayor Price has demonstrated her strong leadership on the sister cities exchange programs since 2011. She deeply understands the importance of cross-cultural understanding, respect and inclusiveness especially among youth who will become future leaders of the world. With her strong support, approx. 100 students and educators cross the ocean every year and broaden their horizons and build special friendship between Nagaoka and Fort Worth. Her beliefs in the importance of international understanding contribute to the further promotion of the Japan-US friendship relation and world peace.

Nominated by Greg A., Fort Worth:
She represents Fort Worth friendliness perfectly. She is just amazing.
Challenges for Fort Worth: Jobs in the city and childhood education. She speaks about these issues often and being involved in the Fort Worth business community, there are several plans of action established and being created. I have a lot of confidence in her efforts.

Nominated by CAM, Fort Worth:
Betsy Price is a powerful role model to all women of all ages. She demonstrates her love for our City tirelessly, unselfishly and maintains a positive "can do" attitude. She inspires people in our City. Fort Worth is full of giving people who desire to see our City grow and thrive. I believe this comes from her leadership. Her vision for Fort Worth is outstanding and constantly motivates the residents and businesses. She has focused on promoting jobs, strengthening education for our children in our schools, improving the mobility and fighting crime. Her passion for Fort Worth is demonstrated every day. Her ideas and innovations have given our City incredible opportunities.

She has been behind many "Fort Worth Initiatives": FitWorth, a citywide initiative focused on promoting healthy and active lifestyles; SteerFW, engaging young professionals under the age of 40 to have a voice and opportunity for their vision of their City. Blue Zone project to encourage healthy activities. She holds rolling town halls, where citizens come together, ride their bikes alongside of the Mayor to discuss issues they may have. Read Fort Worth, promoting volunteers to come into our schools and work with our children to increase their reading skill. When the City was faced with disparities with our diverse community in an effort to find a solution, she formed the Race and Culture Task Force. This is just a few things that Mayor Betsy has done in her 7 years in office. Not only does she work to build a better Fort Worth, she is active on the DFW Airport board and Fort Worth Sister Cities and travels internationally and helps bring business into the DFW area. She is an intelligent, capable, personable and dedicated woman who is a great leader for the City of Fort Worth. I have the upmost respect for Mayor Price as a woman and a great leader.

Challenges for Fort Worth: The City of Fort Worth faces issues ranging from racial tensions, underfunded City pension plan and population growth. Mayor Price has faced each challenge head on, taken brutal comments and still maintained grace and focused and committed to find solutions to address these challenges. She has formed a Task Force to find a solution for the racial challenge.

Nominated by Yusuke N., outside the USA:
hanks to Mayor Price‚s understanding, support and involvement, we have been continuing our sister city exchange programs very actively even after 30 plus years since our affiliation in 1987. Mayor Price supports not only international education programs for youth but also our new business exchanges, which we took the first step last year. She has a strong commitment and dedication for the further development of the City of Fort Worth. With her great leadership, we are excited to keep working closely with Mayor Price and the Fort Worth Sister Cities International, which receives a big support by the Mayor, to contribute to both cities‚ development.

Nominated by Wendy K., USA:
Mayor Price is so personable. She is an inspiration to so many and a role model to more. My husband and I wish our parents were as outgoing and active as mayor betsy price.
I have met with her 2x in the past 2 years and watched her take her time to dualism with anyone who wanted to congratulate her for being awesome or give their opinion about the city. She is a wonderful human being.

Nominated by Yurie S., outside the USA:
Any challenges and problems will appear in front of her as men did before.
She definitely can open the new gate for women to challenge and expand area of women career and break a wall of gender, "glass ceiling".
I believe in her sincerity and love for citizen.
Challenges for Fort Worth: Arrange firmly monetary & financial policy, preparation for disaster. Actively involvment for donation campaigns.

Nominated by Ariko T., outside the USA:
Mayor Price deeply understands how important to build friendship internationally in this current world. She doesn't build any wall between people and is very friendly to everyone. She demonstrates how to be a real cultural amassador herself. Her passion toward promotion of world peace through sister city partnership programs keeps inspiring all the officials and citizens of Nagaoka. We learn so much from her and her leadership. Thank you Mayor Price!

Nominated by Antoinette P-W., Fort Worth:
Mayor Price is a people's person and she never refuses to take the time to carry on a conversation with anyone. I am a thirteen year breast cancer survivor and during the Walk for the Cure this past April she walked with me to the end and we took a selfie together - it's just the way she "rolls". Everyone in Fort Worth admire her and the vision she has for the great city west of that other from to our east - I think it starts with a "D"! She leads by example and you're likely to see her at many activities throughout the year. I'm an active member of the Downtown Amon G. Carter YMCA and lo and behold who do I see - "The Mayor" and again she speaks to everyone. Last, but certainly not least, she rides her bicycle in every part of the city in order to reach out and touch every citizen.
Challenges for Fort Worth: Whatever the challenge, she meets it head on and works with the city council and the different departments to correct them. It could be the homeless, the infrastructure, the air quality, the community out reach programs, etc., and she's there to address any and all situations with constructive ideas and suggestions.

Nominated by Johnny C., Fort Worth:
I had the pleasure of working with Betsy Price, even before she became mayor of Fort Worth. In previous public service, I found that her to be uniquely transparent and tenacious in her follow-through. In order to be a great leader one must first be someone that people want to follow. Betsy epitomizes the values and behaviors that are required to be a great leader.
Challenges for Fort Worth: Betsy has approached issues of culture and community and our city with a sincere and pure heart. She has never shied away from solving issues or, more importantly, looking ahead to prepare our community for the future.

Nominated by Bill B., Fort Worth:
Understands social needs and economic results, good at making large and small decisions in thoughtful/timely manner, great listener and doer, champion of saving environment, inspires people to reach higher/noble accomplishments, creative, doesn't back away from difficult situations, loves her city and those within
Challenges for Fort Worth: incredible population growth managed and obtained through her ability to forge lifetime partnerships with diverse community interests/expectations/aspirations and accomplished results

Nominated by Lucia, T. M., outside the USA:
Mayor Prize is an outstanding lady who is always willing to interact with her citizens and FW´s international friends. She is thouhtful and committed, a good listener, a role model, an honorable being.

Nominated by Doris J., Fort Worth:
Betsy is an outstanding Mayor of our city. she is the resident's mayor all the way. She is involved in everything important in this city! She is very popular-you see her all the time at everything she attends. She is an organizer; she is a leader!
Challenges for Fort Worth: We are having very fast growth in our city and she work diligently to try to stay ahead of it. Of course-crime comes with that! She works with the police department to try her best to eliminate this problem

Nominated by ‘Fort Worth Nerd’, Fort Worth:
I can't think of someone better equipped at steering a quaint large city into the progressive new booming future. She's fantastic for our economy and putting Fort Worth on the map.
Challenges for Fort Worth: Fort Worth sits on the precipice of the next century ready for the next generation to scoop it up and do amazing things. Betsy is the ideal figure that can mother a stingy cowtown steeped in deep old traditions into a city that can celebrate differences and do the good work of having an open and welcome community. She is not without her allegiances to party but she exhibits so much balance that it does her a disservice to put her in a party box. I think she will be remembered as the crucial element that ushered in a fantastic and vivid future.

Nominated by Mike M., Fort Worth:
I have been fortunate enough to come in contact with the mayor on several occasions. She always demonstrates true hospitality that Fort Worth is known for. Active in the community and always smiling. She is never too busy to stop and say hello. A great role model for leaders and politicians.
Challenges for Fort Worth: Betsy is involved with many projects for improving and growing Fort Worth. For me specifically her involvement in supporting making Fort Worth healthier is important. Just a couple of examples are Blue Zone Project for healthier choices and bike Fort Worth for safe biking.

Nominated by Nella S. W., USA:
I don't live in the city of Fort Worth, where Betsy Price is Mayor, but I live in Burleson, a town just south of Fort Worth. I see a lot of Ms. Price's actions on the news. She is an excellent Role Model for girls & women of all ages. She's a very fine, upstanding Authority Figure!

Nominated by Robert C. L., Fort Worth:
Mayor Price has done a phenomenal job as well as being a great person who is very accessible to her constituents, the general public. She has made major changes for the good of the city and we citizens of the city.
Challenges for Fort Worth: One of the major challenges of cities all over Texas and maybe other states is that of discarded bicycles all over the cities, however Fort Worth does not have that problem because of simple bicycle racks that the bikes must be placed in. Why other cities have not followed this simple solution is a mystery to me.

Nominated by Vickie H., Fort Worth:
She has stood up to defend the constitution and laws of our country; even when it wasn't the most popular thing to do. She is a great listener and truly cares about our city and citizens.
Challenges for Fort Worth: She faces record growth and expansion in or city and handles it with class and flair! She works hard for all of her Constituents.

Nominated by A. S., Fort Worth:
Betsy Price has greatly improved Fort Worth with a vision to grow the city both culturally and by attracting new businesses. She implemented a program to encourage Blue Zone foods and encouraged restaurants to specifically add Blue Zone meals to their menu. She encourages a healthy lifestyle and rides her bicycle whenever she can (which includes rolling town hall meetings) and with a grant put in place many bike trails around Fort Worth were marked out. She is a great role model for our children and talks at schools about healthy living in an effort to stamp out childhood obesity.
Challenges for Fort Worth: Betsy Price doesn't tackle challenges alone. She has encouraged input from citizens (especially a young group), which are now 300 strong in helping to shape Fort Worth into a sound town both fiscally and economically. She also encourages local businesses to become involved thus saving taxpayer money.

Nominated by Pamela W., Fort Worth:
Mayor Betsy not only demonstrates the business acumen to keep our city growing financially, but makes tough decisions (do YOU think Police dept pensions could be a tough subject?!) today for the betterment of our tomorrow like changing the funding of police dept pensions (i'm so grateful it wasn't me); cutting city overhead to be more streamline, yet still stressing and maintaining excellent citizen service; extraordinary listening and acting on all citizen feedback; focusing on our community health with bicycle activism, building walking communities, rolling town halls with citizens. Her passion for making Fort Worth a better place to live is contagious and never-ending. We are the luckiest city and thank you Mayor Betsy!!
Challenges for Fort Worth: She's a strong, determined, focused woman having to often butt up against the misogynistic "good ol' Texas boy" network. She has the strength and fortitude to make unpopular decisions today to benefit the health and security of our city tomorrow. Damn she's amazing and I'm so lucky she's ours!!!

Nominated by Lauren H., Fort Worth:
Mayor Price is the most beloved civic leader I have ever known. She has gained this respect and admiration due to her accessibility and compassion. She is every where! As someone who works in the non-profit sector, I know she always does her best to be at a meeting, event or gathering of any kind to support those working for our city. She also, not only supports, but empowers the young professionals in this city to be informed and get involved. This often means an impossible schedule that she some how keeps up with. She is passionate about serving ALL members of our community, but isn't afraid of making an unpopular decision if she knows it is what is best for our city. This is why we have all grown to trust her so fully.

Nominated by Sharon K. W., Fort Worth:
For seven years Betsy Price has wisely and courageously represented Fort Worth as its mayor. Prior to this office, she was our Tarrant County Tax Assessor-Collector, a position which is proof of her financial acumen. She is gracious, very accessible, brave in the face of emotional storms, wise, and caring. She has a vision for making Fort Worth one of the most desirable places in the world to live.
Challenges for Fort Worth: The highly volatile incident involving the confrontation between mother and her two daughters with a policeman, she handled with grace and diplomacy. She has pushed biking lanes throughout our city to reduce traffic congestion. Also she has been involved with the beautification of our city, plus the revitalization of declining neighborhoods. She has been instrumental in bringing new businesses to our city. Pleasant, creative, and highly industrious, she is a tremendous asset to our 16th largest city in the nation.

Nominated by Kal S., Fort Worth:
I have known Betsy for many years, and her integrity in office is outstanding. She never lets her position interfere with her warmth and friendliness. At a presentation she was giving at my daughter's high school, Betsy saw my daughter Sarah, stopped what she was doing, asked where her hug was, then took the time for Sarah to introduce betsy to her classmates. Just one example of Betsy's warmth and caring about all people in Fort Worth.
Challenges for Forth Worth: One of her best innovations is her bicycle town halls, where she will meet up with a group of people anywhere in Fort Worth, and ride through the neighborhood talking about the issues everyone sees. She goes through all neighborhoods, and anyone who wants to ride along can. It is truly an example of bringing government to the local level.

Nominated by Kandy H., Fort Worth:
I've lived in Fort Worth since the year 2000. Before Mayor Price came along I never knew who our mayor was. There weren't any news stories showing what he/she planned on doing for the city, or wanting the voters opinions. Nothing positive was happening in my city. I wasn't proud to say I lived here and I had a great mayor... until now! Thank you Mayor Price for all of your hard work and your hard work and wonderful ideas to come.

Nominated by Tom W., USA:
Interactive with citizens, tackles issues expediently and fairly.  Great Texas lady.  So proud.  GO BETSY!

Nominated by Billy S., Fort Worth:
Mayor Price approached her mayoral responsibilities as a public servant and not a politician. She consistently moves toward what is right and best for our City not just what is popular or easy. Mayor Price sets a great example of female leadership to all young ladies showing it‚s not just a mans world. She is also an advocate of personal health and understand the business world is more concerned with the health of a workforce than tax abatements. Fit Worth the City’s health initiative exemplifies this philosophy along with the active personal lifestyle. She can leave you in the dust when cycling with her. She is by far the best Mayor Fort Worth has had in my memory.

Nominated by Hendric J.K., outside the US:
I had the pleasure of meeting Mayor Betsy Price at a conference where she impressed everyone she spoke to with her vision for Fort Worth. It is not often that one meets a ‘visionary’ who has clear ideas how to implement that vision. The Mayor also displayed great charm and was persuasive in her arguments. I wish her well.

Nominated by Stacy M., Fort Worth:
Betsy Price not only makes extraordinary contributions in her daily role as Mayor she willing shares her gifts, talents, keen-eye and expertise with others. The City of Fort Worth business model calls on mentors and leaders capable of working in concert with others, able to collaborate in creative endeavors, innovate, inspire, and contribute without dominating any undertaking. Mayor Price brings this extraordinary skill to every project she undertakes and will continue to bring to the city of Fort Worth communities. It is her extraordinary poise and style in contributing her best to all of her undertakings that creates an environment that draws the very best from her colleagues.

Mayor Price’s contributions give more life, breadth and depth to the message and vision of our great city through her talents. She is an intelligent, capable, dedicated, and a personable professional. She truly exemplifies the quality of an outstanding, dedicated leader, who possesses personal integrity and a thoughtful communicative style. I am an ardent admirer of her giving spirit, creative talents and gifts, as well as the poise she radiates, no matter how demanding or pressuring the situation. This modern-day Renaissance woman inspires and possesses that unique consummate style of grace that weaves the thread of dreams and adds to the tapestry of leadership within our city.

I highly recommend Mayor Price for the international award.

Nominated by Scott H., Fort Worth:
Prior to her first term running city government, Betsy Price for years was the county tax assessor-collector. Under her leadership, this office was as efficient and its employees as friendly as any I've ever encountered in any organization, public or private. And this is saying a lot, given how universally disliked taxes are.
Challenges for Forth Worth: Mayor Price's "Rolling Town Halls" rotate through the city's neighborhoods, from its most wealthy to its least. Anyone is welcome to join the regularly scheduled bike rides and to ask her questions before, during, or after. She demonstrates through her actions (a) that she doesn't have all the answers, (b) that exercise is important, and (c) that all residents' opinions matter, regardless of their socioeconomic status.

Nominated by Belinda B., USA:
She has been an advocate for getting people out to exercise such as her favorite - bike riding. She has been a strong ambassador all over the world for the city of Fort Worth. She is a wonderful example of how to get things done in a calm and rational way.

Nominated by Cecile M., Forth Worth:
Betsy Price is progressive, organized & a true leader. She represents Fort Worth very well promoting Fort Worth & its citizens. She tries to do what is right for the City & gets along well with other leaders through a spirit of cooperation as opposed to competition.
Challenges for Fort Worth:  Fort Worth is growing right now. I think Betsy tries to keep up with the issues involved like roads, jobs, money management & infrastructure. She makes a real effort to keep up with other city, state & national leaders.

Nominated by Jeffrey N., Fort Worth:
Mayor Price’s ability to handle the tough issues and at the same time have great compassion for the people and the city of Ft Worth, Texas. She has a true vision of the city and its growth into the future and keeps that in mind with all that she does in her daily work.

Nominated by Barbara M. W., Fort Worth:
The Mayor is everybody‚s mayor! She talks to & listens to people from all walks of life & works hard to find equitable solutions for all.
Challenges for Fort Worth: Fort Worth was facing a mounting pension crisis. Mayor brought the council together to find some solutions. She has also focused on promoting healthy community lifestyles and encouraging reading readiness.

Nominated by Dennis S., Fort Worth:
No mayor has more vitality, concern and empathy for the citizens and city that she represents.... our lives are better since she became mayor

Nominated by Gary M. C., Fort Worth:
She has made considerable effort to unite all segments od our city. She has manqged city finances in a very responsible manner.

Nominated by Curtis B., Forth Worth:
Mayor Price works unceasingly to improve the quality of her cities citizens.
Challenges for Fort Worth:  Affordable housing in new developments is a problem.  She is working to make sure affordable units are available.

Nominated by David and Jeane D., USA:
With all the issues that have been forwarded in community she continues to face them honestly, forthright and with ethical standards. She represents all citizens  and has keep us on a positive road to improvement.
Challenges for Fort Worth:  She has faced minority concerns over treatment, fiscal challenges with unprecedented growth and maintains a proper attitude for a leader throughout.

Nominated by J.T., Forth Worth:
Always open and available for opinions. Relentless & friendly. Investing in reviving city center & building low-income and homeless facilities. Promoting exercise programs for the obese & overweight children. She herself is a serious biker. Will have park meetings anytime, anywhere for discussions in all neighborhoods. Reducing crime and improving education are also at the top of her list! No day off for this mayor! Best!
Challenges for Fort Worth: Reviving the downtown area, which is now thriving. Helping the poor and homeless. Communication with all city neighborhoods. Involvement at all levels no matter the race. Police enforce-ment in most troubled areas. Food drives for the poorest when school is over. Shelters for the homeless in times of our hot weather, with A/C, cots, food and water. Being very careful about spending. Promoting the city for trade and travel,

Nominated by Lowell, Fort Worth:
Mayor Price is very involved in Fort Worth activities (not just normal working hours, but early in the morning and late at night and on the weekends). She has shown support for almost all organizations in Fort Worth and helps with many activities. As an example of what she does, she hosts a "Rolling Town Hall" meeting about every 2 weeks or so. She leads several bicyclists (and some walkers) on them. The start of the ride is very slow and short so the walkers can participate. She asks everyone what needs to be done in Fort Worth and if there are any problems that need to be fixed. She also asks what's right in Fort Worth and going well. She encourages everyone to participate. The "Rolling Town Hall" takes place in various parts of Fort Worth so all can be involved. She is very down to earth and meets and talks to everyone at every meeting she attends. One does not have to attend a city council meeting to talk to Betsy and find out what's happening in Fort Worth. She is everywhere and very open to discussions about Fort Worth. She's the most wonderful mayor we've ever had in my lifetime in Fort Worth (1962-present).

Nominated by Linda S., Fort Worth:
Fort Worth has a long history of successful leadership but none better than our current Mayor. Under her leadership we have experienced an unprecedented period of sustainable growth and quality of life. Thank you Betsy Price.

Nominated by Janet L. H., Fort Worth:
Betsy Price is a mover and a shaker and our City of Fort Worth is better for it! She has focused on promoting jobs, strengthening education, fighting crime and improving mobility, and has made significant strides along the path toward her vision of a healthy, engaged and fiscally responsible city. She initiated FitWorth, a citywide initiative focused on promoting active lifestyles and healthy habits in both kids and adults. She believes in an engaged public, saying "It's Your Fort Worth." She has been passionate about young people becoming more involved in driving local public policy and resulted in citizens under the age of 40 from across the city to come to together as SteerFW - which is 300 strong! She constantly motivates encourages our city residents and businesses to take our city to bigger and better levels and her vision for the city is outstanding! She is engaged in neighborhood vitality across the city and focused on targeting city investments to !
 improve neighborhoods that have suffered with poverty and crime. to help ensure the city has success stories to talk about, she lead the creation of Read Fort Worth - a collective impact effort-led with the Fort Worth School Superintendent Dr. Kent Scribner and BNSF Chairman Matt Rose and the Mayor's office. It is a public-private partnership with the mission to have 100 percent of third graders reading on grade level by 2025. With 1,000 adult volunteers reading with the students, the city has already seen a 4% gain in third grade reading. These are only a few highlights, but trust me when I say that she is an amazing and passionate Mayor who has inspired a City to change for the better, both individually and collectively as a community. Her innovations and ideas have led to incredible opportunities for our City and its residents. We LOVE OUR MAYOR BETSY PRICE!
Challenges for Fort Worth: Fort Worth is an extremely diverse city-a city of different backgrounds, experiences, and ideas that makes a city stronger. However, when portions of the community don't believe they have a voice or if they feel opportunity has passed them by, a divide can begin to grow. Fort Worth is not immune from the disparities that still exist across our country. To address these challenges, the Mayor formed the Race and Culture Task Force to host this dialogue. The Task Force is taking significant public input and working with subject matter experts to assess ethnic disparities from criminal justice to jobs to housing and more. As a result the Mayor truly believes we can make progress to close divides by listening with open hearts and minds. Mayor Price also remains committed to addressing the growing issue of homelessness in Fort Worth. Over the past several months, the City, led by Mayor Price, has taken important action on a number of fronts, including reorganizing the Continuum of Care Board to give local elected officials more input on homeless system funding and priorities. Also the City's Direction's Home funds were restructured to include a Permanent Supportive Hosing Investment Fund and dedicated $170,000 to move homeless veterans into housing.

Nominated by Fernando G., outside USA:
I moved to Montreal may years ago but still maintain ties to North Texas. Betsy Price has been an amazing mayor to the city of Fort Worth. Under her leadership Ft. Worth has gone from a sleep town next to Dallas to an amazing city that is modernizing, growing and surpassing what Dallas used to be.

Nominated by Frances R. J., Fort Worth:
Very caring,and always does her best to better our city.
Challenges for Forth Worth: Got our city bike trails, and now our trinity river trail is coming through.

Nominated by Karen K S., Fort Forth:
Mayor Price has done an excellent job leading the 15th largest city in the U.S.. She is dedicated to our city and her work, but remains accessible to all. She has introduced the blue zone project to encourage healthy activities and conducts rolling town hall meetings across the city to hear from various constituencies. She operates the city in a fiscally responsible manner and is always willing to listen.
Challenges for Fort Worth: When racially charged incidents occurred in Fort Worth, Mayor Price formed a community wide task force to bring together community voices from all communities and Faith's to discuss the issues and present concrete recommendations for how to address these issues in an open and constructive manner. She was able to obtain the agreement to serve from many well-respected community leaders, and the taskforce has provided and will continue to provide a resource for improvement and change throughout the community.

Nominated by C.K.J, Fort Worth:
Mayor Price is a major advertising asset for the city and metroplex. She stands firm backing the police and firemen funds. She stresses the importance of excersise for all ages and sets the example by having groups ride with her while discussing city issues.
Challenges for Fort Worth: The Ft Worth police department has had several racial complaints filed against them. Mayor Price has listened to both sides and allowed the police Chief to address these issues. She wants a full investigation and makes sure she is informed of the results.

Nominated by Veronica C., USA:
Betsy Price gives 100% to the city of Fort Worth. I'm not sure she sleeps. She has started so many new programs in the city geared at improving the city for everyone - blue zones and read Fort Worth to name just two.
Challenges for Fort Worth: The reading level of children at 3rd grade has a great effect on whether they will graduate  Fort Worth has recognized this with her help and now has a program in place to get every third grader to the required level. She has done this with building partnerships with business.

Nominated by Kathrun B., Fort Worth:
Mayor Price exemplifies how female leadership is effective in listening and striving to act on our concerns. From the beginning she has been engaged with the citizens with her rolling town halls, neighborhood meetings and many other events going on in the city. We are very fortunate to have her collaborating with the Blue Zones Project to become a Blue Zones certified city in 2018. The health, wealth and well-being of our city will benefit in the years to come.
Challenges for Fort Worth: She and the council have appointed a committee to address the issue of discrimination in our city. This is an ongoing challenge which requires extensive investigation and thoughtful solutions.

Nominated by Charles A., USA:
She has done much for her city in growth and development, crime prevention, and cares deeply thru her actions for education of our children. I live in Dallas now but lived in Fort Worth many years. I have family in Fort Worth that have benefited greatly from the growth and prosperity of this amazing old, yet modern Texas city.
Challenges for Fort Worth: She has many challenges, as with any large city, but her recent work to support her police is amazing. Mayor Price really is making changes in community and police relationships.

Nominated by J R., USA:
I live in a city near Fort Worth and what Mayor Betsy Price has done for the city of Fort Worth and surrounding areas has been amazing! One creative and outreaching to her community She loves biking and has rolling meetings with residents on a regular basis as they bike throughout different areas of the city :)

Nominated by Rocky F., USA:
Mayor Price is helping make Fort Worth a destination city to come with its mixture of Fort Worth rich tradition of it Wild West heritage and modern contemporary culture. She is working on getting a new sports arena type venue to add to the economic development of the city. She is a great advocate for all citizens to get active and get fit with being an avid bike rider. She is leading the push to work with other cities in the area to get Amazon to come to the DFW area.

Nominated by Sharolyn R., Forth Worth:
Mayor Betsy as she is known to all the people of Fort Worth is a warm and Caring Mayor to ALL the residence of our fair city. She is one of our cities jewels, not only does she have boundless energy she is incredibly smart and friendly. We in Cowtown are honored to call her Mayor!

Nominated by J.R., USA
Betsy Price's focus on wellness has literally changed the face of Fort Worth. Bike lanes and walking trails criss-cross every neighborhood. Her personal commitment to healthy lifestyle and her very visible way of showing people how this 68-year-old grandmother stays active are helping to encourage others to join in.
Challenges for Fort Worth: Mayor Price wrestles with leading a city facing issues ranging from an underfunded city pension plan, racial tensions and unbelievable population growth that puts strain on all public resources. She is incredibly collaborative in how she tackles big challenges, such as an unacceptable number of school children who can't read at grade level. She teamed with the public school superintendent and the CEO of one of our high-profile corporations to launch a city-wide campaign called Read Fort Worth.

Nominated by Susan W., Fort Worth:
I have come to know mayor Price as a support of the special need community i serve. She always calls me by name and ask how things are at Hope Center for Autism. She is real, down to earth but wise and strong when pressed.
Challenges for Fort Worth: She has had her share of bumps but listens and always has Fort Worth first.

Nominated by Jennifer S., Fort Worth:
There isn’t an event in the city of Fort Worth that you will be hard pressed to find the Mayor at. This woman is everywhere! The parade of lights, charity balls, biking ten miles a day on the trinity trails, she is the epitome of Fort Worth! She is someone women can look up to and men can respect, and vice versa. She has been the mayor for many years now because we all love her so much, regardless of party affiliation because we know she is pro Fort Worth. Personable, she has a hug, a photo, and a handshake for everyone.
Challenges for Fort Worth: Currently, she and city leaders are tackling the Las Vegas Trail area of town. She hopped a bus, and toured the dilapidated area, to formulate a plan on how to rid the residents and kids who live near the trail, of he drug dens, and prostitution. They then went after the hotels where these activities mainly took place, and started passing ordinances and using the city law to their advantage to move the drug dealers out. New business is moving in and it is already starting to look so much better! I asked her about it recently at a breast cancer event and she said it wasn’t coming on as quickly as they wanted but it was moving along!

Nominated by Jim L., Fort Worth:
I have known every fort worth Mayor since 1950, and they were all fine citizens and leaders. But none has been as effective as Betsy Price, and she works so well with other community leaders within the state of Texas and Nationally.
Challenges for Fort Worth: She has brought all sections of our city together both religious diversity and ethnic, economic status. She gives 100+% to this city and its citizens. She has promoted our parks, zoos, historical venues, health, safety, police and fire departments. She has been a leader in economic and educational growth and crime reduction.

Nominated by Kenneth H., Fort Worth:
Mayor Price is an exceptional leader. She is compassionate, strong and encourages the residents of Fort Worth to be involved in their city.

Nominated by Terri M., Forth Worth:
Mayor Price is 100% engaged and invested in our city! She is out in the community on a daily basis, interacting with the citizens and listening to the concerns and visions of the people she comes in contact with. Since day one of her administration, she has fulfilled her promise to be a "boots on the ground" advocate for Fort Worth!! Betsy is the BEST!!
Challenges for Fort Worth: Fort Worth is a growing city and I think one of the biggest challenges that our Mayor has faced is encouraging the growth but helping Fort Worth to maintain its home town feel.

Nominated by Randle H., Fort Worth:
Mayor Price has served the City very effectively over the last 7 years. Her leadership has made us a more efficient and effective City government and made Fort Worth a more livable City. I think she has 2 or 3 clones to get to all of the community events she attends and she talks to everyone in her weekly walking or riding town halls. She is engaged, informed and makes great decisions that bode well for the future of Fort Worth.
Challenges for Fort Worth: Changed attitudes toward multi modal transportation
an advocate for education, literacy and health. Goal of 100% of 3rd graders reading by 3rd grade. On the health front we will be the first large City to have a Blue Zones designation this year. She is all bout innovation and lead our delegation to SXSW to promote Fort Worth's innovative industries. She is a great leader and ambassador for Fort Worth we are lucky to have her as our Mayor.

Nominated by Rains, Fort Worth:
Mayor Price seems to be everywhere; she is so active in promoting Fort Worth and a healthy lifestyle. She speaks to many group functions, always talking about the latest developments that add to the quality of life in Fort Worth. Somehow, she still finds the time to participate in the latest charity run or bike ride.

Nominated by Carolyn P., USA:
I have been on the Advisory Board of the Lone Star Film Festival for 9 years. The support and encouragement from Mayor Price has been first rate . She really cares about the community of Fort Worth and works hard for it every day.

Nominated by Mel C., Fort Worth:
Mayor Betsy Price has been one of the most influential, respected and progressive Mayor's Forth Worth has ever had in it's history -she definately deserves to be considered for the 2018 World Mayor Prize!
Challenges for Fort Worth: To protect the preservation of the historic Fort Worth Stockyards from, as the National Trust for Historic Preservation has stated „insensitive developers that threatens this historically significant place.

Nominated by Matthew B., Fort Worth:
I fully support Mayor Betsy Price for your 2018 World Mayor Prize!

Nominated by Tom, Fort Worth:
Mayor Price treats all residents of her city with the same level of respect and compassion regardless of their status , wealth, ethnicity, religion or gender.
Challenges for Fort Worth: Mayor Price meets citizens in person daily and weekly to listen to their concerns and needs. Action plans are then developed and implemented to affect positive change.

Nominated by Nancy K. H., USA:
Betsy Price is dedicated to Fort Worth and puts forth every effort to make the city the best place for anyone to live. She has worked to make Ft. Worth a chosen location to conduct business and as a result Ft. Worth has grown tremendously. Mrs. Price has worked very hard to provide the parks and recreational facilities desirable for all of the citizens. There could not be a more hard working friend to a city than Betsy Price.
Challenges for Forth Worth: Keeping pension promises to city workers has been a challenge for Mrs. Price but she is dedicated to seeing that changes are made to thwart pressure on the city's finances while securing the employee's retirement future.

Nominated by Renee B., Fort Worth:
I believe you would have to look long and hard to find a woman who more embodies the characteristics you describe above. Mayor Betsy Price has worked tirelessly to benefit all the citizens of our city. She is an avid promoter of all that is good about Fort Worth & has forged a good working relationship with other local mayors but also those across the country.
Challenges for Fort Worth: Funding of the retiree's pension fund is a major problem that will need to be addressed in the very near future, no solution has been presented yet but committees are working on resolution.

Nominated by Cynthia O., USA:
Betsy never backs away from a challenge whatever it maybe. She has always worked hard for Fort Worth even as Tax Collector before she became Mayor. Betsy rides a bicycle to and from work when she can and wanted everyone to do the same. She was able to get the city to start a bicycle rental program. She was also able to get the voters to approve many bond proposals for the city.

Nominated by Richard R., Fort Worth:
I have never met a more level-headed, business minded, even-keeled uniter of people in my life.
Challenges for Fort Worth: The City of Ft Worth has had a long time stigma of not being a newcomer or new business friendly place. She systematically has worked towards changing this perception since day one! She personally reaches out to major corporations and solicits the cities welcoming arms of these new comers and their employees. The economic growth and development of Ft Worth has expanded by leaps and bounds with her at the helm!

Nominated by Harold N., Fort Worth:
Since she has been Mayor Fort Worth has been a lot safer place to live. The communities of the city stand behind her. Under her leadership the city has vastly improved in all areas. One of her pet projects is the Tour De Fort Worth, a cycling challenge for cyclist, She herself participates and We are so proud of her. The Trinity Trail has improved greatly since she has been Mayor

Nominated by Beverly W., Fort Worth:
I am nominating Betsy Price for world mayor because of her great leadership skills and her ability to bring all people to the table for discussions and solutions.
Challenges for Fort Worth: The city has been trying to reach out to the underprivileged and create better relationships between minorities and the police community. She has been highly successful in both of these areas that in turn benefits the whole city.

Nominated by Beverly N., Fort Worth:
She is prominent in every facet of our city and always shows interest and supports law officials as well as other programs going on here.

Nominated by Carole D., Fort Worth:
Besides running this city in a very efficient manner, Betsy is always available to speak at graduations, speak at neighborhood group meetings, lead bicycle groups on treks around the city- she's just like a good neighbor and is accessible when needed. She fights for the city of Fort Worth and I'm proud to have her as our mayor.

Nominated by Tommy B., Fort Worth:
People person, everyone counts, never forgets your name
Challenges for Fort Worth: Keeping our city strong competitive and financially able to meet our needs.

Nominated by Mike C., Fort Worth:
I have been more aware of Ft Worth’s issues since Mayor Price took office. The Mayor creates events that involves citizens to be informed of city concerns and projects.  FitWorth programs, Blue Zone projects. Panther Island development
Challenges for Fort Worth: Trinity River development, infrastructure development, bridges, for Panther Island development

Nominated by WBB, Fort Worth:
Hardest working and smartest leader in the city. She is leading successful efforts aimed at literacy, crime reduction, economic development, and race relations.

Nominated by Karen S., Fort Worth:
I have known Betsy since our kids were in Elementary School, they are 38 now. She is the hardest worker (in everything and for everyone) I’ve ever known. She is extremely ethical and trustworthy. If she says she will do something, she will get it done!
This would be a great honor and knowing how great SG has been with our Sister Cities Prigram and working and promoting Ft. Worth internationally, this would be a great fit!
Good luck Betsy!!!

Nominated by Chris B., Fort Worth:
This mayor is probably the most positive mayor that Fort Wirth has had in years as well a great advocate for corporate business move ins and Bicycle Safety.
Challenges for Fort Worth: When Mayor Betsy came in, Fort Worth wasn't growing and we are now as well. She has changed the tempo and feel for Fort Worth to a CAN DO CITY!! She has increased physical activity in our city and had regular mayor town hall meetings by riding and or walking in all of our neighborhoods.

Nominated by Thomas O. G., Fort Worth:
Mayor Prince is intent on making this a "healthy" city and works tirelessly on this. She also works with the neighboring mayor of Dallas, just a short drive way, to contact leaders of other countries to tell them about us and why doing business with Dallas-Fort Worth is good for everyone.

Nominated by Linda R., USA:
Mayor Price is constantly out among the people. She knows her county and also works to meet the needs. She attends events in order to encourage. Outstanding mayor!

Nominated by Margit S., Fort Worth:
Mayor Price has done exceptional work for Fort Worth. Economic development, turning the city into bicycle city. The city since she became mayor has increased in population because this city is a wonderful place to live.

Nominated by Ann A., Fort Worth:
She has gone out of her way to support and example the citizens of ft worth. She is very hands-on and tireless.

Nominated by Doug L., Fort Worth:
Mayor Price has been a wonderful mayor for Fort Worth for many, many reasons. But one moment stands out in my mind, the time, when she was supporting the police at a Back-The-Blue event, when a somewhat unkempt man approached her from across the busy street. She gave him a focused, warm greeting as she shook his hand. That she treats everyone well is a testament to the person she is and how she is as our mayor.

Nominated by Brian L., Fort Worth:
Our city has never had a more beloved mayor. She truly speaks for all people in the city. She it too nice for people to fight with in council meetings. She also rides bikes and runs races promoting good health. One look at recent Fort Worth and you can see how great she it.
Challenges for Forth Worth: Race relations...  New task force. Gay rights. Balancing the city budget.

Nominated by Richard D. J., Fort Worth:
Mayor Price has a global view point of our city and works to make a better quality of life in all areas of the city including areas of the most needy. She is also an avid cyclist and had done an amazing job creating bike lanes and over 70 miles of paved bike/hiking trails along the city's Trinity River.

Nominated by Lynette Jensen, Fort Worth:

Nominated by Jayne L., Fort Worth:
Betsy Price has brought many new businesses to our city creating thousands of new jobs. She is the most accessible Mayor ever...always at every function and listening to our citizens.

Nominated by Sheri C., Fort Worth:
I've never been interested or cared about whom the Mayor is, until Betsy Pruce stepped into office. She truly cares about our city. She is very involved with the different activities that are being put on. She doesn't just stand on the sidelines. She gets right in there and participates. I never hear negative statements being made about her. And in this day and age. That's almost unheard of.

Nominated by Tamra, USA:
Although I live in a neighboring town, I have followed Mayor Price and her dedication to the city of Fort Worth. Her contributions are outstanding and she truly deserves the honor you have bestowed on her by your nomination to this worthy international award. I cannot begin to list all that she has done for Fort Worth because they are too numerous to name. Fort Worth is the largest U.S. city with a female mayor and is now the 15th largest city in the U.S. Thank you for recognizing Mayor Price.

Nominated by Steve, Fort Worth:
Responsible and involved with the citizens. Rides bicycles regularly throughout the city (Blue Zone Project) with groups of citizens. Working on changing Las Vegas Trail (street) area from poverty.

Nominated by Robert M., Fort Worth:
Positive life long Community involvement; game changing public servant for most of adult life; roll model: hard work, compassion, positive values, inclusive ness.
Challenges for Fort Worth: City image was relatively unhealthy life style....Betsy instituted: Tour De Ft Worth bycicle initiative, encourage bike lanesypaths, being a Blue Zones City (largest in US and first in the South) as well as Fit Worth

Nominated by Vickie G., Fort Worth:
Mayor Price is a thoughtful and engaged citizen who just happens to be our Mayor. Her bicycle led town hall meetings are open to all citizens and a simple but effective way to connect with her city. She is a champion for our city!

Nominated by Kaci S., Fort Worth:
One of the best things the Mayor has done has been to increase walkability and bike ability through the city, as she is a biker herself, inspiring others in the city to become more active.
Challenges for Fort Worth: This city continually has water difficulties, not quite shortages, but keeping it from becoming a shortage is always something for the mayor to contend with.

Nominated by Daralynn D., Fort Worth:
Mayor Price values physical fitness in her self and her community. She has pushed our Citizens into adopting a more active lifestyle. She leads by example and conducts rolling town halls on bicycle.  The number and availability of bicycle lanes on our local thoroughfares has tripled under her authority.
Challenges for Fort Worth:  Fort Worth has a significant problem of illiteracy. Mayor Price is supporting an initiative to have all school children reading on level by third grade with a target of 2025.

Nominated by Scott B., USA:
Mayor price has been instrumental in bringing in and maintaining business‚ to Fort Worth! She also helped save the Fort Worth Invitational, the second longest single site PGA golf tournament!
Challenges for Fort Worth: Balancing business, events, pensions and budgets!

Nominated by William S., USA:
Mayor Price has been a strong proponent of Fort Worth, from directly involving the citizens in fitness programs to business development involving large corporations.
Challenges for Fort Worth: Mayor Price came to the rescue of our local professional golf tournament, rallying the business community to support the tournament when it had lost its corporate sponsor.

Nominated by Andre D., Fort Worth:
She has listened to her constituents time after time. Even if I don't always agree with her, she does what she believes is best for our city and what the majority of our citizens want.

Nominated by Terry S., Fort Worth:
The Mayor works very hard with city leaders and leaders of industry in Ft Worth to accomplish her goals and will not take no for an answer.. feel in a lot of ways she kept the Colonial PGA tournament here. The City comes first no matter the area and works day and night to keep our City the large city with a very hometown feel. She is tireless

Nominated by Carol D., Fort Worth:
Vision for my city that provides future generations of citizens with prosperity, safety, and happiness. Honesty and integrity in decision-making. Fairness in dealing with the varied needs and concerns of citizens

Nominated by Tom, Fort Worth:
Mayor Betsy Price is tireless in her work to help the women and men of Fort Worth. She is always gracious to people from all walks of life.
Challenges for Fort Worth: She is working tax reform/reductions, retirement system changes, public road improvements, etc. she is very collaborative.

Critical comments
Critical comment by Marva L. T., Fort Worth:
Sorry Betsy Price is not what she appears to be. She takes care of the Bases and what the Bases want from the city. Sure it looks like excellent development for the city, but it's about putting more dollars in their pockets. She doesn't take care of the people. The normal everyday hard working people in her city. She doesn't take care of the City Employees, their benefits and retirements promised when she first became Mayor and when those employees signed on for the job. Betsy has two faces and your seeing the one in the mirror. Like Hillary shows, look for the real Betsy. I say don't use her for an example she not the best foot forward.

Critical comment by Micki H., Fort Worth:
How could you even consider her when she has turned her back on Police and Fire retirees?
She is nothing to be proud of. In fact just today we had an officer shot in the head. He is in critical condition and has a very grim outlook. If he even survives he will likely be medically retired.

About all Mayor Price has done is cancel the city council vote that was scheduled in 4 days to take away retiree benefits. She has only delayed it because it would look so bad to the public while the city is grieving over an officer who fulfilled his oath and promise to the city and gave EVERYTHING!   
We all took an oath and lived up to it. How dare she turn her back on the Police and Fire Departments retirees and lead the council to take away our earned and promised benefits.
She spends enormous amounts of money on needless projects yet claims the city needs to cut the pay of retirees.

Critical comment by W.S., Fort Worth:
Ten years ago the City of Fort Worth had a surplus of US$400 million. Most of the city residents have no idea that the city in 2017 has had an ongoing deficit of $1.9 billion over the past 4 years, the result of failing to provide for the city's pension fund obligations. Mayor Price has taken no action to remedy this situation. To the contrary, she has engineered a new $400 million bond fund just last month, leading to a second down-grade by Moody's of the city's credit rating.

In the last sitting of the Texas legislature, Mayor Price and a leading Tarrant County Commissioner journeyed to the State Capitol to lobby against property tax reform, which would have lowered property taxes in Fort Worth. This action is directly against the interest of our citizens.

Mayor Price has been a strong supporter of the Trinity River Vision project, which was not voted on by our citizens, a huge boondoggle designed to reward local real estate interests. In effect in 2005, its original cost was estimated to be $400 million. Now, years behind schedule and in financial trouble, the cost has ballooned to over $1.2 billion. Mayor Price is an avid bike fan, in fact whole streets have designated as bike paths, causing great inconvenience to residents and businesses. In my opinion, Mayor Price should never have been nominated to be considered an outstanding mayor.

Critical comment by W. B., Forth Worth:
Withdraw Mayor Betsy Price. She helps cover up police misconduct and civil rights violations. Won't even allow me to file a formal complaint against corrupt officers. Unjust.