Margret Mergen, Mayor of Baden-Baden, Germany, since 2014
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The 2018 World Mayor Prize and Commendations will be conferred on women mayors who have made outstanding and long-lasting contributions to their communities. The organisers wish to show what outstanding women mayors achieve all over the world. By doing so, they hope to encourage more women to contemplate a career in local government and run for political office. The women, who will be awarded the 2018 World Mayor Prize and other honours, will be role models for young women and, indeed, men everywhere. Qualities sought ||| Margret Mergen, Mayor of Baden-Baden, Germany, has been longlisted for the 2018 World Mayor Prize. ||| Vote for Mayor Mergen ||| Critical comments |||

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Nominations for
Margret Mergen
Mayor of Baden-Baden (Germany)

Nominated by Uwe M., Baden-Baden:
Ich habe Frau Mergen als loyale, vertrauenswürdige und authentische Rathaus-Chefin kennen- und schätzen gelernt. Sie war mir gegenüber stets loyal und aufgeschlossen aufgetreten. Sie geniesst mein vollstes Vertrauen.

Nominatd by Claire Mc., outside Germany:
I had the pleasure of meeting Mayor Mergen last year during a conference in Baden-Baden. She had clearly done her homework as she understood and contributed to the topics under discussion. I was impressed by the competence and charm she displayed.

Nominated by Julian B., Germany:
Baden-Baden wird manchmal als die kleinste Weltstadt der Welt bezeichnet und irgendwie stimmt diese Beschreibung. Die Stadt, von Waeldern und Reben umgeben, hat lediglich 55.000 Einwohner und besitzt all die Vor- und Nachteile einer Kleinstadt. Gleichzeit ist sie aber eine renommierte Kur- und Badestadt mit einem kulturellen Angebot um das sie viele Grossstaedte beneiden. Ausserdem ist Baden-Baden eine der führenden Kongressstaedte Europas.

Es ist nicht einfach eine solche Stadt zu 'regieren'. Einerseitz muss die Oberbürgermeisterin die Naehe zur kleinstädtischen und auch ländlichen Bevölkerung wahren und ihre Belange verstehen, andrerseits muss sie auch auf dem internationalen Parkett eine gute Figur abgeben.

Ich finde, Margret Mergen macht das ausgezeichnet.

Nominated by S. K., Baden-Baden:
Competence in managing the everydays affairs of citizens with a lot of experience of other bigger cities

Nominated by Helmut P. Germany:
Margret Mergen is a very good female leader.

Nominated by Reinhilde K.S, Baden-Baden:
Qualities of Mayor Mergen:
• Competence in managing the day-to-day affairs of her City
• Acumen of financial, business and economic affairs
• Honesty and integrity in decision-making
• Belief in working together with other cities, nationally and internationally
• Vision for a City that provides future Generations of citizens with prosperity, safety and happiness
Challenges for Baden-Baden: Commitment for the traditional winding means of Baden-Württemberg for Baden-Baden, because the city is an important and historic city for tourism; Engagement for taking a stand of the city Baden-Baden as a world heritage.

Nominated by Ursula L., Baden-Baden:
Frau Mergen hat den Preis verdient. Sie ist eine hervorragende Oberbürgermeisterin, da sie fachlich höchst kompetent ist und darüber hinaus bei öffentlichen Auftritten mit großem Charme die Stadt Baden-Baden vertritt.

Nominated by Margot R. H., Baden-Baden:
Margret Mergen shows competence in managing the day-to-day affair of the city. She has the ability and ambition to be mayor for all citizens and has the vision for a city that provides future generations of citizens with prosperity, safety and happiness. She is very much liked by the citizens of Baden-Baden and looks out for everyone. The Mayor also accepts any challenge and will find a solution for it.

Nominated by Edith S., Baden-Baden:
• Kompetenz in der Verwaltung,
• Visionen für die Stadt, Bürgernähe.
• Sympatische Person, absolut souveränes Auftreten.

Nominated by Peter W., Baden-Baden:
Mrs. Mergen is co-operating with many other cities all over Europe to keep the idea of a spa alive. This is an outstanding help to keep that heritage.

Nominated by Angelika L.K., Baden-Baden:
Mayor Margret Mergen manages and guides very well the difficult transition from the famous past of Baden-Baden as the former "European Summer Capital" into a modern and open minded city with a historical face and a young heart, offering and combining highest culture (Opera House, Museum Frieder Burda and much more)  well being (hot springs and thermal waters) and nature (Black Forest )  in a unique way, not to forget exquisite and famous restaurants and Hotels.
Challenges for Baden-Baden: Aging population, rather high costs of living, difficulties to provide affordable places to live for young families, traffic and pollution problems  due to big jams caused by many people coming to work from outside in the morning and leaving  more or less all at the same time in the evening.

Nominated by Uwe T., Germany:
Mayor Mergen is doing a great job.

Nominated by Hermann M., Germany:
Sie ist einfach sympathisch!

Nominated by Gerhard W., Baden-Baden:
Brilliant personality with both, social and communicator qualities.  Outstanding Management Competences with acumen of financial, economic, business and social affairs. Mayor for all citizens, dealing fairly with the varied needs of all citizens. Succesful cooperation with other cities, regional and federal governments, both, national and international. Convincing Future Vision.
Challenges for Baden-Baden:
1. She successfully prepared a longterm financial concept up to 2030 and won the binding consent of the regional government, thus securing the longterm financial situation.
2. She skillfully handled the longterm innovation and needs of an extraordinary large number of cultural protagonists of superregional and European importance.

Nominated by Christa W., Baden-Baden:
Mayor Mergen is a very nice, qualified woman, open, honest and direct. She is on the side of her citizens, walk down the street and is speaking with people. Her high grade of ability in questions of finance, culture and Management is fantastic for the town. In times of the refugees she had good ideas for integration, is always on place. She has a vision for the town to have a balance between citizens and tourists and Russian people living in town only for few month the year.
Challenges for Baden-Baden:
• The Mayor is planning for longer time, plans for 10 or 20 Years.
• She Looks for rooms to live, payable and look to save our nature, forests and parks.
• She is telling the truth to the citizens, even when they will not hear.
• She is in connection with Management of affairs to finance the cultural events, to get Money for Integration, to make life easier in town.
• She is looking for the children for good schools and places for work.
• She is often to see in town on events and citizens have a direct way to meet her.

Nominated by Wolfgang P., Baden-Baden:
In a sphere pretty rich of conflicts and disputes, Mayor Mergen is always very calm, unemotional and polite. I estimate her reliability, her Diligence and her permanent effort. The realisation of the G-20-meeting of the Finance Ministers in 2017 here in Baden-Baden was exemplarily and a great success for our town! She cared personnally for the accommodation of hundreds of refugees since 2015. She holds close contact to the local enterprises.

Nominated by A.R., Germany:
Wir loben die überkommunale Zusammenarbeit mit der Oberbürgermeisterin aus Baden-Baden

Nominated by Sven, Baden-Baden:
Mayor Mergen involves citizens in important decisions. If she is made aware of grievances, she ensures immediately that they are resolved.
Challenges for Baden-Baden: In order to secure the country's financial resources for our city, long before it has expired, she has negotiated further funding from the country so that we could be sure soon enough that we could continue to run our cultural institutions. She has proven great foresight in this case.

Nominated by E. M., Baden-Baden:
Qur mayor is real leader.She is the very open-minded person.She loves her job and people.I am working last 10 years in education and love IB learner profile, which one for all: head of school, school staff, parents, students. I am thinking she wants to create a better and more peaceful world.
Challengesfor Baden-Baden:  Our life is a big challenge.Great solutions for this to be open to new questions and trying to find right answers. When you are mayor of the city, you need to find right answers for all, not for you. Our mayor always listens to the people and finding right answers for all new questions.

Critical comments:
Critical comment by Werner S., Baden-Baden:
Als langjähriger Bürger der Stadt Baden-Baden lehne ich die Wahl von Margret Mergen ausdrücklich ab. Meine Frau ist auch sehr mit Frau OB. Mergen unzufrieden.

- Die Stadt Baden-Baden blieb auf Kosten im 6-stelligen Bereich wegen des in Baden-Baden stattfindenden G-20-Gipfels sitzen, weil Frau Mergen die Kostenübernahme bei der Bundesregierung bzw. dem Bund nicht beantragt hatte.
• Zur Zeit des G-20-Gipfels musste die "Leo-Baustelle" im Herzen der Stadt Baden-Baden hergerichtet werden, was nochmals € 60.000,00 kostete
• Die Öffnungszeiten des Bürgerbüros wurden sehr stark zum Nachteil der Bevölkerung abgeändert. Erst durch heftige Proteste der Bürger durch Leserbriefe in der Tageszeitung wurde nach Monaten wieder eine bürgerfreundliche Lösung eingeführt
• Frau Mergen kündigte für die örtlichen Vereine deutlich höhere Gebühren für die Nutzung der Hallen an. Erst nach heftigen Protesten der Bürger rückte Frau Mergen wieder von dieser Entscheidung ab
• Frau Mergen kündigte den beiden einzigen privaten Aero-Vereinen, die in Eigenregie Motor- und Segelflug in Baden-Oos auf dem ehemaligen Flugplatz betreiben, um dort zusätzlich Gewerbeflächen schaffen zu können, obwohl es anderweitig noch genügend Gewerbeflächen zum z. B. Gewerbegebiet Oos-West gibt.
• Die Baustelle in der Schwarzwaldstraße dauerte viel länger als ursprünglich veranschlagt
• Die Baustelle in Baden-Oos entlang der Sinzheimer Straße besteht schon mindestens 1 - 2 Jahre!
• Die Stadt Baden-Baden wurde vom Rechnungsprüfungsamt und vom Regierungspräsidium mehrfach wegen finanzpolitischer Verfehlungen gerügt
• Verabschiedete Bauvorhaben bzw. Sanierungen z. B. des Fahrradweges zwischen der Weststadt und Baden-Oos (grüne Einfahrt) werden auf die lange Bank geschoben, obwohl direkt neben der grünen Einfahrt die Schwarzwaldstraße saniert wird!!!

Noch nie gab es in der Reihe der letzten 4 Oberbürgermeister von Baden-Baden so viele Bürgerproteste wie bei Frau Mergen. Frau Mergen ist innerhalb der Stadt Baden-Baden bei den Bürgern sehr umstritten.

Frau Mergen hat es nicht verdient, den Titel zu bekommen!