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The 2018 World Mayor Project
is dedicated to women mayors

The 2018 World Mayor Project is dedicated to women in local government. It features the achievements of women mayors from across the world and will honour the best of them. The all-women long- and shortlists will include mayors from towns and cities of all sizes who serve with integrity, determination and imagination. The 2018 World Mayor Prize and Commendations will be conferred on women who have made outstanding and long-lasting contributions to their communities.

We are now inviting nominations.

Women have fought prejudice and struggled for equal rights and opportunities for hundreds of years. They did it with courage and resolve. In the 20th and early 21st centuries, women have achieved success in many spheres previously reserved to or monopolised by men, but their contributions are still often undervalued and their potential not recognised enough.

In local government, particularly in politics, women are under-represented.  While a number of prominent cities, like Tokyo, Madrid, Washington, Rome and Sydney, have elected female mayors, according to research by the City Mayors Foundation, the organisers of the World Mayor Project, only some twenty per cent of the world’s mayors are women.

We believe more women should consider a career in local government and be encouraged to stand for elected office. By devoting the 2018 World Mayor Project to female mayors, we aim to show the outstanding contributions they make to their towns and cities. We also aim to demonstrate that local government offers young women a promising and worthwhile career.

Please nominate exceptional women mayors
for the 2018 World Mayor Prize and other Honours

We are looking for women mayors with qualities such as:
Competence in managing the day-to-day affairs of their cities
Acumen of financial, business and economic affairs
Honesty and integrity in decision-making
Repugnance for using the office of mayor for self-enrichment
Fairness in dealing with the varied needs and concerns of citizens
Ability and ambition to be a mayor for all citizens, irrespective of their cultural, racial or social backgrounds and political beliefs
Passion for fostering tolerance and amity among different communities
• Belief in working together with other cities, nationally and internationally
Vision for a city that provides future generations of citizens with prosperity, safety and happiness
Conviction that protecting and enhancing the environment is not optional but an absolute must
Caring for disadvantaged groups of citizens
Agreement to the City Mayors’ Code of Ethics

Nominations should be accompanied by persuasive statements, outlining the mayor’s qualities and detailing her successes. We invite nominations from towns and cities of all sizes and all parts of the world. Nominations can be submitted until the publication of the 2018 shortlist in the summer.

Your candidate for the 2018 World Mayor Prize and other Honours

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For your information: The World Mayor Project, organised by the philanthropic City Mayors Foundation since 2004, has no connection with any city or organisation and is run on strictly non-commercial lines. Sponsorships, advertising, subscriptions, donations or any other kind of revenue are NOT sought and will be rejected, if offered.

lease contact us if you have any further questions. Please insert 'World Mayor 2018' in the subject line of any email.

Thank you for participating in the 2018 World Mayor Project.