Françoise Schepmans, Mayor of Molenbeek, Belgium, since 2012
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The 2018 World Mayor Prize and Commendations will be conferred on women mayors who have made outstanding and long-lasting contributions to their communities. The organisers wish to show what outstanding women mayors achieve all over the world. By doing so, they hope to encourage more women to contemplate a career in local government and run for political office. The women, who will be awarded the 2018 World Mayor Prize and other honours, will be role models for young women and, indeed, men everywhere. Qualities sought ||| Françoise Schepmans, Mayor of Molenbeek, Belgium, has been longlisted for the 2018 World Mayor Prize. ||| Vote for Mayor Schepmans |||

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Nominations for
Françoise Schepmans
Mayor of Molenbeek (Belgium)

Nominated by Claas v H, Belgium:
Françoise Schepmans has one of the toughest jobs in Belgium. The reputation of Molenbeek suffered badly after the terrorist attacks in Paris in 2015. Two of the Mayor’s main tasks are to provide a safe environment for all residents of Molenbeek, part of Greater Brussels, and prevent the radicalisation of young Muslim men. She also wants to work with the families of Muslim men who have been attracted by messages of violence. Even though the number of police officers has been increased and three special anti-radicalisation agents appointed, the mayor, while optimistic, calls for sustained vigilance.

Nominated by Suzanne O., Molenbeek:
Mayor Schepmans’ tasks:
1. Day after Day, clever fight against terrorism and radicalism.
2. She makes the streets more secure and cleaner.
3. She works with the inhabitants to provide more respect, comprehensive behaviors.
4. She opens more schools. There are now a lot of cultural activities for everybody.
Challenges: Eradicate radicalism
Solutions: Meet and talk to young people in schools, clubs and associations

Nominated by Thierry V., Belgium:
Outstanding actions for the promotion of Molenbeek after the Paris and Brussels terrorist attacks.
Challenges for Molenbeek: the majority of the population is poor and from foreign origin, as such a fertile ground for extremism and Islamisation. The Mayor wants to promote better integration and understanding between communities

Nominated Marie S., Belgium:
Mayor Shepmans is very honest and courageous. She made a very good job in a not easy city.
Challenges for Molenbeek: She made her city more secure (cameras in the street), cleaner. She works against radicalism being near young people with help of educator and animator in the street. Sorry for my English

Nominated by Simon d A., Belgium:
Mrs Schepmans is doing an amazing job to rebuild the image of Molenbeek after the terrorist attack, bringing all the communities together.

Nominated by Sabine S., Belgium
Il lived in the Molenbeek before she was elected an a short period of time after the election. When I return to Molenbeek now, I note the positive changes she brought to the city. Molenbeek is cleaner and safer; she supports artistic projects the city and citizens are proud of; with the support like molen-geek, she gave hope to young people.

Nominated by Ibo, Molenbeek
Electors of Molenbeek were fed up with the Socialist Party (PS) and former mayor (Philippe Moureaux - PS). For a lot of people in Belgium, Moureaux (PS) is responsible for the attacks in Paris and Brussels because the attackers were raised in Molenbeek. Also on his policies based on nepotism, favouritism and hypocrisy. They wanted him to leave. Today people living in Molenbeek are happier and satisfied with the changes brought by Schepmans since PS is in the opposition

Nominated by Antoine T., Belgium:
Commune difficile pour une femme de poigne
Challenges: Faire face à des difficultés d'ordre terroriste avec succès

Nominated by Nadine v R., Belgium:
Molenbeek is a very difficult city and Françoise tries to give a better image of this.